Coming Soon To A, Um, Pod Near You

Last night Big Mama and I recorded our first podcast.

Yep. You read correctly. A podcast.

And if you’re wondering, “BooMama, why in the world did you and Big Mama record a podcast?” – well, the only answer I can offer is “Because we thought it might be fun?”

And it was fun. At least for us. Though the rest of you may beg to differ after you hear it. We tried to be all organized and have a list of things we wanted to discuss, but we still ended up talking about shoes, make-up, Britney Spears and our hair.

So we pretty much covered lots of deep philosophical issues.

Anyway, now I have to get D to help me edit it, then upload it – and Big Mama and I will each put a link on our blogs sometime this weekend
For whatever reason, before we recorded it I worried that it might be difficult for listeners – and I may be jumping the gun to assume that the plural form of that word is necessary – to distinguish Big Mama’s voice from my voice. Because IN MY HEAD we sound a lot alike.

But oh. No. No ma’am. After listening to what we recorded last night, I’ve realized that we do not in fact sound a lot alike. Not at all. Big Mama sounds like Texas. And I sound like Alabama. And apparently I have never acquainted myself with the suffix “-inG.” I stop at “-in’.” Every stinkIN’ time.

So if you’re bored this weekend, you’ll be able to find the podcast at either of our blogs. You can listen from the blogs themselves or you can download the file and listen on your iPod / mp3 player.

And because we agreed early on that there was no way we could refer to each other as “Big Mama” and “BooMama” in a recorded conversation and hold on to even the tiniest shred of our dignity, we use our real names in the podcast. I do hope that’s not terribly disconcerting.

Finally: while we were recording the podcast, we both had to wear headphones.

And for some reason that makes me giggle.

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  1. Oh my word…I can’t wait! I am already crackIN up thinkIN about it!

  2. So this weekend I have have two BMs on the pod? Sounds like a poerfect weekend to me.

    Sorry, can’t stop with the potty jokes.

  3. Wow – and I thought I was just going to have another ‘ole boring weekend with nothing to do!

    NO WAY!!???!!!
    oh i’m soooooooo excited! this will bring much more color to my grayscale job at the seminary library… praise the Lord!

  5. I’m laughing just picturing the scene! Knowing the two of you, we’d all be wise to be sitting down,buckled up, and wearing protective headgear when we treat ourselves to your work of audiological mastery, lest we be harmed in a giggle-related accident. I, for one, can’t wait! Now… to find some cute sandals that will go with this helmet.

  6. WOOHOO!!!

    LookIN forward to it, YA’LL!


  7. I’m a dork. I was still logged into wordpress, and just realized it. URL should be right now.

  8. OOOH!!!

    just think, when i go back to school in a week or so, i will be able to take YOU with me!

    so how do you feel about 7th and 8th graders?

    before you know it, boomama, you are going to be ALL over new york state!

    (unless, of course, you are already, and i am unawares… that happens sometimes with me)

    congratulations on your podcasting! are you planning on making this a regular thing?

  9. For some reason the thought of you and M wearing headphones to record a podcast made me think of Johnny Rivers’ “Secret Agent Man”, LOL! Y’all. ;-)

    Love and hugs,


  10. This is to exciting! Next you’ll be doing a podcast with awesome that would be!

  11. You can be assured I will be waiting with bated breath. Oh yes I will.

  12. Oh, I can’t WAIT to hear this! And learn both your names like some kind of Zorro unmasking!
    Especially since I still can’t read Big Mama’s blog. My computer’s decided for some reason not to let me.
    I’m excited!

  13. You mean the “g” isn’t silent? Oh my… it’s taken me 43 years to learn that. Oh well, I’m not startin’ now.

  14. That sounds wonderful!!! I have DSL now too….FINALLY!!! Just a couple of days ago….. And like you said, it’s changed our life!

    Anyway, I can see things now that I couldn’t before because it was sooooo slow. Can’t wait to hear ya’ll!!

  15. Kimberly says:

    I can’t wait!

  16. whoo-hoo!! This will be good!! I’m looking forward to it!

  17. I’m from Auburn…. My husband’s from Montgomery…… We live in Birmingham…. I KNOW what Alabama sounds like! :) I can’t wait to hear Texas!! I just assumed Texas sounded like us. Anxiously awaiting the podcast… (oh wait – should I have said awaitin’?)

  18. “Stinkin'” must be an Alabama word because it is not in either my Mississippi or Tennessee vocabulary.

  19. Oh gracious, I’m SOOOO excited!

  20. oh yes…the headphones….you loved every minute of that didn’t you??!! :) Way cool…and I can’t wait to listen!

  21. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to hear you guys and put names and voices with the hilarious writing!

  22. You had to fight the urge to “beet box” a little in the headphones didn’t you?

    And I thought I would just be doing laundry this weekend. Oh, how things can change….

  23. I am so excited! For some reason this reminds me of when my cousin Sandy and I “broadcasted” the S(andy)A(and)S(andy)S(show) on audiocassette in her bedroom, where we waxed philosophical on such topics as best brand of hairspray and how cute Jordan Knight was. SASS!

  24. Oh, my word!!!! You and BigMama’s blog in VOICE FORMAT!!!!!!!!I”M VERY EXCITED!!! And although, I know what your names are, your voices are gonna be big……and I do, in fact, know Texas from AL, but love them both. BigMama probably has all the i’s that last forever, along with your ing’s with no g’s…..but I’m used to that! Cool, looking forward to it!

  25. This is going to be TOO! FUN! :)

  26. Fun stuff! But unfortunately I am going camping this weekend…I know what I’ll be doing as soon as we arrive home (after my shower of course!).

  27. Oooh I can’t wait. I can hear the hialrity already! Will you talk about sausage and fried stuff and give people funny nicknames? So excited to your voices, even without the “G” on the “-inG.” I get that, I’m from Texas and lived in Alabama for a little while as a child. Southern by the grace of God. Yay! And way to go for branchin’ out and gettin’ even more technoratied or technofiled or somethin’!

  28. ooh, I’m excited to see it…

  29. Oh dear … Oh NO! I DO hope I can get my stinking WIRELESS working before this weekend!!!

    D, could you help a sister out? I’m not too far away … ummm … maybe like 10 hours or so… I’ll wait for you. Or leave the light on.

  30. Okay, I may actually have to figure out this pod stuff. I’m just figured out how to use vm, so it may take a while.

    And I have a feeling that I’ll be laughing quite a bit when I do finally hear your cute voices twangin’ in my ears.

  31. Wow. I would love to hear that!

  32. Can’t wait!

    (Sad that I have already marked this as the highlight of my weekend?)

  33. My friend and I did a podcast together and it was so much fun. We want to do another one and start posting them. I can’t wait to hear what “ya’ll” got to say!

  34. And pictures…or motion pictures, we want to see ya’ll, too!

    I’m looking forward to hearing ya’ll!

  35. Hooray! I am addicted to podcasts and will most definitely be checking yours out.

  36. well this sounds like fun! looking forward to hearing if you sound more southern than i do.

  37. I own an ipod nano and I have yet to experiment with uploading an podcast to listen to it on my ipod. I’ll check back this weekend to try with yours. :)

  38. YESSSSS!

    Very excited! My hubby and I are thinking of doing a podcast, but we fear that no one will think we’re as funny as we think we are! :-)

  39. Last week, my husband lost his iPod on a business trip, and I was thinking about giving him mine (just to be nice), but now…. HE CAN FORGET IT!!!

  40. OMW – I am on the edge of my seat. I have such a melancholy weekend ahead of me and now I can’t wait for this to post!

  41. Well.

    Since I already KNOW both your names, I guess this should be a hoot! I won’t have to be all ‘het up’ about the big reveal. It’s so much less stress *wink*

    Can’t wait! A perfect end to the week :)

  42. Oohhh I can hardly wait! Will there be a series that we can subscribe to?

  43. Definitely sounds like a keeper.

  44. SO excited to hear y’all’s banter about the super-important topics in our current pop-culture!!

    btw, i heard brit’s new song on the radio this morning…NOT the best song for big comeback, poor thing!

  45. I love it!! Can’t wait to hear it :)

  46. Oh, I just realized this makes ya’ll TWO PEAS IN A POD!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you very much!!!!

  47. Holy cow! It’s so excitin’! I can’t wait to be listenin’!

  48. I can’t wait!! I can’t wait to hear your voices…not sure if I want to know your real name though — you’re alter ego of Boo Mama is pretty fun!

  49. Oh my word, I can hardly wait to hear it.

  50. You two are soooo funny! I can’t wait!

    Love, Sarah TN

  51. The headphones made me giggle, too. Y’all are too techy! And no matter how crazy this weekend full of Cameron gets, I’m making time to check this out.

  52. Well, there’s no being original here, ’cause I just CAN’T WAIT either. I haven’t downloaded any podcasts to my nano, but I bet I can figure it out… me and hubby are both engineers, 3 degrees between us, so that should work, right? If not, can I borrow D too? ;-)

  53. At some point in college, I realized that as a Georgia girl, I will never be anchorin’ the national news.

  54. Oh, wow — THIS is going to be FUN!! What a great idea!! :o)

  55. I’ve had a terrible week-Job from hell, sick kids and such- I can’t wait for some comic relief!

  56. Leave it to The Mamas to make dreams come true :) Can’t wait!

  57. Oh my lord, you just made my weekend!

  58. Too fun! I can’t wait. I will even interrupt the celebrating of my Sweetcheeks birthday in order to hear the “mamas” dish on all sorts of stuff.

    Btw, love your name already . . . ‘cuz I know what it is : )

  59. I can’t wait! I can’t wait!

  60. *****WARNIN*****do not be drinkin coke while listenin to the podcast. Unless you just like carbonated drinks up your nose. Also, there are no commercials durin the podcast. So please use the facilities before startin the program. Unless of course you already wear depends. And well, if you do wear depends, we don’t need to know about it. TMI

  61. I bet you felt so “media like” with your headphones on. I hope you took a pic.! :-)

  62. I can’t wait! I know your real name so I feel all “in the loop” and “Jack Bauer-ish” but I can’t wait to hear your voice!

    So, I’m an Alabama girl too and what’s so wrong with ending in “in” instead of “ing”…isn’t that the way the whole world is talkin?!

  63. I can’t wait!!

    Will it be available through iTunes, too? :-)