The Big Boo Cast, Episode One


And just know that Big Mama and I deeply apologize for how anti-climactic this is going to be for y’all. I mean, we’re totally prepared for the fact that we may one day refer to this initial podcast attempt as a Terribly Unfortunate Experiment.

But if you’d like to follow along as we talk about fall fashion, you can find the article here.

And we really will get some theme music soon. Along with some better editing skills. Rome wasn’t built in a day, people. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


You can listen on the blog here:

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You can download the mp3 here.

You should be able to subscribe via iTunes in a day or two – it’s “under review.” I was actually able to download it into my iTunes via the RSS feed page, but I have no idea how I did it.

As always, I am a tremendous resource for technical support information.

And let me just clarify: we love us some capri pants. We DO. I just don’t want to wear them to the event I mentioned because 1) I wore them the last time I went to a conference and 2) it’ll be the beginning of fall. I just want a little wardrobe change, you understand. But capri pants are our friends.

That is all.

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  1. I’m having fun listening to ya’ll! But I must be multi-tasking, so I wanted to say YAY! It Worked!

    Great jobs, Girls!

  2. So fun! Love it! Looking forward to more!

  3. Whew! I’m so glad you have figured this out. Here we all are, on pins and needles, eagerly awaiting this moment. It’s high energy posts like this that keep you on the top of the blogging heap. :)

    I look forward to this making it to a Blogging Basics 101 class so you can instruct the rest of us on how to enter the podcast world.

    Duckabush Blog

  4. Lawsy me! Did you have to build a pod?

    Y’all are Almost Famous.

  5. Oh my- I’m feeling insecure about my capri pants now!

  6. The business end of a woman? Hilarious!!
    Ha Ha Ha!

  7. My son just came in and said “Are you listening to Beth moore?” I said no. He said, “Well it sounds like Beth Moore.”

  8. My husband just walked by to see what I was laughing about! You girls sound just like a couple of girls from Arkansas, really! Enjoyed your fashion talk..I always look at the new books and wonder, who in the world wears this in the real world?? Great first pod-cast…look forward to the next. Ever hear of Click and Clack on the radio? You would both be good for a ladies’ show!!

  9. i’ve just stumbled across your blog recently, and now that i’ve listend to the podcast i HAD to find Big Mama’s blog. How’d you get together to do this?

  10. How much fun! I’m laughing at the mullet comment and the Clintons…Wow, that was right on target.

    Do it again! Tel-cast would be fun, too.
    Thanks for your hard work to bring some fun to my lazy Sauturday afternoon.

  11. Sweet Mercy! ;-) Y’all ARE sisters seperated at birth!! And…y’all have GOT to meet – OMG!! I think you REALLY should have some donors to get you two together!! That was great information! I was at but couldn’t find where you were…but I still enjoyed everything!!
    Looking forward to the next one!!

  12. The Big Boo Cast. Oh, this is so much fun! Keep it up girls!!! I love knowing what you sound like now… and that I need to work on some big hair to draw the eye up. : ) Thanks for the tips!

  13. “I know it in my head”. That just cracked me up.

    That and the Clinton comment…… my Saturday afternoon is complete.

    How do I say “thanks” for the priceless, information! We need another one next week!

    (Can’t wait to see some pictures from Deeper Still! You know we have to see you in your jeans and Asian Hooters top!)


  14. Clinton Administration comment was hands down, the best part. :o) Great fun overall, thanks!

  15. Danana-Banana says:

    Y’all are too funny!

    I used to work with a gal from Arkansas and I can confirm, without a doubt, that Big Mama’s accent is indeed very Arkansasian. (Arkansaian? Arkanian?)

    And thanks for the make up tips. Seriously. I have super pale skin as well and always feel like my face is several shades lighter than my neck and it’s quite embarrassing.

    Thanks for putting in all the effort to get this posted!

  16. That was cool y’all. Loved it!

  17. I loved it! That was hilarious!!! It was so fun hearing y’alls voices.

    I must give props to the Sheer Cover make up…I love it and use it too—you should give it a try. Also, I’m gonna head to my local CVS and give the Revlon lip slicks.

    And the Clinton administration comment… that was priceless!

    Can’t wait for more!

  18. AHHHH! Loved it! You all ought to figure out how to charge us to listen because it was so cute and funny, I’d pay! : )

  19. Y’all are a HOOT…my daughter thinks you are crazy….lol. She liked the outfits. (she’s only 10)

    I have a really difficult time with the whole transitioning from capris when it’s still 105 outside. But I still love you and I promise not to wear capris if we ever meet in the fall/winter time.

  20. Well, I laughed, I cried, I yelled comments at my computer. Thank you, ladies, for touching on the issues that concern me.

    It’s been a good day.

  21. I was listening to Family Life Today on my iPod and checking my favorite blogs and had to switch when I realized that you had done the podcast…so you and Big Mama trumped Dennis Rainey!

    I’ve got to say y’all are great! As great in voice as you are in blog! What fun!

  22. Oh, you two are a match made in heaven if I’ve ever heard one!!! And I do feel very certain the Lord had his hand all over this partnership of “Big Boo.” The podcast was superb…I folded all my laundry while listening, and I laughed my head off. Oh, how I do adore that witty sense of humor you both share! And by the way, I think you can’t go wrong with jeans at the conference…jeans are the new dress pant. (And I remember attending a LPM event about 6 yrs. ago in Memphis where Travis Cottrell laughed about the enormous amount of capri pants in the room!!!) I can’t wait to tune in next week, and I’ll be sending you some questions to entertain when I get some extra time…’cause I, too, am a very busy woman!!! HA!

  23. I commented on Big Mama’s site and said something like this….
    Next time you come to listen…grab some paper and a pen because I just couldn’t keep up with the funny stuff!! I had to end early and will listen again so i missed the comments on Clinton…cant wait for that…

    Ok…so, its pronounced Lan-comb makeup….thats how we say it in AR or West TN! And the “business end of a woman” made me laugh so hard OUT LOUD!!!
    And I think the jeans are a go for Deeper Still…got an extra ticket?? I’ll pay big bucks for it! :) I’m just 2 hrs away and don’t want to do the simulcast! How terrible of me!

    Ya’ll were great!! Funny, funny, funny

  24. Just when I thought I could not enjoy ya’ll more :)

  25. I’m seeing a Gold Record here.

    Platinum even.

    Bigger than The Beatles … Elvis … The Oneders.

    (That’s WONDERS. Like the Number One.)

    Yeah- we’re watching That Thing You Do today.

  26. i haven’t figured out how to get it to my itunes yet but i tried listening to it on the blog and let me just say, “it….do…’t…w…….ork…..well.on.

  27. I’m sure Beth Moore will always remember the girl in the asian hooter shirt, jeans, inch and a half roots, that looked like parchment paper with a short forehead. How couldn’t she?

    Loved it!

  28. Oh goodness this was some serious funny stuff. I felt like you girls were sittin’ on the couch talking with me right there!! My 14mo son, Alex, took advantage of me being distracted though and ate a Crayon. It was just the yellow/green one so no harm!!

  29. It worked great for me.

    I’m from Arkansas, born and bred. I can say that I sound more like Sophie than Melanie, only more Southern drawl-y.

    Cain’t wait for the next pod-thang-y. ;D

    Love and hugs,


  30. Whew! This is fun and you GOT it on the web!! YIPPEE…


  31. sorry… I must go take a pee pee break before I wet my pants from laughing so hard!!!

    God bless Ya’ll!!!

  32. little liz says:

    Loved it, Soph. I do have to tell you that you sound more Southern on the recording than you do in real life (does that make you feel better?). Y’all were so cute together and very entertaining!

  33. Oh, my sweet potatoes y’all are funny. It’s nice to see that the pertinent topics of today are being tackled and dicussed with the tact and class that only two southern ladies could bring to the table. Kudos!

  34. Too funny…that sure made my day!

    Can’t wait for part 2!

  35. What cute accents you have!

  36. This was fantastic and really look forward to more pod casts. I need “BigBoo” guidance on the serious issues of hair, fashion and of course celebrity gossip. :)

  37. The *meaningful stacks* on my desk had become unmanageable.

    But, this afternoon….
    with your podcase as Background Music…
    I found woodgrain.

    It might have been a miracle, ya’ll.
    And I am so grateful.

  38. Loved it! Both of you are just hilarious.

  39. Well it appears that more than 4 people listened :)

    I thought that was HA-LARRY-US! Please do another one…please!

    I heart you just little bit more.

    But not in a weird, stalker kind of way.

  40. Maybe this is wierd but I never thought of you as a [your name here]. I just didn’t. Hmmmm… I love that name, though, don’t get me wrong. Funny how you get ideas about people from the internet that are totally different than reality.

  41. That was soooo fun!! I always know when it is time to get my roots done, when people no longer make eye contact when speaking to you, but rather talk to your roots!

  42. Golden. Loved it.

    I have to admit though, I had butterflies as I hit play… would I be disappointed to finally know your real names? Would you not be as funny in “real” life as on your blogs?

    I was not, and

    you are.

    Looking forward to next time!

  43. As I told Big Mama-this was such a fun way for me to spend Sat night. With a husband who is deployed for 2 more months and two girls who only want to be with their friends, I had a ball listening to you two while looking at my InStyle Magazine at the same time! I had forgotten it was here.
    Thank you so much for all you did to make this possible.
    I love your name,too.

  44. Hilarious! I loved the “investment piece” comment about Big Mama’s skirt!

    and, of course, the Clinton comment. too funny. And right on!

  45. That was the best thing I heard all day. “You Folks” down south really have a thing for your hair & clothes. I really think you sound more like Laura Bush, but in MI you don’t hear a lot of accents….we just talk through our nose. (glamourous) Please do another and it is quite shocking that the two of you have not met! Thank you, thank you, thankyou!

  46. Love, love, love this! Y’all are just too fun!!

    I am totally subscribin’ to this and hope you make it a regular feature.

    BTW, I DO think you sound a good bit alike . . . not just in your head, Sophie. How I love that you’re usin’ your real name.

  47. Loved it! You saved the best for last with the commentary on Hillary’s hair and its representation of the Clinton administration in general. Please, please more deep political analysis like this in the next podcast!!!

  48. Ohmyword… so much fun!!

    Calling your hair issues “Bordering on spiritual warfare” is one of the funniest things you have ever said, and I am with you sister!

    Can’t wait for the next installment:-)

  49. My favorite makeup is BARE MINERALS. I can’t go without it. I’ve worn it for almost a year now and I too am loving not feeling like I have a ton of makeup. I got my newest set on EBAY! For 10.00 cheaper and it was brand new. Check it out!

    And the comment (not sure which one of you said it) “The Business End of a Woman”. OMG, even my husband laughed.

  50. Fun to hear your voices!

  51. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    More! More! More! I loved this and can’t wait for the next one! Please let us know what magazine to have in front of us before the next one so we can see what you are discussing. Again! Again, please! I just love Big Mama, you and your short forehead!

  52. Go with an a-line skirt. You can’t go wrong. They are flattering on everyone. Not sure it goes with a Asian hooters shirt, but the “What Not To Wear” ladies from Oprah say avoid capris and go with skirts and I do whatever they say.

  53. Just adorable….you girls are.
    Next couple of topics….
    Tailgating in the South (cause we know you love you some sports teams!)

    Decorating for the upcoming holidays

    Fall fun–crazy autumnal things to do

    Who’s who in Hollywood….
    all from the Best two peas in the Pod-net

  54. So much fun! Please do it again soon because your fashion & makeup advice were the best! Hopefully In Style magazine was listening because I also am always wondering if they think that real life women would wear that stuff. I might as well walk into the local Krogers or the kids school in my underwear because I think I would get the same shocked expression if I wore a few of those outfits!

  55. Thank you so much for the laughs tonight! I loved it! You girls tell it like it is. I look forward to hearing the next one!

  56. This was the highlight of my weekend. You two are great.

  57. I’m DYIN’ here! I’m absolutely hooting and I fear that I’ll wake the whole house!

    And, with your adorable southern accents I think that a podcast with some incredibly flat-voweled Midwestern accent is in order.

  58. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Oh my word! You two are hilarious!!! I have confessed to the Lord my “accent envy” (I have always LOVED southern accents – and you both have great ones!) I could listen to y’all all night. I have always secretly wished to sound “southern” – ’cause let’s face it….without one, I’m just a plain speaking Northwesterner with a “short” forehead and hair issues in need of an altar call!

    Thanks for the laughs tonight!!

  59. Well, I enjoyed it. My husband was playing Wii while listening to it and he laughed out loud MANY times, I will have you know!

    So, maybe this could be like an every Saturday thing??? That would be great. Thanks.

  60. Oh my word. I could totally tell your voice because you were right – hello! You are SO “Alabama.”

    And, as if I needed any other reason for my hubby to look at me strangely from across the room – now my blogs are talkin’.

  61. oh what fun stuff ladies. looking forward to hearing more in the future!

  62. Oh my world, girls…you are GREAT! I just think you need to start recording your daily phone calls and let us all get in on the fun.

  63. ROTFL!! You two are a hoot! The Altar Call for Hair – yeah, that’s when you know it’s time to find a new church! LOL! Definitely enjoyed the opportunity to follow along in the mag with your Fashion Police segment! Tee hee!

    Thanks for the laugh, ladies! :D

  64. That was great! *S* RocksinmyDryer sent me over here and I loved the podcast!

  65. That was too cute!! I got DSL just in time!!! Worked wonderfully! I went to the instyle site to check out the clothes. Some were just horendous!

  66. I’ve just started listening. Your commentary is hilarious!

    The recording is really clear! Were y’all doing this in person or over the phone? How did y’all record this?

  67. Those accents are DARLING!

    And, Sophie? That fits you perfect…could there have been a better name for you? I don’t think so!

    Please, please consider recording one of your Sissy and Martha stories for us to hear.

  68. Thanks so much for sharing an additional part of yourselves with all four (four hundred?) of your readers, now listeners. :o) You guys are too funny! The hair for the Beth Moore conference was the best! I imagine Beth will now be LOOKING for you to check out the condition of the roots. :o)

  69. I followed Shannon’s link here, and I am so glad I did! You two did a wonderful cast! I LOL’d. Great Job you two!

  70. How fun! Please do more! You two are a hoot!

    Love, Sarah TN

  71. I loved it – too cute!!
    My 3yr old walked in when you were introducing yourself so he has been going around the house saying “Sophie Boomama, Sophie Boomama” Clearly it has a ring to it and makes a 3yr old crack up :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Oh do you and Bigmama live in the same city?

  72. Too funny! I made the same pillows in home ec. and had the Merle Norman make up case! Thanks for bringing a laugh to me in Romania.

  73. I saw the little “pod pickle” or whatever it’s called, and I kind of “hmph”ed all, “Who do these girls think they are? I lead a very important and productive life and I have many many MANY things to do on a Sunday afternoon, and listening to an entire half-hour radio show of two women from the South just doesn’t fit in with my carefully-constructed weekend schedule!” And now it’s over and I’m so sad and I miss “y’all” (I’m sorry, I’m from the Midwest) already! You guys are too too funny, and I appreciate all the work you put into it!

  74. Okay, the comment about your hair having you close to spiritual warfare was just more than I could handle!
    Listening to two of my favorite bloggers talk about fashion was just too much fun!
    I would love to hear your wisdom on a great fall purse. I also want to know if there is such a thing as a good “fake” Louis Vuitton (i’m not even sure how to spell it!) A friend brought me one back from New York and it looked so cheap I had to give it to Goodwill. So I would like some advice from the experts on this matter.

  75. OH! This was THE HIGHLIGHT of my day! I LOVED hearing you ladies. Thanks so much for such great fun today!

    I wanted to pass on a link to a lady who is an EXPERT on make-up, hair products, etc. She is called the Cosmetics Cop (Paula Begoun) and her website is She has GREAT books (Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me) that tell you things like Lancome and L’oreal are THE SAME products, and there are more! She’ll tell you what is great for your buck, and not so much. I use her skin care routine, and am loving the results!

    Loved hearing from you ladies!

  76. Oh my, I love capris, or should I say I’m no so sure anymore. But you are right, a koolaid stain and a short forehead with overgrown roots isn’t so cool at a Beth Moore event. You guys are too much fun. Looking forward to more “fashion and political advice”.

  77. You two sound way more alike than you may think. I was very good to “hear” you again!!

  78. Made my sunday afternoon! Thanks so much for doing this, and I can’t wait to hear more!


  79. I wont to say how much I enjoyed this but I caint. I think my favorite part is how many times the phrase “That’s all I’m going’ to say,” the first time being thirty minutes before the podcast was over.

    I do have to say that there is a reason for the popularity of the capri pant. I think they are the fashion equivalent of manna from heaven.

    I find it hilarious that your biggest concerns about the Beth Moore conference are clothes and hair. Especially with the name of the conference being, “Deeper Still”.

    Can you tell I’m live-commenting?

    I feel this podcast is vera pleasin’ to tha Low-ard. I’m leaving this same comment at both places so neither BM will feel left out. Sorry, Ay-ot.

  80. I am not a regular – I was advised to stop in for a visit. :) I enjoyed the podcast! I think I visited your blog when I first began (back in April) and loved the info regarding your name. I am from BR and can totally relate to ‘dat post, yea’. I lived in Lafayette for a few years and thought I was in another country. haha(The people were super super nice though!!) Anyway, glad to hear your voices. It was fun listening to you. Very few people could get away with doing this and I think the 2 of you are in that few. True Southern belles chattin’ away. It seemed you were both sitting at the kitchen table talking to each other! I will think of something to ask for the next pod cast!
    Thanks for the entertainment.

  81. You girls are so funny! You cracked me up so much with the story of Alex’s teacher thinking you were pregnant with a baby named Savannah!

  82. Next time, tell us which page you are on. I grabbed my September InStyle and had to catch up to you, but once I did it was fun to read along. Imagine—hundreds of women flipping through InStyle in unison

    Having clean capris for the Lord. One of my goals.

  83. Okay. . .the Clinton comment was priceless. . .but about 20 minutes before that was “unless I see something comin’ out of the business end of a woman. . .” and I was pretty much done then. HILL-arious.



    Did you, indeed, go to your nearest CVS (which was probably in your front yard the way they keep on poppin’ up) to get the Covergirl Lipslick that looks harsh but isn’t? If so, how did it work on the parchment of you?

  84. Loved it. Way to go out on a limb for our entertainment. Hope it won’t be the last!

    I just want to THANK YOU… my husband heard much of the podcast, so now he will understand the true NEED to purchase new pants and an Asian hooters top for Deeper Still.

    Oh how I wish I could meet up with you (and our shared BFF) there. I’ll be slummin’ it in the satellite location, though.

    Hope your eyes meet Bethie’s across the crowded arena. Your chances are better than mine unless she can see through satellite projection. I know she’ll love your hair, roots and all. If anyone understands hair, it is Beth.

  85. I’m sure that this was just as hilarious for other Southern girls but as a girl from the West Coast, I had no idea that women actually talk to each other like this! This was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. “Business end of a woman” and the Clinton comments were funny but the “short abdomen” really had me in hysterics. Am I the only reader shocked to think of Boo Mama as a “Sophie”?

    Thank you, thank you! I LOVED the glimpse into Southern Woman culture!!!

  86. Have you heard of John Frieda’s color glaze? Because it’s a great temporary fix for the towards-the-end stage of your color job… and it’s temporary, in case you don’t like it. It’s a win-win solution. I really think the Holy Spirit moved in Freida’s head when he came up with this idea!

    Now — what are your thoughts about Fred Thompson? Because if he EVER announces his intentions to run, I think he just may be the best Repub. runner out there…

    I wore a combination of shimmery gold-yellow, grass green, and magenta eye shadow when I was in high school. It was truly a klassy moment in my life — trendy, honestly. In case you’re wondering, yellow across the whole eye, and BOTH magenta with a thin line of grass green in the crease. It was beautiful, really. I know. You want to run right out and try it.

    Just so you know, I believe I wore it with my pink izod and grass green slacks. Izod, too, of course. A true prep at heart.

  87. What I love is like you said earlier, yall have different accents. AND RIGHT AWAY I knew which one was you b/c you were SO ALABAMA! Yay me!

  88. As a Mississippi girl who lived in TX four years and now lives in Baton Rouge, I have to say…I feel like I have just been listening to myself and 99% of my girlfriends! Now I can read y’all with the right mental accents!

  89. All I can say is watch out Oprah and Gail. :-)

    What fun! Keep ’em comin!

  90. Y’all are so stinkin’ cute. :)

    I was supposed to be going to Deeper Still…then I got all pregnant and no one seems to think that, at 38 weeks, I should go to Nashville (6-7 hours from down here in the very south-est part of south Alabama). I cannot imagine why. Hope you have a wonderful time, and I’ll be waiting for the recap!

  91. And BTW…you totally need to try Bare Escentuals. The best. makeup. ever!

  92. OH MY! Look out Regis and Kelli.

    I felt a little like I should be in a van with an earpiece in my ear.

    You do realize your accents got thicker and thicker as the podcast went on. :>) I could hear Alabama and a little mild Texas. I knew from the start who was who.

  93. i mean, how does it feel to finally be so liberated? i mean, names? accents? your truest selves?

    i am speechless.

    once this is on my ipod, i will be huffin’ and puffin’ away on the treadmill to a little bigboo. oh yes i will.

  94. Wonderful! I loved hearing your accents, and I think this should be a regular slot. Hilarious!

  95. Oh, too fun!

    I will be at the Deeper Still conference in Nashville, too. I’ll be looking for you to see what you feel led to do about your hair. The funny part is that I woke up this morning wondering what I am going to wear to the conference. I was considering capris and now I am not. I will warn you that it has been seriously hot here — it has been less than 95 in three weeks. I could see you in sassy little skirt.

    Thanks for the fun!

  96. Stupid work computer filters! I can’t get this thing to open or download or whatever it has to do. You’ve been blocked! I’ll have to wait until it appears on iTunes before I can listen :(

  97. [insert applause here]

  98. That was such a hoot! I just listened as I folded laundry, and the time zoomed by. Please do this again!!

  99. listening right now – the part about the teacher not giving a second thought to you being 20 weeks pregnant has me cracking up.

    (note: don’t feel bad about skimping on her holiday gift this year)

  100. Oh my… so much fun!
    But I need to clarify something right here. I am Canadian and both of you lovely Southern ladies sound EXACTLY the same to my southern-ignorant ears. That, however, has not taken away ANY of my enjoyment.
    Perhaps you will refine my ears in time but this will require further podcasts. I do hope that you enjoyed yourself as much I enjoyed listening!