A Bonbon Giveaway – *EDITED*

Edited to add – if you see anything on the Bonbon Charms site that you’d like to go ahead and order, you can enter in the coupon code BOOMAMA (all caps) at checkout and get a 20% discount.

And just FYI: this is officially the first time I’ve ever been a discount code.

So clearly we will be having fried chicken and ice cream later.

I don’t know if y’all know this, but one of the cool things about the wide world interweb is that it enables you to find products and designers and whatnot and whathaveyou that you would have never known about without the aid of the computer.

They say you can even shop online.

I wouldn’t know anything about that, of course.

Well, a couple of weeks ago someone sent me a link to a mom-owned business that I probably would have never discovered without the interweb. The business is called Bonbon Charms, and I thought it was so fun that – you guessed it – it’s giveaway time!

What I love about Bonbon Charms is that you can create jewelry that’s personalized and a real reflection of your family. I also love that you could start a bracelet or a necklace for your little girl, even if she’s just a wee one, and by the time she’s in her 20’s she will have an absolutely priceless keepsake – an heirloom, even.

And that’s just cool.

Erica from Bonbon Charms is giving away the Christmas collection item of your choice to five lucky winners – and here’s what you have to do to enter:

1) Click over to Bonbon Charms.
2) Take a look around the site.
3) Come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite product is.

And if you’re interested in ordering, you can certainly do that, too – in fact, I’ll have a special discount code for y’all in the next couple of days. But a word to the wise: you have to place your order by December 10th if you want it delivered by Christmas.

I’ll close this giveaway on Thursday, December 5th – and I’ll use random.org to draw for five winners.

Have fun, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. What a fun site. I’m crazy for the Madeleines! The JOY one is my favorite. Ü

  2. I really like the joy ornament.

  3. i like the letter with the dictionary entry on the back.

  4. Mrs. Troop says:

    Those charm bracelets are darling – my four daughters would love them!

  5. Love the photo charms!

  6. I love the Believe charm

  7. I love the photo charms :)

  8. Love the BELIEVE charm.

  9. photo charms. without a doubt.

    what a wonderful product she is creating! and you are so right about an heirloom for a wee little girl later on in her life.

  10. Cute cute cute! Love the photo charms. Will wait for the coupon, might get one for my sister.

  11. I like the family Christmas ornament

  12. My favorites are the Madeleines as well. My beautiful daughter’s name is Madeleine!

  13. I love Believe! Which on its own is not a grammatically correct sentence.

  14. stephanie says:

    just came across your blog when i saw it linked from a friend’s blog, and i love it. as far as the bonbon charms…i love the petit fours, especially princess and love bug!

  15. Can’t get on the site…Will try later.

    Kate in Mississippi

  16. I like the eiffel tower charm and the princess charm. Both would be a great addition to my daughter’s charm bracelet. She’s only two now, but I plan to give her a full bracelet when she is 16 or 18. Thanks for the new product updates and giveaways!

  17. I just found your site the other day and I have to say that you are such a treat to read! So funny!

    Well, I like the “love bug” charm the best. The charm bracelets are very cool as well. Actually, everything on her site is neato.

  18. I love the personalized photo charms! So sweet.

  19. Christmas Mini-Madelines!

  20. I love the believe charm. Thanks for tipping me off to this great site!

  21. oh the christmas ones are just adorable! I love them but I love everything christmas! My fave is the “stay warm and cozy” one :)

  22. I love it all, but the ornaments are so beautiful and different. I love finding an ornament for each year that is unique.

  23. I am having trouble getting onto the site. I will try again later! I always thought a charm bracelet would be sooo fun and since we have 3 blessings who could wear them – I definitely want to see!

  24. FYI- I shot off an email to them- The site links don’t all seem to be working. But once they do- I’ll be ordering the Eiffel Tower Monogram for Kati for Christmas!

  25. Love the photo charms!

  26. I was a bit disappointed – at first I thought I was gonna get in a drawing for some edible bonbons – some yummy chocolate – oh well – this has less calories!

    I like the eiffel tower letter charm.

  27. I love the bracelets. So cute!

  28. I love these! I like the photo charms and the ornaments!

  29. The individual charms are all too good to choose just one. I’d have to get the charm bracelet and fill it up!

  30. I really like the Baby’s First Christmas and Happy Holidays one! Of course I don’t have a baby anymore (but know of several) and don’t have quite enough boys to represent the four on the front of the Happy Holidays ornament… Hmmm… but you never know what a new year can bring forth! :-)

  31. Carrie Thompson says:

    My favorite was the small circle charm that said faith. It is so beautiful!

  32. Wow! I love those little custom charms. I would get my children’s names and bdays!

  33. Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me–it’s my birthday! Really!
    I think you crashed the site, but I am crazy for charms and know I’ll love ’em!

  34. “A Very Merry Christmas” Ornament!

    I have had her site bookmarked for awhile now!


  35. I love the Christmas charms!

  36. I like “Believe”

  37. I love the believe charm. I’ve got a necklace with that right now, but it doesn’t match much in my wardrobe when it’s not summer. A charm bracelet would work nicely – really!

  38. I like the “love bug” charm… my fav was the blue butterfly in the picture of the bracelet charms, but I couldn’t find it sold on elsewhere on the site.

  39. Everything is so creative! I love the Christmas mini-madelines. They can keep you in the spirit!

  40. Don’t know if anyone’s caught this yet, but you said the contest is till Thurs Dec. 5, but the 5th is a Wed.

  41. What’s not to love? They are from Oregon (where my kids were born), they have Madeleines (my daughter’s middle name) and are very French (where we live now!). My fave is the Eiffel tower!!!

  42. I love this jewelry, especially the Christmas collection & all of the mom/mother charms!

  43. Ummmm – how can I pick just ONE!? :) My favorite ‘bon bon’ is Hugs and kisses – but I love ’em all! :)

  44. I love the mini Madeliniene’s! Super trendy and cute!

  45. The photo charms!

  46. It is all so pretty but I love the Christmas ornament charms for this time of year!

  47. I love the photo charms! Great site!

  48. Wendy Clark says:

    I really like the Little Love Bug charm.

  49. I love the Santa Claus is Coming ornament! So cute!

  50. Eiffel Tower, Paris…..oh yum!

    I have an obsession for all French doo dads…it reminds me of our two trips to Paris!

  51. I love everything, but I really love the Joie charm! I’d love to win, so count me in! Thanks for the chance! Happy December!

    Jennifer :-)

  52. I love the photo charms!

  53. I love the Madelines and Geometriques (didn’t find those for a while)!

  54. I LOVE the charm braclets, but I my favorite little item is the “love” in the Petit Fours collection. So precious!


  55. I like the believe charm because I collect all things that say “believe” :)! So cute! If I don’t win, I will probably have to order that one!!! AND the santa charms are adorable!

  56. I like the madelines!

  57. Just one – oh my! I am gonna go with the Queen B charm. My daughter’s name begins with a “B” and I often refer to her as my Queen B. Plus she is always buzzing with activity.

  58. I am torn between the “Happy Christmas” ornament and the “Very Merry Christmas” ornament.

    Also, I am suddenly hungry for chocolate.

  59. I think the believe charm is adorable but I liked the joy charm too!

  60. I’m thinking the photo charms. lovely.

  61. sweetanlo says:

    I like the hugs and kisses charm.

  62. Well, I fell in love immediately with the love/amour petit fours and purchased it! So, next are the madeleine charms-one regular size and one mini-so pretty!

  63. I like the Beauty one.

  64. Gorgeous!

    I love the Expressive Charmes (Madeleines)


  65. oops, Charms

  66. Dear Santa, I’d like it all……well, ok, I do love the charm braclet, and you mean you want me to pick just ONE charm? Oh, I don’t know….maybe the Eiffel Tower one??? Or the dictionary one? You know I have a hard time deciding!! But if I had to because I won something, I would be forced!! ;)

  67. Count me in for the Hugs and Kisses Charm!


  68. I just love the Believe charm!
    Have a Merry Christmas, BooMama!

  69. A Very Merry Christmas ornament. :-)

    Thanks so much! What a treat!

  70. Oh I love those mini-madeleines. Lovely!

    Thanks for the chance to win Boomama!

  71. I like the “Loving Xmas” charm… lovely.

  72. Amazingly precious. Cannot wait to start one for my daughter and myself. I love that their is something on both sides of the charm.

  73. I love everything on this site.
    One the Christmas page…
    I love the Very Merry Christmas Ornament.

  74. The bracelets would be so special!

  75. I love the photo charms …

  76. I looked through her whole tour — C.U.T.E. isn’t it??

    I like the dictionary bonbons best evah!!

    THANKS boomama!! I love this place. °Ü°

  77. I love the photo charms, with the descriptions on the back!

  78. LOVE those vintage-y christmas ornaments!

  79. I’m loving the photo charms!

  80. OH MY GOODNESS. This stuff is wonderful! I will order for sure.

    I love the Believe charm!!!!

    Joy, Bitsy

  81. I love the Christmas Joy one — I decorate my house with as much “joy” stuff as I can find at Christmas, so I could decorate myself now too…does that sound wrong?:)

  82. I love the photo charms

  83. I like the “double photo charm”. Cool website!

  84. I was amzingly and stunningly disappointed when I discovered that the bon-bons weren’t chocolate.


    I guess a photo charm would be the next best thing.

  85. madeleines look like fun

  86. I love the bracelets. Especially with the dated charms, like your kids name on one side and her birthdate on the other. Very special

  87. Amy Martin says:

    I love the princess charm! Perfect for my daughter!

  88. My fav is the “my treasures” charm where you put your children’s names on the back…just love that! thanks for the hope of getting something else free on the internet :)

  89. Baby’s first Chrsitmas

  90. That was supposed to say Christmas, of course.

  91. I’d love a family Christmas ornament :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. As my kennyboo would say……”I WOVE EM ALL!” =) heee!! I really like the one that says, “believe” that’s a good one!!

  93. I am a simple person….love the simplicity of the bonbons!

  94. I love the photo charms.

  95. Bailey's Leaf says:

    A mini Madeleine with my daughter’s not-so-typical name would be lovely!

    My daughter is adopted and we have sibling relationships. Her “Aunt Holly” started her a charm bracelet from her brother and sister. She gives her a new charm for the bracelet every year and we look forward to when that thing is just jam packed! :)

  96. I love the bracelets and charms. I have a charm bracelet my mother made for me when I was a teenager. It means a lot!

  97. What a fun website! I loved everything on it–how to choose! I do like the ornaments a lot.

  98. Oh I love the princess “petit four”

    Lovely site over there. Thanks for sharing!

  99. I love the Believe Charm.

    Merry Christmas!

  100. Thank you so much for introducing this site…first I like the photo charms. But what I love the most is the madeleines…I would have for the main charm, my initial to my last name which also happens to be “C” and then on the word charm part I would put my daughters name, Kylee.

    Too cute