But I’m Still Really, Embarrassingly Behind On Email

All better now. 

I just needed a couple of days to wind down from my weekend, pray about some Big Life Decisions, hang out with my family, eat Mexican food while listening to Alex and his friend C. talk about “The Backyardigans” and tell really bad knock-knock jokes, and clean my kitchen using some oh-so-divine countertop spray I bought this past weekend (the fragrance is lavender mint, and you would want to pour it on top of your ice cream for a tasty dessert treat if you smelled it). 

For the record, I do not recommend using the countertop spray as a dessert topping. Or drinking it over ice, for that matter. 

Just so you know, there was some serious spiritual warfare in our living room last night, because I was trying to rationalize blogging about American Idol, telling myself that it wouldn’t technically be breaking my little two-day sabbatical because if I was going to watch it anyway, and if I was going to talk to D. about it anyway, then I might as well, you know, BLOG about it. 

But I didn’t. 

By the way, I thought Chris Richardson was FANTASTIC. 

Bottom line: I feel like myself again – which was hard to imagine Sunday afternoon. It never fails that I get a good case of the blahs every single time I have to leave my friends or my friends leave me. All those years of shared history create a comfort level that I miss in my day-to-day life, and if it weren’t for my friend NK and my bloggy friends, I would probably have spent the last two days trying to convince D. that we need to move closer to the people I’ve known for what feels like forever. Even though I absolutely love where we live, I miss my long-time friends terribly. I don’t think it’s ever going to go away, the missing. 

So you can understand why I squealed just a little bit when I found out that my friend Elise is coming to town this weekend. I can’t wait to hear her laugh. It’s silly, really, how excited I am about hearing her laugh. 

Did I mention that I love my friends? 

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  1. I’m honored that I’m first to say “Glad to have you back”!

    You still like Chris Sligh too, right? He is still my favorite, although Brandon is about the cutest thing ever. Not showing his talent enough though.

    Have a GREAT day!

  2. I am glad you are back. I missed you and visited your blog just to read some of my fave posts. I was home with a sick child so had some extra time on my hands. I completely understand about the needed break and cannot wait for the book club on March 9th.

  3. Does that mean another bloggy-break on Monday?? BTW what brand is that counter spray? I use Method stuff which is good for the environment and smells awesome – my fav was the frosted cranberry, oh and the vanilla candy cane – yum – and cleans too. I have to travel to Target in the USA to get it which is allllways a good excuse for a roadtrip! ;+)

  4. While the minty goodness sounds delightful, I use kbam because there is practially no scrubbing. but mintiness sounds tasty. er. clean.

  5. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend. Sorry the ‘blah’s’ got you down.

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Every once in a while the blahs hit even the best of us and there is nothing we can do but weather the storm. Hope your storm has passed :)

  7. You had me worried. Glad you are back. I know what it is like to live away from home. I’m enjoying reading the archives since learning about Boomama.

  8. Blake is still my favorite. Good to have you back.

  9. I totally relate to the saddness of living away from great friends who really know you! It’s so hard in the rush of life to have that quantity of time we used to invest in friendships when we were in school. It is a bit depressing to have a taste of the good times, only to have it end far too quickly….hey, if I don’t stop typing, I’ll be depressed myself!
    I’m still learning to appreciate the friendships I have now, and not compare them to others.

  10. I agree with the OP, I know what it is like to live so far from friends. I miss my friends from home quite alot.

    I thought Chris did an amazing job!

    Glad your back!!

  11. So glad you are “back”…..you have been in my prayers!

    I still want to find out about the hair magician!!!


  12. So glad to see you back and hope you had a nice break. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends. I can’t wait to hear how Elise and her boys are doing. I have prayed for her and her family often.

  13. Hey Boo! Glad you’re back! Hopefully, this beautiful weather we’re having around here will keep your spirits up…

    I, too, thought Chris Richardson ruled last night. Though, I don’t agree with Randy that he’s better than the actual Jason Mraz.

  14. Glad you are back, and glad you are taking care of yourself. I thought Chris R. was good, too. I still like Chris Sligh a lot too, and I loved the song he dedicated to his wife, even though I’d never heard it before. Hope your day is as bright and beautiful as ours is here!

  15. Ok darlin- last comment before the internet goes zip zap zoom-y off for the move.

    See you in a week – well, not “see” you, although I wish I could “see” you, but you don’t really want me showing up with a uhaul and 2 kids, right? rigth right right?

    Wait- you don’t mind!!! Well, heck! whats another couple thousand miles.

    Love you- will miss you!

  16. We moved to Atlanta for 17 months – It felt like 17 years. I’m a pretty optimistic person and never EVER expected to miss Birmingham the way that I did. I would cry every time I’d hear a song with the word Alabama in it. I’d cry everytime we crossed the state line and it said “Welcome to Alabama the Beautiful”. My kids were fine, but I missed my friends. Friends that I had years of history with. We moved back – I couldn’t do it – I was homesick something terrible. I must add that prayer was involved and so many things besides my own miserable self pointed me back here. Also, I have a wonderful understanding husband that commutes to Atlanta! :)

  17. I always get the “blues” when I have to leave my family or friends after a good long visit. I have been asking my husband my entire married life if we could move closer to my family and now it looks like both of my sisters are going to be moving closer to us. Yeah!!! I am so excited about my youngest sister moving up here because she was only 7 when I left home.

  18. Glad to have you back!!!!! I am going to email you in a bit….got something I want to invite you to!

  19. I hear ya on the blahs. We moved from Oregon to California last fall. I left some AMAZING friends… we had the opportunity to see one of them at Thanksgiving. It wasn’t long enough and I left feeling frustrated and sad. Sigh… I hope I can grow to love my new home as you love yours! Cause right now, I think I’d want to move back!!

  20. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Really? Chris Richardson was your favorite? Honey, I think you have a serious Justin Timberlake thingy going, don’t you?

    I still like Phil Stacey the best. Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh were great, too.

  21. Big Life Decisions, eh?

    You’ve got me tooooo curious.

    I am so glad you are feeling like yourself again. I like yourself.

  22. Well, it’s true that the air on the mountain top is just sweeter than that at the bottom, but we can’t live on the mt. top everyday; it just makes the visits to the top that much sweeter. Glad you enjoyed your friends, and just think how fabulous heaven is gonna be with us ALL there! And good to know that you will also see Elise this weekend. Hope she’s doing okay. Give her our bloggity love and goodness.

  23. Wanna hear my favorite knock knock joke?? Share it with Alex.

    Knock, Knock.

    Who’s there?

    Interrupting Cow.

    Interrupting Co—-


  24. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Welcome back, BooMama – you were missed! I understand the friend thing….two of my dearest sister-friends-of-the-heart live thousands of miles away, and I don’t get to see them nearly as often as I’d love to. Yet those friendships are such a sweetness to the soul!

    And please do share who makes that delightful sounding kitchen spray…I’m on a total “lavender” kick these days!!

  25. I for one was proud to see you stuck to your guns and didnt blog about AI last night. Good for you! We all need a bit more of life now and then. I’ve got 5 of my favorite people walking in the door in 36 hours and I plan to bar the door, pull down the shades, and soak in every minute of it too. Sometimes we just have to do that. To keep a little sanity.

  26. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Life takes a lot of us Moms and we gotta stick together! Hope this week is much better!!

  27. Glad you are back. Sorry you’ve had the blues. I get that way about some really close friends, too. Thank goodness for email. :>)

  28. Welcome back! :)

  29. Phyllis R. says:

    Glad you were able to take a little break.

    Don’t give up the hope of having a ton-o-amazing new “best” friends in your relatively new town. I realize there is nothing like old friends, and I used to truly believe that I might have struck friendship gold early and then tanked from that point on. I wondered if I would EVER find that kind group again. We moved here 17 years ago and while I tried, I never found just the right mix. But I prayed. Hard. And you know what? I have been blessed with, in the last 10 years, THE BEST friends a girl could ever ask for. Truly THE best. Each and every one of them are wonderful Christians, FUN, and true-blue, show-up-with-the-Blue-Bell-when-you’re blue keepers. They keep me sane and make me laugh more than anything (yes, as much as you do and that is saying A LOT!) I love them and I waited for them for a long time. I’ll pray the same for you. And may I say that if YOU lived here, you would so be one them. : )

  30. I can so relate to these “missing you” blues. I experience them after in-person visits with good friends too!

    The great thing about long-time friends is that when you are together…you pick up as if you were never apart.

    Good stuff!

  31. I’ve certainly missed your posts. I don’t have any musical inclination or talent, but don’t see that much “specialness” in Chris Richardson. I preferred Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis. Not that I am any indication of talent discernation. :)

  32. I am coming waaaay out of my lurking shell to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. Also, and more importantly, I came across a 2 minute audio of Beth Moore today that seems appropriate for your good-bye blahs. Here is the link: http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/A_Quick_Word_with_Beth_Moore/archives.asp?bcd=2007-2-28 Enjoy.

  33. I totally know what you mean! My best friend since 8th grade lives in Tennessee and we hardly ever get to hang out. I miss her so much!

  34. Oh and my daughter’s fav knock knock joke:

    Knock Knock!

    Who’s there?


    Dwayne who?

    Dwain the bathtub, I’m dwownin’!

  35. Melissa says:

    Please tell Elise hello for me!