Phooey! Giveaway Winners

Three of you are about to be the proud new owners of a copy of Phooey! by Marc Rosenthal.

Phooey! winners

Commenter #66 – Heth

Commenter #175 – Amy (no blog, email at bellsouth, and WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THE AMYS? THEY’RE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!)

Commenter #231 – Christian

Congratulations, y’all! You’re going to love this book – and if you’ll email me with your address, I’ll get it in the mail this week!

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  1. Well, phooey!


  2. Nuh UH! No way. There must be another Heth out there because I never win anything. HOORAY! This made my day.

  3. Now there’s nothing wrong with the Amy’s!

  4. Oh goody! I’m excited!

    I’ve corrected the blog url in this comment so the link should work now.

  5. Phooey. I missed this one!

  6. Ah: you’ve tapped into our secret. The Amys are, in fact, plotting to rule the universe. We’ve also just passed a resolution approving the inclusion of Aimees and Amis, after a particularly contentious debate between members Grant (pro) and Winehouse (con).

  7. I hope you all like the book. I loved reading the comments.And thank you to BooMama for hosting the giveaway!

  8. And I’ve been AWOL for the past month! So add one more now! :)