How Could I Possibly Taunt A Fellow Blogger Whose Hair Is So Cute?

Shannon and I have been talking about cooking up a little bloggy rivalry this week since our alma maters are going head-to-head on the gridiron this weekend.

But the problem is that we’re both good Southern girls. Which means that our version of trash talk ends up being something along the lines of what Patty Simcox says before she launches her Student Council campaign in Grease: “I hope [we] don’t make too poor a showing!”

Because here’s the bottom line: if I were sitting in Shannon’s kitchen right now (drinking diet Coke, no doubt), I could probably give her 100 reasons why Arkansas will win. For starters, they’re on a roll. They’re dominating everyone they play. They have two tailbacks who run like trains. They’re confident. They’re well-coached. They’re GOOOOD.

So in all honesty, I know that things don’t look too great for my Bulldogs tomorrow. We’re not nearly as talented as they are. We’re plagued by injuries. We’re inconsistent. And we’re underdogs.

Big time.

However, I have one little glimmer of hope.

We’re playing at home.

And we’ll have our cowbells, which means that even if my Bulldogs don’t bring their A-game, maybe the crowd can frustrate the Hogs with the noise. It’ll be a loud, raucous environment, no doubt – an SEC gameday at its finest.

So, in the spirit of the weekend, I give you this:

May the better team win.

And please please please let the better team be mine. :-)

Go ‘Dogs.

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  1. that was most enjoyable!

    Personally I like cowbells in a song.

    As for sports, I wish ya both the best.

  2. Atleast the excitement will help you to forget the gigantic reeking hole in your back yard–which will hopefully be covered over TODAY before the big game tomorrow.

  3. I am happy to report that our septic ills are cured.

    And I’m praising Jesus for it. Yes ma’am. :-)

  4. You know what? You just keep saying my hair is cute and I don’t care who wins! ;)

  5. Oh, the sweet, sweet sound of clanging cowbells. I’ll be doing the double-grip ring tomorrow.
    Hail State and Go Dawgs! :)

  6. As a graduate of the University of Alabama, I can get into a good Southern football rivalry…and I DEFINITELY love me some cowbell! :-)

  7. Priceless!!! I’m going to find my cow bell right now!! Go Dawgs!!!

  8. I stay firmly on the fence. And frankly, ya both have cute hair!

  9. Everytime I see that clip, one of the main things that makes me laugh is the size of Will Ferrell’s belly button under that velour shirt. I’m just being honest.

    And you know I’ll be rootin’ for the Dawgs tomorrow with or without more cowbell. :)

  10. At the risk of being booed…GO HOGS! Bring on the cowbells and let’s play some football! ;-)

    Anyone else find it kind of ironic that the Razorbacks play with a “pigskin”? Pigs playing a game with the hide of one of their brethren? Okay, nevermind. I’m just kind of twisted that way…..

  11. Will Farrell is awesome! And that was some good cowbelling!

  12. Yes, More Cowbell.
    Can I have a refill on that prescription, please?
    I posted on our parents’ understanding of more cowbell a while ago-“Compare and Contrast Baker’s Dozen” Tee Hee

  13. Go dawgs! I remember as a child having my own tiny cowbell for the State games. The greatest fear I had was being whacked over the head by my brother who had the bigger cowbell.

  14. though i have never been that into football, my husband is so excited about the razorbacks right now i just can’t help but get on the wagon. my husband is a huge, huge fan. he goes to all the home games and fayetteville is a good 4 hours from our house. then he comes home in the early hours and sleeps a bit then gets up and teaches his sunday school class on sunday morning.

    anyway, i’ve been teaching our parakeet to say, “woooo pig sooey!”

  15. this is a favorite video clip in our home. And just like Big Mama, I crack up at Will Farell’s belly in that shirt!!!


  16. One of my fav SNL skits of all time!

  17. Phyllis R. says:

    I’m a LONGHORN (Hook ’em Horns!) but BooMama, just for sharing SNL’s Cow bell clip I’m rooting for YOUR dogs…..I mean…..DAWGS!! Hook ’em DAWGS!! : )

  18. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!!!!! This has been the most exciting football season of my life!
    Sorry boomama – but BEAT THE BULLDOGS – we have the NC in sight!!!!

  19. Glory be but I love anyone who knows who Patty Simcox is!

  20. Everything about the skit is funny! I soooo remember that hair and those pants (they were just happy to meet ya!) Will Farrell is quite possibly the funniest guy alive!

  21. Oh my gosh! THAT WAS FUNNY! I’m glad to not be in the middle of you and Shannon… I’ll stick with OSU! GO BUCKS!

  22. Okay, that video was the most hillarious thing I have seen in a long time!

    You really need to go here:



  23. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. LOVE THIS!

    stopped by off of Midlife moments!

    Take care!

  24. I don’t know anything about these teams or the game but I hope you win!!

  25. yeah – i don’t have any idea about these things – but hoping you tie! see – I am too kind too. Whenever my hubby is upset a team loses, I say, well at least you can think about all the happy people who were cheering for the other team! yeah – that doesn’t go over with him!

  26. Lea Margaret says:

    Music to my ears!