But You May Need To Hire A Babysitter While You Complete The Nomination Form

Earlier in the week I saw¬†these blog awards mentioned at Kelsey‘s and at Mary‘s, but I’m just now getting around to checking the link out for myself.

Warning: it’s totally addictive. And trying to keep all the categories straight will make your head explode just a little bit.

But, it’s good bloggy fun. And, you know, something for me to do on yet another thrill-a-minute Saturday night in suburbia.

So, check it out…it’s a great chance to nominate your favorite blogs, especially the ones that may not have received much recognition in the past.

And as always: please, no wagering.

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  1. Okay, I just had to comment because I saw that I could be the first.

    I’m usually number 86 or something.

    Thank you for the link. I’m headed over there.

  2. I’ve never submit a blogger for an award sound interesting.

  3. I’m thinking about nominating you for Best Weblog about Politics


  4. do they have a category for Best Blog to make you laugh so hard you almost pee in your pants?????? I’d nominate YOU! ;-)

  5. Thanks for the heads-up! I have been blogging for less than a year, so I’m one of those fairly new bloggers. Do these awards really mean anything? I guess it all depends on who gives the awards, right? For example, if I, who gets less than 50 hits a day, decided to give out an award, it wouldn’t mean much. But if Challies, who gets thousands of hits a day, picks me for King for a Week, then that’s a BIG deal, right? Do explain, Boo.

    Well, in the grand scheme of things, the awards don’t do much except generate traffic. But while a lot of blog awards are decided by popular vote, the ones I mentioned in this post are decided by a panel. SO – a blog with 50 hits a day has just as good a chance as a blog with 5000 hits a day, b/c the panel won’t have any idea how much traffic a blog has (I don’t think). The reason that I’m filling out the form is so that hopefully some of the blogs I nominate will be finalists – and those bloggers will be encouraged. But as far as I know, the award won’t get anybody any extra stars in their crown. :-)

  6. I saved the link in favorites. Thanks for the info!