For The Fours Of You Who Haven’t Been There Yet

My sweet friend Shannon launched another fab blog a couple of weeks ago. The new blog is called Bloggy Giveaways, and it’s dedicated to sharing great products with the internets. There’s a new giveaway every few days, and all you have to do to win is follow some simple commenting instructions.

What I love the most is that the giveaways come from companies of all sizes. It’s a great concept for everyone involved: readers get a chance to win free stuff, and businesses get a chance to promote their products in a fun environment.

So while I’m working on churning out yay, even more mediocre content for your reading ambivalence, be sure to check out Bloggy Giveaways. There’s all kinds of bloggity goodness over there.

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  1. I love her new site! Y’all don’t forget to come by my End of Summer party and post your own and/or sign up for my giveaway!!!

  2. Clemntine says:

    LOVE the Bloggy Giveaways!

    Oh, and as my reading ambivalence is suffering a paucity of mediocrity, I’ll check back here later since that stuff is my crack. I can quit anytime, though. Just so you know.

  3. what a GREAT idea!!!

  4. She’s giving away one if my products next week — I’m sooooo excited! Go Shannon!

  5. Thanks for the linky-love, BooMama!

  6. Woman! I am pursing my lips, crossing my arms, raising an eyebrow, and tapping my foot at you! It is not easy to keep this up! You are absolutely one of my favorite bloggers and as such, you have risen in the ranks of order in which I read my blogs (I feel like my grandma talking about “her stories”) each day (that’s right, I rank them – neat and orderly-like). None of this self-depracation! Purse!

  7. hi. my name is beth, and i am a boomamaholic.

    whew. that was easier than i thought.

    and to think! we might just get ANOTHER posting tonight!

    hey, boomama, instead of adopting ready-made three year old guadalupe, how about adopting this thirty-two year old?

    i WILL NOT sass back, not even if i get called by the wrong name!

  8. I think you and Chilihead need to “come out” at the same time. Why don’t y’all coordinate something?

  9. thanks for the link. this is the first bloggy contest I have entered and I feel like I’m finally apart of the blogging world….

  10. I was one of the fours I guess. I popped on over and entered though. I am not a lucky girl, but you never know. Thanks for the linky-loo

  11. man, as much as I’m online reading blogs…. I have NO idea how I could’ve missed that one! thanks for bringing it to our attention Boomama!

  12. I just love bloggy giveaways :0)


  13. Or… you could come over to Bossy’s place because she gives away Nothing! Although sometimes she’s known to give away Nada.

  14. Thanks for the info BooMama! I really love the idea of the bloggy giveaway.

  15. Man, I’m glad you posted about it because I hadn’t heard the great news yet! Thanks for letting me know :-)

  16. Must be a fun blog. Visiting there soon.