Several Things

It is a list! And it is practical!

1. I am getting slammed by spam, and I’m not talking about the lunchmeat-type product you find on aisle five. Since I switched to WordPress I’ve gotten almost 40,000 pieces of comment / trackback spam, and while I do have a plug-in that catches most of it, the comments that are seeping through the filter are increasingly vile. Today I got a spam comment with a subject line so horrible that I wanted to take a shower after I saw it, and I decided that I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

So I’m going to go back through every. single. post. and close comments and trackbacks. It’s going to take me a sweet forever, and I have no idea if those posts will re-publish in Bloglines (or other feedreaders) or not. If they do, I apologize in advance, because I know it won’t be much fun for y’all to see hundreds of old posts popping up again. But I have to do something…I’m sick of being bombarded by the nastiness.

Once I get all the old posts taken care of, I’ll leave comments on newer posts open for about a week, and then I’ll shut them down, too. And yes, it makes me angry that the filth parade is dictating a course of action on my part. But that’s another rant for another day.

2. My beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs take on West Virginia tonight in the NIT Semifinals. The game is at 6 central time on ESPN2, and WHO KNEW that a run in the NIT would actually be more fun than being, say, one and done in the NCAA tourney?

So all together now: “COME ON, NOW, SON!”

3. The pollen is so bad here that I can’t help but anticipate the moment when I will sneeze and my sinuses will actually fly out of my nose.

4. I mentioned something the other day about emailing people for permission to link to them in a post, and as a result of that comment I received several emails from people apologizing that they had linked to me without asking. Which was oh-so-sweet but totally unnecessary. So maybe I should elaborate.

  • I don’t mind anyone linking to me ever as long as you’re not the evil spam people.
  • I typically try to ask people before I link to them in a post because I thought there might be some people who would rather not have an unexpected surge of traffic.
  • I typically don’t ask people before I add them to my blogroll, mainly because adding someone to my blogroll doesn’t impact traffic like a link in a post might.
  • However, I am realizing, thanks to your emails, that most people require no advance linkage notification under any circumstances. They just WANT THE LINK-LOVE, BABY. :-)
  • Which makes me wonder: is there actually anyone who would prefer to be asked before someone with a good bit of traffic links to them? Or is this some elaborate blogiquette procedure that I’ve invented on my own? And that’s entirely unnecessary?

Enlighten me, oh interweb, in the comments.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    About bloglines, Shannon (Rocks in my dryer) said she closes comments and it hasn’t come up on bloglines. For me at least. Just to let you know! Sorry about the filth.

  2. Personally, I’m all about link-love since my blog has the tiniest bit of traffic.

    I don’t see why permission would be required…if we’re putting things out there for the entire cyberworld to see, we can’t expect them to be private now, can we?

  3. I’d be totally OK if someone linked or blogrolled me without getting my prior permission. Free (link-) love!

  4. I think most people don’t mind being linked to from a legitimate blog. In fact, most people look on it as an affirmation, a pat on the back, and feel grateful that someone else thought enough of their post or blog to refer to them. And most of us are delighted with more traffic. :)

    Too bad about the evil spam. I do wonder that those people can’t find something better to do with their time.

    LOL @ the sinuses comment. Everything here is covered in yellow pollen. I’m staying inside as much as possible with my AC filter that’s supposed to filter out allergens. So far it is doing a great job.

  5. No need to ask permission here. Melissa said it all. I love extra traffic. Site meter! Site meter! Look at the spike!

  6. You know, I think about 99.9% of the bloggers out here want to be read so it’s hard to imagine anyone objecting to being linked in a post, especially from you.

    The spam is disgusting. What a shame you have to do this to get rid of it. Can you imagine the kind of life a person has to be leading to waste their time sending out all that filth?

  7. Ummm, for real? people actually ask?

    Yes ma’am. It’s all about the Link-Love. And yes I link to you, hoping for some run-off. lol. All my peeps adore you now.

    I say that like I have peeps. lol even louder.

  8. Your readers seem to be very nice and encouraging. I can’t imagine anyone would object to you sending a little of that love their way.

  9. I don’t usually ask permission before I link to someone or put them in my blogroll, and I personally wouldn’t mind if someone linked to me without asking :). Sorry about your spam! :(

  10. I never thought to ask before I linked someone. I wouldn’t mind if someone linked me. I’d just be grateful for a little extra traffic (I love an unexpected visitor).
    Sorry about the filth. It’s a sad world that you even have to deal with that. I had to turn off anonymous comments a few weeks ago because of some nasty spam.

  11. I actually wondered today if you were going to comment on the pollen around here. We need a good rain to wash it all away, can I get an AMEN!

  12. I too am one of those who doesn’t ask before linking, I just always assumed they would love to be read/appreciated/given link love as I would.

    Link me anytime baby! LOL

    Sorry you are having to go through all of that trouble! I guess that’s what you get for being a popular “blawg” ;) LOL

  13. Forgot to add that I have pondered not stepping foot outside until it rains b/c of the pollen. I washed my van Friday only to wake up Saturday with it covered!

    However, James Spann says we should get rain by the weekend! April Showers bring May Flowers!

  14. If I didn’t like the link-love, I wouldn’t leave my blog address here.

    Sorry about the spam. I guess there are advantages to being a slimy mollusc in the blogosphere.

  15. I am banging my fists on my keyboard and shouting “LINK LOVE, LINK LOVE!” No need to ask!

  16. Okay, here’s what we’ll do. First, link me in one of your posts. Then I’ll let you know if I’m bothered by having, oh, more than 12 people stop by. Just a thought.

    It’s so hard to type with my tongue in my cheek!

  17. The only time I felt like I should ask (and did) is when the blog was sort of private–for example they didn’t have the blog publicly in their profile, or didn’t have a profile (but I knew about the blog because it was a IRL friend or some other way). Even they ended up not minding. So, if the status is doubtful in that way, I would ask, because they would be shocked by getting 200 hits for a few days (and yes that’s what happened to me and I was loving it). But if it’s a “normal” blogger who comments and publishes for the public, go ahead and bless her socks off.

  18. Sorry about the spam your getting. Yuck.

    as to the link question . . not permission needed here.

  19. I would think, if one is participating in such a public forum, one would be absolutely thrilled to have a link on a nice person’s blog (like yours). However, I also think, in the interest of southern manners, “It is such a nice thang for y’all to ask permission fo'”. hehehe ~ Link away, sister!

  20. I don’t think most people would mind being linked by another blogger. Of course, I ask permission if I link b/c I want to quote from their site. Wouldn’t most of us feel honored to receive a little link-love from BooMama?

  21. Oh! Don’t go back through all your old posts and close the comments!! WordPress has a plug-in that does it for you!! I have it on one of my blogs, and it works WONDERFULLY. :-) It’s called “Auto close comments” and can be found here:

    As for the linking: I love a little extra traffic and so I don’t mind at ALL anyone linking to me! The only thing I think would be nice is to tell someone when you are linking, so they can visit your site in return. I’m sure almost all the blogs on my blogroll don’t even know I exist. :-)

    And AMEN to the pollen!! (I’m from Goergia). I tried to walk the dog today and gave up because my eyes were smarting so bad. I’ve never had trouble before; is it worse this year?

  22. suzanne says:

    This is not at all on topic for this post, but for the one talking about Sissie…..and while Pringles may not want a jingle about eating Just. ONE. pringle, they are indeed looking for jingles, so I thought I’d point it out to you in case you have something clever/inspirational about Pringles to send in!!! ;-)

  23. Bring on the linkage, baby!!

  24. link on, my friend, link on!


    ps – sorry you are gettin’ all of that smutty spam…

  25. I don’t always *ask* if I can link to someone, but I try to leave them a comment or zip them an email telling them that I mentioned them in my blog so they can see the entry. :o)

  26. Link away! :-) Sorry about the spam.

  27. I’ve been slammed with spam bigtime the last few days too….119 in the last 24 hours. I could only dream of that many real legit comments!


  28. The only time I can think of that I might ever want to be asked first is if it was an intensely personal-type post, you know? Such that I may not necessarily want someone else’s total stranger blog lurkers to have an open invitation to. My own total stranger blog lurkers are different.

    clear as mud, eh? But anyways. I’m definitely about the link love, and the kind you give should require a TRAFFIC PERMIT BooMama because every time you link to me I get traffic for months. :)

  29. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    I turn off the comments on any post two-weeks old or more, and it’s worked really well with the spam thing.

    And I usually don’t ask people before I link to them.

  30. Sorry about the filth and the trouble it’s causing you.

    Regarding links, when I have found referrals through bloglines and tracked them to a link to me from someone else’s blog, it has been a pleasant surprise, an unexpected pat on the back, but then again, I love surprises…

  31. I know that there are several plugins for wordpress that will automatically turn off comments on old posts. I haven’t used them & can’t find them, but it would save you a lot of time. Sorry I don’t know where it is, a lot of help I am

  32. You are asking permission out of southern kindness–just like one might call an aquaintance before “dropping by.” But I think if you like ’em–we’ll like ’em too, so there’s no harm done.

  33. I think being a public blog, anyone can feel free to link me (as long as it’s nice of course!), but I do like it when they leave a comment letting me know about it so I can see what they’ve written about me!!


  34. Tammy H says:

    I think it is difficult to comprehend how much pollen we actually have here!!! I do not have allergies and do not normally notice the pollen count, but OH MY GOODNESS it’s everywhere!! I sat in the yard with my girls for a short time and my black shirt was covered in yellow. We may not have snow storms in the deep south, but HELP – we’re drowning in pollen!!!

  35. Filthy filth. Filthy Filthy spam comment.

    And vile too.

    Seriously, I think that if you have a blog, you are “out there.” Part of the whole blogging culture is to link to things we read on another blog and give our own opinions about it. So, this may seem a bit extreme, but I think if people get upset about someone linking to them (even if the linkER is read by “tens of people everyday”) they just don’t quite “get it…”

    You got a blog? People are going to read it, and link if they so choose.

    Also, I think it would be a RARE bird who would be upset by more traffic.

  36. I personally find sneezing very enjoyable. That is as long as nothing is flying out of my nose, as in fluids or God-forbid, sinuses. Hope your allergies clear up soon. And linking without asking is perfectly fine. Like everyone else said, bring on the traffic baby.

  37. Two things:
    1. No need to ask, just link away.
    2. How does a blog receive the honor of being link-worthy on BooMama’s site? What criteria do you use?

    One more thing:

    Yellin’ loud for my dawgs tonight!! I wish we could have a run in the NCAA; all I can say is, we are a team to watch next year!!

  38. Hello!

    I love me a practical list!!

    I don’t normally ask someone before linking to them…I sometimes do but not generally. If someone emails me a question that I then end up posting a response to on my site then I always ask if the person wants to be linked in that case.

    Laura (orgjunkie)

  39. I never mind if someone links to me as long as they’re not saying something like “go check out this weird blogger.” I don’t get much traffic because I don’t talk about anything special so I love whatever I can get!!

  40. Lea Margaret says:

    Can you believe it? Can you believe that game?

  41. I agree…I LOVE link-love and get excited when I click on a blog and see mine under their “blog roll”…I’ve linked you, but I think I remember emailing you and asking you first!

    About the pollen, it’s unbearable here in Alabama! Our cars and everything are completely covered in yellow dust!

    By the way, if you get a moment, skip on over to my blog and read about the FUNNIEST CAR WASH incident you will EVER read!!!

  42. This has nothing to do with this post but Boomama….. please make Sanjaya stop! I don’t think I can take much more!!!!! The hair… The song… The horror!!!!

  43. oh Boo, I am feelin’ your pain on our pollen and so is my black Yukon. Hubby washed it and it is the nicest shade of yellow now!

  44. So, your post made me nervous because I have just enlisted Swank Web Style to redo my site and they are encouraging me to go with wordpress… I wonder if I should put a halt to that endevour after reading about the spam attack.

    As far as linking, who doesn’t want more internet friends???? :)


  45. You know I have wordpress. And I had the same thing happen with spam. The titles were buring holes in my retinas. But, I had to go through it all to delete them, because some legitimate comments were getting stuck in there. And I did what Shannon suggested and turned off comments on posts older than two weeks. It took some time, but my spam has gone from about 300 a day, to zero. Totally worth the time.

  46. I don’t think they will come back up in bloglines, either. Sorry about the junk. Though I, too, have gotten some really nasty stuff. And the amount of junk seems to have kicked up in quantity the last couple weeks…

    I, for one, don’t mind being linked! Unless of course it’s to a nasty site. Then I would mind. But hopefully, no nasty sites will be linking to mine since mine is so obviously UN-nasty and has the word “GOD” plastered all over it. Then again you never know. So all the un-nasty sites…link away! :)

    And I feel your pain with the allergy thing. I’ve been sneezing my brains out the last two days. Though for me, I believe it is the oak. Darn oaks. So pretty to look at. So darn awful on my allergies. *Blech.*

  47. When Bossy first read your post she thought it said you were being slammed by SPERM, which would have been an altogether different predicament. Either way, Bossy is relieved you have a cure for the siege.

  48. Regarding your pollen , I have just recently heard that if you consume local honey in tea or whatever I guess, that it can dramatically decrease allergy symptoms!So maybe that will help. I just heard and I haven’t tried it myself but I plan to.

  49. Jamie: I wouldn’t not go to WordPress because of the spam. It seems like every blog has trouble with spam. After I installed the auto-close comments plug-in then I didn’t (and don’t) have any trouble at all! I really like WordPress, and would highly recommend it to anyone. Also, from a designer’s perspective, WordPress is nicer because it has more versitality and gives the designer more control over the look and feel. That’s just my opinion though.

  50. As if anyone would want to link to me…link away…if I visit your site and we don’t “mesh”, I will drop you a line and ask to be “de-linked”…but it hasn’t happened yet.
    And as for pollen and sinuses…tell Boo to get ready to catch!!

  51. 1. Sorry ’bout the Spam-o-Rama. That stinks. :~P

    2. ROLL TIDE. That’s all I’m sayin’.

    3. Sinuses are actually cavities in your skull covered in a fetching pink layer of mucous membrane. Can’t be sneezed out. Isn’t God clever He made ’em that way? Coulda just made us less susceptible to the pollen, but NO. This way’s SO much more FUN!

    4. Since you asked, I’m going to request that you only link to my most insightful and inspiring posts. And the funny ones. And the ones where I kvetch and/or sass. But only those. The rest I want to save for the unsuspecting Blog Wanderer who google searched “toenail crunch ice cream” and clicked on me. Turns out many of them are relatives.

  52. I am sorry that your beloved MSU Bulldogs lost last night, but I am also happy (don’t hate me) as my son’s friend plays for the Mountaineers. He’s the kid that put WVU up by one with 53 seconds to go. My son was freaking out. It was an exciting game and came down to the last shot.