And Furthermore, The Weather Here Is Perfection

Well, I guess I didn’t have to be afraid to tell the internet that I’ve been struggling a little bit, especially given that your responses to yesterday’s post were every possible combination of awesome. I appreciate your prayers and your emails more than you know.

I actually didn’t realize how much NOT writing about all the STUFF RELATED TO SOME THINGS has been weighing on me until I finally hit “publish post” yesterday afternoon – and I’m telling you, as soon as that post went up, the tears started to fall, and I cried all the way from Panera to Alex’s school.

By the way, I would not recommend listening to Watermark’s “The Purest Place” when one is in a highly-charged emotional state.

Because it will send you straight into the ugly cry.

Which can be somewhat awkward and unsafe while driving.

And all that to say: I just love y’all to pieces.

We’re going to lay low around here this weekend: plant some mums, wash some clothes, watch our beloved Bulldogs play South Carolina (not to mention Auburn vs. Florida and Alabama vs. Florida State), have some sweet friends over for dinner, and gear up for the fact that Sunday is my day to help with the three year-olds at church.

I may need me a special anointing for that last thing.

I’d love to go all-out this weekend and decorate the outside of the house for fall (seriously, HOW CUTE IS THIS?), but I know my personality. I would start off with the perfectly innocent intention of buying a few pumpkins to make some topiaries, and before you know it I’d be all up in the Michael’s trying to find pumpkin lights and fake fall foliage, only not the fake stuff that looks fake, because I would be very particular about wanting the fake stuff that looks REAL, and sometime around 4 o’clock Sunday morning D would have to physically remove me from the front porch because I would still be out there trying to artfully place some dried gourds along the steps.

I’m not very good with the HAPPY MEDIUM, you know.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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  1. Rest, enjoy, recoup dear, sweet friend. Glad you got to have a good cry. cause sometimes that’s just what it takes :)

  2. If that’s your version of laying low, mine borders on plain ol’ laziness. ;) Enjoy your weekend of laying low and try not to let thoughts of Michael’s and fake fall foliage enter your head… I’m currently keeping off of a hurt foot (I wouldn’t recommend falling down the stairs at almost 9mos preggie) and trying not to think of the fact that I was *supposed* to be shopping for shoes to wear to my baby shower tomorrow. An ace bandage may have to do instead…

    And I’m glad, with Kelli, that you had a good cry. I don’t care what they say… tears help things. They really do.

  3. The ugly cry, I’ve been there.

    This too shall pass and the nice thing about a Boomama is that they make it through no matter what. It’s a genetic Boomama thing, you can’t keep em down for long.

    Hang in there


  4. We have a little OCD tendency in common! Yay!

    Have a great weekend. Really. Just relax. (Laughing hysterically inside cuz I know how well that works.)

  5. Ok, I clicked on the Southern Living link and my first thought is…”I would hate that momma that had the time, effort, patience, and energy to pull that off.” I dream big. I know it won’t happen around here. Only in my fantasy land.

  6. Then here, Boomama, is some shampoo you need!

  7. I too have the 3 year old class this Sunday- prayers for both of us ;)

  8. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Y’all are talking about praying, which I should be doing but here I am making another dumb comment.

    WHO THE HECK DECORATES WITH THAT MANY LIGHTS FOR HALLOWEEN? It is gorgeous, but my o’ my! That just put my happy little candy corn lights to shame! So sad. They are just the cutest! At least the photo doesn’t show the front yard full of those inflatable things!

  9. I am glad that you had an ugly cry. Those are so cleansing…….however, they are also physically draining. I try to avoid them like the plague.

  10. Moderation is for sissies. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

  11. bless your heart, boomama!

    you are so absolutely sweet and honest to “let everybody in” on your heart right now, and the Lord is just gearing up to let you in on something big, i just know it.

    we are continuing to pray for the entire boo family.

    i just caught a “funny” in that last statement. since you wanted us all to look at the halloween lights and decorating that southern living was featuring, it’s just about perfect that you are the boo family. even though you don’t enjoy the whole halloween thing, as you spoke of in the last big boo cast. i snorted waaaaay too much when you put the little “pretend monster” in his place!

  12. Oh, I am SO not good at the happy medium either! That porch is just the epitome of everything fall should be! I would love to have that, but I must face reality. First, it would take some serious $$$ – Second, some serious time – Third, it would get dirty and cobwebby, because I don’t have the time or the inclination to clean my porch every day! Oh well, maybe someday when my kids are all older I can have the perfect fall porch!

  13. I missed your long melancholy Panera bread post. How did I do that? Anyway, I went back and read it and I didn’t comment because there were like, 897 comments already. So I read THIS post and commented here just so I can say I know ‘xactly what it is to write fluff with eddies of anxiety underneath.

    I’m praying for you!


  14. I worked on my porch this very day, adding fall mums and hacking away at some bushes that were taking over our house. As I was pouring sweat, I thought how wrong – very very wrong – it was to be having a heat stroke while decorating for fall. Also, that pumpkin topiary is crazy and amazing!

  15. Just go on the the TJ Maxx and get some awesome Fall decor as I did accompanied by some mums, pumpkins, etc. Patience is NEVER easy Boo, but God loves you three to pieces as do we all :)

  16. Oh dear, I sense a kindred spirit here. Why just do when you can OVERdo?!

    And, let me just say, pumpkins, pumpkins EVERYWHERE. I cannot walk past them in the grocery without buying at least one. Maybe three. (Because such things always look better in odd-numbered groupings!)

  17. I totally know what you mean about moderation. I stopped in the middle and clicked on the link, and before I got back to your post my mind was whirring and it involved a BIG trip to Michaels or well, for me Hobby Lobby. I would use the fake pumpkins though. Then I would be considering myself frugal because I would use it more than one year. :) I have found so many cute ideas for fall decorating this year thanks to all the blog moms out there. I think I will print them out and work on it a little at a time. It is impossible for me NOT to decorate.

    I am glad you got that ugly cry out. I think it helps. I think maybe sometimes God waits a little until we get to that point. He appreciates the prayers, but I think sometimes while we are praying and waiting for Him we are also “being strong” all on our own. He wants us there, crying out to Him all our frustrations. So, let it out. He is there, loving you even at your messiest.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Go buy yourself a nice fat mum for the porch- That Southern Living porch is over the top! Beautiful, but over the top for sure!

  19. Wow, lots of OCD people out there (from your comments). I thought I was the only one. I sooo am like that. Relax, and enjoy the weekend. I’ll try to do the same, but probably will be rushing around like usual trying to accomplish too much (and not suceeding).

  20. Good GRIEF but I love that pumpkin doorway…must be Martha Stewart’s house! Guess who I went to see Wednesday night…Glory Revealed! Shane and Shane, Candi, Mac…umgood. And that David Nasser mentioned our Beth Moore and her LOVE for God’s Word! They sang “My God is Mighty To Save”…He CAN move a mountain. It was really good! I pray He’s working on your mountain right now.

  21. BooMama, you just make my day, in so many ways. Thanks for the chuckles, and yes the weather has been perfect, and yes ha ha about Meredith and the car, and yes that Watermark CD has not left my player for nearly six months. We are in the middle of moving across the continent but I am happy to say that my bloggy friends will remain the same!

  22. Oohh we all must be linked by more than cyberspace. I bought the pumpkins and mums today. And like Amanda, I was sweating by the time I got it all done. Praying for your burdens to be eased. Thanks for the bright spot you bring to my day.

  23. I haven’t been around much to tell you that I hope things work out in a way that is exactly right and brings you peace. Yes, that is indeed what I hope for you :) Sometimes a good ugly cry makes things a little better for the time being…or at least releases some stress.

    Praying for you.

    PS: I might be very excited that today IS the day that I am going to purchse the fixins for a fall display and I can’t wait. Oooo, it’s gonna be fun! Although it well never turn out as nice as it is in my head.

  24. love the pumpkin topiary…what will they come up with next?!

  25. We are putting up our fall and/or Halloween stuff this week too. It will make me smile, but not as much as that Auburn game did last night!

  26. I was all pumped about decking the fall halls around here in Big D this weekend, too, but you know what I’m doing instead? Taking all the faux fall foliage garlands, raffia bunches, fake pumpkins, etc., etc. back to their stores today.

    I bought them months ago in anticipation of the season, but I was just convicted over the weekend that I don’t NEED any of it in order to have a welcoming home. So the same little harvest-colored hydrangea wreath that I’ve had forever is coming back out on the door, but that’s it. :0) The madness is stopping this year!

    And I’ve already decided that for Christmas we’re NOT buying anything new decor-wise, no matter how much I love the real evergreen wreaths and garlands from LL Bean.

    I need help to be held accontable! :0) Anyone else want to go minimalist with me?!