Quick! A Giveaway! Right Now! Hurry!

Now normally I try to time my giveaways so that there’s about one a week, but in this case – what with it being so close to Christmas and all – I decided I’d better post about this particular giveaway RIGHTTHISSECOND because I want the winner to have her (or his!) prize in time to use it before Christmas.

So here’s the deal.

A week or so ago Lands’ End sent me a couple of items of clothing to try. I am not keeping the clothing, mind you, because of my ads agreement and because I’m afraid that if I start accepting all sorts of free stuff I’ll eventually be standing in the checkout line at Publix trying to work out a way to trade blog space for six cans of crushed pineapple, but I was all for trying on the clothes from Lands’ End if they might be something that you, the internets, would enjoy.

Well, the two things I tried were this jacket and these pants, and it probably comes as no surprise that I loved both items because OH, THE COMFORT.


In addition to being very warm and cozy, the Lands’ End fleece is anti-static and anti-pet hair (I KNOW!). But more than anything, it’s just really, super comfortable – great stuff to put on when you need to run through the carpool line but don’t want to embarrass your kids by wearing your pajamas, NOT THAT ANY OF US WOULD EVER DO SUCH A THING.

Personally, I’m always on the lookout for “Mama clothes” that will put a little sassy in my step, and when I tried on the jacket and the pants, I felt like a regular Sassy McFleecerson, oh yes ma’am I did.

And you? You can feel like Sassy McFleecerson, too. Because Lands’ End is going to send one of you fabulous internets a $100 gift card.


Here’s what you do if you’d like to win a $100 gift card from Lands’ End:

1. Click here to go to the Lands’ End website.

2. Look around. They have clothes for all shapes and sizes (plus, the men who are reading will find that there are also many manly items that they can wear with great manly pride).

3. Come back here and tell me at least one item you found for your Christmas wish list.

4. Go fix yourself a cup of hot chocolate. You must be exhausted from all that looking.

I’ll close this giveaway the morning of Monday, December 17th.

Have fun, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed. I’ll announce the winner Tuesday, December 18th. Thanks so much for the incredible response!

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  1. Wendy Clark says:

    The shoes! The shoes! I’ll take all the shoes! I really like the Pink Suede Slip Ons though.

  2. Weatherfield shoes and jacket (cute and matchy-matchy), anything men to update my poor husband, who conveniently values comfort WAY over fashion,and the beautiful hooded shearling coat. Did I say too much? :)

  3. Living in the northeast I am drawn to WARM clothing…I love the thermal lite vest and the fleece sports jacket and the hooded squall jacket as well as their boots!!!! I have had the same pair of winter boots from land’s end for 18 years!!!!(and no they really do not smell!!)

  4. Ok they sure have a lot of stuff to choose from, but i do like the Women’s Regular Long Sleeve Cotton Cowlneck Sweater in Grey. Its very pretty.
    Thats so awesome that you got to try on there clothes like that. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. I am a woman that NEEDS ME SOME BOOTS.

    And, while I was there, I also happened upon some rather nice fleece pants, a down coat, and a few other items to add to my wardrobe.

    Did I mention that I had a baby a year ago and haven’t bought myself any clothing since—unless you count the uber-fabulous sweater I picked up at Sam’s Club last weekend. Clothes shopping at Sam’s Club seems wrong for so many reasons.


  6. Cowlneck sweater, modern knit skirt and the print box tote.

  7. The girls’ tall faux fur buckle boots in tan. Love, love, love them.

  8. Love the Chevron Down Jacket!

  9. I caved at the start of school and bought my daughter a Disney Princess backpack with (count ’em) 3 – yes, 1, 2, 3 – princesses. Like I knew it would, it has started to fall apart. So, I will start off with a new pink, monogrammed Classmate backpack for her. For me, I’ll try the oh-so-comfy fleece that you tried out. Sounds great!

  10. I love the outfit you have featured in your entry today, the cozy slippers for women, the adorable baby cable knit sweater and pants for my son .. oooo, so cute! I am so ordering that outfit BEFORE I win the gift card!!!! HAHA .. NO … really .. I am on the phone right now …

  11. I really love the Cable Cashmere V-neck Sweater in loden green. The thermometer said -4 this morning!!! That would be MINUS FOUR — BELOW ZERO!!! I’m cold and would love some cute warm sweaters!

  12. Dear Santa BooMama Claus,
    I really liked the Leather tote, the Suede tote, the twill canvas tote, the flannel bedding, the cashmere long sleeve tee sweater…need I go on?

  13. http://www.landsend.com/pp/FauxShearlingBucketHat~151358_-1.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::LTN&CM_MERCH=IDX_00002__0000000246&origin=index

    What a cute hat!! :)

  14. Please send me the sport knit pant in chocolate and black, the thermacheck pullover in rich red, and I think every skirt on their website. That’s all.

  15. Oh…the joy of Old Navy! I love the tan boots! But I love anything Old Navy. I’m wearing an Old Navy t-shirt RIGHT THIS MINUTE! And the kids clothes are so cute and DURABLE!

    Kelly S.

  16. I love the weatherfield women’s parka!!!
    It sure would come in handy here in freezing Colorado.

  17. I am in desperate need of a Quilted Down Jacket. YUMMY!!

  18. I love the all weather mocs….but would settle for whatever you want to throw at me!

  19. I loved the boiled wool zip-front jacket and the cashmere sweaters. Mmmmmmmm.

  20. I love Land’s End and we order tons of stuff from them already, though I mostly order for the kids and am rather stingy with what I purchase for myself. They have a great winter coat that I have my eye on. My current coat is 11 years old (I didn’t wear it at all for about seven years when we lived in Oregon), so I think I am about due for one.

  21. Lands End and I are on a first name basis! I buy all my girls school uniforms there and some of my clothes. So a $100.00 towards school uniforms would suit me just fine!!!

  22. The Women’s Chalet Clogs look so comfy, warmth plus slip-on-itude..how can you beat that? Then some Fine Gauge Ankle Socks in lots of colors to go with the fuzzy clogs. Can you tell my feet hurt today? :)

    Don’t get me started on all the great towels and sheets in the Home section, and the wonderful kids clothes…my son LIVES in Cargo Climber Pants!

    What a cool giveaway idea! :

  23. I just LOVE the long sleeve cotton turtle neck sweaters! Beautiful! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  24. I’d love the Weatherfield Diamond jacket in white!

  25. Pshaw. I don’t know why I even bothered to click over.

    I totally absolutely want the Extreme Squall Jacket. I bought one for my husband last year, and I covet one just like it.

  26. I really like the Women’s Weatherfield Diamond Parka! It is very cute and would keep me toasty warm. I need a new winter coat so bad (I haven’t had a new one in over 10 years) and I live in MN!!

  27. I really like the Weatherfield shoes, their scarves are cute and I love the jacket they sent you to try out. What a fun drawing!

  28. Women’s Regular Chelsea Jacket

    That’s what I would like….

  29. I love Land’s End down vests and jackets, but have been to cheap to spend the money….if I win $100, that is how I’ll spend it!

  30. I love all of the fleece items, especially the jacket and pants that you tried. It is all very comfy looking!

  31. women’s leather all weather low shoes in RICH red!!! oh sheeeeeeeeer heaven!!! oh and the chalet clogs in RICH red, too, of course!!!

  32. I’ve had my eye on the Washable Wool Comfort Skirt (grey) for some time and would love to be able to get it with the gift card!

  33. I love the patterned flannel pj’s!

  34. Gotta have the cashmere tee!!!

  35. This will be my first winter with a shaved head, and it’s begging for a hat.
    And what better hat could there be that than lovely thing called a Squall Hatat Land’s End?
    In fact, a squall is coming in tonight, so I wish this giveaway had been a couple weeks ago. But patience is a virtue, and I am the epitome of virtuosity…
    so hurry up with the generatin’ of them random integers already!
    And thank you.

  36. Oh, there’s only about 172 things in the boys’ section that I could put on the list for two little boys joining the family soon!

  37. The Women’s 16W-26W Wool Challis Skirt … paired with black boots… oh yeah!!

  38. I love those fleece pants so I’d pick those. But I’m really glad that they still carry the lighter yoga pants too. I ordered a pair a few years ago and I love them. They’re great lounge pants and have survived many, many washes.

  39. Long sleeved Cashmere tee sweater.

  40. My hubby has the Lands End Weatherfield Jacket and LOVES it. They make great clothes! I am in need of a new winter coat as well cause it’s 2-degrees here y’all and I’m FREEZIN’! I would choose the Spice Brown Chevron Down Jacket.

  41. LOVE the trouser jeans!!!!!!!

  42. Carrie Thompson says:

    I would love to have the Faux Woman’s Shearling Hooded Duffle Coat! BEAUTIFUL!

  43. Women’s Faux Shearling Hooded Duffle Coat

  44. I would love to get my little boy this sweater in orange (his favorite color).


  45. I love the Faux Shearling Hooded Duffle Coat and the Long Sleeve Henley Midcalf Winter Sleep-T. What a wonderful gift!

  46. I would even post a picture of him wearing it. Even though that sounds like a bribe, think of it more as a suggestion.

  47. Well. I would love some new slippers for myself, and I saw tons of gorgeous dresses for my girlies.

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  48. oooh – Lands’ End! they are one of my favorite stores for everything – towels, sheets, clothes, etc etc. This isn’t very specific, but I just love any of the fleece or cashmere items. Yum yum yum.

  49. I like the calf length terry robe and the faux shearling ballet slippers.

    And you thought I would pick a swimsuit.


  50. Well, I LOVE the jacket and comfy pants you got to “sample”, and would probably pick something along those lines. BUT, I have always loved their little girls stuff. My girls can’t wear it out! So, I would have to get them some new mittens and a warm hat!

    This is probably one of my favorite give-aways yet!


  51. The Women’s Weekend Pants look so comfortable that I’d probably wear them on weekdays too. I wonder if that’s allowed.

  52. Love the sassy fleece
    thanks to Rocks in my Dryer
    can’t stop the haiku

  53. kelli in the mirror says:

    Oh my word. So many choices. I love pretty much all the sleepwear. Girls’ corduroy jumpers, cashmere sweaters… so much!

  54. MMMM the women’s faux shearling car coat looks scrumptious!

  55. 6 pages of shoes… oh the choices!! °Ü° I’d love some trail treker shoes. Woo Hoo!!

    I’ll be back on the 17th… with bells on. (Lord willing).

  56. I love Lands End shoes. I also love the fuzzy turtle neck sweater and their sweater coat. Thanks!

  57. I want some of their shoes! Comfy slip ons, please.

  58. I liked the comfort wool skirt.

  59. MMM I love the matching cashmere hats, scarves, and gloves, My expanding pregnant belly is not sure it could fit in any clothes but I would have to get the hubby a fleece jacket!

  60. I love the faux shearling car coat. Very cute!

  61. We had over a foot of snow last night and now we’re having lots of sleet…..I need a new coat!! Either the Squall Parka or the Chelsea Parka would be perfect! Thanks for doing this!

  62. I love pretty much anything Land’s End…but I’m really wanting a pair of those Women’s Chalet Boots in the Camel color…my daughter is getting a pair in chocolate brown for Christmas and I’m kicking myself for not ordering myself a pair. Maybe I’ll win the Give-Away and can buy myself a pair and of course a cute vest or something to go with them ;)

  63. Women’s Regular Weatherfield™ Diamond Quilted Jacket –LOVE and needs since the last nic coat I bought for myself was 1999 :)

  64. Found it immediately, and it is even on sale! The Warmfield Quilted jacket….I could easily fall in love! Thank you for sharing!

  65. I found yummy cashmere sweaters! Tim and Veronica would be so proud!

    I also like the needlepoint stockings for the fam, and the denim bean bag chairs for the boys.

  66. I love the Women’s Long Sleeve Cashmere Tee Sweater…”designed to flatter without hugging your curves”.

    A tactful way to suggest I may want to lay off the wassail a bit…..

  67. I’d take one of the long stretch chino skirts and maybe some of those women’s weekend fleece pants (although I’d wear them every day of the week!). Fun giveaway!

  68. Kami Cornwall says:

    Did anyone see the adorable black commuter dress with 3/4 sleeve? That was so cute! The basic black dress that goes with anything. I loved that one!

  69. I found just what I need! Faux Shearling Car Coat in camel! Gorgeous!!

  70. Well, yesterday the UPS guy delivered only like the 4th or 5th Lands End box of the Christmas season! My early gift to myself was a pair of the Chalet boots–because it is cold here in Minnesota, don’t ya know! And uffda! They are WONDERFUL–cute, toasty warm and $39.99. Also the Squall coats for kids are awesome Princess Pigtails is on her second one, she is also getting a wheeled classmate junior for Christmas. My husband is getting a piece of their luggage. The kids squall snow boots are outstanding…do I need to go on? :)

  71. LOVE the women’s wool walking coat… so warm and so stylish!

  72. Nita in SC says:

    I quite fancy the Women’s Full length Cashmere robe. In Peach. Although I would probably actually get the Angel fleece robe, also lovely, and probably much more able to handle coffee stains and toast crumbs :) I just don’t seem like a cashmere kind of gal. . . sigh

  73. Angie Davis says:

    I love love love those light blue chalet clogs. Never mind that here in NC it is 72 degrees and we are in sandals. They are just purty.

  74. Well let me tell you. . . I LOVE that long cashmere double-breasted coat, but at $1200 I know better than to put that on any list other than the in-your-dreams list, but I also love the Wool Walking Coat in Charcoal and I do need something to wear on Sundays. . .

  75. The hooded, quilted, down jacket in black is calling my name.

  76. I am loving the Chalet boots and the Shearling Coat and the Parka and the clogs and I could go on and on but I won’t. And the fleece PJs. Ok. That’s it.

  77. I’ve been debating the Chevron down jacket for a while . . .

    I recently bought the Shearling Coat and love it! (I’ve recently done a bit of shopping at Land’s End, but can always do more!)

  78. Did you say ANTI-PET HAIR fleece? yeah right! if that’s that case, i don’t even have to go look (but I did anyway). I want anything fleece that is anti-pet hair because that’s a FANTASTIC thing that I’ve never thought possible.

    Phew. All that excitement is exhausting.

  79. Just in case I’m not too late … my husband who has been an amazing gem this past month (not that he isn’t always wonderful, but this past month he’s gone well above and beyond) is in need of some seriously nice long-sleeve dress shirts. LE makes very nice oxfords (that he loves) and I love their monograming. It would top my wish list to do something so nice for the most special man in my life.

  80. I like the orange Weatherford shoes.

  81. I *heart* Lands End. I have things I bought 15 years ago that still look new. And the fleece truly is anti-static. I bought a hat and scarf last winder that don’t make my hair all wacky or get covered with my dog’s fur like all the other fleece in my life.

  82. I LOVE the Uniform Women’s Drifter Crew Sweater. I’m a sucker for a great pair of jeans and a nice sweater!

  83. I love all the slippers and cashmere sweaters.

  84. Lands’ End loves me because I practically stock my entire wardrobe from their catalog. (They have a fantastic petites selection! And I have short legs!) I’d love to win the gift card. Oh and as for one item to add to my wishlist? Love the fleece jacket, and their boiled wool zip-front jacket looks fantastic too.

  85. Ohhh boy! I’m having an epiphany myself! I clicked on the homepage and the first thing that popped up was the long sleeve cashmere sweater tee. And it would take up the ENTIRE gift card! I don’t believe I have ever spent that much money on one article of clothing! But you know if I won, that is exactly what I would do. Just because for once I could. In sapphire blue pretty please! And because you know, I’ve never owned anything cashmere either!

  86. baby footed playsuit. one in blue and one in pink for my twinsies!!!!

  87. I want a khaki skirt, some slippers, and some flannel jammies.

  88. I Love the foul weather squall jacket.. In Mich we get lots of foul weather…Lands end has great stuff.
    What a deal..

  89. I would soooo get me a pair of Women’s Driving Mocs. They are beautiful!

  90. Definitely the fleece…. and a new coat…. and some boots…. and maybe a sweater…. oh heck I love it all!!!

  91. i love the sleeveless embroidered dress. very classy and springy.(i know, it’s winter, but i live in florida, i can get wawy with wearing for at least another month,lol) so, please pick me!! chances are i’ll end up using it on my kids, but hey, my girls need jeans and jackets!

  92. Dearest Boo,
    I just love your site! Love it! I must give a shout out to my Bible Study sister, BigMama, for linking me up with you! Obviously, the lovely giveaway inspired my commentary…annually I drool for cashmere. I love me some ladies cashmere tee sweater. Yum yum! And, thank you for the soup. So cosy!

  93. I am a very conventional, dull woman, and I would choose the happily comfortable Long Stretch Chino Skirt.

  94. I love their T-shirts (long sleeved and short)… and I keep debating about what shoes to order that will last for a LONG time and be comfortable for hiking around Africa for a mission trip I’m going on.

  95. I love the long sleeve women’s henly sleep T. So cozy !

  96. Ok, i found a ton of stuff that I liked, but one of the things that was on my Christmas list is the weatherfield jacket. So please, enter me!!

  97. I love all things Lands’ End. But I especially love the cashmere crew sweater in aqua blue. That looks delicious!

  98. alaskalark says:

    The velvet jeans? The cords? Mmmmm, anything fleece?

  99. Sport fleece for this mama, too, please!

  100. Dear Santa,
    I want the chalet shoes. I have been a very good girl this year. :)