I Would Like A Nap Now

Greetings, internets, from sunny California!

It only took about ten minutes after our arrival for someone to ask D. if he was from Texas and then make the comment that they couldn’t understand his Southern accent.

So we’re off to a smashing start.

And really, we had a great trip. Sister decided that her nephew HAD TO HAVE a portable DVD player (along with a brand new copy of “Shrek”) for his first Disney journey, and oh, it was a thing of beauty. Alex watched a movie all the way to Houston – then watched another movie from Houston to oh, I’d say, Arizona, at which point he promptly fell asleep for the next hour and a half. So by and large, the plane rides were completely stress-free.

Unless you consider the ineffective air conditioning on the plane from Houston to here. That stressed me out just a wee bit. Because I was hot, you see. And I hate to be hot. And if I had wanted to be hot, I would have stayed home and turned off the air conditioning and started a fire. But I did not want to be hot, because I never want to be hot, and I especially do not want to be hot when I am surrounded by strangers and trapped at a high altitude in what essentially amounts to a bus with wings.

But now I am sitting in our friend Todd’s house, and even though he does not have air conditioning (I almost had a panic attack when D. reminded me of this earlier today), I am not hot at all because it is about 60 degrees here right now. With a light breeze blowing. EVER so pleasant and enjoyable.

And tomorrow: we’re going to see the large mouse. If Alex’s head doesn’t fly off its axis first. Because he’s just a smidge excited.

Finally, thanks so much, y’all, for all the sweet anniversary wishes. I think it’s sort of appropriate that earlier today, as D., Alex and I made our way through the Houston airport hand in hand, I couldn’t help but reflect on the sweet blessing of our little family. And then, five minutes later, when D. couldn’t understand a point I was trying to make about our lunch plans, I wanted to roll my eyes at him and say something really profound like, “UM, I MEAN, WHAT-EV-ER! GAH!”

And then five minutes later all was blissful again. Such is marriage, I reckon.

So we’re off to celebrate Numero Diez with a little Mexican food. I’m giddy just thinking about the guacamole.

And if that seems a little pathetic, it’s only because it is.

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  1. Hey…Hope you and Sister are doing good!!

  2. Glad you arrived safely and all is well.

    Those Sisters are handy to have around, ain’t they?

    Have a great time, and don’t forget most of us here in Bloggityville speak Southun’. Y’all. ;-)

    Love and hugs,


  3. Dang, MY Sister Cecil beat my comment by 1 minute! :-)

  4. Welcome to CA! I live up near San Francisco.
    I’m not surprised at the comment about a southern accent, I get that ALL the time. Considering I’m from Arkansas, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…they should hear my mama talk!

    Hope y’all have a blast in Big Mouse land!

  5. So glad you made it safely! Wondered why you were going to CA from AL instead of to FL…Makes sense since you get to stay with a friend!

    Hope your trip is Magical! :))

  6. I totally relate to your feelings about traveling with “strangers” at “high altitudes”. I get a little squeamish when I have to share my air with all those other people. You bet your booty I’m putting the oxygen mask on myself first -okay “only” in the event of an emergency.

  7. I wondered the same as ThePreachersWife, but all is well now! :)

    Have a wonderful vacation while I’m still here in the South.

  8. You’re so close! :D Okay, well maybe two-ish hours is a bit relative, but ya know, in California-ese, that’s purty close. I’m waving out my window and in your precise direction right now. Have fun with that Mouse!

  9. Glad you made it safely!! Have a wonderful time!

  10. Oh, it’s going to be more fun, just more fun! It’s all going to be so much fun!

    Hugs to all…


  11. I hate to be hot, too, Boomama. I turn into the CRANKIEST. PERSON. EVER when I am hot!! Oh, speaking of hot ;D….it would be soooo nice to see some vacation pics that might include D’s friend, Todd. AHEM! Enjoy your trip!!!

  12. suzanne says:

    Yep, all the pieces are falling into place now, aren’t they Preacherswife? Oh, Boomama, I hate to be hot, too. IN fact, just yesterday, a friend took me into the sauna room to “experience” it, and I thought to myself…”people enjoy this?” Glad you made it. AND had I known you were at the big airport in Houston, I could have come to wave at you outside the gate or something….held up a sign that said “Happy Anniversary BM & D!! I mean REALLY!
    Anyway, have a grand time, and the sunny CAL. weather sounds fabulous!!!

  13. Wave as you fly over the big AZ o nthe way home … but stay at 40,000 feet.

    Cause down here? It’s 115 all stinkin’ week.

    Blech. Double Blech.

  14. Phyllis R. says:

    My Texas kids are always surprised when we travel and they are asked where they are from – because they are just SURE they do not have an ax-cent.

    So glad your travels went well. Your Sister ROCKS as an aunt!

    Have a GREAT (and cool) time!

  15. Oh my!, BooMama is here, in So. Ca!! I live in a city next to the big mouse land- we drive by it everyweek to go to church. Oh,I wish i had a pass!! gnashing my teeth right now…


    well, I will spend the rest of the week keeping my eye out for a southern woman with sassy shoes, purse..just general sassiness.

    don’t feel bad about the accent thing, I get asked that sometimes, and I’ve always lived here!!

  16. Have a great time! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  17. Oooo, I’d pick CA Big Mouse Land over FL Big Mouse Land.

    “Soaring over California” is the BEST ride if you happen to visit D**sney’s California Adventure.

  18. Don’t you just love it when people recognize you are from the SOUTH! They WANT to hear us talk. This always happens to us when we travel. By the way, did you get all those pajamas in your luggage?

  19. Have fun. Btw, I should have told you to make an early evening (twilight) stop at the Crystal Cathedral, just a few miles from Disney.

    There are the most beautiful grounds there, with Bible scenes depicted in statues. It’s worth a short jaunt to see.

    Glad the flight went well.

  20. HAVE. SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!!!!

  21. Have fun in the House of Mouse!

    A very happy anniversary to you and your hubby! I will be there in 2 short years, and I CAN’T believe it has already been 8!!!

  22. I always pictured you to have a thicker accent than your hubby. People think Texas still looks like a John Wayne movie. One time, as a teenager, while flying back home to Texas, after answering many silly questions about what Texas is like, I convinced some Canadians that my parents were picking me up in our family pickup truck and me and my brothers were going to have to ride about 2 hours in the bed of the truck back to our ranch. Because you see the truck was the only automobile we owned and most of the time we just rode to town on our horses or walked depending on the weather. And yes, everyone still wears cowboy hats and little house on the praire bonnets, because how else would you keep your briads from blowing in the wind while riding in the back of the pickup. At the end of the flight, I confessed that the closest I’d ever been to a horse was while watching Little House on the Praire on the TV.

  23. Enjoy your day at the Big Mouse! Lack of air conditioning in the bus with wings is not well, just unacceptable, but maybe the warmth was good for a little snooze for Alex. :) I can’t wait to hear about the Land of Mouse.

  24. If you get a chance, you should drive down the Pacific Coast Highway up to Malibu and eat at the place called Paradise Cove. I hear it is a great little spot to eat and they give really big portions. I think it is pretty much “come as you are” but when we pulled in, we were in swim shorts and old t’s so we turned around and left. Turns out, we would have been fine.

    We were there last week and the weather was the same. I am glad it is pretty for you!

    Have fun with the mouse!!!!

  25. Glad you made it safely on the big buses with wings! HAVE! A! WONDERFUL! TIME!

  26. Have fun. You may have to buy a new movie for the trip back. :>)

  27. We were in Newport, Rhode Island one summer when 2 men decided that if I talked they could detect exactly where in the south I was from. A real life Henry Higgins/ Eliza Doolittle moment. Bless their pea pickin hearts..they were convinced that I was from Jackson, Mississippi, I told them no sugah- Lubbock, Texas. Now of course, they were saying “tawk more and wee will quall some friends to heya yew.”

  28. WELCOME to the land of 60 degree overcast weather! ;) I am only a few short miles away from “Diney-land” as we call it- and if you need ANYTHING…. don’t hesitate to email “Chicken Taco Kalyn” :)

    P.S- I HATE to be hot too! If I get really hot, and am on the verge of sweating- i start to panic- I hate it.

  29. Happy Anniversary. :)

  30. Aunt Nette says:

    I know I should also encourage you to go see the Crystal Cath. but have you thought about visiting a cemetary. Now not just ANY cemetary. Forest Lawn cemetary. It is soooooooo beautiful. In fact lots and lots of couples get married in this cemetary. Of course I would have already scouted out this area at geocaching.com. This is a modern day scavenger hunt game. Imagine the treasures you could uncover in California.

  31. Our number 17 is Saturday — Guacamole sounds like an EXCELLENT way to celebrate — I’ll have to make a note of it for the manly man who is the head of my household…

    Glad you’re having fun, and … you know … cool!!!

  32. Just returned from a vacation in FL and we took our 2 yr. old grandaughter. She watched Strawberry Shortcake DVD’s on the ride (non stop, the only way I’ll fly with a child) both ways. Portable DVD players are the bomb! She was an angel…we received many compliments on how well behaved she was…made me giggle when I knew what a pistol she can be :) But…gotta love her and we do!

  33. Okay, can you talk to my husband and convince him that it’s in our best interest to get our son a portable DVD player? I want one to use on those long trips but my husbands is bulking, saying they’re a waste of money. Ugh!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Disneyland!

  34. Yay! You made it to CA… Have a blast today (and eat some guacamole for me!) Also, I’ll be praying that Alex will sleep several hours tonight, or else you are going to have a LONG day tomorrow, sister!

  35. Bossy always needs a vacation from her vacations.

  36. Have fun and enjoy your trip!!

  37. I *had* to laugh re your comment about D being asked if he was from Texas, because when we go to Alabama, people are forever saying to us, “Y’all aren’t from around here are you?” And then when we tell them we’re from California, they give us a look like, (or some have even said)”Oh, I am so sorry!” LOL It’s too funny!

    Well, Boomama–Happy Anniversary and welcome to our neck-of-the-woods! : ) Have a GREAT vacation!!

  38. Welcome to California! Have a blast!

  39. We went to Disney a few weeks back and we had several people say, “You’ve got to be from the South!” =)

    Have loads of fun! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  40. Happy Anniversary! I think it is awesome that you are going to get some Mexican food and Guacamole! You sound like my kind of girl! It’s funny to think you were in my neck of the woods…Houston! …..even if it was just to hop another plane.

    Have a great trip! :-)

  41. Oh. . .you were so close to me Boomama. Here I sit in northwest Harris county a mere 35 minutes from Houston INtercontinental, and a mere 40 minutes from Houston Hobby. I am so sorry that the air conditioning from Houston to wherever on the plane was not up to to snuff, but I am hoping that whichever Houston airport was your point of arrival greeted you with BUCKET LOADS of air conditioned, thick southern accented air.

    I doubt that ANYONE here had trouble understanding your hubby.