Surprisingly, This Post Is Not About Football

Last week Sister and I stayed at Mama and Daddy’s house for four nights.

When we left their house Sunday afternoon, Mama left with us – and she has been at my house for three nights.

This is what the back of my car looked like Sunday afternoon right before we left Mama’s house.



Please tell me your cars looked like this, too.


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  1. Oh my heavens, YES! You should see the pile of luggage I have at the ready by the back door for our c-section on Thursday. It looks like Vera Bradley’s showroom exploded in my hallway! And to think all I’ll be wearing for 5 days is PJs. I only need one outfit to go home in, for pete’s sake! :0)

  2. My car looks like this when I’m just going two hours away to visit my sister. I have clothing issues!

  3. I believe someone has some WAY CUTE polka-dotted pink luggage!

  4. I’m lovin the brown and white bag peeking out at the bottom right corner!! And, of course! Everyones car looks like that when traveling.

  5. BooMama, darlin’ I think you have a serious problem.

    Your bags aren’t color coordinated, but don’t worry this woman with OCD won’t comment on the number of bags you have packed for a 7 day jaunt.

  6. are you kidding!

    my car looks like that when I go for a quick trip to the store!


  7. Our’s looks WORSE!

    You see, I’m a over packer and married to an over packer.. and we produced a child that thinks all his favorite belongings MUST go with us on ALL overnight know… incase they disappear while we are gone. Husband packs a cooler, blankets, pillows, clothes, the medicine cabinet, and the tools… you never know when you may have to build a house and sleep on wood floors while waiting to get the beds delivered.. HA!

  8. We’re leaving this weekend for Colorado… for one week. I can guarantee you our entire truck bed will be stuffed to the brim and we’ll be squeezing the kitchen sink between the carseats in the back of the cab.

    You are not alone. Oh goodness, you are NOT alone.

  9. I’ll tell you what impresses me – – – it’s the NEAT way you have all that luggage stacked in there!!! I LIKE it all neat like that, but when I “pile it by the door” and let my husband put it in, well the mess he makes with it would put a healthy hurricane to shame.

  10. Worse

  11. That is soooo funny!!! I only pack about half of that for my family of 4!! I think I saw the kitchen sink back there!

  12. You should see how much stuff I took when the hubby and I took an anniversary trip in March! Someone (not mentioning any names) packed for every possible event, including the possibility that someone might get the stomach flu (oh, that’s what the little garbage can was for). I am a firm believer in “if you pack for it, you won’t need it!”

  13. After all it was a road trip! I can pack in two medium sized bags for a 10 day trip to Europe, but if I’m going on a road trip I take everything I own,,,,I need options when I get there.

    I can’t explain it.

  14. oh yes. overpacking is a slight problem here too.

  15. Oh — what cute bags you own. °Ü° Over packing never occurs here ::SNORT:: OK — I’m lying… I always snort when I’m lying.

  16. And your problem is…….????? My husband always says we look like the Beverly Hillbillies when we travel!

  17. yup, when we went to Floridia for a month with 4 people in the van.

  18. How am I to know ahead of time what I will be in the mood to wear should we suddenly get invited for dinner downtown or a football game or just lookin’ cute in my pj’s in the morning around people who’ve known me my whole life?

    The only thing you’re missing is a big ol’ cooler of Diet Coke;)

  19. I’m just lovin’ the Vera Bradley and the cute make-up case. :>)

  20. That is awesome. Simply awesome. It’s like a work of art, really.

    I am a chronic overpacker so I can totally appreciate this picture. Except mine is not nearly as colorful… going to have to work on that. :)

  21. Yes, my car looked like that when I traveled with my husband and two children for a three day road trip where we vacationed for SEVEN days and then drove back again.

    I mean, wow. Just wow.

  22. YES! are you kidding…my car looks like that when we leave for 2 days! My packing habits are precisely what keeps us driving SUV’s….there is no way we could fit anything into a car trunk!

    Love, Sarah TN

  23. Sorry to disappoint. I limit my family to a total of 4 bags. Period.

  24. I do not over-pack, but I do have the same red print bags as you!

  25. I can relate to the overpacking. I do it every time we go somewhere. I think it is a girl thing. My husband can get a weeks worth of his things in one bag. I am always amazed. I am enjoying reading your blog. I am here from justabeachkat.


  26. Holy cow. I’m surprised you had room for yourselves in there!! lol!!!!!!!

  27. So my “carry on only” rule for my family’s upcoming week long vacation, might not work for you?

  28. Uhhh…yes. My car looks exactly like that too when we travel! For the weekend!

    Embrace the overpacking!

  29. All I can say is that Mama has some CUTE bags!

  30. Cute bags!

  31. I keep telling DH I would like a smaller vehicle.He looks at me quizzically and says “You barely have room in the one we’ve got.Remember last weekend when you had to rearrange the shopping bags to fit the children in?” The vehicle is a Tahoe, there should be plenty of room for 5.DH is a minimalist in all areas of life except for tools and land.I am a chronic overpacker.I dress by mood,what color I “feel” like wearing,how can you plan for that in advance?!?!Unfortunately my tween daughter is the same way already, it’s my fault,but at least she will be prepared for any occasion or mood.

  32. Ummm, no. But that’s because I have no sense of taste.

    And bummer. I was looking forward to some more talk of football.

  33. A girl needs choices. Especially in the south at this time of year when it could be 70 degrees one day and 30 the next. And winter clothes are bulky and take up more room. So you girls are FINE!
    All I really could think when I saw this picture – was I spy cute bags!!!!

  34. I took one roller suitcase, a carry on, and a large purse for a week’s stay in Paris….twice.
    But, I take as much in your car for just ME when I go home to Arkansas for Christmas…and we rarely get dressed and leave the house! I think it’s because I MIGHT see someone I know and, I mean, I can’t wear the same thing TWICE! Right?
    It’s a southern thang. My daughter inherited the disease as well and she can put me to shame when she comes home from college in Atlanta. She will bring 20+ outfits with all accessories for three days….and wear MOST of them!

  35. We went to Gatlinburg over Thanksgiving holidays and our car looked like that plus one of those big things on the roof packed to the max!! It’s so good to know we’re not alone!

  36. Now I know where they’ve hidden Vera Bradley’s corpse.

  37. Oh yes, we have that diesease too. We also have the “Excessive Shopping” disease. The day after Christmas all the women and girls in my family leave the house before dawn, to shop for after Christmas bargains. One year, as we set out, we all commented that we really didn’t NEED anything. 8 hours later, the entire Suburban was packed to the brim with shopping bags, and at the last store, we were advised not to buy anything that we couldn’t hold on our laps. Oh I hope we get to do that this year…It would make a great blog post!

  38. I have to go with the “less is more” when traveling by air but “more is, well, more” if you have room in the back of the auto. Love the brwn ‘n white bag.

  39. That is HILARIOUS!! Does Oui Oui want to come this weekend too?

  40. Janet (aka JT) says:

    The back of my van looks like that now, and we haven’t gone anywhere.

  41. LOLOL heavens NO I dont even own that much stuff!! That is hallarious. I never saw such a packed out vehicle before!

  42. Ours does too. We picked our mini-van specifically because it had the most trunk space. We have 3 under the age of 5 so when we go on any type of trip we pretty much load our house in our van and head off. Needless to say we don’t do that much traveling.


  44. Ohhhhh, yes! I always overpack. It seems the shorter the trip, the more I overpack! For a weekend trip, I take more than I can carry, but for some reason on my 8-day trip to Canada, I managed to pack one large suitcase, a carry-on, and my purse…hmmmmm…..

  45. For our 6-day trip to Iowa this Thanksgiving, I packed 10 shirts, 3 dresses, 7 pants, 4 pairs of shoes, 12 panties, 6 pairs of socks for my daughter— she used 3 shirts, 2 pants, 1 pair of shoes (then, Gramma bought her a new pair. I know I overpack but I can’t help it. Better be safe than sorry, I always say.

  46. You probably won’t be happy when I tell you I took one little pilot case and my purse to Vegas for a weekend will you? No, I guess not.

  47. That’s not a problem- that’s a solution-

    It fit, hence- problem solved;)

  48. This type of packing is EXACTLY why I convinced Husband to get me a new Tahoe. Who knows when the weather will change drastically (like say from 95 to 32) in a matter of hours. I need shoes to plan for all occassions (and maybe several outfits b/c you never know what my mood might be).

    Love the bags as well!

  49. Lol. Personally I’m a one-bag-per-person kinda gal, so this cracks me up.

  50. Somehow having four kids cured me of over-packing. All of their paraphenalia leaves little room for the mama’s stuff. I actually packed just one of those carry-on rolling bags for my 6-day trip to Poland in April. Onlu when I realized that I couldn’t carry on razors to shave my legs, and had no room for gifts, did I spread it into an extra bag to check. But I’m SURE I do not look nearly as cute as you do!

  51. It could be worse…

    At least you don’t have to add all of this

  52. Absolutely! You must have choices living in the deep south in November. I will be 75 and sunny one day and 45 and rainy the next. You might have a fast food drink accident.! You might need emergency medicine in the middle of the night and be 45 miles away from a 24 hour pharmacy! You might decide you want to wear something else! We also pack snacks and bottled water for any trip because convenience stores, well, lets face it all you can afford now is the gas. We should probably form a support group for overpackers.

  53. Guilty!

  54. You did stay at least a week, right? :-)

  55. Well, it does look pretty bad, but not that bad ONLY because 1/2 of the junk is in the seats with us. If you fit it all back there and didn’t ALSO have stuff up front with you, then you are OK.

    :)In my opinion.

  56. Boomama, never fear. I have become a world class car packer for that very reason. When I go on trips with my parents, my mother always insists that I pack the car, because she knows I can get more in it than anyone else, and therefore, she can bring more stuff!

  57. LOL That is so cute! But no, my car never looks like that. One big suitcase, one carryon, and one little one for shoes. And that’s for a week’s trip on an airplane. But then I am anal my kids say.

    On the other hand, sister just had to come help me clean my closets so I do have a clothes issue also, just not in my car. Yours just looks like someone had a really, really good time and brought home Grandma to boot. That’s always a plus.


  58. I love that plaid bag–but sorry, no. After 10 years my husband has drummed into me the joys of bringing less–and leaving a little extra space in the luggage as we ALWAYS come home with more. Plus, w/6 people, even economical packing is a tight squeeze.

  59. Oh yeah! And then we have a topper to go on the top of the van. It’s a sad, sad thing.

  60. Hey you have to be prepared for every contingency! I like choices when it comes to what to wear. My husband on the other hand is a light packer, just the bare minimum thankyouverymuch. But I have taught my daughter well, she prepares for everything too! And previous trips have taught me to bring Motrin, Immodium, etc. etc. I realize you can find those kind of things at you handy-dandy corner Walgreens but it is nice to have them on hand when traveling.

  61. Well, ours probably looks about like that, but we have six people in our family. Therefore, the per capita baggage isn’t quite as high as yours appears to be. What I really want to know is if the INSIDE of your car is as nasty as mine. Now THAT’S a picture that would make you feel better about yourself.

  62. Wow! That’s a lot of stuff! I also have a tendency to overpack. My husband laughed at me when we went on a vacation to Maui and I had to tak six pairs of shoes for one week. But hey! I wore every pair–at least once:)

  63. Hi, I’m Lindsey and I’m an overpacker!

    We are out of town just this week (in beautiful Point Clear, AL) and I heard the guy parked next to us actually say, “I can’t believe they got that much stuff in their car.” I mean, for heaven’s sakes, I do have two little girls! We need enough outfits to try on and throw on the floor.

    At least you don’t have all those infant items such as the bouncer, the play yard, the boppy, and the swing.

  64. Yes, ours looked like that too when we traveled to St, Louis for Thanksgiving, but we are family of – FIVE!!!

  65. I will admit to having a wee bit of a problem with overpacking. But I’m writing to comment that I just knew the back of your car would be top to bottom Vera Bradley. I’m shocked to see all of the sensible black luggage. I know the appeal of wheels and all that, but gosh…

  66. Unfortunately, mine looks like that as well. You MIGHT need some of the stuff in the bags! For crying in the cream!

  67. Well, yes, but there were 5 of us going 1000 miles in the car for 2 weeks.
    I’m assuming this pic doesn’t show all the books/toys/games/snacks etc needed during the actual drive, right?

  68. For 26 years when we travel, I’ve just stepped aside (gone inside the house) while Don ‘packed the car’. It always made this perfectly calm man foam at the mouth. Yours doesnt look quite like ours did, but you were likely able to smuggle a few more outfits onboard too. Engineers don’t handle bulging luggage very well.