I Would Never Forgive Myself If I Didn’t Share This Information With You

You may not know this about me, but I have a love for the long-sleeved t-shirt that is deep and abiding and true. This is probably a result of the fact that I have not exposed the tops of my arms in public since I was in the ninth grade, and if you’re thinking, “Well surely you’ve worn something sleeveless since then,” you’re wrong, because I can say without hesitation that no, no I haven’t, I WOULD NOT DO SUCH A THING.

So. I have a few issues. I believe this fact has been well-established. Over and over again.

But now that there’s a distinct hint of fall in the air (case in point: earlier I sat outside while Alex rode his bike, and I did not sweat, and I was even wearing yoga pants instead of shorts, thank you), I’ve been having big fun looking at fall clothes. Specifically: shirts with long sleeves.

And yesterday, when I ran into Target to pick up a couple of things, I was tickled to death to see this shirt, available for only $14.99:


Do you see the cute sleeves? And how it doesn’t hug the stomach area? And how it’s long enough to COVER the stomach area?

(By the way, if you do not have issues with your stomach area, I would just like to congratulate you and assure you that the rest of the internets and I will not resent you for that, though the only way we’ll be able to avoid the stronghold of bitterness is through the transforming love of Jesus.)

(Bless you, flat-stomached sister.)

Now granted, I would wear a tank or another t-shirt underneath this particular long-sleeved shirt, mainly because I like to err on the side of modest and spare complete strangers from finding themselves up close and personal with my, you know, BABY FEEDERS (thanks for that phrase, Jeana – it’s a classic). But did I mention that this shirt DOESN’T HUG THE STOMACH AREA?

Even better, it also comes in a variety of patterns, and I loved this next one so much that I bought it and wore it today:


And I was happy.

Because of, you know, sleeves.

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  1. must. have. shirt.
    looks long enough to cover a multitude of sins!

  2. I would like to say, for the record, that I am NOT a member of the flat-bellied sisterhood. Ain’t likely to ever meet their standards, either.

    Also, I make sure my baby feeders are modestly covered at all times. That shirt would work for me, more because of the length than the sleeves, considering my bra size is now a 44 Long these days. ;D

  3. Love these. But I’m so short that the pattern would probably look funny on me. I don’t know, for that price, I may just buy it and see. I can always pass it on to my tall skinny sister if it doesn’t work. Bless her soul.

  4. Oh I am in long-sleeved-t-shirt-LOVE. That is my kind of long, non-tummy hugging shirt.

  5. Those shirts are adorable and you are hilarious!

  6. LOVE that second one! I’ll have to check that out.

  7. I just knew you had great taste and this is only further proof. I,too, saw this shirt at Target last week and immediately fell in love. It now hangs proudly in my closet just waiting for the thermometer to dip below 80 degrees!

  8. I love that shirt! Both of them. I will definitely have to check that out. When I have money. (not that that usually stops me, ahem) And even though I’m doing my Kathy Smith step workout again, I’ll still need the coverage and lack of stomach hugging that this shirt offers. Thanks!

  9. Oh my! I will indeed be going to Target tonight with hopes that they have one of those shirts in my size.

    Thank you for spreading the long-sleeved shirt goodness.

  10. i do believe target is going to be on my list of errands tomorrow. thank you!

  11. Love it! Too bad there isn’t a Target in my town. I’ll have to make it to the next town over to shop! And those flat stomach people need to gain some weight!

  12. Quite adorable. Was planning a trip to Target this weekend – now I must go.

  13. So very cute, but we are on a …umm…I hate this word!!!…budget..ik…now :( And in obedience, I will begin praying for this shirt to find wings and fly to my home or better yet that an anonymous donor will send us a million dollars, so I don’t have to be on a …that word again. :) Hee Hee
    I bet you look bee-u-ti-ful!
    Have a great first of FALL weekend, Sophie!
    Love ya!

  14. love the sleeves…not so sure about the buttons. would have to see it on my body…

    plus, it is hard to even think of buying (never mind trying on) long sleeves when the temp is still 90

  15. Thanks for the heads up on the long sleeve, non stomach hugging, long enough to cover other less than perfect body parts tee shirt at Target…non the less! It really has me excited to go grocery shopping…you see I don’t LIKE to grocery shop…So I like to go to Target to do my light grocery shopping…so I can reward myself in the vastness of their other departments…believe me when I say…I can get lots of rewards for myself there! So…I’m heading to TARGET, today!!!


  16. Oooh…

    I, too, am a long-sleeve kinda gal. Besides the fact that my arms/shoulder are cow-y and freckled… Long sleeves are just cozy.

    I like the first one, although – yes – this would require an undershirt to cover up my very voluminous baby feeders. The second is super cute – I love paisleys!

  17. Hey – Can I still call them “baby feeders” if they no longer serve that specific purpose (but they have in the past)? Because I don’t think everyone wants to hear a name detailing their current purpose (which, again, is partly how they became “baby feeders” in the first place – and second, and third)

  18. You know, Fall teased me for a few days here in Kansas, and I wore my beloved “sleeve shirts” as the gremlins like to call them. But alas, Fall has gone away for coffee or something because it is in the high 80’s today and I don’t like sweat anymore than you.

    I will have to keep my eyes open for those cute, cute shirts!

  19. Ooooo….LOVE those. I’m going to go get one right now!

  20. Love them! God, I love Target.


  21. OK–wishing we had a Target.

  22. Hmm… I see a trip to Target in my very NEAR future.


  23. Cute shirt and all, but I’m stuck on the sleeves thing. You have worn sleeveless since ninth grade? What in the world did your wedding dress look like? Did it have long sleeves? DID IT?

  24. I like to err on the side of modest and spare complete strangers from finding themselves up close and personal with my, you know, BABY FEEDERS –
    That is the funniest thing I have ever read!!
    My baby feeders are so small after you know feeding 2 babies that if they were ever exposed one would never know – haha!
    Love those shirts somehow I missed those when I was in Target today. Man now I must go back tomorrow -hehe

  25. Target…here I come!

    Love it. Thanks BooMama for sharing this with us!

  26. You crack me up.

  27. I love sleeveless shirts, but my life’s goal is to disguise the tummy area. Therefore, I am jumping in the car and heading to Target the second Hubs gets home. Lurv that paisley.

  28. But, does it come in **gulp** plus size??

  29. I am not flat-stomached. But I still have issues with some shirts that make a girl look, you know, PREGNANT. So I can neither confirm nor deny my appreciation of said shirt until I TRY IT ON. And ask my hubby about it.

    Too bad it’s 90 outside right now. Fall is a long time away. But a girl can pretend, right?

  30. Crystal Ward says:

    You are such a Hoot!!! I love those shirts. And LUV the Baby Feeders comment. I have to do all I can to keep those under wraps. What is the deal with every shirt in the world wanting to show them off?

    Well I must be going! Time to get to Target!!

  31. I was just at Target last night SANS kids…how did I possibly miss that cute top!

  32. Marsha, I am soooo with you. All these adorable tops that are empire wasted and EVERYONE without exception that wears one, looks pregnant. My daughter wanted to get one, and I said “fugetaboutit”!

    I just can not get over the fact that you are in the south and wear sleeved shirts……..I would die……just die!

  33. Oh Target, how I miss thee!

  34. OK, I may have to go buy that tomorrow. So don’t wear it around me, OK? Because I don’t want to look like Twinkies. Or, if you and I and Shannon all have it, then we’d look like Ho-Ho’s. Issues? Who has issues?

  35. I have TWO of those shirts- I bought both the printed ones and I love them! I too do not wear sleeveless-My weddding dress had a tiny sleeve but my arms have not been that bare since- But I was 23 and 110 lbs 15 years ago!!!

  36. Awesome shirts!

    Sort of off-topic – have you ever seen the site “Shape of a Mother?”


    It made me realize that I wasn’t the only skinny person out there with the huge wrinkly-baby-saggy-belly-thingy! haha! :)

  37. I love the looks of both of these shirts!

    As part of my resolve to get my act together (I posted about that today) I think I may have to purchase one of these.

    Thanks for sharing!

  38. At first look I was not impressed. BUT–the pattern makes all the difference. So cute! I would have bought one too. If I wasn’t with child and all.

  39. I love paisley, too!!! It’s cute….however, I have short arm syndrome, and I’m thinking those will swallow up my little short stubs….I’ll have to check it out! So, so cute….

  40. FABULOUS! Off to Target I go! And I’m am with you on the not-letting-my-upper-arms-be-seen-in-public thing.

  41. I’ve been a lurker on your blog for a little while. Love hearing what you have to say! I totally bought one of those shirts on Monday! I bought the patterned one in orange/red. VERY fun shirt. I liked how roomy it was…(I’m actually pregnant right now and loving all of the styles that they have out at the moment) it’s not too baggy on me at the moment because of my protruding belly. And the fact that I’m 6-feet tall, my ape-like arms stick out more than the models. The shirt sleeves are not EVEN close to being that long on me. Oh well. Such is life, right? Thanks for sharing!

  42. I am in LOVE with the sleeves on that top..ok, I think I’m gonna run to Target tonight..

    God bless,

  43. Sleeveless shirts should be banned. If I were President that would be my first order of business!

  44. I’m glad your most recent post is at least ABOUT clothes…that makes me feel better about leaving an unrelated comment. :0)

    What’s up with Oprah’s wardrobe? She’s worn grey every day this week!

  45. This is a GREAT shirt. I just bought it a couple of weeks ago when I was shopping in Memphis (’cause, you know, I live in “Smallville,” and we aren’t hip enough for a Target, yet). I bought the same design as yours but in the red tones instead of blue. (I felt compelled to match my auburn highlights, you know.) For those who may be wondering, this is SO CUTE ON!!! And for me there’s really not much of an issue with the “baby feeders.” Of course, mine just completed their feeding job 3 months ago, so there’s not a whole lot left of them!!!

  46. thank you for posting this on payday BEFORE I paid the bills…I actually have money to go get a couple…I’m all over cute shirts…you can never have too many! Does it come in plain white? Could be the answer to my white-shirt delima! I could dub you my “personal shopper” because now I know where I need to go and what I need to get while I’m there! I’m still looking at Wally World for the cute yoga pants : (

  47. Well, you may have just answered my question…but I’ll ask it anyway, it’s one for the podcast!

    I was going to ask…

    What do y’all do to stay fit? I mean, you’re always talking about food, (as I am) and I know y’all aren’t as big as houses since you shop at target, and they don’t sell a size 48. Also, I distinctly remember reading on Big Mama’s blog about how she’s the same weight she was in high school. I remember this well, because it is only with the Grace of Jesus that I do not hate her for that. Seriously.

    OK, so maybe you didn’t answer the question, I just know now that you have stomach issues (as do I) and therefore I know I can be your friend!

  48. My kind of top, definitely. What on earth is with all these tops that end at the WAIST (that thing that is in the middle of our bodies….or supposed to be)????? Everything I see here in England is short, and I need LONG. I do believe I will have to save the food money and pop over to Target to stock up. Who needs food anyway.

  49. I KNEW there was a reason I loved you so. . .I don’t tuck and I don’t go sleeveless. . .AND after seeing the Future Baby Feeders of America all day long of Jr. High school students AS WELL AS the CURRENT AND PAST Baby Feeders of fellow TEACHERS (I am not EVEN kidding)–I say a whole hearted, drawn out, LOUD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmen to your decision to err on the side of modesty. You rock.

  50. And Chilihead. . .if you all THREE wore them, you COULD be Zingers rather than Ho-Ho’s should you so choose. :)

  51. I think that, judging on the number of us who are wanting to run to the nearest Target and snatch up these shirts, you’re going to have to host a “Post a picture of you in your new Target long-sleeved shirt today” next week. I’m in love with that blue one… I’m thinking it’ll be great in a couple weeks for covering the after-baby tummy and, with a tank top, for covering the baby feeders that will be doing just that. ;)

  52. Hours until lock-in for 300 middle school girls: 22.5

    Amount of average calls from middle school girls and/or parents: 3 per minute

    Number of Starlite volunteers spending their Thursday night working frantically in our office: 17

    Me, shutting the door to my office while telling the volunteers that I had to read something “really, really important” and needed complete silence: priceless.

    There’s some things that money can’t buy. You, Boomama, are one of those things.

    However, if money could buy more volunteers for tomorrow night, I’d be all over that junk. Seriously.


  53. I have a Target gift card! Woo hoo! I might just go and get the red/orange printed one! Of course, my baby feeders are retired, so now they are affectionately known as “The Twins” and sometimes “MaryKate and Ashley”, so well, there you have it!

  54. Thanks for the tip! I am all about the long sleeve. I hate collars.

    I always called those feeders the “heaters” cause that’s what they felt like when I was nursing. I like baby feeders. Too funny.

  55. yes, I’m hearing the call for a “I bought the long sleeved shirt at Target purely because of BooMama’s post” blog carnival.

    Me? I’m going for the $14.99 long sleeved tee at Lane Bryant. sah-weet colors.

  56. Love it and funny how the model is posed with her back arched, saying..”Come on, this is for you ladies wanting to hide your pooch, look at me..but stand like this, or else it will show” lol..

  57. I will swallow the pill of bitterness and jealousy for my flat-bellied sisters because His grace is sufficient for me. And I mean that with all my heart.

  58. Love the shirt! I will be heading to Target tomorrow asap. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a blessed day!

  59. I can’t wait to try on that shirt at Target (Tar-Jaaaa as I my girlfriends and I call it). I love when there is a gem hidden among the racks! Thanks for digging it out!

  60. Does it have a tag that says official BooMama gear?
    I so need a few of these non-clingy shirts. I don’t need to count rolls thankyouverymuch.

  61. I’m cracking up right now because of the BABY FEEDERS comment. Oh yes, we like to keep those puppies covered! I, too, am not a flat stomach sister, nor will I ever be.

  62. Has no one thought of what this will look like when you TURN AROUND???? Indeedy, there is flounce and flap over the tummy, but I’m guessing the top one would make my rear look like the prize-winning pumpkin at the local fair. I’m just thinkin’ it won’t really work for me. The bottom one that is patterned? Maybe. But let’s not forget our rear view — ‘lest we spy ourselves from the rear on the local newscast’s segment on America’s growing backside.

    And, I confess, some may call me a flat-belly (though I have jiggles to argue that) but I make up for it on the other side.

    P.S. — Am I the only one whose sleeves end up filthy even when they don’t cover half my hand? I’m missing something in the female gene, I guess…

  63. very cute! i do have stomach issues, thankyouverymuch. i’m sure you looked adorable it it.

  64. Me too about the no sleeveless shirts. Only at the beach, anyway. I hate my arms. I love those shirts. Must be late. I’m writing in choppy sentences.

  65. I am so glad we are talkin’ fashion again! Tell us what you’re going to wear with your new trouser jeans.

  66. Bought it yesterday, wore it to work (sixth grade teacher) today and the girls in my class said it was cute. High praise from 12 year olds. After wearing it today, I thought I might go back and get another in a different color (I have the patterned one, but in the burgundy/green/blue). Super comfy, cheap enough to wear to work (with kids, markers, and overhead pens). Love. It.

    And now I feel stylish.

  67. I should add, for the sake of parents everywhere – I DEFINITELY wore a tank underneath to cover any and all hint of cleavage. Lest you internets think I am one of THOSE teachers…I assure you, I am not.

  68. Going to Target today…must check this out. While I do wear sleeveless during the summer (summers in GA are just too hot), my favorite seasons are fall and winter. So, I am always excited about getting to wear my favorite long-sleeved t-shirts with my jeans.
    On another note…I think this is the first comment I’ve posted and I want you to know that I LOVE your blog.

  69. My son once referred to “them” as “food thingies”.. :) Same idea but younger vernacular.

  70. Ok, I was just at my friendly neighborhood target and did not see those cute tops. Tell them to send some west, will ya???

    Your fellow tummy challenged friend.

  71. Cute cute cute cute and cute. Bossy is so at Target’s door when they open this morning.

  72. I do have issues wearing sleeveless clothes as well because my upper arms are very big and so much disproportion to the rest of my body. For this reason, I always have something to throw over my shoulders but in reality it’s to cover my upper arms.

    Thank you for being honest.

  73. With all of you going to Target, could you pick me up some cute acrylic letter stamps I saw there last week in the scrapbook section and didn’t buy?

    I just can’t do the layered shirt thing, peoples. I try and I try, and I must have the metabolism of a fly…it’s just too much fabric for this chick. Dang it.

  74. Love the shirt. Love the sleeves. Love the price. Love Target!

    But let’s not forget the fine features of the 3/4 length sleeve. It has a special place in my heart – or should I say on my arms.

  75. Your a kindred spirit for sure and I think I just might have to make a trip to that wonderful store where the red shirted, khaki pant wearing angels abide!!!:-)

  76. Hilarious post about the flat stomach sisters. Not one of them by the way. But, I loved your comment about it. hee hee

  77. Lordy, you are a hoot. Thanks for the belly laugh (no pun intended).

  78. Target is now on my list of places to go this weekend! Thanks, love the shirts – agree with you on the tanks!

  79. But wasn’t that too hot?

  80. Baby feeders! LOL funny!!!!! It amazes me how revealing women are these days. Didn’t their Mama teach them nothing?!

  81. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue hippie paisley!!!!!!!!!

  82. I too am into sleeves due to a stupid allergy to the sun. And I love the groovy sleeves; It is groovy sleeves and good tummy coverage that keep us young.

  83. Tracy McKenna says:

    Coming out of a year of lurkdom to comment. I have this shirt in the other print, the fallish colors, and I wore it Tuesday. LOVE it!