Giveaway News And Whatnot

Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to turn off comments / close entries on the Mandisa giveaway at 9pm central tonight.

And no, I’m not actually giving away Mandisa.

Though I’m sure she’d love to hang out with any of you.

I’ll post the winners of the drawing tomorrow morning around 10am central.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this profound observation: venturing into a Chick Fil A parking lot around noon will put the integrity of your testimony in serious jeopardy. Because I was not filled with the Holy Spirit when it took me ten minutes to find a parking place.

I believe I actually glared at people.

And apparently I said “SWEET MERCY” a whole bunch, because Alex has been saying it ever since we made our fifth loop around the restaurant about 12:10 this afternoon.

He also tried to put two little boys on the Chick Fil A playground in jail.

It probably wasn’t our finest fast-food hour.

But never fear – I’m going to go cook supper, rediscover my joy, and put a smile on my face. In fact, the next time you see me I’ll be dancing through a lush, green meadow that’s filled with puppies, unicorns and rainbows.

Well, probably not unicorns. Because, well, they scare me.

Pointy horns, you know.

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  1. And besides, I hate to break this to you, but…well…as Martha would say?

    They’re MYSTICAL.

  2. My child didn’t WANT to go out to lunch today. He’s 3. He doesn’t want to do anything. When the girls asked if we could go out to lunch after the library, I said that we probably could, and when I suggested places to go, they chose ‘Wingers’. So, ‘Wingers’ it was. But then little boy had a fit because he wanted to go to Costco.

  3. Yelled at my kids to “BE QUIET!” at Subway this week (as noted)…a fine hour. Must be the end of summer going out to eat to save time for sucking up all the “rest” left time of year! (all that should be hyphenated, but you know, who has the time?)

  4. I could think of a whole lot worse things that he could be repeating than “Sweet Mercy” so way to be self-controlled BooMama!!!

    Got my M & N cd a few days ago and you weren’t kidding. It’s so great! So thanks again for hunting down Brian Peterson and threatening him into giving away all those CD’s…..or whatever you did to convince him. ;)

  5. You’d better take some allergy meds before you go running through that meadow.

    Itchy, sneezy grass.

    Give me a unicorn anyday. :>)

  6. Can I visit your meadow? I’ll bring a puppy.

    John and I sat through an HOUR with a new specialist today- doing a “do we want to change to you” interview.

    I can honestly say that neither of us understood a single thing he said in that ENTIRE hour.

    At the end- he informed us he didn’t think he could handle my care.

    Now way of saying I’m a handful, huh?

  7. Yeah, noon at Chick-Fil-A is scary. Even if you’re just going through the drive-thru. Caleb said, “mercy” a lot last week because it was one of those weeks for me!

  8. It just so happens we were in a Chick-Fil-
    A parking lot a noon today too (albeit in Texas). We were blessed to have someone pull out right in front of the entrance just as we got there. And we don’t even have any little people with us any more!!
    Sweet Mercy!!

  9. I was in the drive through line at Chick-fil-a at that same exact time today! A couple states over, but it’s all good. Did you know there is a Chick-fil-a in Dallas that is so crazy, they have two drive through lanes? It is a thing to behold.

  10. You must have visited our local Chick-fil-a today! It is always insanely busy…but oh so good! Yum!!

  11. My 4 y.o. put kids in jail just the other day too at McDonald’s. What is that? He said he was getting the “bad guys and the liars”.

    Okie-dokie. Is this how you make friends??

  12. Yea…my Pastor did a message that sounded like your experience:)

    We are always in such a hurry, and its interesting considering TIME is a manmade deal lol.
    My Pastor said something like this,
    ” you got a few extra min before work, and you realize you haven’t eaten, so naturally you see the Chic-fa-le sign, and decide to go through the drive through.
    There is only one person ahead of you.
    You smile, knowing this is great, but after a few minutes you realize the car isn’t moving, you wait a few more minutes, and still you see NO movement from the car.
    You peer inside to see the person is on their cell phone!
    Before you know it, 5 min goes by, and you are not in a good mood anymore.
    And before you know it
    You are pumping the horn, and saying, ” Come on, I don’t have all day.”

    Oh the tests of life lol.

    Be Blessed:)

  13. There’s no where here that you can go at 12 noon and get in right away! It will make you lose your testimony… :(

  14. Sorry, but laughing here. My youngest told a bunch of kids (up in a tube in a McDonald’s playland) that they were all bad. So, he was going to call his cop dad on the cell phone and take them to jail. One little boy came down terrified and wailing. I wanted to crawl under a rock!

  15. Ok, first with the Steinmart(s), and now with the Chick Fil A….are you trying to drive a poor northern girl INSANE?

    If you nodded yes, then I must admit I can neither confirm nor deny if your plan it working.

    OOOooohhh..I can almost taste those pickles on that chicken sandwich with a whole wheat bun….(rocks in fetal position in corner)

    (To quote my four year old) NO FAIR!!!

  16. Is, I meant ‘is’ working.


  17. How come I think I know exactly which Chick Fil A you’re referring to?? And I happen to think that the parking lot is a nightmare even during non-peak hours! The price we pay for fried-chicken goodness and waffle fries dipped in some Polynesian sauce!

    In total agreement on the unicorn thing.

  18. Sob… I’ve never been to a Chick-Fil-A but I hear it’s really good. Boo hoo!!

  19. The question is… Do you have a Jesus fish on your car? My sister won’t put one on hers b/c she is afraid she may slip up one day and do something “un-Christian” and cause someone to stumble. You’re right, though…. Chik-fil-a at noon is enough to make you wanna cuss.

  20. Drew (3) sort of slurrs it altogether and it comes out “chick -pway.” Chick-play. Fitting.

    Me and Chick-Pway, we have a healthy relationship.

  21. Lordie, you’re too funny. My testimony gets compromised almost everyday on the way to work in rush hour traffic…lol!

  22. Sweet mercy, you are funny.

  23. Boomama, you are such a blast! Has anyone told you that lately? Well, You needed to know right away!
    So, I’m getting my hair ready this morning and my 4 year old walks into the bathroom and says, “Mommy, my friends are so going to like your hair today.” (me, gushing) “Well, sweetie, that’s a sweet thing to say!” (husband overheard laughing in the other room) We pull up to the school parking lot and are unloading our kitchen sink and donuts to boot and he says, “Mommy, you HAVE to come in and show my friends your pwetty hair!” (more mom gushing) “Well, I sure will, let’s go sweetie!” One of the things he has started saying alot after he’s either in trouble or getting there is “Goodness.” Yes, he picked that up from good ole mommy!

  24. Invariably when my testimony gets a wee bit shaky, some “fan” of mine will point and gush and yell, “OHMY-OHMY, LOOK GEORGE!!! IT’S THAT SINGER GIRL FROM CHURCH!!!!!”

    This effectively causes everyone within a half mile to stare at me and make me wish I had magical disappearing powers.

  25. My Chick-Fil-A actually had a sign up by the doors that read “Dining Room Closed!” Only the drive-thru was open and the line literally around the building. Try telling a 5 yr old, a 3 yr old, and a 1 yr old they can’t eat and play at chick-fil-a!

  26. LOL! I know the Cathy’s, the owners of Chick-fil-A would love to hear about all this congestion at the Chick-fil-A! Knowing that family well, I can assure you they would be very unhappy about the comment of the customers having to wait because one of their employees was on a cell phone. That not going the second mile, which is part of their company philosophy. I have to admit I do have withdrawal if I don’t get to Chick-fil-A often, crowds and all. I suppose I’m kinda like Jeff Foxworthy with the withdrawal thing. We have a Truett’s, which was established in celebration of Truett Cathy’s, CEO, 75th birthday–ten years ago, and there is always a wait to get in at lunch, not to mention the line around the outside of the building going through the drive-in. Keep eating chicken, because this is a fine Christian family that owns this business and they do a LOT of good for others. Ever heard of Wind Shape at Berry College? Truett started that camp.