You’ll All Be So Relieved

Look what came in the mail today!

I guess I’ll have to leave them at home tomorrow since it’s going to be, you know, thirty degrees in the morning. And I will no doubt be donning my Easter boots to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Boots and a coat.

Because nothing says spring like wool!

But the shoes fit great and are super comfortable and if any of you happen to see a woman with a four year old who’s wearing these shoes this summer, then please stop me and say hey. I say that because I don’t think the shoes are going to be what you would call a widespread trend, so if you see someone wearing them, odds are it’ll be me. In fact, I imagine at some point this summer the shoes will force me to sacrifice my blogging anonymity, but that is okay because I love them and sometimes love forces you outside of your comfort zone.

And speaking of love.

I must now return to coveting his eyelashes and smooching his little pink cheeks.

Happy Easter, everybody.

Hope tomorrow finds you celebrating The One you love with the people you love most.

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  1. Believe me, if I see those shoes, I will come up and introduce myself. However, I will NOT be coveting your shoes as much as you hate to hear that. Can you believe this cold spell that we are going through? Here’s to Easter celebrations in the South: sleeveless dresses and sandals with black wool coats!! :)
    And tomorrow I will be celebrating with the best “person” in the universe: Jesus Christ, himself. I know you will be also!

  2. Happy Easter to you too Boomama. If I see ya on my street, I’ll totally still just yell out Boomama kay? And since they call me melzie in real life (my mom use to call me melzie-belle and I called her mumzie-belle lol) we can still be saying like LOL and ROFL and stuff :) sweet cheeks are my downfall too and your lil man has some sweet ones. xoxo melzie

    PS are there frog faces on the side of your shoes? Dollar tree had (for ONE DOLLAR) some flip flops that looked exactly like your old template BUT they were huge size not my size AND there was a fire truck there and a lady LAID OUT in the floor and I was way too busy acting like I wasnt being nosy to look for a smaller pair. :)

  3. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    You know, the shoes actually remind me of your new header….

  4. After all the naysayers I wasn’t sure you were going to get them. These are even cuter than the ones in the original picture!

  5. Boomama,

    I will be donning my wool coat for Easter too! I can’t believe the weather we are having in April!

    I have to say, that if I see the shoes, I will introduce myself, but I’m with Jenny, I won’t be coveting. I don’t even think I could pull something like that off and don’t want to try!!!

    His eyelashes are to die for! It’s not fair that the “boys” get the great lashes and brows…just like my little brother who has beautifully arched eyebrows and long, curly lashes!

    Happy Easter–hope you have a wonderful day!


  6. AS much I would want to hug you- should I be in B cruising around and saw those shoes — I’d honestly have to hug that little sweetie first.

    Then. after you beat me off as a fiend?

    I’d say Hey there- It’s me!

  7. Happy, Blessed Easter to you and yours – bye the way :)

    Darn Enter key.

  8. Have a blessed Easter! The shoes look better in your photo than the original. I’ll be wearing boots too. We received an Easter present of 2 FEET of snow :(

  9. Honestly, what is UP with the frigid spring? Especially after our lovely azaleas and dogwoods popping out? *sigh*

    He is risen, indeed!

  10. Happy Easter! It snowed here yesterday. =)

  11. What color toes will you be sporting with those babies?

  12. I’ve been reading you for awhile and now have my own blog–what fun!

    Can you just imagine how the other two women who bought those shoes are going to feel when they keep hearing, “Hey Boomama!” every time they wear them.

    Really I think the shoes are cute, but not nearly as cute as that lil darlin’.

  13. Happy Easter!

    I told my daughter that I’m wearing a snowsuit for Easter services this year, it is SO cold. :)

    She’s due at any moment so she has her other three children’s clothing and shoes all in one place in case someone else has to dress them.

  14. I think those shoes are way cute – I told you that the first time you showed them to us. So I’m glad you got them and I’ll bet they’re a bigger seller than you think.

    Honestly, that child just gets cuter every single day. I’d smoosh those sweet little cheeks, too. Cameron has eyelashes like that. No fair. :-(

  15. Well, if I happen to see those shoes I’ll give you a yell, but I will also go into protection mode, because my daughter, Jessica, would tackle you and take them away! She’s into flamboyant colors and cute shoes, too.

    Have a wonderful Easter! He is risen indeed!

  16. Happy Easter!

    You’d be surprised how those shoes might become “in demand” just because you will wear them (all your faithful readers would now want a pair :)


  17. Beautiful boy and super fun shoes!

  18. For the love of all that is good and holy, dearest of Boomamas. . .would you PLEASE tell us what is actually adorning your very vivid shoes? Is it a frog? And electrical cord and plug? Some artistic interpretation of something? I REALLY need to know.

  19. Happy Easter to you all! It’s pretty chilly where I live, and where we’re going for vacation is supposed to be pretty chilly too. Like highs in the mid 60s and lows in the low 30s.

    I’m sure the shoes will look great on ya (after it warms up)!! :o)

  20. I think the shoes are really cute. I can see them with a flirty skirt, or shorts, or pedal pushers (or what ever they are called these days) even a dress. I guess they are all occassion shoes!
    The little sweetie with the incredible eyelashes is just precious!
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  21. Happy Easter, and I have to second Shannon; the shoes remind me of your new beautiful header…hmmm subliminal inspiration???

  22. Well, you know I’m coveting the shoes and Alex’s eyelashes.

    Y’all have yourselves a lovely Easter.

  23. up here in NE Alabama, we had SNOW last night!!

    Cute shoes! I also wonder what is on the side. It looks like Bob and Larry a little bit to my tired eyes.

    A very CUTE and NOT AT ALL tacky Bob and Larry.

    Happy Happy Easter.

    Our neighbor’s son and friend of Stinkerbell’s will be baptized tomorrow! Isn’t that a great way to celebrate the Resurrection!

  24. And I was so excited to wear my open-toe shoes….maybe next Easter??? :(

  25. I mowed my lawn today!
    Sorry, I don’t mean to be boasting or anything. . .
    I’ll bet the shoes will look great on you!
    Happy Easter!

  26. Umm, those be some very interesting shoes, boomama. But, I do love the eyelashes. Have a Blessed Easter with your family.

  27. Barbara Rockwall Texas says:

    Happy Easter Boo Mama,

    You are soo cute to have bought those shoes :) and I still want to know if there is some wild and crazy outfit in your closet that will go with those shoes ;)

    Boo Mama…be fearless and wear those shoes in public, be proud……YOU GO GIRL !

  28. Love those eyelashes! :)

    I’ll be spending Easter with the 2 people I love the most…my husband and my son!

    Happy Easter to you!

  29. Glad you got the shoes! Just love ’em! Happy Easter!

  30. Your Central Texas fan club leader got some snow yesterday, too! We’ll be slip-sliding to church this morning. Have a blessed day! LOVE today’s verses!

  31. Happy Easter! We got snow, too! It’s just crazy. I have pictures on my blog of snow on my bluebonnets. Good grief.

    I’m dressing the kids in their cute **sleeveless** Easter dresses that my grandma bought them and then wrapping them up in their big thick coats! BUT… it’s still Easter! So Happy Easter to you!

  32. Bernadette says:

    I’ll trade your 30 degrees for 30 cm.(12 inches)of snow that’s how we’re celebrating Easter here in PEI, Canada. We would have appreciated it more at Christmas when the ground was green go figure.Rejoice in the day that the Lord has made!!

  33. I LOVE the shoes, and wish I could sport them too! I know you will enjoy them! We are quite cold here for Easter too. But He is STILL risen in spite of the weather! Happy Easter Boomama!

  34. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  35. I’m laughing too hard at Melzie’s and Myrna’s comments to come up with one of my own. My goodness, you gals are funny!

    Happy Easter!

  36. If it makes you feel better, it is even overcast and cool in Southern California where it seems like the sun perpetually shines! Not that I would know of course because we are all inside with horrible colds, and are not venturing out of the house we feel so icky and don’t want to subject others to this.

  37. Happy Easter. I read your blog everyday and thought I would actually leave a comment!!

  38. Merritt says:

    I want those shoes.

  39. I wore sandles without heals this morning and it was 27 degrees when we went to curch at 7:30. I didn’t have to walk too far after getting out of the car.

  40. Unfortunately, I, too, was in boots and a coat for the Easter service. My daughter insisted upon wearing her new Easter duds, however, complete with sleeveless dress and sandals. Oh, well. I love your shoes. I would wear them, but my hubby would make fun. He thinks that I have a shoe thang-can you imagine? Blessings to you!

  41. Snazzy and jazzy too! :) Hope you had a great Easter!