For Your Reading Pleasure

So now that we’ve officially established that it’s not at all necessary to ask someone’s permission before linking to her blog, I’m going to LINK WITH ABANDON, oh yes ma’am I am.

And I believe I’ll start with some teacher-people. Just because.

First, check out two of my new favorite college professors, even though I’ve never, you know, actually been in their classrooms: Mental Tesserae and Bub and Pie.

Both of these women are eloquent, intelligent and thought-provoking. Sometimes they use adjectives with which I’m not entirely familiar, but that’s okay because I have a dictionary widget on my desktop and I LOVE TO LEARN, PEOPLE. Be sure to check out their blogrolls, too – you’ll find some great blogs that you might not have known about before.

And then there’s my friend Lori over at Rattling Around. Lori is a former chemistry teacher (now homeschooling her three children) who writes beautifully and always manages to challenge the thinking side of my personality. She is thoughtful in every sense of the word, and I absolutely love her heart. You will, too.

Enjoy, y’all.

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  1. Well, I am of course already reading Lori’s and started reading MT several weeks or so ago–and I love to just read her stuff. It’s awesome.

  2. I wish you wouldn’t link to me without asking first.

    I cannot believe the audacity of some people.

    Seriously, does it ever bug you that I have to be obnoxious before getting to my actual comment? I should stop that.

    But thanks for the link.

  3. Thanks for the links! I love having good stuff to read!

  4. Well, now, I read Miz Lori faithfully, and I appreciate the heads-up on the other two blogs.

    I’ll be heading over right now to check them out, since by your recommendation I’m betting their “stuff” will make you hip up and pop your Thomas. ;-)

    And, oh, do I need that today. The goozel, it is better, but still raw and icky.

  5. THANKS, BooMama…I sure do need more blogs to add to my addiction!

    HAHA…totally kidding! Keep ’em coming–I love it! (You enabler, you…)

  6. YAY! I was already a Bub and Pie fan but I hadn’t heard of the other two. Good times to come…

    Thanks! Yay for discovering new great blogs!


  7. Thanks for the the link-love. Had I known all these visitors would be coming my way I would have showered and put on something nicer than sweats (or at least posted something really deep and full of tricky adjectives to live up to your expectations).

  8. I link to you because, honestly, you just make me laugh with your tales of Sissie and talk of fried chicken. Family and food – what more could a Southern girl ask for? A visit with you is like sittin’ on the front porch on Sunday afternoon…

  9. I am so glad you are “linking with abandon”, because I didn’t even know you were SUPPOSED to ask permission first. I saw your link on Lisa’s site and loved it so much I put your link on my blog.:-) Hope you don’t mind…. :-)

    PS: I truly enjoy reading your blog each evening. It gives me that laugh I need so badly after a day of homeschooling/homemaking. :-)

  10. Boomama…you probably just saw that Chris got voted off. I know you were a huge fan so I just wanted to say, “I’m sorry!”

  11. Oh, hey, I linked to you yesterday without permission, and then I came here today and read this post.

    I’ve been lurking for a bit on your hilarious site, but now I’ll come on out into the light with an apology in the form of a comment. Or a comment in the form of an apology. Oh, WHATEVER!

    So, ummm, Sorry?