Oh Have Mercy It’s A Jewelry Giveaway

Now I will tell you up front that I am not, by and large, a jewelry person. I mean, I like a cute pair of earrings as much as the next girl, but I’m not someone who dreams of amassing a large assortment of precious stones or even of owning a really nice watch. I’m perfectly content with whatever Steinmart has on the sale rack, and if I had a choice between having a new diamond ring or taking a fabulous trip with my husband, the trip would win out every single time. It’s not even a contest.

But oddly enough, for the last several months I’ve found myself wishing that I had a simple, pretty necklace that I could wear with almost everything. Life with a four year-old dictates that I’m sort of past the point of wearing anything with a delicate chain, but a few months ago I saw one SASSY necklace in particular that really struck my fancy. Big, chunky beads – simple design – lots of color. I looked at it online almost every single day, but there was no way I could justify buying it during this “season of waiting” we’re walking through right now.

And so I had to let it go.

Well, a couple of weeks ago – right after my birthday – I got an email from Lisa, one of my readers, and she said she wanted to make a necklace for me, and OH, BY THE WAY, she even MAKES HER OWN (CHUNKY, COLORFUL) BEADS.

Somebody give the Lord a handclap. Give Him a handclap of praise.


The necklace arrived a little over a week ago, and y’all, when I finally got it unwrapped, I gasped. And then I said, “I LOVE IT!” about seventeen times in a row, never you mind that I was all by myself. It is absolutely perfect for me, and I really will treasure it forever. I smile every single time I put it on – and I just have to share the sassy jewelry goodness.


Lisa has been working like crazy to get ready for this giveaway, and she has made some absolutely gorgeous pieces. As a person who could not string oversized wooden beads onto yarn without having a small nervous breakdown, I cannot even imagine the intricacy and attention to detail involved with making jewelry. But I know good stuff when I see it, and Lisa’s jewelry is good stuff. It’s great stuff. No doubt about it.

Here’s how the giveaway will work. Go here to look at Lisa’s fabulous designs, and pick out your favorite. Then come back here, comment, and tell me which one you like the best.

On Friday I’ll use a random number generator to pick TWO winners, and those winners will be able to select the necklace of their choice from Lisa’s collection. And if you want to buy something instead of taking your chances with the drawing, you can certainly do that, too. I think you’ll be surprised by how affordable these one-of-a-kind pieces actually are.

So go. Look. Window shop. And then come back here and tell me which one you like best.


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  1. I LOVE #11- the fish bead or the Millifiori! So unique!


  2. I love the gold-flecked brown stone necklace paired with olivine Czech glass and brown AB crystals!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful earthy-toned set… and I’m sure I have a ton of fall outfits that it would go with :)))))))))))))))))))))))).

  3. By the way the set I just described is #2 :)

  4. I love them all-especially number 5 and number 10

    Pick me!

  5. Hello there, I really like number 3, ‘the purple set’. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. OH. MY. GOODNESS. To just choose ONE! I love #7. But then again I love #10 too. YIKES This gal is good! Thanks

  7. I love them all but if I have to pick just one ;-) it would be #5 twisted hematite ovals and coin-shaped shells (half mother of pearl and half black lip shell) I think I would wear it the most but I really do love them all.

  8. Ooh! Great stuff! I love #s 2 and 10.

  9. Set number two — the brown and green earthtone one — is stunning. And the wood necklace with the mahongany drop is a close second!

  10. I love, in exactly this order #6 and #9. She does beautiful work. Hope I’m lucky!

  11. Oh number 8 and 11. I love all the colors!!

    I do love the one you picked out BooMama! Just love it!

  12. LOVE set #2, with the olivine green and brown beads.

  13. Ding! Ding! Ding! Number 2 is my winner!

  14. I love #9…of course pink always makes me happy…

    What a talent that is! I just don’t have that kind of patience!

  15. Amelia Lou says:

    I thing that the brown/green combination necklace and earrings is FABULOUS!
    What amazing works of art they really are!

  16. love them all!! Put I love #1 and the peachy one, I think number 6.

    what great prices!!!

  17. It’s hard to narrow it done because they are all beautiful. But if you’re going to make me choose I’m going to have to go with #10. Wait… no, number 2. But I love 10. But two is so pretty! Here’s for hoping it’s my lucky day!

  18. I like #5 the best.

  19. Oh, pick me, pick me! I need a new fun necklace!!! I like #9 with the serpentine and rose quartz. But second place would be the adorable little fish guy! ;)

  20. It’s a tough choice, but I think Millefiori is my top pick.

  21. Ooh, I love number 10. Love the browns and I have always been fond of wooden beads. Plus, I know two sweaters that it would look great with. Hope I’m lucky!

  22. either #5 or #8, I’ll have to go stare at them again to pick!!! ;)

  23. Oh! I love the gold flecked brown and olivine! So earthy and fall-like!

  24. My fave is #10. Lovely!

  25. Ohh! Hard to pick. I like number 12 I think. Hope I don’t have a big head and am unable to double it. : ) That would be a bummer.

  26. #2 — It’s the perfect Christmas gift for my best friend! Love it!


  27. I love the purple one best. Very cute!

  28. I’m liking #12! I also like the one you have pictured in this post!

  29. #2, 5, 9, and 12.
    And that’s the narrowed down list.

  30. Beautiful jewelry! Such talent, I love #2!

  31. I’m lovin’ me #6 — the Graphic Feldspar… mmmmm

    Lovely work, Lisa, and thank you, BooMama, for the giveaway!!!!


  32. I love #10 the wooden necklace and #2 comes in a close second!

  33. #5 would match so much in my closet!!

    Pretty stuff!

  34. I love love love #12!! What a cool giveaway–all her stuff is fabulous!

  35. Ooohhh, I love #2!!!

  36. Loving #5!

  37. Lisa’s jewelry is beautiful! I love #2 and #12.

  38. Kim Kauffman says:

    Ohhh I love number 12!!

  39. Love #2!!! I wear lots of brown and green, so this would go with pretty much everything I wear. Great prices, too!

  40. I do love that Mexican Opal and the one after it (5) is really cute too!

  41. The gold-flecked brown stones in this necklace! Paired with olivine Czech glass and brown AB crystals, this is a great earth-tone set to enjoy with all your fall fashions. That’s #2 – love me some shiny brown and green together!

  42. love the set that is #8…..would really love to win it!!!

  43. Number 10 and Number 12 are very simple and cute. Beautiful pieces!

  44. I love #2! Beautiful!

  45. I love #5, #7, & #10. I think #10 us my favorite. Beautiful!

  46. I loved #2 the best. (oh pick me, pick me! I’ll do a little celebratory dance.)

  47. #2 is my favorite, since I was only allowed to pick just one (ha)! Truth be told I love them all.

  48. I LOVE #8… Millefiori! I think I must have it to wear with oh’ so many outfits!

  49. I love love love #8! Must. Have. It.

  50. Love them all. But #2 would have to be my favorite!

  51. #10 please! I’m so into brown right now it’s ridiculous . . . and I need a new way to liven up my wardrobe. :-)

  52. #12? i think… the flapper one… i think it is big enough to go around my neck. lol!

  53. I like #3 and #12, but I’d really like one similar to the necklace she made you. It can be worn with so many things!

  54. I like #8 Millefiori the best. All of them are beautiful.

  55. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I LOVED her beautiful jewelry and I am not a jewelry girl but could be if I have her masterpieces! I loved number 3 for my daughter and if I were selfish I would like number 5 for myself! I know, you only win one!
    Thank you for this chance!

  56. I like the purple or the “many flowers” one!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. I love #4 with the turquoise! All are just worthy! She does nice work!

  58. Hey Boo,
    I actually Love the one she made for you!! It is beautiful. I dont like chuncky at all so I would like # 9 the best. The jewelry is beautiful.
    Thanks so much for the give away!!

  59. Love them all in different ways- but 8 and 10 are my very favorites! Too fun!

  60. I actually like something about each of them, but 2 and 10 were my favorites. Lisa is very talented!

  61. All of them were sweet, and I loved the creativity in her display. The one that stood out for me was #8. I love your blog and your bright spirit. God bless, Chrissie

  62. I loved the purple set!

  63. Love # 7, closely followed by # 8, actually they are all beautiful!

  64. I like the flapper necklace!

  65. Ooooh, #2 for the win!

  66. Ooooooh. I like #2!

  67. Oh so beautiful! Honestly I can’t quite decide, so if I do win, I’d like time to ponder, but I think that the brown and green, #2, is my favorite (but I like 7 and 8, too).

  68. #2 is so beautiful!!!! I love them all!

  69. #6, #9 & #10 are on the top of my list. I like ’em a lot!!

  70. Love, love, love #8, the Millefiori flower one. But the pink and green set one or two down the page from that one is a close second!! :)

  71. They are all so beautiful! #2 is my favorite!

  72. Hard to decide on just one but I’ll go with #8.

  73. I love #5. They are all very pretty!

  74. I love #3!

  75. I couldn’t decide between 1,2 and 10. Love this jewelry!!!

  76. I really like just about all of them more than I should, but my favorites are #5 and #7.

  77. The pink and the mother of pearl are the prettiest.

  78. #8 is my pick.

  79. I love #8 & #10!! Hope to win one!!

  80. # 2and #5 are my favs!

  81. Kelly Kulich says:

    I love number 5! This is the first contest I have even entered of yours just because I love that necklace so much!

  82. Jodie Dardeau says:

    I like #8. I love all that color. It’s very versatile. :)

  83. I’ll take a #2 and a diet coke.

  84. Collie Girl says:

    #11 is the cutest, with the millefiori coming a close second! She is talented and VERY reasonable!

  85. My favorites are #10 and #12.

  86. My favorite is #10.

  87. Ooh I like them all, but my favorite is the brown and green CHUNKY :) ones–hee hee!

    Thanks for displaying Lisa’s beautiful work!

  88. Wow, I’m very impressed! They are all so gorgeous, but I think I would pick #8.


  89. I like #5 the best!

  90. # 8 is my very favorite!

  91. #2, I love the brown fleckstone and green gems! Basically because it would match 95% of the stuff in my closet! Great jewelry!

  92. #12. Lovely jewelry

  93. #4 is so cute!

  94. Too many great choices! #5 and #8 catch my eyes…

  95. oooooohhhhhhhh!! Number 5 is my fave!

  96. I love the fish, but #2 is my fav. Fun, fun!

  97. I’m about the same way about jewelry. I wear earrings and usually a cross necklace. The one you have pictured is really pretty. I also liked #8.

  98. All are beautiful but I do need to say that number 10 is my very favorite!!

  99. #2 and 12 are really my faves but they are all beautiful!

  100. oooooo … #8!!! I love it!!