Grumpy McCryerson

A. woke up from his nap yesterday in such a foul mood that eventually it just got comical.

Well, to me, at least.

And I felt it my duty to take pictures.

By the way, I believe that taking photos while your child is crying makes you a finalist for Mother of the Year.

Check the rules! It’s true!

(Does anyone else think that his post-nap hair looks like the lead singer from A Flock of Seagulls? I think it’s a striking resemblance.)

Anyway, since hugs and kisses couldn’t soothe the sleepy beast, I figured I might as well capture the misery for posterity.

And in case you’re keeping score at home? That last sentence? About capturing my child’s misery?

TOTALLY sealed the Mother of the Year 2006 title. Totally.

I’ll just be putting on my crown and sash now….

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  1. “And I ra-a-an, I ran so far a-wa-a-ay….” Not that I know or love anything at all about 80’s music…. ;) And, YES, I do believe our boy DOES resemble the lead singer dude. You should let his hair grow out in front to do a real comparison, though. :-)

    Tell me, do you look like A. in that middle picture when you’ve got the Ugly Cry goin’ on? I mean, if you’ve ever, like, looked at yourself in a mirror during one of those times…. ;)

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how funny and adorable. I dont know about you but IF looks could kill?? plus the finger??? LOL
    I remember those wake up grumpy’s after the old nap, one would think they would be happy to wake up.
    He is a beautifull little man and he is lucky to be the Boomama’s little boy!! He just doesnt see what a hoot his mama is yet!!

  3. I thought the last photo looked like “Uncle Sam Wants You.”

  4. Okay, even in his misery I could eat him up. He’s a doll, Flock of Seagulls hairdo and all. :)

  5. I think you started a trend. We should all take pictures of our post-sleep hairdos. And see who we resemble the most.

    Or maybe not.

    It’s cute with kids.

  6. we have those days. in fact, if i go to the crib too soon when he first wakes up it’s a disaster. he needs time to come back to the world slowly.

  7. I love the pointy finger…it’s like he’s saying, “Take that picture and there’s a nursing home in your future!” ;)

    If you had fun taking the pictures, just think how great it’ll be showing them to his future wife.

  8. Mine was “you can get happy with the same face you got sad with.” That was THE saying my kids told me was too horrible to utter. Made me sound like a mean mom. Now if I could have taken their photos while I was saying it – perfect!

  9. The title is yours when you take a picture of him standing in the corner or wherever he goes for time out. (Bonus points for crying and time out in the same shot.)

  10. You have some competition for that Mother of the Year award…check out this post of mine from a few weeks back…

  11. My mom has lots of pictures of the younger version of me crying. Only I was holding my breath until I turned blue. Seriously, I STILL hold the award for scaring the bjeezus out of more nursery workers than any other baby!! LOL! Hope after nap time went better for you today!

  12. Crying or not, he is just precious!!

  13. He totally looks like the FOS guy. And I think that taking a picture of your kid when he is throwing a fit is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. You have my vote for Mother ofhe Year.

  14. I have pictures of each of my 4 kids pitching a fit – we look back on them now and laugh so hard! They would do this thing we called “stiff as a board baby” where they are so mad that they would lock their whole bodies and be….stiff as a board. ;) I took pictures of that too. These pictures are some of my favorite to scrapbook – look out future spouses :-)

  15. Hee hee! I have seen that face before and I have the pictures to prove it. We have a song we sing at our house – “Grumpy little frumpy, why are you so grumpy…” Ever heard it? I think it would be a great accompaniment (is that a word?) to the slide show you will show his future wife.

    Of course, now I have 2 out of the 3 in the no nap stage, so I’m not sure which is worse.

    BTW, I e-mailed you about our missions stuff but I’m not sure it went through. Just checking!

  16. LOLOL! How cute! How could you NOT take those pictures?

  17. I’m so there with you. One of my favorite pictures of my kids is Easter 2005: Madeline looks perfectly coiffed and beatific. Connor’s mouth is wide open in a barbaric yawp with tears streaking down his face. Cracks. Me. Up.
    And I’m impressed you took the time to find and then link to photo o’ Flock of Seagulls. That’s going the extra mile.

  18. Brenda totally reminded me that instead of timeout when we were kids my mom used to tell us, “You go stick your nose in that corner! Right now! And don’t you move that nose until I say you can!” I’m pretty sure a 40 year old impression of my nose is still in that same old house.

    That child has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s adorable even when he’s cranky.

  19. Okay, I’m thinking the last pic screams of a pose Mr. Chris Gaines would use for an album cover. Where, oh sweet dear, where have you gone, Mr. Gaines?

    Boomama, your scepter (to go with said crown and sash) is in the mail.

  20. Fine, I’ll concede 2006 Mother of the Year to you, but only because I won it in 2005! I have a whole set of pictures of my daughter (about 12 months old) throwing fits–I probably took them over a week-long time period. I believe my thought process went something like this: ‘I’m going to take these just so I remember she wasn’t actually perfect as a child.’ Ha ha!

  21. You know when Alex is 25 and in therapy, he’s going to pull out that picture and show it to the counselor, just to prove his point.


  22. I think if I took pics of Reese right now pitching her fit–we could probably get a contest going!

  23. you bet i am taking pictures of my babies when they are in a foul mood and cranky and i’m showing them to their future boyfriends/girlfriends when they are 17!!!

    you absolutely get my mama/woman of the century award.

  24. Don’t you just love it when they wake up like that? Does’t matter what you do, only time will bring them out of it. Tricia and Joel have that tendency and you never know what will cause it. Thankfully, they don’t usually tend toward it at the same time and even more thankfully, I am usually at work when it happens :). Poor Bill, some days I just know he wishes he was driving a tractor trailer over the road again. I better be careful though, he just told me today the his CDL is renewed until 2011.

  25. Oh and by the way, have I told you how much we enjoyed the Treadmill video? Bill and I watched it twice and laughed and laughed!

  26. He’s a cutie even when he’s crying!
    (I love the last one where he looks angry at you!) ;)

    I have one of when my oldest was 2 and was crying because she didn’t want to leave the daddy-daughter swim class…it’s a hoot! :)

  27. I have a picture of my three year old (when she was about 6 months old) making her ‘U’ face (aka pitching a fit). It’s a black and white 8 x 10 hanging on the wall in my foyer. We actually get a lot of comments on it and it’s one of my favorite pictures.

    Also, the same child had pictures taken during her first vaccination. I don’t think the nurse appreciated my desire to document the occasion…

  28. Wishing (If I had a photograph of you), by A Flock of Seagulls, was in the UK record charts when my husband proposed to me. We were looking in the jewelers and this song was playing in all the shops and we could hear it out in the street!

    Ah memories.

  29. Looks like you were being told a thing or two in that last photo. Hehehe. I think it’s hilarious.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my post.