Please Permit Me To Inundate You With Pictures

I have two words to describe Alex on Christmas Eve:


I’ve never seen him in such a state, but he looked a little bit like this:



All. night. long.

At one point I expected that he would just crash completely through a wall, but I tried not to let it upset me because I hear that Santa’s elves do some really excellent sheetrock work on the side.

He finally went to bed around 10 o’clock, and we weren’t too much worse for the wear other than being utterly exhausted. I did take the time to make sure that this little note found its way to a prominent spot.


Fingers crossed that when Alex saw it Christmas morning he wasn’t puzzled by the girlish slant to Santa’s handwriting.

And don’t think for a second that my mama wasn’t secretly horrified that I left Santa’s cookies on a paper plate and put his milk in a Solo cup. She didn’t say anything, but trust me: she was mortified to her very core. Because, I mean, Santa was company, after all, and I could’ve at least gotten out a piece of china and a real glass.

Christmas morning was a blast, and Alex was (and continues to be) pretty carried away with his “big” toy, Criss Cross Crash.

What the commercials for Criss Cross Crash do not reveal is that it’s a very loud toy, one which prohibits conversation in anything resembling a normal “inside” voice.” So there was lots of yell-talking on Christmas morn, which really adds a certain special something to the day.

And, I might add, gives you a bit of a headache.

Did I mention that Criss Cross Crash is a very loud toy?

Also: there are few things cuter than a little boy in a red and white striped turtleneck shirt on Christmas afternoon:



Well, actually there is something cuter, because look what Santa brought us!


A baby!

Oh I’m kidding.

But my cousin Paige did bring her baby to our house last night, whereby we celebrated Baby J.’s first Christmas and his first road trip. He was a complete angel – and he even made his first (brief) trip to Steinmart(s) today, which is always a bit of a milestone for the children in our family. Y’all don’t even want to know how many times I nursed Alex in a Steinmart(s) dressing room, but let’s just say that I would not be surprised to see a commemorative plaque with a tasteful etching of what Jeana would call my “baby feeders” beside the dressing rooms at the back of the store. I’m just sayin’.

Tomorrow will find us on the road to Mississippi, where we’ll be celebrating Christmas with Martha and Sissie, and Martha will no doubt regale us with stories about how you just can’t find cute church dresses anymore, how she found a perfectly darling pantsuit at the Dillards in Hattiesburg but they didn’t have it in her size at the Hattiesburg store or at any of Dillards’ other 374 locations throughout the continental US, and how the Blue Bell ice cream hasn’t been on sale for weeks at the Winn Dixie, because you know she loves to buy peaches and chop them up and fold them into the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla because it tastes just like homemade peach ice cream, and don’t tell anybody but one time she did just that for a United Methodist Women ice cream supper, and do you know that she got RAVES for that ice cream? She did! She got raves!

Last thing.

Remember the Christmas Card Tree?


I’ve enjoyed it so much that I may not take it down until April.

If I even take it down at all.

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  1. Okay. . .not a comment–a question. My own boy did NOT get the Criss cross Crash for Christmas. He got the Imaginext T-Rex MOuntain with sounds of a T-Rex grinding something up with its terrible teeth then burping. Not. Even. Kidding. Anyhoosits–how is CCC as a toy? Other than being loud of course. Does it work? Is it fun? Does it, indeed, crash? You can e-mail me if you have time after visiting Martha and Sissy.

  2. precious precious precious!

    Merry Christmas friend!

  3. Thanks for sharing about y’alls Christmas! What cute pics!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New YEar.

  4. Great pix– and I love your Christmas card tree too. I have a Christmas card cabinet, but it doesn’t have quite the same effect!

    Mary, mom to many

  5. Phyllis R. says:

    Glad to hear that you all had a great Christmas! It’s always so fun to see pictures of cute kids and their toys (thankfully without the sound effects) at Christmas. Alex looks adorable. Have a safe trip to see Martha and Sissie. We’ll be waiting for the play-by-play!

  6. Phyllis R. says:

    Oh, and P.S. That tree is AMAZING. What a great idea!

  7. We served Santa and the reindeer 2 granny smith apples on a real plate, but his milk was in a plastic Pooh cup.
    Our daughter thought he may need a break from cookies. :>)
    Merry Christmas! Can’t wait for the Martha and Sissie story. Will be “more fun.”

  8. love the card tree idea! it does look very cute indeed!

    I have to know — do you talk the way you write?? ’cause if so, you probably have to keep a basket of clean underwear at the door the way that Martha Stewart keeps “clean house socks” for people who come to visit her…


  9. At our house Santa got a VERY last minute peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk.

    Your little guy is simply adorable.

  10. So glad that your Christmas was so very blessed! The pictures were just great! Thanks for posting them.

    My son got an i-cat from my Mother and oh my, that meowing can really get on a nerve or two!


  11. I’m all a-twitter just waiting to hear the Martha and Sissie stories you’ll have upon your return. I may even have to take a Valium or two to contain the excitement…or wet my pants. I’ll decide which would be best later.

    And yes, I must admit to being a bit on the chagrined side seeing the PAPER plate and PLASTIC cup. My land, girl! What on EARTH were you THINKIN’??? :0)

    We have a special Santa plate and cup used just by the Big Guy himself. He expects it to be used each and every year, and so it is. A wise investment, that.

    Great pictures of the Little Man!

  12. Cool card tree! i love your posts, looks like a fun christmas!

  13. Your card tree is amazing. What a super idea. Your Christmas sounded like loads of fun.

  14. So can I put up a little tree, next year, with this year’s cards? If everyone is as late getting them out as I was, they won’t arrive til around the 24th of December. I love the idea – glad to hear your Christmas was lovely, noise and all.

  15. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! He looks adorable in his red and white striped turtleneck. And the tree is adorable. I may have to steal that idea for next year:)

  16. It all sounds like a lot of fun! Alex is a cutie! Love the pictures!

  17. Ahh… I am so stealing your Christmas card tree idea next year!
    I loved the first picture the best.. you captured the “wild” look kids get on Christmas Eve perfectly! LOL
    Merry Christmas! Just found ya and lovin your blog!

  18. I think I hurt myself laughing when you mentioned nursing in a Steinmart(s) dressing room. I’ve done that, too, and been completely annoyed at the saleslady who kept coming to check on me every five minutes. “You need anything, honey?”

  19. Looks like a WONDERFUL Christmas!
    We have our share of “too loud” toys too–let’s just say the batteries may not get replaced in them when they wear out. :-)
    And just so you know, Santa may not expect much out of us Southern girls anymore…he had a Christmas-themed paper plate and a styrofoam cup here…I KNEW what would happen to anything fragile near my fireplace!

  20. I’m doing the tree next year! This year the cards where in a festive box and you could only see the one on top. Not quite the same effect as a tree…covered with cards! Awesome!

    Oh-and try getting a frog named Tad who sings loudly all day long about counting(although accompanied by giggles of a 10 month old is very cute).

  21. Love the card tree.

    I may have that same look in my eye as Alex did on Christmas Eve as I anticipate hearing what Martha and Sissie have been up to.

  22. Cotton and ducy tape on the speaker will work :) — we just said it had a “boo boo” nad needed a bandaid. Worked til- well about 7 or so. But that is a few quieter years, huh?

    And everyone knows Santa’s handwriting look like that. After all, Mrs. Momma-Claus insisted on good penmanship. I mean, what WOULD the world think of an illiterate, uncultured Thank You Note? Or, even a FOR.GOT.TEN one? SHudder….

  23. This is so nice…thank you for sharing!

  24. Those pics of Alex? (Insert our maiden name here).
    We’ve got some strong genes. :)

  25. Here’s to hoping that you DO leave that tree up until April, because with our digital camera being broken, we STILL haven’t even taken our Christmas card photo.

    New Year cards, anyone?

    I am glad you hear you all had a great Christmas. I love that picture of Alex with that huge smile on his face. My kids looked much the same for most of Christmas Eve.

  26. And they all live happyly ever after!

    How wonderful!

  27. I’m glad to hear that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas this year! We did too. Snuggle Bug’s BIG gift this year was a train table set and he LOVES it! Santa did good.

    I really love how your card tree looks! I may have to find me another tree during my after Christmas shopping!

  28. I.Can’t.Wait. to be regaled with stories of Martha and Sissie. Your blog is a treasure for sure!

  29. Your Christmas card tree is awesome! What a beautiful site to enjoy!

  30. Lea Margaret says:

    I got a twitch when I saw the Solo cup too! I thought the plate was a Spode or Limoge pattern, maybe a 12 Days of Christmas series and that was the Pear Tree. But PAPER? for Santa? Horrors!!!!

    I can not wait to hear new Martha stories.

  31. It just bears repeating….but I. LOVE. THE. CHRISTMAS. CARD. TREE! I think that is the most ingenious thing EVER. And Alex couldn’t be any cuter.

  32. Love your Christmas Card tree. And your little one is a cutie pie. I am really enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  33. I too love the Christmas card tree! I am up for the suggestion of New Year’s cards. I figure I’ll just start addressing next years cards and be a bit ahead. That is of course if every one doesn’t move. :)
    I love the wild look of Christmas Eve. You have an adorable child.
    Love your blogs.

  34. I know exactly what you mean about Criss Cross Crash! It looked great fun on the adverts, but had I known it was so loud and felt the fear with cars flying all directions, would I have put it on Ben’s Christmas list?! No injuries yet, and my ears remain hearing thank goodness!

  35. How fun! I’m so glad you had a fabulous time. We had to start taking our decorations down the day after Christmas this year unfortunately. Next year they stay until after New Years. And speaking of, have a Happy New Year!

  36. This was so much fun to read, Boo Mama. I’m pretty sure I’m going to flat out copy that Christmas card tree idea.

  37. Everything about you is adorable:)

    And that first picture of Alex? I can just see the mischief twinkling in those eyes! Fun, fun:)

  38. wow Alex certainly had a fab Christmas
    what a handsome happy baby
    love the tree

  39. So … next year??? I’m doing me up one of them there fancy Southern Christmas Card trees … oh, yes I am! I hated having them in a basket …. so I’m stealing this idea from you … is that okay?

    Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL idea. And … I had a little boy in red and white stripes too! Only at church on Christmas Eve, because on Christmas day, we HAD to wear our new cowboy outfit… Precious, precious, precious!

  40. Oh dear. I need to get me some more friends. At least some who believe in Christmas Cards. I’d never fill a tree as such!

    And Alex earned the right to be BUCK WILD. He’s a kid. At least it’s slightly better than BUCK NAKED, at least for blogging purposes.

    Happy New Year, Boo Mama!