The Big Boo Cast, Episode 4

Now while you may think that we’ve taken some time off from the podcast so that we could examine our split ends under our respective magnifying mirrors, the fact of the matter is that we’ve recorded FOUR podcasts in the last two weeks but have been plagued by either 1) unforeseen technical difficulties 2) stunningly sub-par content or 3) more often than not, a combination of the two.

It’s been such an encouraging time.

But this week we’re back and, as always, tackling all manner of pressing issues: our children’s Halloween costumes, how to make your hair sizzle – literally, the dilemma of using “y’all” and “fixin'” in places outside the South, the problem with body slimming undergarments, and whether or not the wide belt is a valid fashion option.

We also discuss the fact that I may have been a little obsessed with ‘N Sync. When I was, well, 30.

And last but not least, there are bloopers. Oh yes ma’am there are.


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  1. I’m tickled you use pickle … players for your podcast.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about the NSYNC love! I was obsessed, too. I was a total JC girl. ;)

  3. After a week of keeping all those tunics and plastic salad bowl/lamp barstools in stock for y’all…. what a way to start a weekend off by listening to your latest. What a blessing you two are!

  4. Ben, too, insisted on being a pirate this year for Halloween. I found an adorable pirate costume at Gymboree. Now, it’s a little pricey, but I believe I’d probably end up spending that much if I had to buy all the various materials and then pay a seamstress. (By the way, Walt is going to be his little “parrot.” Is that funny or what?!)

  5. OK, I just have to say that my best friend was the biggest N’SYNC fan. She traveled many miles, to different states, paid high dollars to see them. But as with your friend, my friend LOVED Lance Bass too…I was confused as to why..and it really still is a mystery to me this day!!

  6. Amy in Idaho says: has lots of pirate costumes… lots of all kinds of costumes actually.

    Amy in Idaho

  7. Funniest one yet!

  8. I love to hear ya’ll laugh!!

  9. That was like a morning radio talk show. I tuned in while I was writing notes…my husband was shaking his head the whole time.

  10. Girls, I’m enjoying the podcasts. They are getting better and better! I appreciate that ya’ll don’t try to re-hash something that was spontaneously good the day before – you’re right, it would sound like you were reading from flashcards.

    Just an observation – BooMama, sometimes as you move about, I think you must move away from the microphone and it’s hard to hear you. Just thought you’d want to know how it sounds on someones else’s computer.

    Keep up the funny stuff!

  11. I have never been a fan of the windsuit either because, frankly, I have never been out where it is so windy that I require special attire.
    Unless I was fixin’ to go to one of those Chicago Board of Trade functions with Lisa in The Windy City. :>)

  12. Just finished listening to this podcast. I love your conversations and your laughter – I’m not sure which is funnier!

    By the way, in a few weeks a large group of us will be attending the Women of Faith conference. Just wanted to let you know that there is a real, bona fide hairstylist rooming with me! For 2 whole days we’ll have someone to do our hair! I may not know what to wear, but hair won’t be an issue! Maybe she’ll bring along some STAY and make our hair sizzle!

  13. Speaking of costumes…I just spent an obscene amount of money ($64) for Snuggle Bug’s fireman costume at FAO Schwarz while I was in Vegas last week. He loves it so it was worth every penny! I’m going to make my husband take some professional pictures of him wearing it.

  14. Too funny! Again!

    My husband was in the same room as I was listening. You lost him when you started talking about body shaping lycra!!!

    P.S. I, too, had the same problem as Alesha. I couldn’t hear you some of the time and had to turn the volume way up.

  15. I just have to say, you two are HILARIOUS. I turned it way up so I could hear it all good and clear while I was cleaning, and I about peed when you talked about moving around the “furniture.”

    It just feels like I’m listening in on a pair of good friends’ phone conversation, but I’m getting used to that feeling of nosiness. Don’t stop :)

  16. Another great podcast! No question this time, but I have a quick story that I thought you might appreciate after your discussion of body slimming undergarments. I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and sported a slimmer thingy under my dress. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and changed out of the dressy clothes and then went out for a bit. We came back to our room to find out that it had been robbed, and of the few things the burglar took, my body slimmer was one of them!! And it wasn’t like I’d left it on the bed – it was folded up and in my bag so burglar woman did some digging! Guess she had some problem areas that needed to be cinched! We got everything back, so it turned into a night of laughing hysterically about the burglar’s choice of items to snatch, but just know that there is someone out there who resorted to burglary for want of looking thinner in her clothes. :)

  17. Crackin’ me UP!

    My question for next week: How do you balance being a mom/ wife/ friend/ daughter/ and all the other things vying for your attention?