Lands’ End Gift Card Winner


Comment #283 – Megan @ Aixtreme Life

Congratulations, Megan!

You should have your $100 Lands’ End gift card in just a few days – be on the lookout for an email from me.

And thanks, everyone, for the tremendous response to this giveway!

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  1. Congratulations, Megan! What a great Christmas surprise!

  2. phooey.
    I was lying about liking the Squall Hat anyway. It would’ve looked dorky on my head. Now that I’m a loser, I feel comfortable admitting that.
    But congratulations, Megan.
    buy some squall hats and rub it in.

  3. Yay Megan!! Congratulations!! and God Bless you!

  4. Am I supposed to congratulate Megan here?
    dropped by to say that I finally figured out how to get TEXT to go w/ my pictures on my BooMama’s Holiday Tour thingy. It took me two days but I found the problem—whew! I have already run a blogging marathon just getting the holiday thing up. So now I start my second marathon race in one week through 384 blogs—seriously…I have so enjoyed what little I have already seen. What a delightful delicious decadent idea God gave you Sophie! You are way too cute! You are a blog star! I posted a word about you at the end of my blog about how much you have brought such love, such laughter to all of us in blogland. A thousand thanks!

  5. DisneyMomTwins says:

    Yeah Megan!!! Congrats! Spend some for me!

  6. Thank you thank you! What a wonderful Christmas blessing!
    Love you BooMama!

  7. Congrats Megan! From another Megan. Te wrong Megan, this time. The one who jumped up and down and got all breathless with excitement for about 4 seconds before she realized. Not THIS Megan. Sigh. Buy somethin’ good, woman! ;)

  8. Congrats Megan!

  9. Have fun cyber shopping:)

  10. Congrats Megan! What a blessing!

  11. The Random Integer Generator Hates me?!?!?!? Congrats Megan!

  12. Yeah for Megan!

  13. Okay, what we REALLY want to know is how you get this cool stuff to give away. That is so cool! I’ve been over my head with crafty gift-ing, or I’d have surely entered this one! Wow! Do you not just want to keep it? Seriously! You have to be honest.