I Have Done Some Extensive Clipboard Research On The Wide World Interweb

So I started off my morning emailing with Kelly about clipboards, and I decided to look around and see what the internet has to offer. Because as I understand it you can “click” on all sorts of “items” at various “websites” and put them in a virtual “shopping cart,” and then enter your “credit card number” and the “merchants,” they will “ship” the “merchandise” to your “home.”

Though I am somewhat “unfamiliar” with this “newfangled” “technology.”

(Sorry for all that quotation mark business. Sometimes I just get carried away with the silliness.)

(Or “carried away.” With the “silliness.”)


Here are a few clipboards I found right off the bat.

Old School – You crafty types could totally do something cute and custom with these.

Colorful Old School – This one is great if you just want a little punch of color.

Monogrammed Acrylic – A sweet friend of mine actually gave me one similar to this yesterday, but I will keep it at home because I think the acrylic would scratch if I put the clipboard in heavy-duty rotation. So I’m going to use it for papers, forms, etc. that I need for work-related stuff.

Ever-So-Sassy Personalized Clipboard – I don’t know if I could handle all the ribbon on some of these, but if you like super-girly things, they should be right up your alley.

And then Genni sent me a link (oh, you people are more helpful than you know) to the MOST delightful website, a website that made my pulse quicken and my eyes bug and I think I even got just the slightest bit dizzy.

So here are some great options I found at See Jane Work:

Sassy, Durable Clipboard – I actually have the pink and brown polka dot version thanks to Janie, and I adore it. This is the clipboard that accompanied me to the grocery store yesterday, and it did a beautiful job.

Sassy, Durable-But-Smaller Clipboard – This one is perfect for all you girls who would rather have something that will fit in your purse. I however, prefer a clipboard that I have to cradle in my arms, as if I am conducting some sort of Official Survey For Government Officials Who Do Official Things.

And finally:

File Folders That Have Nothing To Do With Clipboards But DO YOU SEE HOW CUTE THESE ARE? – When I saw these file folders, I wanted to create stacks of paper so that I could label the file folders and then give the stacks of paper cute, colorful homes.


A sickness I will document using a green Sharpie fine point marker on a white legal pad so that I can carefully use correction fluid to eliminate any pesky stray marks before I assemble all related documents in a plastic pocket folder.

And then my heart will sing.

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  1. I want a clip board. I have a big list that I always take, and mark off with a ball point pen. I must have a clip board.

  2. It seems that you share my love of office supplies.

  3. So ever lovin’ glad to know I am not the only weird girl out there that salivates at the mere mention of cute organizational products. I cannot help myself.

    If my hometown does not get a Container Store soon, I think I am going to stand on the corner of Publix and Target (cause you know they are right together) and hold up a picket sign. A color-coordinated one that matches my outfit!

  4. Clipboards. I heart them! I love the way they keep your paper clamped down and unmoving while you write on them. This frees up your other hand for…uh…eating cookies.

  5. Oh I’m a huge fan of the See Jane Work website. The first time I saw it I think I tinkled in my pants just a little.

  6. Oh man you’re making me drool… I love the brown and blue polka and the pink swirl ones. Maybe an idea for a future giveaway…? :-D

  7. I do so dearly love you.

  8. Be careful with the quotes or you may end up here :)


  9. You are speaking my language. I love your blog. You can also get a personalized clip board made here at etsy.

  10. I’m actually in the market for a new clipboard- who knew I had so many choices!!

  11. Oh you are too funny. And so completely on my wavelength.

  12. so i bet you can completely relate when my sister (also a very big fan of yours) and i give sharpies as gifts and stocking stuffers!!

  13. Boo! Your Central Texas Fan Club wants to invite you to a day together at Staples, followed by a trip to Starbucks. Say when! You are precious.

  14. Oh my word……first of all – I click over for my nightly viewing (which comes after my morning and afternoon viewing) of your blog and I probably was more excited than the day you saw your name on Beth Moore’s blog. ha ha ha!
    I found this clipboard on etsy today (because you know I spent extensive time searching after our conversation) and I found this:
    SO cute for $10.
    I went to Wal-Mart tonight and I just felt empty knowing I was missing a clipboard! :-)

  15. Merry Christmas Boo Mama. Thank you for the gift of laughter and always seeing the joy in everyday life! Enjoy your typed/alphabetized/sharpie marked grocery list.

  16. I found your site last week when I googled “how many sticks is a half pound of butter?” and was directed to your pound cake recipe. I’m so happy the Google algorithm brought me to BooMama, it has really made me laugh out loud. Thanks for brightening my days!

  17. OK , you all (I’m Canadian -it’s two words) are scaring me just a bit.
    When I go shopping I have two boys 3 and under, a diaper bag and several pounds of snacks to keep said boys from destroying one another. Where on earth would I put a clipboard?

  18. AHHHH – gotta love office supplies. I have them, but I can’t always find them!

  19. Okay, I love See Jane Work!!! Me and school supplies…we’re a good combination. We love each other. We’re going together. Thanks, BooMama! You rock!

  20. Yes. . .singing. . .but when you WRITE with a Sharpie on a white legal pad, doesn’t it soak through to the next page?

    Or was your sentence just getting carried away with the moment?

    And I”ve NEVER watched The Office until tonight–and I think I’ve seen you post about it here before, so let me just say about the use of Sharpies. . .

    “I’m not superstitious. . .I’m a little stitious.”

  21. You are totally the same kind of OCD as me. :0)

  22. Whoa! Am I out of it or WHAT!!?!! I thought you were talking about computer clipboards the whole time and just knew you were out of my league so I didn’t click on the clipboard links until the end…oh my goodness, you are talking about real clipboards which I carry with me everywhere—the neon ones from wally world—and those file folders I’ve been collecting for long time—I just need to get STUFF into those cute things that sit on my desk empty. I so have you in a sophisticated computer league that I just knew you were talking about the “clipboard” word I see my computer asking me about—“do you want this on your clipboard?” Heavens to betsy, no…wouldn’t know where it went…I want one I can hold in my little hungry hand. I so enjoy you Sophie!

  23. Ohhhh! Those clipboards at See Jane Work are the cutest! I like those the bestest. :)

  24. I love this blogasphere. I am learning so much! I really must have been sheltered most of my life. There are some fun things out there! Thanks!

    P.S. I had to change some info, someone has been lurking.

  25. OH MY! Those are really some cute items. “almost” makes me want to go back to work just so I could use them.
    Or not.

  26. I understand. My daughter inherited it from and we both break out in a cold sweat on the office supply aisle.

  27. I LOVE office supplies, and I don’t even work in an office anymore. Thanks for all the on-line retail therapy.

  28. I love office supplies, however I am feeling out of the game because I do not own a clipboard. Actually, I am quiet impressed that you own at least 3. Who knew clipboards were still in vogue! :)

  29. I use a clipboard at home and feel so organized and ‘superior’…BUT now I will have a ecorated one and take my ‘show’ on the road! I love ‘quote’ marks too…and Bev, I thought the same thing at first, oh no, computer clipboard…

    Merry Christmas Boo and all.

  30. Girlfriend, you have totally gone over the edge this time! You almost make me want to be more organized! Dear Hubby would just like me to go grocery shopping – with OR without a clip board!

  31. This is why I love you, who else could give such information with great humor?! I had no idea that they made clipboards in all various kinds of color and design. How fun! I love the brown and blue w/dots! I like this kind of thing, my best friend and I are a weird duo, when we go to women conferences etc… they could have all kinds of presents to give us or freebies and the one thing we will get excited over is the tote bag. It doesn’t matter what color, size and I have plenty in my closet as proof! So, I feel that I need a clipboard or two and you are right it is a sickness and I am sure I need some kind of therapy but until then I am going to order a clipboard and go to the store.
    Have fun baking or cooking today!! I meant to ask you, what is your menu for Christmas day?

  32. I’m about to check me out some clipboards Boomama and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
    Are we sad or what??? Actually, I want the file folder.

  33. You are too funny! Those file folders are really cute though.

  34. I am so tickled that I could help support your office supply habit.

  35. Oh. my. yes! It seems that adorned clipboards are all the rage with the vintagey cottage gals who do a lot of paper crafting. I was lucky enough to win one in a blog giveaway that has been decoupagued with pretty paper, vintage buttons, stickers & ribbon. Too cute! Now I will have to figure out what all I can use it for.

    I can just see you in the Walmart now…with your clipboard. I was in there last night, but didn’t have a long list, thank goodness.

    Hope ya’ll have a very Merry Christmas, Sophie!


  36. I don’t think I’ve used a clipboard since I was in third grade.
    Clearly, I’m missing out on a whole world of designer office supplies. Who knew?

  37. I had no idea there were so many choices. I am in awe.

    Stands from desk.

    Faces Alabama.

    Does a Texas Debutante curtsy.

  38. I am SOOOO glad to know I am not the only one that gets tingly over office supplies ~ cool ones at least. I love back to school time!!!! Thanks for the links, I will be in trouble with all the “Click here”, “add to cart”, “continue shopping”, “pay now”, and especially the “you bill is due” statements in the near future. As for overuse of quotation marks, I stumbled on this site sometime ago and it’s good for a laugh or two!!!
    Merry Christmas ~ Joy, Bitsy

  39. I used to have a nail on the wall in my old kitchen that a clipboard hung. I painted it to coordinate with the walls. I have always thought I would like to do a wall of clipboards with labels – maybe in an office? Then, however, I would need co-ordinating paper and possibly even pens on strings etc. to make it look “just right”. I love it when someone shares their subtle nerotic behavior – we are not alone in this world!!

  40. Oh honey, i am right there with you, office supplies, school supplies. i would die if there was not a Sharpie in my purse at all times.
    there are fun file folders at my Tuesday Morning store and i also haunt the clearance bin of any office supply store for “finds.” i even got my daughter an accordion file and matching folders which coordinate with her room – she is only 9. she puts her Webkinz and Build-a-Bear adoption certificates in them. are you sure Howard doesn’t need one? maybe a clipboard?

  41. You realize of course that you are feeding an illness. We CDO people just can’t handle the choices, choices, choices. (CDO, that’s OCD but alphabetical, the way it should be…)

  42. For a second there I thought you were Chris Farley’s Bennett Brauer!

    Maybe I’m not “the norm.” I’m not “camera friendly.” I don’t “wear clothes that fit me.” I’m not a “heartbreaker.”….

  43. Office supplies are so my love language. Truly they are. What’s better than a husband that gets you calendars, new pens, etc for Christmas? He’s a good boy, that man of mine.

    Kelly, I just laughed out loud when I read you were so tickled Boomama’s name was on Beth Moore’s site! Me TOO!!! I do love Beth… and only could’ve been prouder if I knew Boomama in person!

    Tater and Tot… too funny about the Chris Farley. Now that’s a blast from the past for sure!

  44. Hey – speaking of clipboards (where i got yours) you talk about OVERLOAD!!! LOOK – just look- at all of the designs…
    You will go crazy!!

  45. I.am.obsessed.

    With all things office.

    Yet I work at home, spread out on my dining room table.

    Yet, I’m obsessed. It’s a sickness. And you’ve now enabled me.

    Thank you.

  46. “. . . I wanted to create stacks of paper . . ” (like my nice use of quotation marks?)

    So, what you’re saying, is that you don’t just “have” stacks of paper lying around, waiting to be “colorfully foldered?” You have it SO “together” that you’d have to actually “create” them to have such organizing fun? Wow. I am in awe, BooMama. I mean, I always knew you are like way cooler than “Elvis” or “SpongeBob,” but seriously. I dream of being you. I am part way there. I do have a seriously scary “addiction” to all things office supplyish (yet another new word for the bloggy vocab). I may have to acquire some of those “lovely” folders for the “already created” stacks o’papers. And then blog about it . . . of course.


  47. You speaketh my language.

    I love office supplies and I fantasize about being incredibly organized. Some day. ;)

    Love the links!