Thank y’all so much for loving on me better than any blogging girl deserves.

And to top it off? We’ve had just about the best Valentine’s ever at our house tonight. 

My two fellas cooked me a supper fit for a queen (well, D. did the cooking; Alex did lots! of jumping! and clapping! and train racing!). We had a wonderful meal, complete with red velvet cake (“Mama! WE USED THE MIXER!”), and then D. gave me what I do believe is the absolute cutest gadget I have ever seen in my life:



It’s an iPod Shuffle – about the size of two postage stamps – and do you want to know the best part?


Because I’m a girl! And I love color!

Actually, that’s not the best part at all. The best part is what D. had engraved on the back (did you know you could get iPods engraved? I had no idea. But now that I’ve seen it with my own eyes, I’m pretty sure that it’s, you know, the gratist. idea. evir.):

“We Love You – Daddy & Boo”

(I call D. “Daddy” most of the time, for those of you who are terribly confused re: the inscription.)

An engraved iPod. Oh, be still, my technology-lovin’ heart.

It’s been a great day. Made even better by the fact that Alex wanted to hug every single time we opened a card, opened a gift, looked at a card, talked about a gift, etc. In fact, as he was leaving the den on his way to bed tonight, he looked back at D. and said, “Whew, Daddy! It’s been a BIG Valentine’s Day! And it was fun! It sure was!”

I couldn’t agree with him more.

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  1. how great! I must say I like the orange one better than the pink one.

  2. If I had an iPod shuffle, it would definitely have to be orange, as I’m a Vols girl. ;) It DOES sound like you had a wonderful, special Valentine’s Day! But neener, neener, neener — you didn’t get a new nephew on Valentine’s Day like *I* did. ;)

  3. aw boomama congrats on all that lovin in one day you absolutely deserve it all! xoxo melzie :D

  4. Congratulations on the Share the Love award. You so totally deserve it! And I must say that I HAVE to check out those who won for funniest, and best humor because I can’t imagine anything funnier than your posts, so I MUST go see for myself!

  5. My daughter is an orange NUT so I will check into that one for her. Hers bit the dust awhile back. I have the hot pink Ipod and absolutely love it. They are amazing! I am glad you had a great Valentines day with your family.

  6. Those are the cutest, smallest things ever. I got hubby one last year. Glad to hear you had a great day!!! We had a good one as well, however, me & hubby are really celebrating Sat. night.

    Congrats on the award!!!

  7. Congratulations on the Share the Love award. You totally deserve it!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your men and created some wonderful memories.


    And soooo cute about the ipod!! :)

    Well deserved!

  10. Congratulations. Have more Valentine’s like this one.


  11. You will LOVE the shuffle! I got an iPod back last summer and the treadmill would be unbearable without it. Mine is pink, not orange, but still I chose a color that would keep any male from borrowing it. Sounds like your day was precious.

  12. Congratulations and nice ipod! Now you can have a “What are you listening to on your ipod?” Day. Lately I’ve been hitting repeat on Derek Webb’s “Rich Young Ruler”.

  13. ORANGE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR! And Technology…gotta have my gadgets. Don’t leave that baby lying around, I might just swipe it!

  14. BooMama, I have to say that I did check out the winner for funniest (because I agree that there is NO ONE funnier than you!) and I am so not a fan of that site that won…the language she uses is unnecessary…and to think, she kisses her child with that mouth!

    Continue keepin’ in clean and real, my sista!

  15. Wow what a great day! You were truly blessed!


  16. Congrats on winning! You deserve it! I got an Ipod last month and I am in love with it. I keep telling my husband how much I appreciate him getting it for me. I can listen to podcasts (much like blogging with your mouth) and music 24/7. I love it! Blessings!

  17. 1. It never occurred to me to inscribe an i-pod. Great idea!

    2. Have to agree with Tracey…you are too funny and are a great jump-start for any day. Congrats!!!

  18. I do LOVE my ipod! Did you know you can get MP3s of Beth Moore’s teaching? Our favorite “sista’s” teaching is the greatest thing ever to have on your ipod!!
    At you will find web raido and all kinds of mp3 down loads(Beth’s are $2-3 each). HAPPY ipod’n
    I will put a link on my blog. . .I don’t know how to link it here. . .sorry, I really need to learn more about this blogging thing!

  19. Oh, now you can download all the free sermon podcasts you can stand so you can listen to them while gardening this spring.

    Or music. That works, too.

  20. It truly was the BEST Valentine’s Day ever!

  21. Paris Parfait says:

    Congrats on your Share the Love award! Well done, you!

  22. BooMama – you so deserve your award!

    And you’re going to love your shuffle. It’s so much fun to use when you’re supposed to be exercising, but instead you’re eating Red Velvet cake…

    Glad you had the best Valentine’s Day evah!

  23. Congratulations on your award. :) Well deserved and the perfect category for you, as winning THAT one rather IMPLIES all the rest of the categories! I see you are a runner up in several other areas….I must ask…did you win in all of those, too? I know the lady running this said if you won in more than one category you’d have to choose which one you wanted the distinction for as each blogger could only win ONE area. So I’m assuming you swept the other categories as well. :)

  24. I got an ipod for my b’day/Mother’s day and I LOVE it. My hubby inscribed on the back, to trina, my soulmate, sing unto the Lord…

    Maybe it should say “Make a joyful noise” as I can’t sing worth a lick.

    I’m glad your Love Day was such a blessing. We are celebrating ours tonight @ Copper Grill :)

  25. BooMama, I am not a new lurker to your blog but I am a first time commentor. I enjoy your blog so much. This story is so sweet of your little boy!!! As a mother of a one year old (TODAY…tear) I know how cherished each and every hug is. That would have been my favorite part also!

  26. That’s so sweet about your little boy!!!
    My kids all got ipod shuffles for Christmas…and they haven’t lost them yet!!! I’ve been jealous since then and I’ve wanted my own but I didn’t know they came in colors!!! I’m getting a colored one for sure!!!

  27. Oh, I love the Ipod and with an inscription…wow! I received an Ipod Nano for my birthday a few weeks ago and I love it! Congratulations on your win…you so deserve it!

  28. C. got me a hot pink nano for Christmas to run with (it syncs up with my Nike shoes–something I consider absolutely amazing) and I feel happy everytime I see it.

    But to have gotten it engraved? That would’ve been heaven!

    I’m glad your day was happy :)

    p.s. I may get to meet BM2 today!! (Not BM3; if that clarifies anything for you.)

  29. Congratulations!

    What a sweet Valentine’s Day!

  30. PS-

    Did you have CORN!?

  31. Alex is just the cutest! I can just picture him from your description!

  32. Oooooh, have fun with that ipod. Pretty soon, though, Alex will be wanting his own.

    And congrats on the STL award. I hurried over there yesterday to see if my favorites had won, and sure enough… they all did. (In one category or another, of course.) :)

  33. Oooooh, Daddy did good, and that Alex is just “scoop up with a spoon” precious! enjoy your award, too. Will you be giving an Acceptance speech? ;-)

  34. Congratulations and enjoy your iPod. You know, once you go Mac you’ll never go back. I see an iBook in your future.

  35. Girl, it was my absolute pleasure to lose to you! LOL Like THAT was a big surprise. You so deserve that honor and yes, we all love you to pieces.

    As do, obviously, your boys. What a great gift. And the inscription melts my heart. *sigh*

  36. We got Madeline a little shuffle for Christmas. It’s loaded with “Hannah Montanna” songs. If you want me to send any your way, just let me know. ;-)

  37. What puts it over the top is that it was engraved! But, you know that, right?

    Great gift. I’m gonna have to drop some hints.

  38. Beth in TX says:

    I saw the word “orange” as I was scrolling up and thought you had used the home hair color. That was my greatest fear. Please tell us that you were a big girl and walked the walk of shame.

  39. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    How FUN! Congrats on the award–you deserve it.

    My husband wouldn’t buy me an orange iPod if I asked for it on my death bed–between the University of Texas and the University of Tennessee, orange is considered a bad word in this house.

  40. Graduation!!!!

  41. Congratulations on your award and your iPod!! You deserve them both and ALSO the funniest award in my book! I agree with #14 (Tracey), the gal that won funniest was one of those earlier blogs I was telling you about-FOUL language out of a woman’s (or man’s!) mouth isn’t funny to me!! You rock, girl!!

  42. Way to go, boys! Congrats on your award!

  43. Congrats on the award – it is much deserved!
    Do they come in Yellow? Because I really (really, really) love yellow. But Orange would be my second choice.
    Glad your day was good.

  44. Red Velvet Cake!~ I had forgotten about that. It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines day.

  45. Phyllis R. says:

    Congratulations on the Love award! Well deserved, of course! And also, love that little Shuffle. And love the color orange. Specifically burnt orange! Hook ’em! : )

  46. an engraved ipod? you lucky girl! and congrats on the award – you deserve it! :)

  47. Happy Valentines Day. It sounded like you had a really good one.

    Now I have to look up that adorable ipod.
    And I didn’t know they could be engraved.


  48. I was perusing the apple website and noticed the engraving thing – along with the tagline that went something like – “nothing says I love you like…” I sent the link to my hubby…but I got a lime green lasagna pan instead!

    Keep feeling the love – your blog is a joy – like a bright orange shuffle!!

  49. I found your blog via LPM blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have told a couple of my friends. I find myself smiling many times because what you write about is so our lives. For example the jeans post and the makeup…. we’ve been there and that is why your blog is so popular…you are so relatable in a bloggy kind of way! I am new to this blog stuff and have only visited a small amount of them(other than the tour of homes-which I could only get through a few! I love them, but I was finding myself getting nothing done…not good!)

    Anyway, it is an enjoyable time for many of us so keep up the good work!

  50. ooh, love the orange color. Enjoy!

  51. That is too cute! I love the orange color!!

    Did you see what we did on our Valentine’s day? We scrubbed blue and black paint off of the carpet until our hands bled! It was not a night to remember!

  52. Happy! Valentines! Day! (late! late! late!) Sister-Friend!

    I have to say I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! my Insignia MP3 (Owlhaven was right!) I got the 4G and am busy transferring practically every CD, some missing sermon podcasts and Books! On! Tape!! Books on tape- can you believe it!!!! I can listne while I”m walking in the sunshine :)

    It sounds like your day was picture perfect!

    (have I implied enough ex!cite!ment! yet!)

    Love ya’