Bloggy News That You Can Use

Three things:

Overwhelmed! is hosting her second annual Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style this Friday, October 5th. You can find all the details here.

Sprittibee is giving away a Kodak printer. Click here for more info.

And finally, Kathryn has a cautionary tale regarding a social networking site that invites you to share book recommendations with friends.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. thank you, boomama, for always remembering to supply us with freebies and giveaways!

    and laughs TOTALLY don’t hurt either!

  2. I enjoy using Shelfari as a means of organizing my reading list but don’t make use of any of its social networking features. I would NEVER give them access to my email account. I’m not defending this shady marketing practice at all, but it’s important to note that NO social networking site can spam your email contacts if you keep your private information private.

  3. That’s terrible about her whole contacts getting the emails.. Thankfully it wasn’t a real “virus” but those can be just as bad..

    God bless,
    www .angelfire .com /sc /anderklan /blahblahblog

    P.S. Our Monk and Neagle cd ARRIVED and I am so loving it!!!!




  5. I am really excited about Overwhelmed’s food carnival. Sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait.

    So, did Kelli let it out of the bag? Today is your birhtday???

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!

  6. Man, I wanted to be the first to “out” BooMama as the birthday girl today.

    Oh, well! Happy Birthday, Soph!

    Got it’s a great one!


  7. Hey, Happy Birthday! Is it me or does anyone else always think of Frosty the Snowman when they say Happy Birthday?

    I hope your day is full of laughter and fun!

  8. I heard through the grapevine (or blogvine) that today is your birthday. So…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  9. I heard through the grapevine (or blogvine) that today is your birthday. So…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!I heard it through bloggyville. :)


  12. another news flash…you got a mention on the LPM blog…how does it make you feel to know that Beth reads your blog!?!

    Happy Birthday…may all your wishes come true!

  13. Totally off subject but did you see that Beth Moore mentioned you by name on her blog today???? You’re famous!

  14. happy birthday, and as if she somehow knew…i hope you checked out beth moore’s blog today…go ahead and sit down before you click on over! :)

  15. Chiming in with the Best of Birthday Wishes!!! :D Hope you’re soaking it up with plenty of fried chicken, diet coke and sitting with your feet up. HUGS

  16. Happy B’day girlfriend!!! Hope it’s so full of joy and happiness that you just can’t stand it! Well, no enjoy it!

  17. Oh, it’s your birthday? (I spied from the comments) Well, happy to have passed by here on your day ~ hope you’re having a wonderful one.

    So, this comment isn’t really about the post you just did, but the post you did yesterday and the one you did… before.

    First, loved the story about your boy and his little honey. I say, let him kiss her. It isn’t very long we get in life to kiss our good friends with abandon! :)

    The other was about your non-fiction writer status. I can completely relate. I love to *read* a good book at story time to my girls, but make one up? Never. Well, I should check that, because I tried once. I really did. I started one and it was interesting enough that after I got to the cliff-hanging part for the night (because I was desperately trying to figure out where to end the thing), they wanted more. And I never could deliver. “Mama, tell us more about that girl and her sister who lived in the giant nest they’d made under the willow tree in the forest!” See how hard I was working? Well, I couldn’t tell them anything else, because that was really all I could muster. So, I feel your pain. Poetry, on the other hand, is something I love and can somehow do quite easily. I’ve never used a tree and honesty in the same line, but you know, perhaps I should.

    Just one more thing: I wanted to say thanks for the encouraging e-mail you sent to me. I deleted your e-mail so quickly, because my husband came in and peeked over my shoulder, so I lost your address and couldn’t say thanks. So, I’m doing it now. Thank you. And a very happy birthday! :)

  18. I heard it was your BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have had a great day!

  19. Quoting you on LPM: “hallelujah because I can bend over in them without damaging my testimony.”

    It slayed me…I am laughing still….oh thank ya Sister! I needed me a good laugh. Baby Sydney is sick with a stomach bug and I’m needing a little laughter in the midst of it!

  20. It’s your birthday and you’re giving out gifts? Laughter gifts are good!

    Hope your day is being filled even still with all the best and favorites!

  21. Oh my word, I just cleaned the kitchen with Mrs. Meyer’s lavendar all purpose counter spray … you are SO right. I immediately called my Mom and told her she absolutely must get some for her kitchen before the ladies from church have their fall get together at her house next week. I mean, really, what could make a party rock more than yummy smelling counters?

  22. I so enjoy your comments on the LPM blog…there are a handful of siestas I just have to scroll down and find and you are one of them, of course…you are absolutely adorable and hilarious and intriguing and sensible and delightful…just wanted you to know i think you’re a cool boomama…i’ve been reading your comments and enjoying them for months and decided to tell you on your birthday…happy birthday sweet thing

  23. Hope you had a fabulous day, dear Boo! So glad you are out here in blogland. Wish we lived closer and could chat at that Panera you love so much. It’s one of my faves, too.

    Hope God blessed you real good on your special day!!

  24. Happy Birthday and many more!!! Hope you did something really fun today.

  25. Oh my gosh, it’s your birthday?! How cool! Happy Birthday to you! :)

    Thanks for the plug for my upcoming Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange! I do appreciate it!

  26. I saw your mention by THE Beth Moore and rushed right over and find out it’s also your birthday? Could it get any better?

    And from the previous post: Does your kid introduce the entire family to every single person in the elevator? Especially the unkempt male variety? Mine does. And don’t think she misses one single old lady in the grocery store either. I SO get parenting the networking child. Except mine would have confiscated all the other kid’s toys and had a difficult time enjoying her bounty for nervously looking over her shoulder fearing the moment they would demand their toys back.

  27. Thanks for linking up my printer contest. :) You better enter it. I want to see how crafty you are. LOL