In Which Much Linky Fun Was Had By All On Hand

Links Ahoy!

1. Trista is hosting Tasty Thursday today – head over to her place and check it out.

2. To answer your funny comments and emails: my hair and I are fine, thank you. I should have a happenin’ new ‘do in a couple of weeks. And my friends assured me this past weekend that my current hairdo isn’t as severe a train wreck as I envision. However, the mirrors in Lifeway would disagree.

3. Two Oprah-related tidbits: first of all, the ABC special about her Leadership Academy in South Africa was unbelievably moving. I watched it late Monday night, then again last night with D. If you haven’t seen it, you can catch it this Saturday night, March 3rd, at 8 o’clock central time. You can absolutely watch with your kids.

And I don’t know if y’all saw Fantasia sing on Oprah yesterday, but I cried when I watched it the first time, and I cried again when I watched it this morning. She sang the same song that she performed on AI last week, but I didn’t see it, or I would’ve cried then, too. You can watch the clip here if you missed it.

(record usage of the word “watch” here in point #3, by the way)

4. I loved this post over at Shalee‘s today.

5. Don’t forget that The Ultimate Blog Party starts tomorrow – lots of fun and great prizes over at Janice and Susan’s place. Plus, it’s a great chance to increase your blog traffic and meet some new bloggy friends.

6. After tagging along while Melissa and Liz shopped this past weekend, I would like to make an announcement: Anthropologie has the cutest clothes known to man. It’s a shame that I can’t wear any of them because they’re so stinkin’ expensive and, you know, made for skinny people, but if I could shake some money off of a tree in our backyard, I would absolutely go buy one of these skirts.

Except it would have to be on big-time sale because I could never spend that much money on a cotton skirt. If I did, every single one of my daddy’s deceased relatives would not just roll over – they would twirl in their graves.

But their clothes are just so cute and girly and fun and don’t even get me started about their housewares or we’ll be here all day. And yes, it’s $18 for a dishtowel, and that’s totally ridiculous, and I would never spend $18 on a dishtowel, but do y’all see the chickens? They’re the cutest (embroidered) chickens I’ve ever seen.

And a word to the wise: if you’re looking through Anthropologie’s t-shirts, wondering where in the world all the extra larges are? You can stop looking. Because they don’t make extra larges. Which means that if I do ever own one of their adorable skirts, I will be shopping elsewhere (read: Target, Walmarts or Steinmarts) for a top.

Or, you know, walking around in one of their cute skirts and a br@.

Which I hear is a really hot look for spring.

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  1. The best way to shop at Anthropologie is to bypass everything in the front and go straight to the sale room. That way, you won’t be comparing what’s in there to what was really cute and expensive out front. You can get some – I won’t say good – better deals in there. And they do have the cutest house stuff of all time!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Boomama–your first link in #4 goes to Oprah, not Shalee. Those skirts are awfully cute. I should learn to sew and make my mama proud. Sigh.

  3. Okay, I looked at that skirt before I read on and I thought, “For the love of all that is holy and outrageous, I would never pay that much for any article of clothing!” And then I read on. I’m telling you, there would have to be a 90%off sale for me to get that skirt. I say it’s cute, but not THAT cute.

    And thanks for the link nod. Totally unexpected, BooMama. It was a hard one to write as I kept crying through all my memories and the “what could have beens”.

  4. Did you say wearing a skirt and a brat? No, I know what you mean but that was cute. Even if you were wearing a brat (like I feel like I do on the days my 3 year old doesn’t get his way) those skirts would still be adorable.

  5. I could write a sonnet about my deep love for all things Anthropologie.

    If you find that money tree, let me know.

  6. I’ve never been to Anthropolgie. When I passed it in the mall I assumed it was for teens and they would throw my 37 year old behind out when I stepped in the door (or assumed I was shopping for a daughter or neice). BUT, although that skirt is too cute, $88.00 is out of the budget of Chupieandjsmama and $18.00 for a dish towl is unheard of. I may have to just keep walking by.

  7. The skirt is very cute, and I heart the dishtowels most of all! They look very retro to me, and I love retro, not as a trend, but for nostalgia’s sake.

    But at $18, it will be love from afar.

  8. Ok, I’ve totally got your back with this tragic Anthropologie addiction.

    Register on their site. Look through all the current things you love. And save them…in your wish list. Check your wish list often, and more often then not, you can get those items on a massive sale. The last thing I bought was originally $150 and I got it for $25.
    You just have to be p.a.t.i.e.n.t. Sigh

  9. I was blissfully unaware of this cute place to shop… now I am going to spend my days trying to figure out how to afford one of those skirts, AND justify it…


  10. as a 6’1 woman who does not wear a size negative 2 – I can say I love stores like anthropologie! I buy the fabric take a picture to my tailor, I mean, my aunt who is a master seamstress, and say – make me this! Even with good quality expensive fabric it does not even remotely cost $148. who pays those exhorbitant prices?

  11. I know Anthropologie…i love their ruffle white shower curtain..i have a knock off;) LOVE those dishtowels..would make cute kitchen curtains or a tote bag huh?? I also LOVE their knobs and they are actually reasonable… i want to get a couple of their knobs and an old frame and make and screw the knobs onto a piece of plywood cut to fit the frame (and of course decoupaged with pretty paper) to put my my spare time i WILL get to this project;)
    oh and yes about the XLs…( i hear ya sista!

    oh and did you notice how cool their check out counter is…looks like old funiture..really funky?? at least the one in houston is like that….

    there is actually a blog called craving anthropolgie i think????

    ok i will stop;)

  12. I posted about the Oprah Academy earlier in the week. I am in awe at what she is doing for young women.

    And, on a less serious note- Only you could post about Oprah, your hair, chickens and a br@ all at once!

  13. Oh my goodness. I’ve never heard of this company before but I suppose that is my penance for living in rural New York where Carhart (sp?) is the runway fashion. Nonetheless, my friend, the key word is SALE (sing it with me S!A!L!E!) and when you look at all the adorable dresses on that sale page, you will get the shivers. I would love to be that cute in the little halter dress but it’s still below 32 here so I’ll be shopping for a new fleece at LLBean….

  14. I LOVE and ADORE Anthropologie, not the prices mind you, but everything is funky and cute and makes me want to make a whole lot more money just so I can support the making of totally cute clothes, because I am absolutely sure they need my support….
    The sales section can be your friend though! I have a VERY cute nightie from there I got on sale, Miss H over at especiallyheather helped me pick it out!

  15. I meant to call you after I watched the Oprah special. It wrecked me. Oh, those beautiful girls. I recorded it, too.

    Yes, cute skirts, but my good (inherited) sense won’t let me pay that…I’ll let you know when the new White Stag line comes out, ’cause I’ll be there. :)

  16. I get Anthropologie’s catalog. I keep it with all my other humorous reading material.

  17. Thanks for the Tasty Thursday heads up! It’s a great idea!

    I am so with you sister on paying that much for a skirt. I scored 5 shirts and some trousers for about $100 once. It was a good day!

  18. Thank you for linking to me!!! I got over 500 page loads today. Glad I got that up before the storms today!

  19. the cool thing about anthropologie is (as someone mentioned) you can easily copy a lot of it. the problem is finding similar unique and beautiful fabrics. I rip out pages of stuff I think I can make then try to find similar sewing patterns to customize.