More Fun Than Blogging Girls Should Be Allowed

First, we had a ball in Savannah. I need a couple of days to process my thoughts so that I can sufficiently wax poetic about Paula’s collard greens and candied yams, because OH MY WORD they were delicious. In fact, the candied yams were so good that I had to call my mama from the table. Seriously. And I’m pretty sure that I’ve never felt more Southern than I did when I said, “Mama. You know how I’m in Savannah? Well, we’re at Paula Deen’s restaurant, and her candied yams are SO GOOD, Mama. I just wanted to tell you that.”

And the sweet tea was delicious. Because I KNOW all you Southern girls are wondering. Honestly, I think of all the concerns I had about finally going to The Lady and Sons (what if it doesn’t live up to the hype, what if the food’s not good, etc.), the biggest possible letdown would have been if Paula’s sweet tea wasn’t good. But it was perfection. Just the right color. Two big chunks of fresh lemon. A little sprig of mint. And bottomless. Perfection.

Second, I’m a little, er, behind on answering email, reading comments, mailing out links for the Tour of Homes (by the way, I told the girls on our trip that when I originally posted the Tour of Homes idea, I honestly thought that 15, maybe 20 people would participate. Seriously. So when I got home today and checked comments for that post, I’m pretty sure that my mouth fell down to the floor and only returned to its proper place a few minutes ago). :-) Anyway, I’ll get all of those details taken care of by the end of the week – so thanks in advance for your patience.

And just in case a few of you are confused about how the Tour of Homes will work, here’s a little reminder. I will not post everyone’s pictures here on my blog. I will LINK to everyone’s post with pictures here. So you’ll get your pictures posted on your own blog on July 27th, then pop in over here and add your name and URL to a Mr. Linky list. If you’re not sure what that means, take a look at how Shannon handles Works For Me Wednesday here. It’s really pretty simple.

Third, after about five days away from my people, I need to see my little family. And squeeze them tight. And snuggle.

So I’ll see y’all tomorrow. :-)

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  1. WELCOME BACK! You have to know, and laugh …
    I actually put this in my Outlook Calendar– my sacred-can’t-live-without-it-

    “Clean house and take pics for Boomama’s Bloggy Home Tour”.

    Twisted- ain’t it!

  2. Oh happy day! To pull up bloglines and see a new post from BooMama. Thank heavens you’re home! That’s all I can say. Thank heaven’s you’re back. And I knew you’d be completely blown away when you saw the response to this little photo fest you’re hosting. Unbelieveable, isn’t it? We missed you. Sniff sniff….

  3. Oh Welcome baaack!! You were sorely missed although I dont know if everyone will quite forgive you for going to Paula Deens. I am soo glad I did not know in advance, Because I am jealous as well.
    Glad you are home.. Keep me in mind next time you scheme up a trip??
    Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  4. Bloggidy worlds collide here too – What are candied yams, sweet tea, and are bangs the side of your hair?

    Very ignorant of the UK here :)

    PS so glad you had a great time.

  5. I’m glad that you had a blast on your trip! Those candied yams sound devine!!

  6. OK Boo. Now everyone’s going to say, Aunt Barb? Huh? But I’m glad you’re back. Even if I’m not your aunt. :-)

  7. Hi…first timer here from Naomi’s. I was interested in doing the tour of homes so just getting the details!


  8. Welcome back! I’m so envious of your girl time and for getting to vist Ladies and Sons.
    Enjoy your time back with your family! Mine were gone for three days this week and I know what you mean about the snuggling time! :)

  9. WELCOME BACK! I missed my daily dose of laughter from you! Can’t wait for you to DISH all the details on Paula’s ;0

  10. Ahhhhh, the blogging world is complete again. With you, Shannon, and my mom all on a hiatus, the Land of Blog was pretty quiet! SO glad you’re back!! :)

  11. Sounds like you gal’s had fun!

  12. The trip sounds fun. Glad the food was good. I started talking photos today getting ready for the tour next week. Can’t wait to visit everyone

  13. I’m so glad you had a good time and are back in the blogosphere. I sure missed your posts. Hope you have lots to say the rest of the week.

  14. I’m so glad you had a safe, fun trip.

  15. Welcome back to bloggy land. Missed your posts. Paula is from my hometown of Albany, GA. I love that you called your mama from the table! Mama and I are taking a trip with my daughter to Paula’s. My daughter watches her on tv and says,”Mommy. Paula can COOK!” ;>)

  16. Found your blog from Naomi (Old Lady of the Hills)! How wonderful that you got to go to the Lady and Son’s Restaurant!! We love Paula and her whole family. The best thing would have been if she and Michael, Jamie, and Bobby, and Bubba could have joined you!! Watching her show she just makes you feel like you know her and her boys especially!!

    I will be back. This home tour thing sounds very interesting!!

  17. Susan – candied yams are sweet potatoes cooked in butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and occasionally nutmeg, but I think the nutmeg is a tragic mistake. :-) Sweet tea is iced tea that has sugar added in when it’s hot…then served over ice when it cools. It’s a bit of a delicacy in the southern part of the US, where we DON’T like it strong. :-) And I have no idea how to explain bangs. The hair at the top and front of your head that’s shorter than the rest? That falls over your forehead? Like fringe?

    does that help? :-)

  18. We’re so glad you’re back! Yes, the blogworld practically stopped turning when BooMama left town. I hope y’all got tons of pictures to share, cause I KNOW you had a good time. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  19. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I am going to have to check out this Tour of Homes thing!

  20. Thanks Boomama. Knowing what bangs are makes Little House on the Prarie books make sense now!
    I kept wondering why the girls kept having bangs (the explosive type)! Well I was only 8 :)

  21. Glad you had a great time. Can’t wait to get started on the tour!!

  22. My aunt just called me two weeks ago and told me she was making a trip to Savannah and that she would be visiting Paula’s restaurant…she never did get back to me on how it was…glad you enjoyed it and it lived up to your expectations! I know you are tired and getting caught up with your family but will look forward to any pics you might post on her restaurant.
    I am looking forward to the BTH…I think it will be great fun!

  23. First, I should start of saying, that while lime green might be one of my favorite colors, it really doesn’t look good ON me when I’m GREEN with ENVY… You went to Paula Deen’s restaurant? You were in Savannah? So close to Peaches, Faith and other wonderful bloggety ladies?!

    All I have to say is … “Uuuh!” (with a graceful foot stomp, and hands on hips, mind you).

    Oh, yeah … and … Welcome back …take as long as you need to get back to blogging… just make it quick, ‘kay?

  24. Hmmm… it would seem that haloscan gobbled my comment up. It must not have been seasoned with enough southern goodness!!! It went something like this (oh, we’re testing the ol’ memory banks…)

    First of all, I’d like to say that while lime green is one of my favorite colors, it really doesn’t look good when I’m GREEN with ENVY… You were in Savannah? And ate at The Lady and Sons??? And were so close to Faith and Peaches and other famous blogging friends???

    Well, all I have to say is … “Uuuhhh!” (with a genteel southern foot stomp, and hands on my hips too, I might add).

    Welcome back! Take as much time as you need to get back to us … just make it quick, ‘kay?

  25. It’s so good to have you back!
    I have to tell you about the time my husband and I were visiting our son who lives in Cairo, Georgia.
    For some reason the two of us were the only ones that went to eat at a particular restaurant there. The buffet included collard greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, cornbread, fried potatoes…..everything Southern you can imagine. Even down to the delicious banana pudding.
    What made this dining so unique, besides the food, was that my husband, who absolutely loves southern cooking, almost could not eat. He was so ________ (I don’t even know what word to use) about how DELICIOUS this food was, that his eyes were watering! You heard me girl! He was actually crying and beside himself because the food was soooo good!
    Of course, I mostly tried not to laugh out loud at him. Add the fact that he probably really wanted to jump up and down and holler in the streets about it, but had to contain himself because other people were around.
    Sadly though, the lady that had the restaurant sold it and someone else has a steakhouse restaurant in it.

  26. Yay, BooMama’s back!! Can’t wait to see the pics and hear about the trip. As someone else said, take your time, but hurry up already. ;)

  27. Pictures? Did we even take any?

    Just remember our battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!” No, no, that’s not it. “Poolside at the La Quinta!” Or better yet, “Does it smell in here or is it just me?”

  28. I think our battle cry might have been, what’s done in Savannah stays in Savannah!

    And, I might have taken pictures, but I forgot my camera at the boo’s house. So I guess we’ll never know. :-)

  29. Holy smoke! Candied yams AND greens?

    I’m so jealous.

    Makes me think of grandma, miss blue and Cracker Barrel.