Bloggity Goodness

This post by Lori is lovely. Well worth your time.

Today is Diane‘s one-year blogiversary…stop by her place and wish her well if you get a chance. Diane was the first person who read my blog outside of my real-life friends and family – and I’m pretty sure that she was the first person who listed me in a blogroll. There’s not a nicer, more genuine person in all of blogland, and this post of hers is one of my favorite things I’ve ever read in my life. Sister and I have been known to read the list together when we’re on the phone and subsequently cackle like crazy.

My friend Sarah writes with such transparent tenderness that I sometimes find myself holding my breath as I read. This particular post is one of her very best yet.

Shannon has some great encouragement this morning – especially if you find yourself thinking there is no way you can possibly survive another day of motherhood.

This post of Antique Mommy’s cracked me up. And the comments are just as funny.

Have a great day, everybody!

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  1. Thank you:-)

    And the others’ posts were great reads to start off my morning!

  2. I always LOVE reading your blog. And thanks for the links to other great blogs, too!

  3. I’ve not posted before, but I just wanted to say (and as a fellow mommy to a three year old) how much I enjoy your blog.
    I especially loved your description in your previous post about the awnings in the casino at The Bellagio in Vegas. Hubby and I stayed there, and we had the exact same thoughts about the drapery. :) Pretty expensive furnishings only to exist in the stench of smoke and booze. :)

  4. you are so nice to direct your readers to other blogs – that’s sweet of you.

    Yes, blogging friends are special, especially the “first ones” who commented and places us in their sidebars :)

  5. I’ll be checking the other’s out. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the link love, BooMama. I appreciate you pointing your readers to my blog.

    As I said, I’ll never forget the kindness you and Sister showed me when I first started blogging, and in the time since. Y’all are the genuine real deal.

    Thanks for being my friends. :-)

  7. I started blogging about ten days after Diane wrote that post. My word, I cackled when I went to it today. My whole extended family in Texas talks that way to this very day. Well, except for Sarah, my niece who is the amazing writer. Her posts sometimes move me to tears.

    Thank you for the great leads, Boo Mama.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these blogs. I LOVE finding new favorites.

    Mrs. U