In Which I Want To Give Hawaii A Big, Chocolate-Covered Hug

Alex and I are at my parents’ house for a few days so that I have a chance to catch up with some of my favorite friends in the whole wide world.

Not to mention that Alex needs to catch up on his caffeine and sugar intake. Which he’ll get to do first thing in the morning when Daddy takes him to McDonald’s for pancakes and Coke.

I believe that’s what people in health and wellness circles refer to as The Breakfast of Champions.

Anyway, Daddy and I are watching the Sugar Bowl, something that we’ve done at least twenty or twenty five times in my life. And as always, we’re cheering for the SEC team, which in this case happens to be the Georgia Bulldogs (not my usual brand of Bulldogs, mind you, but a fine brand of Bulldogs just the same).

But tonight, there has been a Sugar Bowl first in this house: I have uttered the phrase “Bless their hearts” more often than I have cheered for the SEC team.

You see, the game has been a bit of a mismatch; Hawaii has struggled like crazy against a mighty fine Georgia team. And when the Hawaii quarterback was sacked in his own end zone, I kind of wanted to cry a little bit.

In fact, I’m very tempted to go into the kitchen and make a big ole batch of brownies. Not that the brownies really have anything to do with the Sugar Bowl, of course. But nonetheless, I am very tempted to go into the kitchen and make a big ole batch of brownies. Because they would be delicious.

And saying “Bless their hearts” is much more effective when one’s mouth is filled with delicious chocolate-y goodness.


Somehow I’ve managed to turn a post about the Sugar Bowl into a post about, well, sugar.

Totally planned, of course.


I do hope you’re not blinded by the rays of my blogging brilliance.

And when I say “blogging brilliance,” what I mean, of course, is “food issues.”

Happy New Year, y’all.

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  1. While you’re passing out the “bless their hearts”, spare a couple for the Razorbacks. We’re in deep mourning here in my house. I’m digging out the black armbands and my black serge funeral dress. Ugh.

    However, on a happier note, Happy New Year to you, Sister and all the family!

    Love and hugs,


  2. Jessica R says:

    I am a good Georgia girl who bleeds black and red and for years bragged about living down the street from UGA and even I feel sorry for Hawaii. My husband is a Missouri graduate and he does not share my sympathetic spirit for the opposing team. Of course it has less to do with the Razorbacks and more to do with the fact all Mizzou fans feel they were cheated out a BCS bowl. Hmm, I digress.

    Congratulations on your Bulldogs. My newest BFF is a state fan so I cheered for both of you!

  3. We faced the Giants, and they were just a little too big for us right now. We’ll be back! :)

  4. mmmmm…. you’re making me hungry! Off to go eat a handful of chocolate chips!

  5. My gracious! I too am a Georgia Dawg but my heart was breaking for those Hawaii boys! Every story the announcers told, whether it being the criminal turned Christian or the “family feel” of the team, made me want to cry. I’m serious, those Hawaii boys played tough until the very end… when I think the quarterback started CRYING. Did you SEE that? Bless him.

    I bleed red and black, but I don’t know that I can watch another one like that where the other team is like Rudy, but a Rudy who doesn’t win in the end. Bless every one of them.

    It’s still great to be a Georgia Bulldog, but thanks for coming out tonight, Hawaii. You’re like our little brother who we still have to beat, but we’re proud of you for playing tough.

  6. My dh took a nap so he could stay up late and watch the game, and still get up early for work. He quit on the game — and came to bed at the regular ol’time. Must have been a sorry game. But I didn’t hear him saying “bless their hearts”. I’m not sure what he was mumbling… didn’t want to ask.

  7. You really took me a different direction at the beginning there – I was somehow expecting you to say Howard and DH had gotten you some chocolate covered macadamia nuts and you’d fallen in love with Hawaii and wanted to hug them for having such a bit of deliciousness in their repertoire. Whew – but good blogging, BooMaMa – in which we learn that the Sugar Bowl is usually accompanied by moves toward the —–sugar bowl!

  8. I watched half the game last night and felt so bad for them! I loved hearing the QB talking about God and how his life had changed! I had to go to bed because I was starting to drive my husband crazy, I started saying things like…give them a chance, can’t we help them some??

    Kinda like I make my older daughters do when they play games with my youngest!

  9. I agree. Bless their hearts. Husband couldn’t decide who to cheer for. We always cheer for the SEC team (don’t get me started. I have a hard time cheering for any team that might have beaten us earlier in the season but I know that we have to support the conference. blah blah blah.) but he loves Hawaii (the state). So I finally told him that he was lucky because he would be happy no matter the outcome. But we still felt so bad.

  10. Yes, it was a difficult game to watch, and I too was pulling for the GA Bulldogs. But yesterday was the DAY for that kind of bowl game. One of your commenters already mentioned Arkansas, whom I thought would win. And then there was the Rose Bowl – – – up-and-coming Illinois was blown out in that one too.

    It was a TOUGH bowl game day – – – not much SUGAR about it.

  11. Hope you put some macadamia nuts in honor of those poor lil’ Hawaiian boys into those brownies.

    Enjoy your hometown sabbatical.

  12. I love sugar and coke as much as the next person, but I have never understood the folks who have coke with a sweet treat (whether it’s pancakes, a chocolate bar or a brownie). Doesn’t everyone know that the sweet treat makes the coke taste “funny”??!

  13. Brownies? Chocolate?

    Someone is speakin’ my language!!!

  14. Those bowl games prove how messed up the BCS is. Anyhoo…Go Dawgs!

  15. We live right outside Atlanta, towards Athens, and my husband is a huge UGA fan. But last night, that was painful! He kept going on about how UGA had to win by a large margin to set themselves up for a good ranking next year.

    I kept closing my eyes and trying to explain to my youngest son (this was his first Bowl Game to watch), that it’s usually a more, um, matched up game.

    Son and I went to bed at half-time and left Husband watching until it was all over.

    I wish we had brownies, that might have kept Son and I awake!

  16. Happy New Year, Boo Mama. Thanks for always brightening my morning cup(s) of coffee!

  17. I totally felt the same way when watching the game. When Georgia recovered that fumble in their end-zone for a touchdown, I said, “If I were the coach I wouldn’t even take the points from that touchdown. They don’t need them anyway.” Honey just laughed and said, “They’re big boys, they can handle losing.” Which is why I was never a participant or coach in any sport at any level. I’m not a big girl and I would totally want to just hide in the bathroom stall and eat your brownies even if there were 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

  18. At the beginning of the game, I said to my hubbie, I sure wish it wasn’t our team playing Hawaii. Oh, how I love to cheer for the underdog but after I saw that CHEAP shot by Jones (don’t know his #)against Mikey Henderson. I had no trouble cheering on my beloved bulldogs! And when I found out that Mikey Henderson was out for the rest of “his final game as a Bulldog” due to a concussion, no more “bless your hearts” came to my mind!
    Glory, Glory to Ol’ Georgia, G-E-O-R-G-I-A!

  19. Blessings for a glorious new year walking with the Lord. May God pour His joy and peace upon you all in 2008!

  20. Butterbean says:

    I feel I must share the sentiment of old (well, at least the 1980 National Championship Game, also a Sugar Bowl victory): You can’t spell SUGAR without UGA!!! GO DAWGS!!!!

  21. That’s the art of Southern hospitality. We show heartfelt sympathy even when we beat the tar out of them.

    Bless their hearts.

  22. Brownies and a “Bless your heart” make everything better!
    Happy New Year!

  23. So long as I’m not the only one with food issues. Or the only one whose parents think pancakes and Coke contsitutes a healthy breakfast for little ones ;-)

    Happy New Year!

  24. Yes, I believe you might be on to something. Brownies might be the cure for the ridiculousness that is the College Bowl Game “system”. Maybe we could have a bake sale to raise money and buy the BCS a clue or a collective brain. I kept telling Buford yesterday (he is a UT grad – big SEC guy) that Hawaii plays my alma mater in regular season (Colorado State), not big SEC schools like Georgia! I knew from the first two bumbled plays that those poor Warriors were scared to death and way out of their league. Maybe we should send them some consolation brownies…

  25. I agree! I kept saying that too, and I am a HUGE GA DAWGS fan!!! I just felt so bad for the Hawaii boys! I kept saying to hubby, “I wish they could score some more!”

    Happy New Year!

  26. We tend more toward the rotel cheese dip and tostidos :)

    We have an old tape of a Christian comedien, who said that he’s decided that “Bless your heart,” really must mean “You’re an idiot.” I think in some contexts, he might be right…not for this one, though.

  27. I, too, am tempted to go into the kitchen and bake a batch of brownies. Because you’re right–they’d be delicious.

  28. I covered my eyes a lot in this game. I really thought it would be a better match than it was. I also said “bless his heart” and “bless their hearts” several times, so much that I did indeed get up and bake a cake.

  29. I think I told you that after the bowl bids were announced the headlines in the Honolulu paper read “SWEET!”

    I so wanted those Warriors to score another time (or 2), so I did my part and ate some chocolate covered macadamia nuts to help them along.

  30. My sister-in-law got a shirt for Christmas that says “ms girls count blessings not calories.” I love that shirt.

  31. My hubby and I are HUGE Georgia Fans (rabid…..if you will…) however, once the excitement of the first 2 TD’s passed, all we could do was just look at each other and shake our heads with the “sad eyes”, we were actually getting depressed the more it went on.

    I just kept wishing it would hurry up and end, I felt so bad for Hawaii, especially all the times the QB was sacked, I was like “OK, enough guys, you are obviously gonna win, show a little compassion already”. Obviously I could never play football, if I was gonna worry that I hurt the feelings of the other teams QB all the time.

    And did that have to tell all the sweet stories about the guys and then the killer story about how small the Hawaii coach’s salary is, how he hasn’t been able to afford to come to the states and recruit for years and how ratty his office is, I was ready to hand over my paycheck to the poor guy (ha ha).

    I am glad we won, but they sure did pull on my heartstrings.

  32. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I also thought you were going to say you were eating chocolate covered macadamia nuts! I love what you are doing and appreciate you writing for all of us out here in the interweb world!
    Love ya! M.

  33. I’ve been to Hawaii a few times. I don’t feel a bit sorry for those boys —– they go to school in PARADISE!
    While you are feeling sorry for them in your cold house – they will be back surfing in the warm gorgeous ocean.
    Kind of makes you feel a little better, huh? :-)

  34. I posted about the same thing..I love me some Dawgs but one also had to love the hearts of the Hawaii boys..

    Besides that, the Ha A Dance, or whatever it was called, ROCKED. I think I’m going to try it and scare the hooey out of my kids…:)


  35. Broccoli and Cheddar Soup, Croutons, and homemade breaksticks for me. We are not at “healthy” yet, but hopefully planned meals will help me curb the chocolate grabbing!!! (And, my friend E made me the BEST brownies WITH chocolate icing New Year’s Eve, and to her, I’m deeply indebted. MMMm).

    Everytime you say “in which”, I think of Winnie the Pooh!

  36. I’m not as football savvy as you, but I did feel so sorry for Hawaii yesterday. Losing is one thing, but that was just punishing. Then it occurred to me that while I am FREEZING my patootie off here in the Midwest they can console themselves on the beach while watching the palm trees wave when they get home. My sympathy was then promptly tempered.

  37. No doubt Hawaii was outplayed! They came into the game with an such inflated view of themselves. I was glad Georgia won, too!

    As far as the brownies,they have PLENTY to do with the Sugar Bowl. They have sugar in them, they make the viewing of the Sugar Bowl WAY more enjoyable and hey, what’s a football game without a few added pounds?

  38. We missed most of the games yesterday since we were traveling back home from Wisconsin. Very clever, brownies and the sugar bowl.

  39. It actually hurts more to know that Hawaii beat us this year. oh it’s a sad sad time here in Washington. My poor dawgs.

  40. That’s why there are no “Broccoli Bowls”. I thought you are expected to eat brownies and other forbidden chocolate when you watch the Sugar Bowl!

  41. Woohoo! Go Dawgs!

  42. Even some of the Georgia faithful felt a little sorry for the poor Hawaii team. Perhaps I should fly over the ocean and comfort the mourning players…

  43. Hi..I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but haven’t commented. When I saw this post..I knew it was a SIGN from God..a sign..huge neon sign. I am from Athens, GA-born and bred a UGA DAWG, I have to admit (with my head hanging down..sort of) I was cheering like a nut EVERY time we scored..every time! I think I may have uttered the pharse..Take that Pineapple heads..a time or two. Yes, that is mean and God forgive me but I bleed red and black forever and I can’t ever..ever..ever..say “Bless their hearts” in regards to the oppossing team. I realize that my post will probably be seen as horrible, heartless and cruel..but I just have to say…
    It’s GREAT to be a Georgia BULLDAWG!!!
    But..just for ya’ll..I will say…Bless their little Hawaii hearts!! Can I just add a quick..WOOF WOOF!!
    Love your blog BooMama..LOVE LOVE LOVES it!!

  44. i work at our seminary libray with a guy who graduated from hawaii… and i’m married to a guy who graduated from georgia.

    the hawaii fan told me a few weeks ago that he thought his warriors had a chance to beat the dawgs.

    i told him he was crazy. (are seminarians allowed to call each other names?)

    now i just feel sorry for him….

  45. It’s always a good day when an SEC team wins. It would have been just a touch sweeter if my Gators could have figured out how to deal with Michigan.

  46. I feel sad that Hawaii lost. We were in Hawaii for Christmas (I know!!! It was amazing…!!!) and everyone there was so excited about their team making it to the Sugar Bowl.

  47. The only thing I remember saying about the Hawaii team that was positive was…..

    “they all got some cool hair huh?!”

    Bless their hearts.

  48. You can’t get any better than the SEC, you just can’t!!!

    If Arkansas would have actually came to play football and Florida wouldn’t have lost, the SEC would be UNDEFEATED in bowl games.

    That being said, I too said “Bless their hearts” for another team way more than I wanted to.

    Roll Tide and Happy New Year!!

  49. Happy New Year to you! :)

  50. Janet (aka JT) says:

    I, too, felt terrible for Hawaii.

    But it was mainly for all of the unfortunate hair I saw when the helmets came off.

  51. Long time lurker..but have never posted..UNTIL I saw this post! It was a sign from God..a sign I tell you..huge..blinking..neon SIGN! I am from Athens, GA-I am UGA born and bred and I have to admit (with my head held down..a little) that I did NOT feel bad about beating the tar out of Hawaii. I think at one point I may have even uttered the phrase…Take that pineapple heads! Yes, that is horrid and I should be ashamed, but well…truth be told..I’m not! I don’t ever feel bad for the oppossing team..ever..ever..EVER! So, I just wanted to throw my two cents in and say…GOOOO DAWGS! Even though the sweet full of Jesus part of me SHOULD say, “Bless their hearts!” But I can’t do it…I just can’t! I’m sure Jesus understands, I mean I know with all my being that he is a UGA fan as well. I’m kidding people..honest I am!
    Love your blog BooMama..LOVES LOVES LOVES IT!!!

  52. I’m a recent transplant to Hawaii. My dd is a UH student. She hasn’t missed a home game all season. We were hyped! We were ready!

    We too uttered a few things throughout the game… but this is a Christian blog and I better not repeat them.

    All I can say is, “Poor, poor Warriors”