In Which I Hit The Bloggy Wall

There have been various points along this bloggy road when I’ve struggled with a bit of writer’s block.

This is one of them.

And if you’ve been reading here for any time at all, you know that I desperately want to put the word writer in quotation marks so that it’s actually “writer,” because I have a very difficult time assigning a writer-y label to myself, but I recognize that using the quotes will lead to many, many emails in which you gently encourage me to HAVE SOME CONFIDENCE, ALREADY, so I’m going to leave it at writer without the quotation marks, but don’t kid yourself for one second: there are totally quotation marks in my head.


I have no choice but to send you elsewhere.

And trust me, you’ll be much happier going to these other places than you would be sticking around here and reading about my writer’s block (QUOTATION MARKS!).

In no particular order:

1) Melanie at This Ain’t New York has written a really thoughtful post on freedom. It’s well worth checking out.

2) My sweet friend Robin posted this morning about her friend Anne‘s book called Mad Church Disease. (sidenote: was that just a record for the most links ever in a single sentence? I think so.)

Anne’s book deals with staff and volunteer ministry burn-out (NOT THAT ANY OF US WOULD KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT, OF COURSE), and she has posted several interesting, completely anonymous surveys that will help her with her research. Click here if you’d like to help her out.

3) A few days ago, I got a copy of the upcoming CD from a group called Monk & Neagle.

Now I don’t want to build it up too much, but I just have to say: IT IS THE BEST CD I HAVE HEARD IN YEARS.

Christian music or otherwise.

D. has even jumped on the bandwagon and SIGNED UP FOR THEIR MAILING LIST, and I’m not sure that’s something he’s done before in his whole life ever. But he too agrees that the CD is extraordinary. You can listen to a few of the songs here.

And I’m mentioning it now – even though the CD won’t be released until September – to prepare y’all for the fact that I’m going to be talking about it a lot. A whole lot.

SWEET MERCY. I think it has changed my life just a little bit.

Except it hasn’t made the writer’s block go away.


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  1. Oh gosh, well then I must check it out!!


  2. Sister,
    I’ll give you some material this weekend. :)

  3. Thanks for the Monk & Neagle recommendation. I checked out their My Space samples and I love their sound. I’ve preordered their CD, but it’s a long wait! :)

    Hope your writer’s/”writer’s” block goes away asap! It’s weird – sometimes I think of a bunch of things during a day to blog about, but when I go to sit down and “write,” I can’t think of anything. I need to start jotting things down, I suppose!

  4. Everyone’s allowed writer’s block from time to time. It will pass! Thanks for the links, checking them out now :D

  5. Well, that was pretty well written for someone suffering from writer’s block! Thanks for entertaining us even when you are simply linking us to other websites!

  6. I get writer’s block sometimes, too, but then I go check on the boys and unless they’re asleep, I automatically have a story right there.

    It’s wearing me flat out!

  7. Of course, my writing’s not nearly as witty or interesting as yours, but here’s what I do for when I come up dry. I save all the memes for dry days.

    But if I’m not mistaken, your post about writer’s block is cuter than the one I wrote about our Independence Day, so I think you’re safe.

  8. that happens a lot to me too. don’t worry, your “writing” ideas will return. probably just a visit with some family members will spark a story. we’ll be waiting.

    my sister was here yesterday and i had a lot to say about that after she left. good thing she doesn’t know about my blog :)

  9. I went to their myspace and then went at searched for them on youtube (long, unproductive nap time…but I am feeling sorry for my potty training self) anyhoo, check out thier videos. I think you’ll like thier little quirky selves even more!

  10. What is “writer’s” block? I thought was just when a woman who writes isn’t writing because she had children at home under the age of 20.

    Going to check out a couple of your links now.

  11. thanks for posting a link from robin’s site for my book! i really appreciate it.

  12. Just do what I do ~ find some obscure song and rearrange the words. Don’t forget to reference hormones and bodily functions. I know you wanna be fly like me.


  13. Ooh, that Clemntine gives good advice. And, a little humility is good for the soul. Some of my favorite posts are linkage from wise blogging souls like yourself b/c there is quite a lot to slog through out there in bloggityville in case you haven’t noticed. Don’t discount your own bloggy wisdom. (Have some confidence why don’tcha!!) ;)

  14. You are a great WRITER…(note: no quotation marks!) You have such a knack for saying almost anything. I thought it was funny when you were telling how to cook the blackeyed peas the other day!

    Have a great day and I’ll be looking forward to whatever pops up in your head next that you don’t mind sharing with us!

  15. Love Monk and Neagle too. You’re more than welcome to pass your CD on to me when you’re done with it! I think that will be about the time Jesus comes, right?

    And just shut about your block. Your “non-writer’s” postings still puts my best servings to shame…


    :-) hee hee

  17. ‘Dancing with the Angels’ was my first exposure to M & N. I found it while trying to find a song to use for the video tribute at my dad’s funeral. The lyrics are powerful good.

    And your worst is so much better than my best. You’ll be back :)

  18. Not that I’m happy for your writer’s block or anything, but it’s gonna take me a while to read all of the posts I missed while I was gone for two weeks. So, for those of us who need some catch up time, could you be blocked for a few days at least??? =)

    (Ok, I just heard my two year old tell my four year old to “kiss my hiney”. I shouldn’t be laughing at that should I?)

  19. PS THANK YOU for the link. And Anne thanks you too. =)

  20. PPS I just saw Anne’s thank you. That’s what I get for not reading the comments first! Last comment, I promise.

  21. Thanks for the link. You are sweet. I am afraid if they read today’s post they won’t think I am thoughtful or inspired. :>)

  22. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Thanks for passing on the survey to fill out. You know, far too many of us do suffer from church burn out. You feel guilty because you are trying to do the Lord’s work, but when the people of the church work against you– ARGH! Can you tell that I recently directed VBS?

    For those who haven’t done the survey yet– I promise, it is quick and painless!

  23. woohoo!! I’m on the PR team for Monk & Neagle, and it’s great to see them getting some recognition :) It really is an awesome album (not just saying that, promise!), and they’re really sweet guys, too!! thanks for spreading the love :)

  24. Face it, you’re a writer. And a good one!
    Therefore, you are entitled to some writer’s block.

  25. Writer’s block or not, everything you write just about tickles me to death! Honest! You are the first link I added to my brand new blog. I had to make sure my mama would read BooMama and that was the most sure-fire way!
    Of course you are allowed to have writer’s block, just please don’t take “a sweet forever”, okay?
    I’ll be checking back soon.

  26. I get writer’s block all the time! It’s the perfect time to hold a contest.

    Speaking of which – Congratulations! You have been nominated for the 2007 Bloggy Hoss Elections. Stop by and check it out!

    An Island Life

  27. Now’s the time to crank out some of those stories about your Mama, Martha and Sissy. ;-)

  28. I love reading your blog, writer’s block or not you always crack me up! Thanks for the links! I know if boomama likes it, it’s gotta be good! Have a fab weekend! Stay dry!

  29. Love the look of your site. It’s been a while since I’ve visited and I’m having fun “catching up.” I’m hopping on over to Monk and Neagle right now to check them out. Thanks for the great links!

  30. Guess I’ll have to check Monk and Neagle out. I’ve been playing Glory Revealed non-stop for a couple of weeks now. So, I guess I can trust your opinion. :)

  31. I LOVE Monk & Neagle. One of the first songs I fell in love with of theirs was “Dancing with the Angels”…Love it

  32. I agree with the others – you’re worst is better than my best. Just call Sister you know she’ll get you going on something. ;)

  33. Monk & Neagle are awesome! They were at our church maybe a year or two ago and we really enjoyed them. Glad to get a fresh reminder and news about their CD. We’ll have to be sure & get one. :D

  34. I would assume that the lovely Monk and Neagle people will realize the benefit of partnering with BooMama and will donate scads of CDs for her to give away??

  35. Love Monk and Neagle … heard them live at a Mercy Me concert, and I would venture to say … with fear and trepidation … that they were waybetterthanmercyme.

  36. Oh man I just checked out Monk & Neagle (well I’m still listening!!!) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their sound! I so HAVE to get their CD! Man they ROCK!