Well, At Least The Lord Thinks It’s A Joyful Noise

A couple of nights ago I was shampooing Alex’s hair, and without even realizing it, I started to sing.

After a few moments of listening to my serenade, Alex said, “Um, Mama? Excuse me? Mama?”

“What, baby?” I replied, soaking in the sweetness of the moment, beaming with pride that my little man was using his manners even during bathtime.

“Mama, when you sing it makes me sad.”


Well, then.

That’s interesting.

Because as it turns out, when my own offspring reminds me that I have no vocal talent whatsoever and as a result of that will never, ever BE ABLE TO FULFILL MY DREAM OF SINGING BACK-UP FOR CHRIS TOMLIN, THAT MAKES ME SAD, TOO.

You’ve gotta watch out for those four year olds, y’all.

They’ll take your dreams and stomp them flat.

Yes ma’am they will.

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  1. Oh, too funny. My kids don’t say it makes them sad, but when I sing silly songs to them like “Pleeeease pick up your socks” to whatever tune is in my head that day, they say, “Don’t sing, mom!” Whatever. It’s my party and I’ll sing if I want to……

  2. Amen, sista!

  3. Kids can really humble a person, can’t they? :o) When my son was probably around 10 months old, I was in a music festival with my church. One of the songs we were singing was “All Creatures of Our God & King” I could sing any other song and he was fine, but if I sang “All Cratures”, he’d do the ugly cry and be so upset. lol ;o) He laughs now when I tell him about it. :o)

  4. Ha! Ha! Too funny! My two year old wants me to stay singing! At least yours lets you sing! :)

  5. OMG…LOL!! I am so glad my bladder was empty! Oh – i just can visual and also hear him say that with that sweet, sweet voice! God Bless His Soul!!!! xoxo!
    My boys won’t allow me for one second to sing! :-( so sad!

  6. Several months ago, I was driving Stinkerbell to school. I heard the end of a praise and worship type song. It stuck in my head and I started singing the part that I heard – the only part I knew.

    “Mommy, what’s that song about?”

    “It’s about Jesus, baby. About how much He loves us and we love Him.” (or something like that. don’t remember the specific song)

    “Mommy, why are you singing it?”

    “cuz it makes my heart happy to sing to Jesus.”

    “Mommy, it would make my heart happy for you to stop singing that song.”

  7. Too funny! My 3 year old, Landrie just tells me to let that girl/guy sing the song…whoever is singing on the radio. But in my defense, she thinks Sanjaya can sing, so what does she know. :) Thanks for sharing and making us laugh!!

  8. Oh dear. If it makes you feel better, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks says that her son cries everytime her music is playing….

    Delaney told me the other day that my bum is not good.


    Gotta love their honesty and the reality checks.


  9. Gotta love ’em!!!!

  10. My older kids always loved to be sung to and would try to sing about anything with me but, my youngest is a whole other story. When he was about 2 years old, I was rocking him one morning singing one of my favorite Bible school songs, he sat straight up on my lap, put his hand over my mouth, and said “Stop!” Feeling “flat” describes it very well.

  11. Forget the kids. You could always be on American Idol. If you have the hair.

  12. Alex, my boy, lemme tell you a little something about ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’
    … when you are in a compromised position (just for kicks, lets use the tub for example..) you reeeeeeally shouldn’t worry about the honesty so much as the fact that Boomama is holding a container of water above your head.
    The BEST thing to do in a situation such as this, would be to politely ask for some running water (to drown the unpleasant cackling) or to simply request your towel and a snuggle…
    This should result in Mama’s feelings and heart to remain intact and unscathed and for your sweetness to be untarnished.

    Next we’ll discover the winning results proven in ‘Compimenting 101’…

  13. Phyllis R. says:

    You know, I hope God saves up all the virtual laughs you never hear because, well, we’re hundreds of miles apart, and plays them for you someday. THAT won’t make you sad.

    And listen, Chris Tomlin’s singing can make me sad, but in a good way. So, as I see it, you’re dream is still gold. Sing it sister.

  14. My almost ten year old just today told me my singing was bad. I had to have words with him because I just know it’s not that bad. : )

  15. Bailey's Leaf says:

    When I sing, my daughter tells me that I’m driving her “crazy, Mom!” So, even though the Lord finds it a joyful noise, sometimes the offspring beg to differ. Keep it singing BooMama!

  16. I’m completely and utterly tone deaf. Cailey use to put her fingers in her ears if I sang. My boy loves my voice, however. It settles him right down. Proving that he has inherited his mother’s musical abilities, sadly. But then again, he could be complying just to get me to stop.

    Kids. Worse than Simon.

  17. OK, so I shouldn’t be laughing. I really shouldn’t…but LOL!

    Sorry BooMama.

  18. suzanne says:

    Repeat after me, Alex…..”make a joyful noise unto the Lord”…..mamma’s just being joyful!!!

  19. Don’t I know it, sister. Don’t I know it.

  20. So, what’s up with the radicalmama?

    Lovin’ the new skin, home girl. :>)

  21. Love the new look! Boomama got a makeover!

  22. Merritt says:

    Oh, my gosh! Look at the pretty new homepage (is that what it’s called?) What a cool design. It suits you!
    What about AI tonight? Could I get a response, please?

  23. *ROFL*
    8 year olds will do the same thing.

    Come to think on it – so will 6 year olds.

    3 year olds MIGHT – but mine can’t talk plain yet, so I don’t know. *LOL*

    ‘sides – it says make a “joyful” noise…says nothing about it being on key.

    Bleach Free Blessings!

  24. Cute new look! Plus, it will look GREAT with your awesome new shoes!

    Keep on singing your heart out. My twins love music, but I am only allowed to sing at bedtime and then only the songs they choose for me to sing. Other than that, if I sing so much as a bar, I get shouts of “Not singing Mama!!!!” It hurts my heart a little bit, yes it does.

  25. Hey, hey. . .your new template matches your new shoes.

    Please tell me you did it on purpose!!!!!!

  26. hey love your new spring outfit ;) xoxo melzie

  27. Great new look!! :) It’s Beautimous!!

  28. Woweeeeeeee! Beautimous! I love it!

  29. Sorry I copied your word proverbs31! That is hilarious though. I didn’t think I saw it, but maybe I did and subliminally copied it.

    *enter twilight zone theme*

    ; )

  30. Very pretty new spring edition!

    I look forward to coming here and knowing I will be smiling before I leave!!

  31. This new look is fantabulous! I love it and would wear it if it fit me!

    As far as Alex’s comment, at least he didn’t tell you your nose looked like the Wicked stepmother’s in Cinderella like some 4yr.old once told me.

    After a $2800 nose job, I’m so feelin’ better about myself and forgetting what that little pipsqueak said.

    You CAN sing back up if you want: )

  32. Okay! WHEN DID YOU GET A NEW LAYOUT! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I clicked on here to see if you had anything new and boy was I shocked! Great job goes out to Heather! It’s great!



    Woohoooooooooooo :)

  34. Since The Boy could talk, he’s told me “Mama, please don’t sing”

    When he got older, he told me I could sing if I wanted to. In the car. Alone.

  35. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh! A new design! I love it!

  36. Imagine what it will be like for me to live in a home with a Daddy who can sing circles around anybody and play any instument by ear, a little boy who already, at 12 months old, has more music and rhythm in him than many adults, and then there’s me, who would rather not really sing when I can be heard by, you know, people, and who can barely play a little mediocre piano. I dunno… does it make us humble or make us think we have to start working on it… or else? :grin:

  37. love your new look!!


  38. My kids don’t want me to sing either!

    I love the new makeover!!! It is GREAT!!!

  39. OK. So I’m not the first one to say that this blog matches your new shoes perfectly.

    When I sing my son says – “no, mom, that’s not it. At 3 1/2 he has a better ear than his momma!

    BTW we had your green bean recipe and it worked nicely with frozen beans. They have offically been dubbed “BooMama Beans” in our house and they are a hit. The recipe that serves like 12 – well they ate almost the whole thing n one sitting – they like their veggies! (especially with bacon – pork fat rules Emeril!)

  40. suzanne says:

    Oooooohhh, being a fan of newly decorated spaces, I JUST LOVE your new design! It’s so sweet & sassy, just like you! Makes me want to sing!!!! ;-)

  41. At least he’s polite about it.:-) Love the new page design; adorable!

  42. Oh, I get flak from the kids too. I like to think I’m the next Darlene Zschech but well, I’m not :)

    The kids often tell me to “stop singing mama!”

  43. Sweet new layout! Very sassy!

  44. I LOVE your new design. I have a question, though, if you do not mind. I now cannot read your blog–it is teeny tiny! Well, I guess I could use a magnifying glass. This has happened with some other blogs, also. Please, help me O Great Computer Blogging BooMama! I am computer impaired!!

  45. hey, if you’re funny, there is always room for one more on American Idol. Apparently your voice and a good act gets you in the top 5 these days :). (For the record, I am possibly the worst singer ever, and my dreams of being the worship leader at church will remain unfulfilled).

  46. GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came over to see if you had put an Idol review up this morning (I keep checking Bloglines, but you know, sometimes it isn’t real current) so I just thought I’d click over and make sure. And I found your GORGEOUS new design. WOWOWOWOW!! Looooooove.

  47. I’ve decided that I will sing to please the Lord, and if others don’t like it, they can plug their ears and I won’t be offended.

    PS I love the new look! How spring-y!

  48. Crystal Ward says:

    Too cute! But as we have seen on this years American Idol you could go on there and be a real winner!!!!!

  49. LOL!!!! It reminded me of an incident that occurred at least 45 years ago, come to think of it, maybe 50 years ago. My Mama made all my clothes. The sewing machine was located in Mama and Daddy’s bedroom right at the window that faced the next door neighbor’s screened porch. One day Mama was sewing and I was there with her when the neighbor was trying to rock her three year old daughter to sleep.

    Meg, the mama, (not her real name) started singing and it really was horrible. Poor Meg had a hearing problem, which accounted for her inability to carry a tune in a bucket! All of a sudden Ellen, the three year old, (not her real name either), put her hand over her mother’s mouth and declared, “STOP!” “MAMA, I CAN’T SLEEP WITH YOU SINGING!”

    Mama and I had to crawl away from the window because we were laughing so hard. However, in retrospect, I doubt if Meg could hear us laughing because of her severe hearing loss.

    I’ll have to call Mama to see if she remembers that incident. I’m sure she will, because her mind is like a steel trap, even though she’s 89!

    Children have the ability to bring us back to reality by speaking the truth, IN LOVE, of course!

  50. BooMama, I have to agree with Kristi, the print in the comments is mice type size (tiny, tiny), but the type in the post is much larger, to the point it is very crowded, plus the post is wwwaaaayyyyy down the page. I hope the song incident is your latest post, otherwise, your latest post did not appear–at least on my computer. Any suggestions from any of you computer experts. Keep it simple, otherwise, I won’t have a clue what you are talking about. I’m rather computer challenged. LOVE your new background! So springy.

  51. Love the new look. Very cute.

  52. I’m sure what he meant was that it makes him sad that, no matter how he tries, he can never match the skillz of his singing Mama. So really it’s more that you’re stomping HIS dreams flat. Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

    And also, love the new design.

  53. No Kidding!!!! One of my babies used to COVER MY MOUTH when I’d try to sing to them!!!! Poor thing couldn’t talk, so had to figure out another way to MAKE IT STOP HURTING! LOL
    That hurt.

  54. My husband can’t stay on key to save his life, yet, my kids ask him to sing every night at bedtime…go figure!

  55. Oh, that IS sad!

    But funny. Very, very funny.


  56. So, you’re saying that maybe that isn’t my Wog’s complete look of utter adoration as I break into yet another verse of “Old MacDonald” ?????


  57. hilarious!! my 2.5 yeard old does the SAME thing. “No Mommy [shaking her head] No sing, Mommy”

    Well then.

  58. Aren’t they all little darlings. My 3 yr. old son, tells me all the time, “Don’t sing!” In fact, he’s not much of a talker … and this was one of the first sentences he spoke!!! I just him that when I’m praising Jesus, I can’t help but sing!!

  59. The only time I’m allowed to sing is when they want a bedtime song. Otherwise I get”the look”. Frankly the one I used to give my mom when she would sing very loudly in church. Payback maybe?

  60. From the mouths of babes. I’ll forever remember the day my youngest said to me “Momma, you don’t sing well.” I know, I know but that doesn’t mean I can’t sing!!