Bless Him

Tonight on the way home from church I called my friend Daphne. She left me a very serious-sounding message about, oh, SIX HOURS before I returned her call, but unbeknownst to me my phone was on silent. Anyhoo.

So I called her from the car and didn’t even think about the fact that I was interrupting the American Idol results show (I know! The irony!). Alex HAD to talk to her because he HAS to talk to EVERYONE I call (or who calls me, for that matter). Here’s what Alex’s conversation sounded like from my end:

“Hey Daffy. I go to church and to Walgreens and now I goin’ home. Okay! Bye bye!”

[hands phone back to me, then starts screaming]

“Wait, Mama! Wait! Wanna say ‘I love you’ to Daffy!”

[I give him the phone again.]

“Daffy, I love you.”

Then Daffy – er, Daphne’s older son, Davis, wanted to talk to me. I mean, it was only fair.

Knowing that Davis, who’s five, has had a tremendous crush on AI‘s Kellie Pickler, I started our conversation by saying, “Davis, how do you feel about Kellie Pickler?”

“I love her.”

“So do you like her a bunch?”

“I love her.”

With Davis’ undying love and devotion established, his mama and I talked long enough to agree to talk later – once the AI festivities were over.

About an hour later, my phone rang at home. I hadn’t watched the results show yet, so I told Daph to go ahead and give me the news. She said, “Lemme put it this way. My son bawled his eyes out. He sobbed. Even heaved a little.”

Kellie Pickler, you see, was eliminated.

And I just thought that was the sweetest thing ever – that a five year old little boy, totally infatuated with a cute little blonde singer from North Carolina, was grieved to the point of tears when his truest of true loves was eliminated from a reality television program.

Hopefully that sweet little broken heart will be all mended in the morning.

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  1. Well, he’s pretty much over it this morning. I told him he should just be for Taylor, who is from Birmingham, which is close to where we live. He took the bait.

    Now, he’s convinced that we will definitely see Taylor on his school’s field trip to the Birmingham Zoo today. Because I’m sure Taylor jetted back to B’ham from Hollywood last night in order to greet the Episcopal Day School K-4 class at the zoo entrance.

  2. Poor Kellie. She took it well, though.

  3. Poor little Guy! :)

    We won’t tell him that you were rootin’ for her to go!

    And, thanks for the hot tip on ‘Bella’. I slapped a logo on my site too. :D

  4. You’re right….how sweet!

    My 14 year old son fell in love with his kindergarten teacher who looked exactly like Ms. Pickler! He loved kindergarten!


  5. Daph – I have to know…did Davis remember that he was “supposed” to see Taylor? How was the zoo?