As It Turns Out, The Blog Is Also Moving

Last weekend when Heather offered to do a re-design on my blog, I mentioned to her in an email that I’d actually purchased a domain name several months ago, but I hadn’t done anything with it because, well, I didn’t know what to do.

And I am not kidding y’all: within about thirty minutes, Heather had switched me to WordPress, arranged for web hosting, and started the re-design so that I could have it all ready for my one-year blogiversary.

Which just happens to be tomorrow.

(I am pausing so that you can sing, “Happy Blogiversary, Baby – I got chu on my mi-ind.”)

(And don’t kid yourselves. Saying “chu” is very critical to the meaning of the song. “You” simply will not do.)


I’ve spent a large portion of this afternoon (thanks to Alex, who is currently in the middle of the Longest Nap Of His Life) trying to find my way around WordPress, trying to figure out how to make links, and trying not to go into a Twitching Fit because oh have mercy there are features that I don’t understand or know how to use.

In the meantime, while I’m trying to keep the twitching at bay, there is one pesky bit-o-business for those of you who subscribe to BM: The Blawg. You’ll need to update the feed to your subscription – which you can do by clicking the little button in the left sidebar if you use Bloglines, or you can update however you normally would if you use another feed reader. But after this post I won’t be updating the Blogger blog anymore (cue: single tear rolling down my cheek), and oh, I would hate for us to lose touch since we’ve become So Close in these last few months and all.

I mean, I know that I’m like, moving or, like, whatever, but we’ll, like, totally stay in touch.


Best Friends Forever!

See y’all soon.

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  1. Phyllis R. says:


    Actually, I must admit that with my level of computer knowledge (big ole zero) I didn’t understand half of the things you were talkin’ ’bout. But you sure are funny still! : )

    Okay, so since I have “bookmarked” you as a “favorite” (the MOST technical terms I will be using here) in the past, will you still be there when I “click” on “BooMama”? Because if not, I feel a class action suit towards someone in bloggy-world coming on. : )

    By the way, I think my favorite part of the new layout is “Filed Neatly”. Especially sub-categories “My Friend the TV” and “I Think Too Much”. : )

  2. Is there actually a link to your WordPress account posted in your latest entry in addition to your preferred pronunciation of “you/chu?” I need to get all ready for the excitement. . .or am I already there without even knowing it? I see I am on “”–which is VERY impressive, I must admit. Do I even need to DO anything?

  3. I love the wallpaper! You must have a great designer!

    All kidding aside: You, my dear, were a gem to design for! I am so glad you love it, I really enjoyed doing it for you!


  4. lovely new digs

  5. Congratulations on your blogversary and the cool new look!

  6. B.M.
    You will really love wordpress. I’m technically challenged, and I haven’t blown anything up or gotten kicked off of it. So far.

    I LOVE the new look. Very groovy.

  7. I loooooove it! Beautiful! I clicked over from my bloglines…it took me right to the new url. I didn’t even have to update my subscription.

  8. I do think that you’ll have to change the subscription eventually, though. I updated Blogger today, so Bloglines shows a new post for the old URL. But when I’m not longer updating Blogger, your Bloglines won’t pick up the new posts…unless Heather’s done something real fancy that I don’t know about. :-)

  9. Well, well aren’t you fancy? I love, love, love the new look!

    Happy Blogversary and may you have many more.

  10. Well, ain’t you just the thang! I do like the new look, especially the matching header and footer.

    And my bloglines brought me here automatically, but I’ll subscribe to this feed just to be sure I don’t miss any of the bloggity goodness. :-)

    Blog on, fair BooMama, blog on…..

  11. It looks great! I’m sure you will love your new home!! :)

  12. Oooo it’s so B-eaU-ti-ful! I love it! All swirly and circly and flowery. Happy first birthday, BooMama. Thanks for the laughs.

    (are you so happy Arkansas lost today? It’s a dark day for those of us in Hog Country. Well, besides all the shopping)

  13. Happy blogiversary! Happy Housewarming for your new “place”. It’s just lovely!

  14. Hey now! Wait a minute! That swirly whirly new design at the top?

    Isn’t that a snippet of those sassy pants you wore to choir practice a few weeks back?

    I’m on to you…

  15. Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Love, love, love the new design. Good work!

  16. Boo mama, love the new look! I really, really like it.

    Happy blogversary!!


  17. LOVE the new look!!!!!!!!!! Very Sassy.

  18. love it! this looks great!

  19. Gorgeous! Truly one of the best blog designs I’ve ever seen. Very fresh with a bit of a vintage feeling. Love it!

  20. Bloglines actually redirected me to you, so the move was no big deal! I’ve actually had my same blog name “reserved” on WordPress for months, and keep a separate blog on there with other stuff. I thought I’d check and see what “home sweet home” got me on WordPress, and it’s a blog about domestic violence – oops!

    You’re making me wonder if I should bite the bullet and switch to the WordPress site…

    Congrats on the new look and home!

  21. Awesome–love the new look!!! I especially love the little footer down here that I can see while I type my comment.

    Now you have me wanting to go out and puchase my own domain.

  22. WHAT!?!? I leave for a few days of gluttony and you move?!?! Really, I love it! If I were even actually blogging anymore, I would join you. =)

  23. Heather really is truly amazing isn’t she? Your new digs are beautiful!

  24. Happy Bloggaversary or however you spell it. I LOVE THE NEW LOOK. Great job Heather.

  25. love the new look of your blog!!