Idol Re-Cap: Finals, Week Seven

Tonight’s theme is great love songs. I can’t fathom that this style of music bodes well for Miss Pickler – but stranger things have happened. I am terribly encouraged by David Foster’s presence, however, because he understands the beauty of a power ballad (see Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Whitney before she lost her dang mind, etc.).

Katharine McPhee – “I Have Nothing” – It’s hard for me to hear this song without seeing the word “Rachel” flashing on a huge marquee (if you saw “The Bodyguard,” you know what I’m talking about). This song makes me a little sad, too, because it really does remind me of Whitney in her heyday. As for Katharine’s version, I don’t know. I like her so much, but it felt like she was trying too hard. I love the subtlety of Katharine’s performances, the fact that she usually doesn’t oversing, and tonight felt forced to me. Still, her “off” night is most people’s singing dream come true.
Elliott Yamin – “A Song For You” – I mean, did it all come together for Elliott this week or what? Every part of that performance was awesome for me – I had chillbumps for most of it, and at one point I thought I was gonna have to stand up and have some music church in my living room. :-) I just loved it. Even David said, “you know, that was really, really, reallllly good.” I’m very proud for Mr. Yamin tonight. Far and away his best performance yet.

[Y’all should know that I’m very nervous for Pickler and what in the world David Foster will say to her, because shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but she can’t sing.]

Kellie Pickler – “Unchained Melody” – I mean no disrespect to the Righteous Brothers, but I cannot stand this song. And lands alive, Kellie didn’t do it any favors. She just seems BORED TO TEARS when she’s singing, and guess what? I’m bored to tears, too! I think she got into the competition with a really good LeeAnn Rimes imitation, and she IS cute as a bug, but at this point, she is woefully out of her league. (And HEY! There’s Sela in the audience, y’all! Sorry to veer off topic, but, you know, hometown girl…and even Sela looked like “Oh, honey, you’re adorable. You can’t sing a lick, but you’re adorable.”) Anyway, Kellie is proof positive that looking good in a tank top can take a person very far in America – all the way to the top six in AI.
Paris Bennett – “The Way We Were” – Andrea Boccelli and David Foster were impressed by her. I wish I liked this song more – but it’s one of those that I burned out on around the age of 7. I did like that she sang this song in a lower key, so her voice sounded really rich – but as a performer, she just doesn’t move me. I don’t know – just “aight” for me, yo.
Taylor Hicks – “Just Once” – Now this song happens to be one of my FAVORITES. And I think it’s a good song for Taylor. I think I just don’t like it as much when Taylor does the sensitive thing. I like it when Taylor is upbeat and playful and soulful. So I don’t think it was his best – and certainly not as good as Elliott – but I’m pulling for my Alabama boy.
Chris Daughtry – “Have You Really Ever Lived A Woman” – I despise this song. Despise it. But I totally buy his version. I loved the acoustic arrangement, and it even made me forget about that Kevin Costner “Robin Hood” movie (isn’t that what this song was written for?). And once again, I applaud CD for stepping outside his comfort zone and trying something a little different. But will his fans buy it and keep him out of the bottom three?

Best of the night: Elliott
Should go: Pickler
Will go: Pickler – please?

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  1. Well, allow me to just *YAWN* right off the bat. :)

    HOWEVER, I did catch the performances of Kellie, Paris, and Taylor…then I had to switch channels. COULD. NOT. TAKE. IT. ANY. LONGER. Good grief, I thought they were awful. Sorry. :)

    And, “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” was originally sung by Bryan Adams for the movie “Don Juan DeMarco”…and I love it. Love it. One of my favorites. I have the soundtrack. Really. :)

  2. Ok, I did not get the total blasting of Katherine by the judges tonight. I really liked her performance (of course, I’ve also developed a slight girl crush on her). If she gets the boot, I will not be happy.

    Yeah, yeah, Elliot’s a sweetie, and he can sing. I did really like his performance tonight. If he wins, will they market him to R&B radio? Will R&B radio buy it?

    Oh, Kellie, it was just so, so bad. And, Boo, I’m with you…I hate this song. It bored me to tears. Listen to me now, and believe me later…there is no way that Pickler is going home, and this, my friends, is an injustice. I may have to march.

    I liked Taylor singing “Just Once.” Again, I thought the judges were too hard on him. I actually like the understated Taylor a little better. All that wriggling around makes me nervous.

    I DO NOT like Bryan Adams. I have nothing against him personally; I’m sure he’s a lovely, lovely person. But, I dislike his music so much that I once won a CD of his “greatest hits” and immediately gave it away. No questions asked. He’s right up there with Phil Collins in my book, but that’s a whole different story. ANYHOO, with that said, I liked Chris’ version of this song. He nailed it, and he actually smiled during and after the song…that’s a big and needed step for him. Also, I just think he’s hot.

    Nice “Don Juan Demarco” shoutout, Sister.

  3. I only caught the last 5 minutes of the show, and I think I’m glad I missed it. I don’t think I could take a poor performance from Katharine.
    I also think Kellie should go (her village needs her), although she probably won’t. If not her, then who? She’s out of her league now as far as I’m concerned, not that I was impressed before, but somehow she’s made it this far.
    I wouldn’t be *too* upset if it were Paris rather than Pickler, as long as Pickler was next. But it would still be wrong.
    Any of the others go, and my faith in the voting audience will be… um, nonexistent.
    I will not watch another episode if they send my Taylor home.
    OK, yeah, if Katharine is still in the running, I’m watching.
    Please, God, for the sake of the music industry’s collective IQ, please let the Pickler go.

  4. “her village needs her” – I laughed out loud at that one. I also would be fine with Paris leaving – but it has to be Paris or Pickler. And I’ll watch as long as Katharine is in the running, too.

    I so have to go to bed now. See y’all tomorrow.

    But wait – one more thing – does anyone else think that Paula Abdul needs to GRAB HOLD OF THE REINS? I mean, Elliott was good and all – but Paula went into what Oprah calls “the ugly cry.” I am also growing weary of all her wacky hijinks when Simon is trying to talk.

  5. Hey y’all, I worked on the movie “Don Juan DeMarco.”

    That’s all.

    I haven’t watched a single episode of American Idol and I have no idea who these kids are execpt one of them looks like Simon LeBon (of 80s supergroup, Duran Duran) with gray hair. He was on that cover of Entertainment Weekly.

    Have a good night.

  6. Daph – Please remember that if we “march,” that really means we “fly” and then take a “car” to the marching site. And Sister needs her parasol. Also remember that Bubba doesn’t do Greyhound.

    What did Davis say this week? I always enjoy his analysis so much.

    Nope, Pickler won’t go. I’ve become more convinced of it since I posted. D thinks that Taylor will be in the bottom 3.

    I voted for Elliott. Three times.

  7. “Bon. Simon LeBon.”

    A direct quote from the cheesiest Duran Duran video ever, “A View To A Kill.”

    tt, I’m glad to get to hear from you courtesy of the BooMama interweb.

  8. TT – I forgot about your “Don Juan DeMarco” experience…but you know, I have the hardest time remembering what you have worked on, and whenever people ask me, I end up saying, “Oh, you know, some stuff. And Spider Man 2.” I’m not so good with the details, but we’re very proud of you. Very proud. And I do always remember your taste in music, and I think you would enjoy the grey-haired gentleman. I’ll email you a link…

    Daph – “Meet-ing you, with a view, to a killllll.” I’m singing as I type that. Have I ever told you that I wrote Duran Duran a fan letter when I was in 8th grade in which I incorporated all the titles to their songs? It was on teddy bear stationary and said something along the lines of “I would go to ‘Rio’ to hear your music, because I am ‘Hungry Like A Wolf’ for your songs.”


  9. Daph-it’s good to be heard albeit throught this cyber-conduit we call Boomama and her wide world web of all things Southern and gosh darn fun.

    I can so see Boomama laying on her bed writing on that teddy bear stationary. Tickled, I was.

    And speaking of “A Veiw To a Kill,” does anyone remember when they performed it on Live Aid and Mr. LeBon totally botched the high note on the big finale. It was a doozy. I had to run back to my room and play my 45 record of the single I don’t know how many times to try and erase that from memory.

    Obviously some 21 years later it didn’t work.

    Oh yeah, since I’m waay off topic to the orginal post-who else can forget Ms. Tayna Roberts and her jaw droppingly bad turn as 007’s amiga de amour. I need to rent that to see her big scene as she dangles from the Golden Gate Bridge. If memory serves me correctly, I think it was..uh, golden.


  10. i just love taylor. he wasn’t the best last night, but he still got my vote. (uh huh. i voted. that’s how much i like taylor and his bizarre facial expressions and dancing)

  11. ok, I was so wrong. Pickler is out of here, and my 5-year-old son is heartbroken.