It’s Official: The Blog Has Taken Over My Life

Two actual conversations that I’ve had today:


D. sees that I’m on the phone and raises his eyebrows, wondering if it’s an important call.

Me: “This is Shannon.”

D.: “From Rocks In My Dryer?”

Me: “You got it.”

D. [laughing]: “Well, I guess since you’re not on the computer right now, it’s only fitting that you’re talking to one of your computer friends.”


Alex answers the phone, then passes it to me.

Me: “Hello?”

Mama: “Did you call earlier?”

Me: “I did – we were just wondering if everything was okay since we haven’t talked to you in almost a week.”

Mama: “Oh. Well, since I read your blog every day, I’m all caught up.”

Me [thinking to myself]: “Well, it’s good to know that my real-life presence is no longer required.”

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  1. Grand isn’t it? I’m just glad Mama is having no trouble “turning on” your blog. LOL!

  2. My in-laws were HERE and they still got on the (my) computer to read my blog. Is that funny or what?

  3. Dude, that is exactly why I blog.

  4. Sounds like me!

  5. Blogging makes this world seem so small…

  6. i’m glad my husband isn’t the only one giving his wife a hard time about blogging!

  7. Ain’t it a modern miracle of modern science.

  8. yes, my mother and I talk more online than we do on phone or in person. (she lives only 4 miles from me! lol)

  9. That is too funny! My mom reads mine every once in a while,but I don’t think she understands that it is always changing.

    That is great about talking with a blogging friend(shannon)on the phone! We just connect with certain people….I think a lot of us would be great friends in the real world…I have made some new really great friends in the blogging world in the short few months I have been blogging…I do consider them real friends!


  10. Phyllis R. says:

    I tend to do this too! I’ll say, “Oh, I’ve heard, from a friend, that the Cherry Blossom stuff is good at Bath and Body Works.” That’s right, my friend!

    This is familiar territory around here. This is embarrassing to admit, but once, back when my children were infants and we were at home A LOT more, I was telling my husband about how a friend had mentioned a movie we should go see. He asked which friend had liked it? You know, who was my good friend recommending the movie to us. It was at that moment that I realized that my “friend”, was in fact a talk show host (none other than Ms. Kathie Lee Gifford.) : )

  11. Yes, I too have had the “I read your blog” comment…and have felt that I am happy they know so much about what is going on with me, but a little irked they don’t offer to share whats going on with them.

  12. Welcome to My World. My real life presence is no longer required and I don’t even have a blog for Mama to read.

  13. LMAO.

    Tonight I was at dinner with my parents and told them a couple stories about my “friends.” Then I felt like a big dork when I had to say “from the blogs I read.”

    I need real life friends, but you all are so much more fun.

  14. Kudos to D for knowing which blog Shannon belongs to!

    He’s an Honorary Blogger :)

    That’s because when I mention y’all to him I always make a point to include the name of the blog so that he doesn’t get confused. Which is why you’re known as Sarah-at-in-the-midst-of-it at our house. :-)

  15. Hilarious! The number of phone calls from my mom has gone waaayyy down, and it took me a while to figure out why. But it’s just like your Mama – since she decided to “get that Internet thing,” she reads my blog every day… and I guess there’s nothing more to talk about. :)

  16. Your 2nd conversation is why my parents dont know about this blog at all

  17. Your 2nd conversation is *exactly* why I blog. I’ll never understand the tears from good news and if it spares me that, my blood pressure is much healthier.

  18. Oh, you might be interested on this: (but maybe you’re not as bad as I am :)

  19. That happens to me with friends and family now, too! “Oh, I guess we haven’t talked, but I have been reading your blog. . . . ” It’s actually sort of ticking me off. It’s one-way–not a conversation–you reading my blog doesn’t tell me what’s going on with you. . . .Oh well.

    My husband calls my computer “my little friend.”

  20. My personal favorite is when my family and friends tell me “oh yeah, we read that on the blog today” while I’m telling them some story. Nice.

    Also, P loves to talk about my “internet friends”.

  21. LOL. You crack me up. :)

    Hubby complains I spend too much time on the computer…. (sitting on the couch with his wireless card plugged into the laptop, working on his blog and IM-ing in three different windows at once.) Oh yeah. I’M addicted. :P