Oh, I Do Enjoy Me Some Jesus Music

There are three or four CDs that I’ve listened to a ton for the last month or so.

And yes, “ton” is the absolute most accurate unit of measurement for all the listening I’ve done. All 2,000 pounds of the listening.

I keep thinking that I’ll blog about CDs individually, but I’m not much of a music critic, so I’d just end up saying stuff like, “The third track is catchy” or “The sixth song is fun” or “This song reminds me of the time my friend Liz got a Jetta when we were seniors in high school and we used to ride around listening to Amy Grant:The Collection” – a description that I’m sure would provide extraordinary insight into the lyrics and composition of the song.

So I’ve spared you. Because I care.

But the more I listen to these CDs, the more I want other people to hear them.

And so, I give you The First Official BooMama List-O-Music You Need To Hear.

(Sidenote: I may tinker with the name of the list in months to come. Seeing as how it’s, you know, COMPLETELY LAME.)

In no particular order:

Bethany Dillon – “Waking Up

SWEET MERCY she’s a brilliant singer / songwriter – obviously wise beyond her years (all 18 of them). This CD is solid throughout, with lyrics that stay with you long after you’ve put down your iPod or turned off your CD player or unplugged the 8-track, whatever the case may be.

Furthermore, it’s absolutely refreshing – in light of all the garbage that litters our musical landscape – to listen to a young artist whose perspective is smart, challenging and inspiring. I can’t wait to see what great things God has in store for her.

You have to hear: “Come Find Me,” “Tell Me,” “Are You Sure?”

Nichole Nordeman – “Recollection: The Best of Nichole Nordeman

I’m a huge fan of my pretend-BFF Nichole (don’t worry, Christy Nockels – there’s still room for you to be my pretend-BFF, too; I have lots of pretend-BFF love to share), so my first reaction when I saw this greatest hits CD was something along the lines of “WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?”

Her lyrics cover the full spectrum of the Christian life, and there’s not a hint of self-righteousness in her songs – just honest, open lyrics written by a woman who’s doing her best to live out her faith, one imperfect step at a time.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, she’s my pretend-BFF, and what kind of pretend-BFF would I be if I didn’t TOTALLY love my pretend-BFF’s greatest hits CD?

You have to hear: “Every Season,” “Sunrise,” “Who You Are”

The Best of Passion (So Far)

Let’s see. David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, pretend-BFF Christy Nockels, Matt Redman, and Charlie Hall – among others – on one CD.

That’ll work.

Simply put, it’s my favorite CD. Ever.

And if I could only own one praise and worship CD, this one would be it.

You have to hear: “His Renown,” “No One Like You,” “Marvelous Light” and anything Chris Tomlin sings because Chris Tomlin is PURE MUSICAL GOLD.

And finally:

Monk & Neagle – “The Twenty-First Time” (will be released September 18th – you can pre-order here)

I’m telling y’all: this CD is incredible.

And if the fact that they write beautiful songs for Jesus isn’t enough, these two guys also write beautiful songs FOR THEIR WIVES (oh, sweet romance, thou maketh me swooneth).

In fact, you can see (and hear) for yourself. Because You Tube, it is handy.

Click here. A song called “Into Orbit” starts around the two-minute mark, and it’ll change your life just a little bit. Yeah it will.


And stay tuned, internets, for details about a big ole Monk & Neagle Summer Giveaway Extravaganza.

It involves one hundred (ONE HUNDRED!) free CDs. Especially for the bloggy people.

It’s just a terribly exciting time.

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  1. “Swooneth” ?? That’s it……I’m off to the nearest Christian music store! Thanks for the critiques…..you did a swell job or maybe I should wait until I hear the music first =). You’re the best, Boomama!

  2. Oh – I can’t wait to get to listen! Thanks for the reviews!

  3. Aw, you included “Every Season”…was that just for me?? ;)

    On your recommendation, will be going to check out Monk and Neagle. Can you download their songs from iTunes?

  4. Every Season is one of my favorite-est songs ever, despite that it makes me cry. Every time. :)

  5. Bless you, bless you. I love your music recommendations as much as I love your recipes and craft ideas, and terry cloth pants, and vacation purses, and shoes that make my biscuits look smaller.

    I consider you my personal shopper.

  6. i’m a big fan of christian rock. love bethany and passion (didn’t know there was a best of – have to go buy it), but i’ve never heard of monk and neagle. guess i’ll have to go check them out.

    thanks for sharing.

  7. I just knew you had to be a Nicole fan. I feel the same way. If she just KNEW WHO I WAS, we’d get along famously. I have to content myself with playing every single song over and over again until my three year old knows all the lyrics to “This Mystery.” Oh, and did I mention that because I listened to her so much while I was pregnant with my kids, they will all sit through an entire CD of hers without blinking? I’m not sure even their kid CDs can claim that. Excellent taste you have. And you were write about Monk & Neagle. So I guess I have to check these others out. There goes my nap this afternoon!

  8. I think the title is pretty catchy Boo! I’m going to check these out. Thanks for the great tips!

  9. I think I heard somewhere that Nichole Nordeman lives in the Big D area now? So the next time we get together, we’ll be sure to give you a call so we can all be pretend-BFFs together. :0) hee hee!

  10. Sounds good to me…any band would be lucky to have you as a critic

  11. Oh I really like the “Into Orbit” song. Thanks for sharing. I’m new to blogging and just read your What’s a BooMama? I live in GA and teach in a small inner city school and most of our kids “stay down the road”, and when they “get in a tight” that mean they gotta “boo boo” in the toilet. (I thought in a tight was- no money, boo boo- sore or scrape- go figure.) You are a hoot!!

  12. I love Nichole! I’ll add one little-known band you need to try out. Robbie Seay Band is great and Robbie sounds exactly like Bono from U2. They can be found on iTunes and have a new album being released in the middle of August.

  13. i know you have bunches of readers, so I’m spreading the word. Diane over at http://www.prayingforaprodigal.blogspot.com/ needs intercessory prayer. This is an urgent matter. I know you will pray. Thanks.

  14. Oh goodness, I will certainly stay tuned for the giveaway. And thanks for the recommendations. I’m always in the market for music that puts me in the right frame of mind and keeps my focus where it needs to be.

  15. boomama: as a musician/songwriter i have to say PLEASE give us some your thoughts & critiques of the songs…. see, you are the people that we write for – not the snotty musician know-it-alls – but the person with the heart to hear what we’re saying.
    i would GREATLY value what you think, even if its about a Jetta – that’s the stuff life is made of.
    and AMEN to Bethany Dillon and AMEN to Nichole Nordeman.
    you have GREAT taste in music.

  16. I love all the artists you listed, based on radio listening, but I don’t have any of those cd’s yet. iTunes, here I come!! Thanks for the suggestions!

  17. I can’t believe you (and all these other people from your comments) think you are Nicole’s pretend BFF when everyone knows I am her pretend BFF. Maybe the rest of you people can be her pretend FF and I’ll keep the B for myself :)

  18. I Ditto ALL of these! Except I am one who hasn’t listen to this Monk and Neagle you are loving yet (gasp!! I know..I’m horrible! lol).

    AND GIRL! You should’a told me you and Christy and Nichole were BFF (yea…do you just get to that point were you’re only 1st name basis?? lol)…We should all do lunch!! lol

  19. Thanks for the reviews! And what exactly is so lame about it? You could make watching paint dry sound exciting with your writing! You have a gift of communication…honestly, you rock! That said, I need to win me some Monk and Neagle…because if it is THAT good then I better get in on it!

  20. What a refreshing blog to read. I enjoyed your music reviews (timely, as I am looking to expand my currently limited and tired selection), and I very much enjoyed my recent discovery of your blog.

    God Bless.

  21. Thanks for the reviews. I feel like I listen to the same cd’s over and over but never take the time to find new ones.

    Gratefully yours,

  22. I LOVED the other cd you gave away, even though I didn’t win it. So I’m thinking I’ll enjoy these as well. Living way up here beyond all reach of the Bible Belt and Christian music you are one of my few sources of what’s good out there.

  23. I just bought The Best of Passion (So Far) a couple of weeks ago and have been thinking of you because I was sure you would love it. I remember when you asked for music suggestions a while back but have no memory if anybody suggested that one, so I was going to comment about it so you could look into it and now, come to find out, you already have! Isn’t it just marvelous??!!

  24. Can I just say (and this has NOTHING to do with music) that I just wish I had as many hits on my blog per day as you get comments on your posts. Seriously! I’m the 24th comment and I guarantee you 24 people have not visited my blog today. Or any day for that matter. Must be nice to have bloggin friends!!!


  25. I have been reading about your Monk and Neagle obsession. Thanks for the recommendation. Love the song and can’t wait for your give away. I grew up in Amarillo and I love that they are from there. Thanks for your blog!

  26. produced by ed cash?


  27. I love, love, love Nichole Nordeman. I agree, I can see chatting with her at Panera over a cup of Chai Tea Latte.

    I also love Passion. My favorite song right now is off of the One Day CD…One Pure and Holy Passion.

    “Give me one pure and holy passion, give me one magnificent obsession, give me one glorious ambition for my life to know and follow hard after you!”

  28. Ok I can’t wait for the Monk & Neagle CD give away!!!!!! I am eagerly anticipating that day – whenver it may be! I love their music, at least what I’ve heard so far. They ROCK! I’m a new Monk & Neagle junkie ;-)

  29. Wait…Christy Nockels is MY BFF. Is she two-timing us?

  30. I haven’t had time to read blogs into a while and I think if I could just talk like BooMama, my life would have to be a bit sweeter. Thanks for the time you spend sharing that sheer.