Because Half A Pound Of Butter Makes Everything Better

Even though there are all kinds of pound cakes, Mama’s recipe is for the plain, old fashioned variety – without even a hint of almond extract (which is fine by me because I’m sort of eh about almond extract, anyway).

(However, when it comes to actual almonds, I’m a committed fan.)

So here’s the recipe for Straight Up Pound Cake.

You may rest assured that my mama doesn’t call it that.

2 sticks REAL LIVE butter (margarine is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN)
1/2 cup Crisco
3 cups sugar
5 eggs
3 cups cake flour (Swans Down is Mama’s favorite)
1 cup whole milk
1 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. baking powder

Now I have a little ‘splainin’ to do about my ingredients. First of all, I know Mama is going to look at this picture and say “REDUCED FAT MILK? IN A POUND CAKE? WELL, I’VE NEVER!” But this is the only milk in our house right now with the exception of several quarts of half and half. SO, my solution to this particular recipe dilemma is to use half a cup of reduced fat milk, half a cup of half and half, and in my mind that’s kind of like a cup of whole milk.


Mama will not bake a cake unless she has Land O Lakes butter on hand. Which I do not. Because I bought, oh, eleventy four cartons of Publix butter when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago, and if I have an inferior pound cake product as a result of my Publix butter-buying spree, then I guess I’ll just have to live with that.

Life is filled with tough butter-buying decisions, y’all. And sometimes you just have to live with the consequences.


I’m just as sorry as I can be about those two sticks of butter being turned upside down in the picture. It’s driving me CRAZY, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. And I thought about re-staging the whole picture just to get those sticks of butter turned right side up for once and for all, but I really don’t want to have to explain to my husband why I’m re-staging a photograph of pound cake ingredients. Frankly, he thinks I’m plenty crazy as it is.


First you butter and flour a tube pan; then preheat your oven to 325 degrees.

Mix your butter and Crisco until they’re good and fluffy. I was just about to the fluffy stage when I heard, “BUT HOLD ON, MAMA! I WANT TO HELP YOU!” – and lo and behold, my kitchen assistant appeared.

That’s a mighty sweet smile from someone who sounds like a seal, isn’t it?

And by the way, that’s some Food Network Chuck Wagon Cook-Off something-or-other in the background. You’ll be well-familiar with it by the end of this post because I think the chuck wagoners made it into just about every shot. Since I have mad photography skillz and all.

The next step is to add the sugar, and Mama always says to make sure you add it slowly. However, the “slowly” didn’t really happen for me today, because, um, have you ever had a four year-old help you add sugar to a standing electric mixer when there are cowboys and horses on the nearby television? Sugar is rarely added at a more rapid pace than it is under those circumstances.

And just FYI: the batter is much, much tastier than the cowboy’s expression might indicate. You’ll have to take my word for it.

Alex just wants to show y’all that he took the battery cover off of the remote. However, let me be perfectly clear that removing battery covers has absolutely nothing to do with baking a pound cake, and for that I imagine we’re all quite thankful.

Once all remotes are put away, the next step is to add your eggs one at a time, preferably while someone is cooking a steak on Food Network.

And then, if you’re Alex, you talk to the egg a little bit as it’s blended into the batter. Because you’re relational.

After the eggs are incorporated, your batter should be thick and able to hold its shape. And you’re going to want SO DESPERATELY to run your finger through the batter – you know, just to make sure that it tastes okay and all. Personally, I think it’s a very courteous and selfless gesture on your part if you do a bit of quality control at this juncture.

It’s actually quite responsible.

If you’re satisfied with the batter so far (oh, go ahead and take one more bite – just to be REALLY SURE that it’s okay), then it’s time to add the cake flour. You’ll want to add it slowly; Mama says that cakes turn out better if you incorporate the flour on a low speed and don’t overwork the batter.

And if you’re wondering why this last picture is such poor quality, it’s because I was adding flour to a mixing bowl with my left hand while holding a camera with my right hand and simultaneously asking a four year-old to PLEASE KEEP HIS HANDS OUT OF THE FLOUR BECAUSE MAMA IS TRYING TO TAKE A PICTURE FOR THE BLOG.

It was a tender mother/child moment.

So tender, in fact, that I didn’t get a picture of the next step: pouring the milk in the mixing bowl. I was just completely overcome by the sweetness of that whole flour-adding experience. Such a precious memory. I’m sure you understand.

But we regrouped, oh yes we did. Alex added vanilla extract with his left hand EVEN THOUGH HE’S RIGHT-HANDED, and clearly, MY GOODNESS, he’s a genius.

Meanwhile, on Food Network, someone is placing coals around a cast iron pot.

For some reason it’s very important to me that we’re all acknowledging what’s happening on the TV.

This is no different than, well, ever.

The last thing you do before you pour the batter in the tube pan is to stir in the baking powder. Mama INSISTS on stirring in the baking powder WITH A FORK.

Remember: stir in the baking powder WITH A FORK. If you try to be all cool and use a spoon instead, I suspect the cake batter will catch on fire.

This is only a hunch.

And then, provided that you’re not having to extinguish batter-y flames as a result of your devil-may-care-spoon-using-bravado, you pour the batter in the (BUTTERED! AND FLOURED!) tube pan. There’s no need to smooth out the batter or try to get rid of air bubbles; the batter is so thick that everything will even out once the cake is in the oven.

And just so you know: I’m totally on to Alex’s end game. He may have been all “Mama, I want to help you” and “Mama, you’re the best cooker cake in the whole wide world,” but make no mistake – he is a boy whose primary cake-baking objective was to lick the bowl.

I sort of respect that, actually.

Anyway, bake your cake for one hour and fifteen minutes at 325. It may need to bake a little longer depending on your oven; mine took about an hour and a half.

But the end result is absolutely worth the wait.


And it won’t be any time at all before the whole thing disappears.

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  1. That looks wonderful! I would be glad to bring some Starbucks, and then we can sit a spell.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Only you can make a pound cake recipe into a literal laugh-out-loud adventure!

  3. This looks totally divine! I’m definitely going to be making a pound cake soon. Thanks to your Mama and you for sharing the recipe.

  4. now if you can master homeade caramel frosting you will definitely have something delish on your hands.

  5. I have found that any recipe that requires both butter and Crisco is a true culinary masterpiece.

    And there really isn’t anything more soothing while baking than having a 4 year old assistant .

  6. And then you slice it, and butter it, and toast it, and… oh, my!

    I so need a tube pan…. sigh….

  7. Oh my. That DOES look good. And you even did it with your 4 year old’s “help”…I’m so impressed!

  8. Looks YUMM-O. Well, had to say that because of the whole Food Network theme goin’ on.

    Also had to say thanks for the tv commentary, because I had missed that particular episode, and feel all caught up now.

    You’re kinda like a human TiVo. :0)

  9. I echo Merry’s comment! :-) The upsidedown butter was bugging me too. ;-)

  10. Three things:

    1. That is the most darling face!! What a doll…

    2. I love the little diamond/trellis design on your cupboards. I’ve never seen that before. Tres chic!

    3. We use the same kind of milk! I guess we are kindred spirits… ;)

  11. Love, love, love the way you make pound cake! That is quite a sweet helper you have there. Daddy here always has multiple helpers in the kitchen. He is always so THRILLED. Yeah, right!
    Now that the cake is done and looks delicious what can we expect from your wonderful kitchen? Don’t forget to take pictures!

  12. Hang on! I’m on my way over! We’ll sit and eat pound cake while your cooking assistant and my #2 can run about and hi-YA! each other to their hearts content with #3 hot on their trail and #4 cooing socially on my lap.

    That cake is bee-you-ti-ful.

  13. This was soooo funny. You remind me of my best friend who can relate mundane, everyday experiences in such a way as to be exceedingly humorous.

    And your little boy is absolutely adorable.

  14. Yummmmmm. I’d love to have me a nice fat piece of that cake. But it’s not yet 8 in the morning, so pound cake would be an irresponsible choice, wouldn’t it?

  15. Oh my – such incredible help (he doesn’t look at all like Howard – are you sure he isn’t a body double?) Indeed – although I’m told we Texans are not southerners (you may be correct – we are west of Fort Worth and that is where the West Begins) that looks and sounds like mighty fine pound cake. We use the same milk also – God Bless Costco. Also – one techie thing – do you have a convection oven or use conventional oven? Your mama is a genius and obviously her daughter is a hoot!

  16. Great, fun post! The cake looks yummy and I will be making it soon. Thanks for the recipe. I must say though that that little boy looks even sweeter! How fun!


  17. Good grief, I could almost TASTE it! It looks divine…you are such a fab multitasker.

  18. That looks fantastic! I can’t wait to make it. Thank you for sharing the recipe. :-)

  19. My only consolation for not getting to have a piece of your pound cake is getting to see Alex’s sweet face this morning. What a cutie!

  20. I should be able to do it *just right*, because, you see, we have matching cobalt blue Kithen Aid Mixers, measuring spoons, and even, gasp!, white spatulas. (Being that those are so hard to come by, you know.)

    But, the most important thing is to give Alex a hi-five for taking off that battery cover. It’s a pretty big accomplishment for four-year-olds who sound like seals, I’d say.

  21. Yum!!! I can’t wait to make this one…I’m a big fan of the pound cake and have tried a variety of recipes. This looks absolutely divine. And that little Alex is just the spitting image of his Mama. He’s adorable!!!

  22. Yum, thanks for sharing! Your pound cake turned out beautiful! I don’t have a pan to cook one of those yet… but you better believe that thanks to you I’m going to go get one:)

  23. The cake looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  24. Man that would be good with my coffee right about now — or anytime for that matter! I have several recipes for pound cake but your Mama’s recipe sounds and looks so good I’m definitely going to make it. Now I’ll have to remember to buy Swan’s Down next time I’m at Kroger. I’ve got everything else on hand.

    I’m glad you explained what was going on in that shot with the guy putting hot coals on a Dutch oven. It looked like somebody poking a hubcap with a pitchfork. The bad thing about it is that I never questioned why somebody would want to poke a hubcap with a pitchfork.

    I’m a proud Southerner. ;-)

    Love and hugs,


  25. I am sure the love and gentle caring of said four year old make this cake taste all the better.

    Looks yummy. I will definitely be trying the recipe.

    Tell your mama thanks for sharing her special recipe.

  26. #1. Almond extract is my life. But, I will painfully refrain from using it. Just. this. once.

    #2. The butter issue cracked me up. I didn’t notice they were upside down. But, now that you’ve told me I can barely look at the pic.

    Kindred souls, we are.

  27. You had me at a half a pound of butter…I will try this soon! We have the same mixer, so it makes it easier for me if, you know, the pictures you took look like what I’m doing. I like to follow directions to the T :)
    Have a wonderful Monday! Wish you could put Alex in our steam shower…a must in Colorado! Try some steam in your bathtub to ease the breathing with a little bit of vicks or eucalyptus.

  28. What a great post to start my day with! If I didn’t need to LOSE SOME WEIGHT…the 2 sticks of butter PLUS crisco would be mixing together this moment in my kitchen! Southern girls + pound cakes + coffee are a natural equation….

  29. my granny makes one with sour cream in it… OH its to die for!
    and Crisco is a necessary ingredient as well…. can’t use any Crisco impersonators. gotta have the real thing!

  30. Great day in the mornin’. That looks good.

    And I don’t like almond extract either. Blech.

  31. That was hilarious! I love that you commented on the TV and I can SO relate to having a “helper”. Yes, there are few moments more special than when my kids want to help me bake. Sometimes I have to send them away before the love and joy overwhelm us all.

  32. Getting the ingredients today! And I’m with Mama, I don’t use anything but Land o Lakes.

  33. I’m totally going to bake this cake. Of course my little assistant isn’t named Howard, but Zoe…and well, I probably won’t take pictures for the blog, because I don’t have a TV in my kitchen to make it as interesting…but I SHALL HAVE THIS CAKE! Thanks BooMama’s Mama for the great recipe! (Wait, I just thought of something, shouldn’t it be HOWARDMama now??? I’m just sayin’.)

  34. Okay, since pound cake is my favorite thing in the world I am absolutely furious with you for posting this, as I am trying to LOSE pounds, not GAIN them!!

    BTW, I have that same KitchenAid mixer. Same color and everything. My husband (yes, my HUSBAND) had an unopened black one when we got married and I made him exchange it. Little did I know that black appliances were going to come back in style and that I might not always want a blue kitchen. He is still bitter.

  35. Looks absolutely dee-licious. And I admire your parenting skills in encouraging Alex to help you bake the cake. I’m still at the point where I panic if Chatterbox gets anywhere near anything that can possibly be ruined for fear that she’ll, well, ruin it. But I must learn to be strong. And hope for the best. This you have taught me.

  36. A recipe with step-by-step instruction pictures? You spoil us! :) I’m printing the recipe off and trying it soon. Who cares about my high cholestoral anyway…I sure don’t!

    Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Is Alex feeling better?

  37. Oh, this makes me miss my grandmother. Her poundcake would make you cry. The crust was the best part! When she would visit from Greenville, she always arrived with one straight from her oven. I remember picking ALL of the crust off of one, as it sat “covered in foil” on our dinner table. Everytime I lifted the foil, I’d tell myself I needed to stop, but the lure of the sugary, crispy goodness was just to powerful to resist. I’m not sure even the spanking I received from my daddy (how do you hide the fact that the poundcake is crust-less?!) would deter me from doing it all over again, had I the chance. That is some might fine goodness.

  38. Sarah Goodman says:

    Well, this makes me feel better after having to indulge in a good cry over little boys starting to school. I now realize what I really need is a pound cake and all will be well. This post made me laugh, and I needed that. Not as much as I need a pound cake, though…

  39. Pound cake is an amazing food – I could not live a full life with out it. The commentary and pictures really are priceless.

    I have a four year old too – they are so obvious aren’t they :) I like how Big Momma described baking with a four year old…soothing. Totally spot on.

  40. That was FUN reading — now, I want to go and make something sweet, just to lick the pan! (my favorite part!)

  41. You are too funny with your upside down butter sticks. But I confess, I twitched a little when I saw them. LOL

    Your cooking tutorials are hilarious. And I just now realized Alex has just got the cutest cheeks. I guess this is the first time I’ve been able to get past his beautiful big blue eyes but photo #5 is just the sweetest thing.

    Your cake sounds good, too. :-)

  42. looks great!and i love your little assistant.

  43. Looks delicious! Ever had chocolate chip pound cake? Just add a few next time you make this.

    And toasting a slice of pound cake and putting a little dab of butter on it is just sinful – and I think by means of ‘toasting’ this can make a piece of pound cake into a breakfast item in my book!

  44. I’m disappointed that you only have a small container of Crisco. I have two of the large containers…one of original and one of butter flavor. Yummmmmm.

  45. Kris Stevenson says:

    I’ve got some chocolate chip blondies ( a new Martha Stewart Everyday Food recipe — great mag!) in the oven right now or else I’d probably being stirring up the pound cake. I’m so with you on almond extract — don’t like it and I’m sad when it’s in a baking recipe but I LOVE almonds — go figure. I’m a born and raised Midwestern suburban girl — although I’m from 100% Iowa stock so I figure that makes me practically southern — and I do love your southern perspective — but I get just as much of a kick out of your “dry” sense of humor about marriage and parenting.
    Thanks for the daily giggles!

  46. Girl…I’m just going to confess that I’m drooling.

    And the 2 sticks of butter upside down were cracking me up!

  47. I even think us “non-cookers” can do this one…the pictures are a HUGE help too!!
    Your guy is just adorable and looks to be a fine help to his momma!! I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes!! I can always attempt to cook us a “sweet!”

  48. I have a couple of things to say:

    1. (In response to this: “Personally, I think it’s a very courteous and selfless gesture on your part if you do a bit of quality control at this juncture.”) We call that “making sure it’s not poisoned” around our house. Whenever I sneak a bite of The Kids whatever-I’m-giving-them-that-I–want-a-bite-of, I’ll always tell them, “I’m just making sure it’s not poisoned!” Either they’ll grow up thinking it’s funny or they’ll grow up thinking that Mom’s so scatterbrained that she never COULD remember whether or not she’d just poisoned something! Anyway, now my son (who is also 4!) will say, “Mom, you’d better make sure it’s not poisoned!” (He always smiles when he says it, so I assume he knows I wouldn’t REALLY do that, even by accident!) :)

    2. Your little guy is SO cute, even through his thinly-disguised reasons for wanting to help! Batter licking is SO fun!

    3. I can’t wait to try this recipe!

    4. I love your blog!

    5. Not really a number 5, I just wanted to make it a nice, rounded number!

  49. I just wrote this recipe on a card to put in my file. It’s titled “Boomama’s Mama’s Pound Cake”. I’ll be sure to give this a try very soon! Should I let the butter warm to room temperature upside down? Or was that just for the photo shoot? :)

    Alex is such a cutie! Someday, his participation will only be when the cake is done and he is a hungry teen. I have a 15 yr. old son…….I know. Funny how even when they’re very young, males are mesmerized with a remote control, isn’t it? Too cute!

  50. Looks delicious! I love all things food! Especially when it involves cute little helpers….my little helper loves to assist with anything that involves spoon-licking. :)

    Also, I too, love your cabinet doors. I’ve never seen that diamond/criss-cross pattern either. Were they like that when you bought your house, or did you put them in?

    Sarah, TN

  51. Oh, you actually did a step by step photo shoot just for me!! Woohoo!!
    Alex, the seal, is way cuter than Howard. He was just there for licking the bowl, hmmm – you taught him well, grasshopper.
    Btw, you had me at half a pound of butter. I actually have a sugar cookie recipe that has real butter AND crisco – something about that combo just melts in your mouth!

  52. Your assistant is adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever even tasted a HOMEMADE pound cake! I feel so deprived! : ) I’ll have to make one!

  53. Oh, that looks yummy! And just imagine, we’re having my Granny’s cream cheese pound cake tonight. I confess I like the cream cheese variety. And (don’t tell anyone), I really like it when it’s a little undercooked so there’s a sad streak in the middle. Of course, my uncle always says its the kids jumping in the house. Granny has tried to go to loaf pans and had a mutiny on her hands because a sad streak just won’t appear in those.

    Okay, I didn’t mean to go on, but there’s a LOT to say about pound cakes!

  54. I have to say that I just LOVE the way you cook!!!

    I also just love that your cooking something so decedent and your using organic milk :)

  55. I am so impressed that you found the ONLY thing to make a homemade pound cake even sweeter–that precious little guy :)

  56. Dude, I read this entire entry and all I could think of the entire time was “real live butter.” And I had a picture in my head of jaunty dancing sticks of butter, with full-on getups, like, top hat, white gloves, canes, and spats. Like Mr. Peanut, only butter.

  57. oh man,if i make this i will be eating it for breakfast, lunch, and supper. I can’t have something like this in my house without it calling out to me all day long. my husband will ask two days later what happened to it and i’m like, yeah, that’s been gone a while now!

  58. I. am. so. drooling. right. now. Can I have a piece? Seriously, that looks delicious. Its 11:00 here and I am really getting hungry!!!

  59. yum! you and big mama and your recipes have inspired me to share my favorite. and it is ever so easy!

    Sopapilla Cheesecake

    2 cans of croissant buscuits
    2 packages of cream cheese, softened
    2 c sugar
    1 t vanilla (mexican vanilla, if you have it)
    1/2 c butter, melted
    2 t cinnamon

    1. Line the bottom of a 9 x 13 casserole dish with 1 can of biscuits. Biscuit dough can be stretched a bit to cover the bottom of the dish.
    2. Set aside 1/2 cup of sugar. Whip cream cheese with 1 1/2 cups of sugar and vanilla. Spread this over the biscuit layer in the dish.
    3. Use the remaining can of biscuits to spread out over the top layer.
    4. Pour melted butter over the top and sprinkle cinnamon and remaining sugar over.
    5. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes
    6. Enjoy!

    heather marks

  60. Thanks for the pound cake play-by-play. You are a woman of many talents. I’m new to blogging but have been a long time lurker on your site. You never fail to make me laugh.
    Take Care!

  61. Can I just say. Your boy is so stinking cute. I know he and my stinking cute boy would have so much fun getting into mischief together. Not on purpose, mind you.

    I finally did that alumni newsletter meme, by the way. What silliness. Except that people really do write those.
    alumni post

  62. OK once again I’m completely distracted.

    NOT by Food Network in the background nor their Cowboy Cook off. NOPE not all! I saw that one!

    NOT by Alex this time although that face is so squishy squeezably cute that I think it might just need smoooched!

    NOT even by that lovely shiny Kitchen Aid mixer in my favorite color blue!

    I’m completely and totally distracted by that BUTTER! Upside BUTTER at that!

    Don’t get me wrong. I followed along chuckling and licking my chops at all that lovely ooooey gooeyness….


    My eyes kept looking upward…So much so I think I caught a glimpse of my pony tail in the BACK of my head! LOL

    SO….To control my twitching and most likely yours as well I’ve tweaked that butter just a bit.

    And now all is right with the world.
    Please feel free to snag and replace. Trust me it’ll make you feel much better. :0)


  63. Alex is like the pound cake poster boy. He’s the boy in the commercial that makes you want to buy the product. :-) The cake looks delicious!

  64. Love the recipe and my 10 year old adores pound cake- so we must make this soon! My questions is if a bundt pan works too? So sorry to be remedial… I really only bake as a bonding experience. I am more of a pot stirrer… I forget things once they are out of sight, like in the oven!
    And the picture of that big grin is too sweet- you could just eat him up! Hope the barking goes soon… it is so scary for them!

  65. Nita in SC says:

    Pretty pound cake! I like to peel the crusty part off the top when nobody’s looking and eat it.

    I do not make pound cake, ’cause my Daddy makes the best pound cake ever, and I don’t need to learn since he is teaching my 10 year old daughter.
    How spoiled am I?????

  66. I so enjoyed this post. I can’t wait to enjoy the cake too.

  67. Ever since Dr. Oz (on Oprah) said butter is healthier than margarine, I’m loving my butter.

    2 sticks, that makes it EVEN healthier if you ask me! :)

  68. No one else can make me read through a whole entire recipe and study the pictures like that! Man, you’re a hoot!

  69. You had me at butter.

  70. Elizabeth says:

    You have the cutest little boy in the whole wide world. (I can say that because I have daughters)

    Also, all 4 of my girls had croup last week. They are fine now. But I may never recover.

  71. Soooooo … how many carbs does this pound cake have???

    And of COURSE you can’t bake without Land O Lakes … what are you THINKING, woman!!! It just wont taste the same!!!

  72. It looks so delish! I would make it, except that I make it a rule to not make anything that doesn’t come out of a, you know, box or say…tube. Have you seen the new Pillsbury brownies in a tube? Culinary genious.

    Got my Mandisa cd in today…LOVE IT!!!

  73. Thanks for sharing this! I have a sweet tooth that this should fix.

  74. I just love pound cake! Thanks for sharing mama’s recipe, looks delish.

  75. Love to see that Organic milk! Makes eating a sugary/fattening desert a lot less guilty of a pleasure! lol

  76. Your use of Pampered Chef products makes my heart swell with something very close to pride. Yum!

  77. That looks so yummy! I have a kickin’ creamcheese pound cake that I make. I might just have to share it sometime. You must have lots of patience to have a lil’helper like that. My lil’ helper went to Kindergarten today:( I missed him)

  78. Oh wow, does this look DEEEE-LICIOUS!!! I’m printing out the recipe right now and will be trying it soon!

  79. boomama, i came across your blog while browsing on “5 minutes for mom” earlier, and, darlin, i had to put my sweet tea down just so i wouldn’t pour it all over my keyboard from laughing so hard and so loud after reading through mama’s pound cake recipe. you and alex, your genius child, brought tears to my eyes, and a blessing in my heart today. thank you!

  80. Tell your mom “thanks” for the recipe. I can’t wait to try it! My grandma always used Swan’s Down cake flour and Land O Lakes butter, too! The pictures were nice, reminds me of Pioneer Woman Cooks blog. Have you tried any of her recipes?

  81. Yummmm – very close to my homemade pound cake recipe. While it’s good fresh, it’s definitely better the next day (and the next, if it lasts that long). As soon as we replace the element in our oven (or our landlord does), I think I’ll be having to bake us up a pound cake. Of course, mine won’t have the 4-year old assistant, but maybe the 13 or 12 year old boys here will fill that role.

  82. I was laughing out loud about a pound cake recipe. I can’t believe I was laughing out loud at a pound cake recipe! Great writing, great pictures, great commentary on the Food Network and political hair!

  83. Oh, and I think I totally would have re-staged the ingredients so the butter wasn’t upside down. I can see why it was driving you nuts! ;)

  84. I’m so proud to see that Pampered Chef measuring spoon!

    Have you made it to hot, hot Houston to see Merritt yet? If not, now’s not a good time — it’s either over 100 or we’re in the midst of a tropical storm.

  85. yum. can you do this little dealy in any other kind of pan? loaf pan? I want to make some but I don’t have a tube pan… I don’t think I do anyway. Perhaps I will go look…

  86. I really enjoyed this post. I have been making baked goods to sell at the Farmer’s Market, including several pound cakes (in my Bundt pan) each week. I thought that was very interesting about the baking powder. I always combine it with the flour. Looks like it worked good for you!

  87. My GOD WOMAN, are you trying to kill me? I almost leapt thru the screen to get to that luscious pound cake that looked like my Mama’s pound cake! Isn’t Howard a bit young to be taking on Emeril, though?
    You’re too funny, Lady!

  88. Hi Boomama! I have been reading your blog for several months now and enjoy it very much. I made your mom’s pound cake tonight for our fellowship meal at church tomorrow. I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait until after church to get a bite of it, so I spooned some of the batter into a small loaf pan and made a baby cake. It was amazing! perfect! Sweet, yet not too sweet, just a plain, perfect pound cake. Thanks for sharing the recipe.