Let’s Lay This Pajama Thing To Rest

Okay – seriously – I am taking a break from packing to ask a very important question:

Do y’all really wear the same pajamas night after night?


Because while I know I’m weird, I did not realize until today that my pajama-wearing habits only serve to intensify the weirdness.

HOWEVER, I am a shower-in-the-morning girl – not a bath-before-bed girl. I can see how you’d wear the same pajamas if you are a bath-before-bed person because you’re clean when you put on the pj’s and still clean when you take them off. But for someone like me, who showers in the morning, wearing the same pajamas would be sort of like wearing dirty clothes to bed. Which doesn’t so much interest me.

But then I’m crazy and have issues, so don’t pay me a bit of mind.

And I don’t do the whole matching pajama thing…I usually wear some sort of (clean!) capri pajama bottoms with a (clean!) t-shirt.

Honestly, I remember being surprised when everyone thought I was strange for using fabric softener AND dryer sheets (WHY? WHY WOULDN’T YOU DO THAT? WHY?), but I’m actually more surprised about this pajama thing. I guess it’s because my clothes-washing habits are my own doing – but the pajama habit is my heritage, y’all – it’s what my mama taught us to do.

I’m FASCINATED by this, as you may have gathered.

So please feel free to throw in your two cents in the comments.

About your pajama habits, mind you.

Not about my incurable case of the crazies.

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  1. I don’t have a comment on the PJ issue. I just wanted to tell you that you’re hysterical!

  2. You make an excellent point, Boomama. One I have never thought of before. But, alas, I do wear the same pj’s to bed night after night. Or, (and this might make you have to breathe into a paper bag) sometimes I sleep in pj pants and am too lazy to change out of the shirt I wore that day. So I sleep in it. Frightening, no?

  3. Not only am I a clean pajama every night girl, I also have to have a clean towel every morning.

  4. I’m a bath/shower at night kind of girl, but I still wear different pjs every night. Why, well, two reasons. If they’re pj-looking pjs, then they probably got tossed on the bathroom floor in the morning, and have been stepped on by toddlers all day, so they aren’t fit to wear by nightfall. If they are just t-shirts and capris or pants, I just might still be wearing them the next day. Hey, nobody at the grocery store knows these are my pjs! I just look casual right? Right?

  5. I’m a clean pj’s every other night kind of girl. I do bathe before bed–most of the time, though.

  6. I am a “bath at night kind of girl” and yes, I wear the pajamas at least a couple of nights before tossing them in the hamper. If I happen to cook breakfast in them, they have to get washed, because I don’t like them to smell like food. I don’t wear matching tops and bottoms either. I like thin cotton (not cotton knit or flannel!) bottoms and a tee shirt (for this purchase, not a souvenir shirt) or tank top. I guess I have my own set of OCD on this issue, huh?

  7. Well, now I just feel like a filthy and backwards person.

    In fact, when I shower before bed is when I want clean pajamas, because I feel clean. But most of the time I’m climbing into bed sticky from a day of southern heat, so I just don’t notice if my pajamas are a little musty. I only wear them for three nights, or four at the most. If I’m going somewhere for a week I usually pack two sets of pajamas.

  8. I wear both nightgowns and dresses and shirts more than once before washing. :O If they don’t smell bad and nothing’s been spilled on ’em, they’re fine. :) Everything I wear is fairly loose, so that does make a difference to me.

    I used to wonder, when reading Little House on the Prairie, how they made it through with 1 or 2 work dresses and 1 or 2 good dresses — and only washing once a week.

    I wouldn’t use fabric softener and dryer sheets both on the same load of laundry because my clothes would feel smarmy to me (that’s just me). Plus it lessens absorbency of towels, I’ve read.

  9. Oh, I’m totally a clean set every night person. But then again, I also use both liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets, so I may not be helping your case! Good luck with the packing — we’re getting set for our own two week trip, so I feel your pain!

  10. I don’t have any set time for showering — might be in the morning, might be at night, might be in the middle of the day, but I absolutely wear my jammies several nights in a row. I don’t do enough to work up a good stink anyway. ;)

  11. I wear my pj’s for a few nights too.

    My moma wears different ones every night though and also changes her towels every day. So maybe it’s just an old-school southern thing.

    I just don’t have the extra brain power needed to remember all that changin.

  12. I don’t even really own PJs. I have two pairs of PJ pants and a couple pairs of cute cotton capris that I wear at night. But, I don’t sleep in PJs…I just wear them before bed and when I get up in the morning. And I probably wear the same pair of capris every night for a week before washing them. The shirt has to change daily though. Now I feel weird and gross and dirty.

  13. New pj’s each night, shower each morning.
    I do own pajamas, however I prefer to wear my husband’s flannel or knit pj bottoms with a t-shirt or tank top.
    My pj’s, though modest, fit me better and give my husband *ahem* ideas.

  14. PJs officially can typically last for two nights unless someone vomits on them. Now I can’t wait to see what I’ll do tonight!

    Fabric softener and dryer sheets are both necessary when you leave the clothes sitting in the washer too long and they run the risk of smelling nasty.

  15. I do wear the same pajamas a couple nights in a row. Unless for some reason I get a little sweaty (I know that sounds gross but we’re in AZ) or I spill something on them.

    I never really thought about the fact that I’m dirty when I put them on because I’m showering in the morning.

    Thanks for making me stop and think about it though!

  16. I usually shower at night but in the summer it’s often morning and night because of the heat and bug spray. :p
    I’m a fan of clean pj’s (or none at all – tee hee) but they don’t have to match or even been official pj’s. Boxers, favourite track pants, long johns, t-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, my husband’s t-shirts, and occasionally “real” pj’s.
    Fabric softener and/or dryer sheets – neither. Yup, that’s right, neither. I used to be dryer sheet obsessed but then I found out a lot of my clothes were recommended to be washed without dryer sheets and also that fabric softeners/dryer sheets lessen the absorbtion qualities of cotton and other fabrics.

  17. suzanne says:

    Yes, I bathe at night, and put on the same pj’s without washing them each time. They get washed every three or four wearings. I tell you, if I could find the same pj’s as what I have now, I’d buy three or four pair, and then I might change nightly. But they are too comfy to choose anything over them. They are almost worn out, and thankfully almost too big, so I am seriously needing to go find a substitute…but I don’t like tank tops for sleeping (need something a little more modest with a teenager still at home). Oh, and I don’t usually fabric softener or dryer sheets, either. I don’t like the film they leave on clothes….and no, towels don’t dry as well either. See, we all share just a tad of weirdness!

  18. I have to say, I wear the same pjs for several nights, but then, I’m a shower-at-night girl. I really don’t mind showering in the a.m., but I have super-duper long (thick!) hair that takes forever-and-a-day to dry and washing it at night and sleeping on it is the lazy way to dry it. :)

  19. Wow! Y’all have got some OCD issues about PJs! Ok, I probably have some of my own in other areas. I do use the same PJs for a few nights in a row, but I usually only wear the bottoms for an hour or so before I go to bed (because I’ll get too hot) and then an hour or less in the mornings when I get up. So, I usually sleep in undies and a T-shirt. The only reason I might wear a different shirt the next night is if I sweat during the night…EWWW! I shower in the morning, but I never thought about being “dirty”, maybe it’s the dust mites you’re talking about that accumulate during the nights on your bed sheets. My husband thinks I’m insane because I think about dust mites! I guess I always remind myself that when I was in China a few times, those folks wear the SAME clothes for like three days, and I’m talking riding their bikes to work, buses, walking for hours on end,etc. Yes, I know we aren’t in China, things are different in these parts, but it did change my perspective on how often I needed to wash clothes!

  20. PJ’s? What are those? Oh I know! Those are those things that I wear when on vacation and I don’t want the kids to see my parts in the hotel room.

  21. Same pajamas for me for about 4 nights in a row…unless I spill nacho cheese on them, then I’ll change them. maybe.

    HOWEVER, my kids wear different pajamas every night.

  22. at this stage in my life, pajamas last as long as it takes baby to spit up on them. that’s a day. or two. i think last month i actually tossed a pair in the hamper that weren’t spit-up-on, just because it had been a few days. :o)

  23. Usually wear pajamas for two nights before washing them. Shower in the morning. I will do ANYthing to minimize laundry.

    But I DO use fabric softener AND dryer sheets, because OH that lovely smell…

  24. ok… 1) although i do use both fabric softener and dryer sheets (Thank you! I forgot there are clothes in the wash!) I do wear the same pj’s two nights in a row. Unless It was really hot the night before. I don’t change my sheets every day so seems silly to change my pj’s…

  25. I wear a different set of pjs each night. There!


  26. Dear BooMama,

    I wear new pajamas almost every night too…and you are so funny. I like feeling clean and crisp when I go to bed. Have fun at the big mouse.


  27. I wear the same thing a couple of nights in a row and then change. I shower in the morning too. But I don’t get all that dirty during the day (or I shower again). I prefer a sports b** and a tank and some shorts. I think changing PJs every day is a whole lot of laundry.

  28. I usually don’t wear the same thing to bed. But I’m a shower in the morning and night girl. So, depending on when I shower is how I decide on what pjs to wear. I usually wear 3 or 4 diff. pairs a week.

    And not everyone uses Fabric Softener and Dryer sheets?!?! That’s crazy! I ALWAYS have!!!

  29. When I wear actual top-and-bottom pjs, its because its coooooold in the house. And they last a few nights, unless someone pees or poops or spits up or pukes or bleeds on me. (We have a bodyfluidpalooza in our house from time to time.) If it’s not cooooold, I wear a big tshirt and pant!es. And that shirt will sometimes get reworn a few nights in a row, but not often. Because it’s only a tshirt and doesn’t add to my laundry mountain a whole lot, like “pjs” do.

    Here’s my perspective on the whole time of day for showering thing…

    I shower in the morning generally – or whenever the baby will let me. So, yes, I’m “dirty” at bedtime. So, if I’m dirty at bedtime, what difference does dirty pjs make? If I’m dirty and put on clean pjs, then I get them dirty too. But if I happen to shower late in the day or at bedtime, then I definitely get clean pjs.

    Now that I’m bre@stfeeding and have my 18 lb 4 m-o in the bed with me, I sleep in just my br@ and pant!es. He’s just such a little heater that we both get hot sometimes. And, a night shirt of any kind gets in the way of sleepnursing, which is an art I’ve absolutely PERFECTED.

    I also reuse my bath towel several times before washing it. Each of us have our own towel, but we all reuse them. And, golly gee, it keeps the laundry mountain to a MUCH more manageable size. I mean, if my bath towel is dirty AFTER my bath, then I’m really doing something wrong. Right?

    I hope your trip to the magical land of the Mouse is just that. Magical.

  30. You all wear clothes to bed?!? Surely Jenny, Debby and I aren’t the only ones a la natural! Come on, now….

  31. I have a month-old baby. My pajamas ARE my day clothes.

  32. PJ’s? Not hardly.

    Did I poke out your mind’s eye?

  33. Well, I’m glad this group isn’t having to settle any world-changing issues–We’d never agree!
    1. Night shower–sometimes I shower a couple of times a day, depending on what I’ve been doing
    2. New PJs about every other day–unless I wear them all day. That doesn’t happen often, but it’s a freedom of retirement/empty nest,girls!
    3.For my clothes–fabric softener and dryer sheets–for my husband’s, only dryer sheets–He’s allergic to D*o*wny!Yes, I wash them separately!
    Boomama, please keep bringing these important issues to our attention1 We need the laugh–as only you can supply!

  34. Let me add my two cents worth to this very fascinating and eternally important discussion. ;) My habits change. If I’m not nursing a baby, then it’s just unders and a t-shirt. Usually. If I’m nursing a baby, I usually wake up in a puddle of milk or am wearing a puddle of milk after nursing the baby and thus I may have clean pajamas a couple of times a night!

  35. I rewear mine but I only wear them before and after sleeping ;) I also reuse bath towels. I am a reusin kinda gal I guess LOL. Does that make me “green”? Reuse reduce recycle? ;) xoxo melzie

  36. OH and when $$ allows I use fabric softener AND dryer sheets…now ya know LOL xoxo melzie

  37. Okay, I’ll edit my post to be more truthful. No nursing baby, unders with a t-shirt near by just in case an older child comes in in the middle of the night!

  38. Sleeping without pj’s? People do that?

    I sleep with the same pj’s unless:
    1. they touch the bathroom floor (ocd)
    2. they are worn while cooking
    3. they are actually worn all day

    I have lots and lots of pj’s but prefer flannel pants or shorts and a teeshirt. That way, if there is ever a fire, God forbid, I can run out of the house w/out looking for clothes.

  39. Wow. There are MANY more pajama wardrobes out there than I ever suspected! I wear mine for several nights in a row and I’ve never been worried about being dirty – I don’t worry about the sheets either. I shower mostly in the morning, but in the summer at night too.

    What a funny poll!

  40. I wear the same pjs or nightie or lounge pants and tee a few nights. I agree with the person who wrote that if I shower at night, THEN I put on a clean sleep outfit. Otherwise, I’m already kinda grimy, so I just put on my sorta clean jammies.

    But it does sound kind of nice to put on a nice fresh pair every night, come to think of it.

    Wait! Are you one of those people who brushes her hair before bed, too? I never understood that.

    And, NO, I don’t use fabric softener AND dryer sheets. Isn’t that redundant?

    Also, I don’t use either for towels, because it makes them less absorbant. I learned that from our old housekeeper. Not that’s she’s old, just that she was our housekeeper years ago.


  41. Every day new jammies. My hubby shakes his head because I honestly have a jammie addiction! Flannel is a must for the northern winters but my fav is boxers and a tank.
    And to those of you who sleep the way God brought you into the world…what if there is a fire at night and you end up out on the front lawn in all of your glory? I know, this is what keeps me from sleeping sans jammies…that and the fact that I JUST CAN’T do it! No thank you, I’ll just keep things nice and tucked in!
    Have a great trip BooMama!

  42. Wait a minute. Some people shower twice a day?! I’ve never heard of such a thing.

    Maybe that’s because I live in Seattle and it rarely gets hot here, and we have a/c.

    I also use bath towels twice. But I’m clean after a shower, right!?

  43. Oh–I just have to add this concerning the “underpinnings” :):)

    Before a trip to Europe several years ago I read this tip about having room for things you buy on the trip–To make extra space for the return trip buy cheap ‘pinnings”
    (Think Dollie Gen)–or take older ‘pinnings with you–and throw them away! Seriously!

    I won’t say how I know this–But I do not advise using this traveling hint in Greece. The hotel maids will TAKE THEM OUT OF THE TRASH AND GIVE THEM BACK TO YOU! I can’t believe Ijust told you that!

  44. I see you aren’t the ONLY one with issues Miss Boo…

    Truthfully, I can go a WEEK…A WHOLE WEEK wearing the same jammies AND showering IN THE MORNING. Who cares if you’re putting on ‘dirty’ jammies when you have gone thru the whole entire day anyway?? Dirty body, dirty jammies, clean it all up in the AM and LESS LAUNDRY. We use the same towel for about four days in a row, too. Laundry really hurts clothing and towels…it puts real wear and tear on them and I do it as infrequently as possible. If I haven’t spilled on them or sweated in them, they go back in the closet. My clothes last a looong time and my laundry pile is manageable.

    I have never used fabric softener in my life…but I do use the softener sheets.

    Also, in the summer I am often sans pajamas and yes, I worry about a fire in the night and being caught like that!!!

    For those who shower at night, don’t you worry about your dirty sheets and pillowcases that your clean body and head are lying on?? Do you change your sheets everyday, too?? Mind boggling…

  45. Oh I love it, love it, love it!! Hee hee hee hee hee hee!

    Thanks for picking the brains of many and causing much laughter to ensue.

    I think the best part is that all of it is just fine and dandy. I have no strict opinions on these things and truly have never thought of them before…

    I’m a shower AND bath before bed girl. I guess I change my pajamas out every night. I do not like using the same towel twice, so there’s too much laundry to do…but who knew I was quirky about such things?

    Only for your blog would I have ever thought of it :)
    Have fun…oh and did I mention Mickey Mouse Belgium Waffles? A-hem, I did?
    Enjoy your week girl!

  46. One night ONLY! When I got married my husband thought I was crazy. He wears his a couple of nights before they are retired to the hamper…

    And, Teri, I’m with you. There are too many things that could happen when you go to sleep naked.

  47. So, just to make it real interesting I want to know if because you change your jammies every night, do you change your sheets every day too?

  48. A. There is nothing weird about fabric softener AND dryer sheets. I do it; it makes clothes extra soft and smelling nice :).

    B. At most, I will wear the same pjs twice. I also shower in the a.m. My pjs match and are clean (even if they are separate pants and a t-shirt).

    There is nothing weird about you and clean pjs, BooMama. This is a GOOD thing. Maybe it is a southern thing. Do you by chance iron your sheets?? My mom always did. I confess that usually only the pillowcases and the edges of the sheets get ironed & starched (ironing king sheets takes a lot of time, people). If I was my mama, all of the sheets would completely ironed, not just the edges :).

    P.S. In my comment the other day about the Mickey Land, I assumed you were going to the one in FL, therefore I mentioned outlets…I think you are going to the other one, though, so some of what I wrote may not make sense. Sorry!

  49. OK, I use both liquid fabric softner and fabric softner sheets. I think I do that just because my mom does…you don’t want that static cling. However, I do wear the same pajamas for a few nights before changing to a clean pair, but for some reason I don’t do that for my son. The way I see it (the whole pajama issue) is that I am dirty when I got to bed and I’m only going to bed, it’s not like I’m going out of the house, so why should I have to wear something clean, especially since I’m already dirty. Plus if I wore different pajamas every night then I would be using more fabric softner! :-)

  50. Clean nightshirt every night for me…my skin breaks out otherwise. I would love clean sheets every night, but I’d need a maid for that. I do change out my pillowcase every few days.

  51. I wear a fresh pj set or gown every night.

    I use dryer sheets.

    I use liquid fabric softener.

    The dryer sheets and the liquid fabric softener have to be the same scent.

    Boomama, either you are not weird, or we are weird together. :>)

    And, may I say that we smell fabulous!

  52. Clean Pajamas…Clean Towel…Clean Underwear for goodness sakes!


    I also take a shower everyday!

    Call me weird!

  53. Okay now that we’ve established that half of blogland is a bit, shall we say, CUCKOO about their clothes, I wish to address something of EXTREME importance.

    BooMama….I’m am deeply concerned that by the time you recover from these pajama issues, and then recover from the actual trip, you will no longer remember a THING about the visit from your mom and mother in law. My distress arises from the fact that you really never wrote about it!! Sure, you teased us with snippets and such, but there was never any full blown account of the visit and that saddens me. Sniffle, sniffle, SOB!

    Please tell me Martha won’t get lost amid clean pajamas and the Mouse!! And what does your own mom think of Martha? And what does Martha think about BooMama’s mama? Inquiring (nosy) minds want (need) to know!!

  54. I have 2 sets of pj’s, so I alternate. I am a “Shower at night girl”. I HAVE to be clean or I don’t rest at all. :-) I do however only own 1 granny gown, and when those rare freezing nights happen in East Texas I have that to wear. ;-)

  55. Clean jammies every other day, but I’m a shower at night girl. New towels (one for body, one for hair–I’ve got A LOT of hair) about every three or four days. I’m clean when I use all of it.

    I do NOT sleep in shirts I’ve worn all day. . .ickadoo. . .but I also do not use either fabric softener OR dryer sheets. But my clothes are incredibly soft, so go figure.

  56. I shower at night, and change pajamas every 2-3 days.

    I can’t imagine using both fabric softener AND dryer sheets — all those chemicals hanging out in the clothes that press against your skin all day!? I would be constantly covered in a horrid rash if I were to do such a thing… you know you can use those laundry balls and not have to use ANY fabric softener OR dryer sheets at all, and still have soft static-free clothes without the chemical residue left to irritate your skin, fade your colors, etc.? Not to mention all that money you’d save! :)

  57. I agree with Susanne. I wear a t-shirt to bed every night because my shoulders get cold. Otherwise I’d be half-buck nekkid. And I wear the SAME t-shirt and sleep in the SAME sheets for a WHOLE WEEK, and I shower in the morning.

    You may feel free to shiver in disgust at this very moment.

    Are you keeping a spreadsheet on all this? Because really, you just won’t find better spreadsheet-making material anywhere on the interweb…even at half the price.

    Trust me. I speak truth, and not with fork-ed tongue.

  58. I wear the same pajamas every night for about 3 nights, then switch them.

  59. I love clean PJ’s every night, I would love to have clean sheets and towels everyday as well, but the whole laundry thing was too much.
    I now live in a country where everyone has maids (I have 2), but feel too guilty to ask them to add to the mammoth task of washing and ironing for a large household LOL.

  60. I’m lucky if I wear clean clothes to work/church/Publix. If I had to worry about my pajamas being clean… oh dear!

    I refuse to knock the idea of clean pj’s every night, though. I admire clean people. Really, I do. I’m not one of them, but I admire them nonetheless!

    Have a great trip!

  61. I’m delurking for this one!

    You use dryer sheets AND softner?! Never heard of that!!! I use neither as my eczema ridden children can’t tolerate fragrance of any kind. I don’t see the point of using scent free softner. I do use lavender scented (Mrs. Meyers)dryer sheets for our sheets (mine and hubby’s)

    Now for the PJ thing. I have recently come up with a new routine. I bought three nice gowns (on sale for $10 each) at Dillards. I had one nice set of PJs. I bathe at night and wear a gown twice before washing. (I hang them up in their own little section in the closet between wearing. I think this helps “air” them out)

    (If I leave the house, I will shower in the morning also)

    I used to wear old t-shirts/shorts to bed. That look was cute as a college girl. Not so cute as a 30 something mom of 3. I feel a little more dignified now. And my hubby and kids love the gowns.

    VERY interesting topic- thanks!!!


  62. I’m a shower-whenever type of girl. Usually when I get home from work in the evenings, and mid-mornings on days when I don’t work (weekends).

    However, I definitely wear my pj’s several nights in a row – usually a week, or maybe two. During the summers I tend to go au natural, especially once I got married. ;-) I’ve never heard of wearing a clean pair each night.

  63. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Here’s the quarters worth from my little corner of Ohio. I’m a bath before bed kind of girl. (Particularly right now when it is gardening season and I’m weeding ALL THE TIME!) I’m only a bath girl. Why? I don’t like to get my eyelashes wet. (Laugh hysterically, but its true. Hey, they are long and stick together and . . . well, enough with that!) So, my clean body goes into my pajamas that MATCH and are worn for a few nights before I consider them to be in need of laundering. (Unless they have been soiled by me, the running toddler, the husband, the cat . . .) And Mama, I do confess– I generally wear my jeans a few times before laundering those, too. I mean, why go through all the effort to properly stretch the suckers and only get one wearing out of all that work?! You should compile data (as if you have nothing else to do) and give us a ratio of clean vs. non-clean jammies as tallied according to our comments! :)

  64. Morning shower/bath unless very dirty. Pajama pants and tshirt (clean). I have been known to take a bath and put on clean pajama pants and tshirt to wear for the day if I’m working at home. Comfort is the key. That matching pajama thing is for people who don’t want to sleep!!

  65. I take an evening shower every other night but every night I put on clean pjs. I love pjs so I own many, many pairs. If they’re 2 piece sets, they match. :)

    As for the fabric softener AND dryer sheets, I do this too. My husband, on the other hand, is lucky if he remembers just a dryer sheet.

  66. I wear my same nightgown for a couple nights in a row but I’ve got my own “crown of weirdness” in that I take my big shower at night but then I take another “neck down” shower in the morning, before getting dressed! I can’t help it. It’s usually 12 hours between the time I take my big shower at night and the time I get dressed in the morning… and I feel dirty if I get dressed without taking my “neck down” before dressing.

    See, we’ve all got our own type of Weirdness Crowns, honey. So just go with the flow, whatever makes you feel better.

    Peace~ Wind

  67. I have always assumed that people wore the same pjs a few nights before washing them. I don’t know why I have assumed this other than the fact that that’s what everyone did at my house when I was a kid.

    But I am a shower at the end of the day kind of girl, so there you go.

  68. Phyllis R. says:

    Oh I could warm UP to this subject and bore you for hours on end with my “habits”.

    I wear a light, dry cleaned (yes, DRY CLEANED) gown in the summer because I live in Texas and in case you haven’t heard: it gets HOT here. NOW, if I’ve stayed true to my AC-loving self and not been out and about, I do not shower. However, IF I’ve “perspired” a even a drop, I shower. I will wear the same gown for 2-3 nights only. Between each evening’s use I SPRAY them (and our bedsheets) with this fabulousness: The Laundress’ “Fabric Fresh” in “cedar”. You can find it at http://www.thelaundress.com It is refreshing and oh-so-lovely to smell.

    In the winter, I wear cute (read: themed) flannel-y Gap pj bottom with a thermal long-sleeved shirt. I’m just sighing thinking about it.

    I am a clean-freak girl, but I do NOT have a problem with sleeping in the gown-pj’s for a couple of night. As long as I am FRESH – from all the PRODUCTS.

  69. This is positively hysterical! I can honestly say that my jammies are good for at least a week – sometimes two – before they get washed and I use the same towel for a shower for a full week before I wash it. I’m clean after a shower, after all! And who on earth wants to do that much laundry?? Good heavens. If I’ve changed clothes in the afternoon and they’re not dirtied by bedtime, they get hung back in the closet too. Oh and the sheets get changed once a month whether they need it or not. ::grin:: And definitely softener AND fabric sheets. Softener makes them soft and fabric sheets make sure they don’t electrocute you.

  70. Oh. My. Word. I haven’t laughed this hard reading BooMama in I don’t know how long. Ok, I shower daily. Every morning. I change the sheets when I notice they need changed. I sleep in my birthday suit. So does DH. He got me started on it, actually. (To whoever asked about a house fire – there’s enough dirty clothes laying around my bedroom to find something fast) I don’t use fabric softner, only dryer sheets. I’m slowly trying to get used to using unscented Tide (I’m a Tide and Tide only girl) and dryer sheets for when dear baby comes later this year. Guess we’ll eventually have to start wearing jammies.

  71. Chrissy says:

    OK, Boomama, I would only tell you this.

    I don’t wear pj’s. I’m in the buff.

    We have five kids.


    Perhaps there’s a connection.

  72. Frances says:

    I LOVE Merci – she’s a girl after my own heart…I’d never be caught up on the laundry if I did jammies AND towels from each day AND sheets every week. Oh, my, I hope my friend Julie doesn’t read this, she’d have a faintin’ spell : )

  73. I would wear the same pair of pajamas several nights in a row. If I could find them.

    Unfortunately they’re usually buried under piles of dirty clothes by the time evening rolls around.

    Okay, I guess I have other issues.

  74. Most of the time, I only sleep in a t-shirt and I will wear the same one for a few nights in a row. What I really wanted to tell you was… I use fabric softener in the wash AND a dryer sheet in the dryer. It may be strange but our clothes are soft and smell oh so good! My DD16 told me once that her best friend said to her that her clothes always smell good.

  75. Clean pajamas. Every night. Period.

  76. I bathe at night, so I wear my jammies several nights in a row. And I can’t sleep in bottoms (pajamas, not “underpinnings”). I wear my pajama pants or shorts to the bed and take them off before climbing in. And almost all of my pajamas have Eeyore on them (he’s my favorite) – except for my Aggie shirt that someone got me that was way to big, so I sleep in it. :) My son wears his for several days too, so I guess I passed it down. Now, the “underpinnings” get changed nightly and I also change mine again in the morning. Is that tmi? Sorry! Have a great trip! Keep in touch!

  77. I use fabric softener AND dryer sheets, too! Our well water is very hard, so you need the softener but I don’t think softeners take care of static like dryer sheets do. I’m just sayin’.

  78. 1. You’re hilarious.

    2. I don’t have time to read all 763 other comments, but I did read some, and if you get to mine, I’m proud of you. I hope I don’t totally gross you out.

    3. I don’t even wear pjs or nighties or anything. I do put on my bathrobe every morning when I get up. I change out of it around noon when my toddler naps and I can take a shower (neither in the morning nor evening, oddly enough). I wear that stanky ol bathrobe without washing it for at least a week, sometimes longer. I’m only wearing it for like 4 hours a day, right? Hmmm. Yep, I’m pretty gross.

  79. I can’t sleep with bottoms on. Same undies and old T-shirts for me, maybe the same one I wore during the day if its not too nice, and it didn’t get stuck under the not-too-wet towel that I used that morning.

    But here’s the real stinker… how many times do you change or wash your sheets??

  80. Gosh…I just thought everyone wore their pjs more than one night?!?! Guess it’s all in how you grow up – we lived on a farm and took our baths at night, so we wore ours for three or four days. Now, I shower in the mornings, but still wear my pjs a couple of days in a row. I have an intense dislike for laundry…that’s my main reason.

    As for the whole issue of fabric softener and dryer sheets – I missed that one. BUT…I use both – I just love the smell and hate the static cling.

  81. Goodness gracious! What a conversation!

    I love clean pj’s everyday. Rarely I will wear them twice but no more than that. I am a shower in the morning kinda girl, but with two small children it does not always happen.

    DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON USING A TOWEL TWICE! I do not wish to wipe my face where I have dried other places the day before. (even if they has just been freshly cleaned) Yes, I realize they have doctors to deal with these kind of issues, but I am not so sure I want to get over this issue.

    Have a great trip!

  82. I always laugh at the posts that get a bazillion comments. Anyway, clean jammies every night. Right now I’m in a pickle b/c Mini-me insists we wear our “silky” jammies on the same night, and she likes to wear hers EVERY night. If I don’t have mine on, she pitches an ever living fit. I only have two pair(of silkies), and unless I wash every day, you can see my dilemma. What is the mom of a princess to do?? (Buy more silky jammies, that’s what.)

  83. Too much information, Boomama. LOL.

    And if I answered your question, you would surely say the same. ;)

  84. Sister, as Mama says, “Our family perspires,” thus the changing of the jams every night…and the use of fabric softener and dryer sheets. :)

  85. I wear different pajamas every night, I don’t think you’re wierd! My family all thinks I am wierd though…my husband, mom and sisters all wear the same ones for a few days and it bugs me so much;) I am trying to pass on the wear different ones each night to my children though, because they need good values, right? Ha! Anyway, you should take extra jammies in case you want options on those too – I always pack all different lengths and such when I go on vacation!

  86. I’m a shower before bed girl, so I do tend to do a repeat pj thing. You make it sound soooo gross though!!! I may rethink the whole thing!! ;)

  87. People wear “night gowns” ??? I don’t think I have seen one of those or worn one since my Grandma bought me one in 6th grade and it was a flannel. :)

    I would choose to go sans clothes all the time- but I just don’t feel completely sexy in 190 lbs of stretch marks and cellulite. Yes- I just told you WAYYYYYY to much information. Whatever. All I am is “kalyn” to you folks. ;) Anyways- back to P.J’s. SO- while I am not in the buff… I am wearing my old maternity yoga pants, or workout pants- and a loose 6$ target tank. They probably end up being changed everday- but I have never done it on purpose. Oh- and you like how I wear my “work out” pants to bed???? Not to the gym? Maybe if I did, then I could sleep in the buff more often. Hmmm…funny how that works, ain’t it?

    Let’s face it- I have a 2 yr old who wont do daycare st the gym- and wants “Mama” ALL-DAY-LONG. However- no 190-lbs strech marked self, WITH cellulite- will wear a nightgown. Thankyouverymuch!

  88. You are going to be known as PAJAMA MAMA, BooMama. YES INDEED, you must change your name to Pajama Mama! LOL

    Living in the south, a cool shower is a must at bedtime in the warm weather, so I’m clean when I put on my sleep wear, boxers and a tank top and I wear them two or three nights, unless I’ve worn them all day or most of the day (the luxury of being retired), then clean ones are in order. Cool weather requires a long, cotton, t-shirt type material gown that I wear three or four nights, even though I shower in the morning when it’s cool weather. I have been known to change during the night having soaked my pj’s, oh the joy of menopause! :-)

    As for the dryer sheets/softener. I don’t use either, because of the fragrance and I use fragrance free detergent. When possible I hang my sheets on my clothes line to dry. They smell wonderful and I love the way they are “crunchy” having been dried in the sun. My sheets are changed every week, for sure.

    Towels are changed every three or four days, after all, we are clean when we use them. If you use softener/dryer sheets on your towels it tends to just smear the water around on your body, rather than absorbing it, takes twice as long to dry off. Plus, it causes a build up of softener on the inside of your dryer. That can be a problem if you have the same dryer for 35 years.

    Enjoy your trip. By the way, what are you packing for D and Alex? :-)

  89. I also wear the same jammies night after night. Of course, I am also someone who changes her sheets way too infrequently, so maybe I should not be anyone’s role model.

    However, I do use both fabric softener and dryer sheets…all Downy, all the time.

    Oh, I was just reading some of the other comments. Yeah, I don’t change towels all that often either. I am, apparently, gross. Must think about this…

  90. I’m laughing at the fact that PJs have so many people talking!

    I need new PJs every night, new towel every day with my morning shower, and clean sheets at least twice a week!

    I’m just a dryer sheet kind of girl though.

  91. oooo…

    I guess I’m a dirty, dirty person. My goodness. I had no idea all of you people wear new jammies every day or every other day, and get out a new towel every day or every other day.

    Um…. I wear my jammies for a week, usually, unless breastfeeding. I wear a t-shirt and boxer shorts, winter or summer (we have different covers for different seasons). I shower in the morning. I use my towel for about a week, too, unless some kind of something gets on it.

    But! But! aren’t I so good for the environment? :) Anyway, that’s how my mom “taught” me. That’s how my family all did things. Oh well, at least by the time people see me, I’ve showered and am wearing clean clothes. I DO put on clean clothes every day, at least!

  92. Ya’ll just wait until you hit menopause …. then you will be changing PJ’s a couple of times during the night! WHew wee it is hot in here!

  93. I wear matching pj’s or a night shirt and I do wear them more than once before washing. I shower in the morning. But then again, I sleep alone so no one sees me in my pj’s, unless they come to do the door on a Sat. afternoon and I haven’t gotten dressed yet!

  94. Back in college I wanted to cut down on doing laundry. I started to resort to wearing a t-shirt and either a pair of pajama shorts or flannel pants to bed for the entire week. Pants/jeans must last for 2 days. The only clothing that must be clean every day are pant*ies and socks. Then when I got my own washer and dryer I just continued in the filthy habit.

  95. Oh my goodness, who know this was such a hot subject?!?! I stated yesterday that I absolutely wear clean pjs every night. I am a shower in the morning person too.

    But these people that reuse towels???? I just think about the last place I dry off and then the first place I would dry off the next day. I don’t care if I am clean or not, that is gross. I mean, do you keep up with what part of the towel you dry off what body part…Ok, that’s enough, I gotta stop.

  96. LOL. You are hilarious. Personally, I just grab some new jammies at the end of the day or if I am really tired I just crash in the clothes I was wearing. :) But I have to admit that I’ve never really even thought about it that much. Grabbing new jammies was kind of like a coincidence more than an intentional act. I have on occasion even worn them twice and then thrown them in the dirty laundry. Go figure. ;) Have a great day.

  97. I am a shower in the morning girl, and YES, I HAVE to wear clean PJs every night. Not only because I’m a little dirty when I put them on, but do you know how much you SWEAT during the night? Yuck-o-rama.

    I will concede that occasionally I will wear my pajama bottoms again with a clean T-shirt. But I have to have a clean top.

    When I am travelling, I admit I give up this habit, just because it is too much to pack. I usually grab shorts and one T-shirt (okay, maybe 2!) to wear.

    And the towel thing? Well, I can go a day or two with the same towel, because I hear my own mamma who raised 6 children screaming ‘A towel isn’t dirty after one use!’ I think she got tired of 4 girls using 8 towels (you know, one for the body, the other for the hair) EVERY SINGLE DAY. Can’t say I blame her.

    If the towel has been tromped on the floor, however, no telling what crawled on it, so I will always toss it and get another one.

    Wow, who knew we all cared so much about jammies and towels?

  98. ~*Kim says:

    1. they touch the bathroom floor (ocd)*~

    Kim are you sure that is OCD?! Cuz I do that too and I thought it was just normal LOL you have officially burst my bubble..xoxo melzie :)

  99. Two cents: There shouldn’t be any complaining about how much laundry those people who change their pj’s and towels every day have.

  100. Well, I have my own issues so probably not a help here. I am a shower in the a.m. and a bath in the p.m. kind of gal. The thought of going to bed with the day’s grime on with a clean pair of jammies is yuck to me (sadly, my knight in shining armor does not have the same issues with cleanliness). Whether I wear my j’s again at night depends on how long I wore them in the a.m. If I get up and have a shower right away, I wear them again. If I get up and lounge around, I don’t. That said, my kids wear clean jammies every night and have since they were squeezed out. I can count on one hand how many times they have missed a bath (they are 6 and 8). The KISA thinks I’m a head-case. That is just fine with me – I’m a clean head-case and so are my offspring – thank you very much.