Giddy With Excitement, I Am

Just a few reminders for those of you who are planning to participate in the Christmas Tour-o-Homes:

I’ll put up my post and Mr. Linky a little after midnight (CENTRAL time).

Please remember to link to your specific post, not just to your blog URL.

You may add your link at any time. If you can’t put your link up until Sunday or Monday, that is perfectly fine.

I reserve the right to remove any links that are inappropriate or unrelated to the Christmas / Hanukkah season. And please don’t mock the beliefs (not to mention decor) of the people who are participating. Because that’s just rude.

I think that about covers it.

Except for this: make sure your husbands know that they’re responsible for the young’uns this weekend because you’re going to need to need a LOT of computer time (at least I hope you will. OH LORDY what if only five people show up? Now I’m having hostess anxiety. Perhaps that explains the fever blister that is a galaxy unto itself on the right corner of my mouth. Charming, aren’t I? Just a dainty Southern flower).

Now I need to take some pictures. Of my house. Not the fever blister thing. Gah.

See y’all in a few hours!

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  1. I’m ready! My pictures are taken, up loaded and ready to post. I never realized though what a horrible photographer I was:D I think everyone will get the idea. I’ll be back tomorrow morning to link up! Have a blessed day:)

  2. I am excited to participate! I missed the 1st tour of homes… can’t wait to peek around inside everyone elses’ homes!

  3. Wheeee! I’m excited, too — my pictures are all taken, and I just need to get them resized and uploaded.

    Thanks for hosting, BooMama! :)

  4. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    I double-dog dare you to take a photo of the blister. Because if anyone can actually make that bloggable, it’s you, Boo!

  5. Have to get new batteries for the blasted camera. According to the kids, the DOG left the camera on.


    Yes, that is what they told me. Darn golden retriever must have opposable thumbs.


    Gotta run-

    Later gator!

  6. Oh thank goodness I don’t have to have it done by tomorrow. See there is this stomach virus at my house right now……well, you get the picture. No need to go into detail. Thanks for giving me a laugh today. I think I can pull one off by Sunday or Monday though!

  7. I have never left you a comment….but I started on my loving blogs journey with your first tour of homes!! I love it! Such a great idea. I will be back tomorrow!

  8. I don’t think you need to worry about attendance, Boo Mama. This is THE party of the season. Hope you’re making lots of hors d’oeuvres.

    And as a fellow cold sore sufferer, can I just say, “Abreva.” I swear, that stuff is wonderful. The cold sore isn’t nearly as painful and it goes away a lot faster. I’m never without it.

  9. I am getting excited….

  10. I haven’t been around too much lately. This is the first I’ve heard of this tour. I’ll have to think about posting some pictures. I don’t really have anything special but I’ll see what I can do.

  11. I’m so excited about tomorrow! I’ve been reading your blog since the first house tour and I love it! Sorry about your cold sore….I get them all winter long. Abreva is my best friend. It really does help.

  12. Well, I decided I would love to attend this wonderful event that you are hosting. I’ve been working feverishly getting the pictures all downloaded, cropped & ready to go! This is my 1st time around, but I did get to visit most of the homes on your first tour! I think this is a really great thing you are doing! Hope your cold sore goes away soon. I just got rid of one myself! See you tomorrow!!! :)

  13. Even faster than Abreva is Valtrex–which is an oral pill. The pharmacist might think you had some wild college days. . .but who cares!!!! That puppy is gone within 48 hours. . .

  14. Oh you’re gonna get a great turnout:)

  15. And I love the presenting Christmas video post! Thanks for sharing that!

  16. Oh, you’re gonna have a great turnout.

    Here I sit, on the East Coast, just waiting with baited breath to post mine up!! I am so tired of being at the end of Mr. Linky’s. I’m prepared this time.

    Oh my word, this is kinda like Black Friday, I’m just chompin’ at the bit to be first.

    Oh my my my.
    Look what you’ve done!

  17. Must not forget… I only have a photo of my Christmas tree as that’s all I’ve done, rather sad, eh??

  18. This looks like fun…I’ll check back in the morning too. Thank you!

  19. Thanks so much for doing this. I am going to celebrate our “cardboard box” Christmas by looking at all the beautifully decorated homes on the tour. When we’re in our new home next year (please Lord), I’ll be able to participate.
    And you know you’re going to have more than five!!!

  20. I am all a flutter getting ready!!! :)