My Goals, They Are Very Ambitious And Lofty

Tonight I called to check on Mama and Daddy. Daddy assured me that he is fit as a fiddle, and Mama gave me a run-down of all the latest family happenings.

Then she said, “So. What do you have going on this week?”

And while I actually have several things going on this week – things like helping with an event at church, working, ingesting some sort of live typhoid fever vaccine, participating in a conference call about the Uganda trip, shuttling the little man hither and yon, recording a podcast, screaming my head off during the State / Kentucky basketball game tomorrow night, continuing my diplomatic outreach efforts in China and parts of Russia by sending random citizens eight-piece Popeye’s fried chicken dinners (mild, hold the sides, extra biscuits) via FedEx because FRIED CHICKEN, IT BUILDS BRIDGES AND NOT WALLS – here are the first two things that popped in my mind when Mama asked about my plans:

1) Tomorrow after lunch I’m going to go somewhere ALL BY MYSELF and buy a gigantor cup of coffee and do nothing but catch up on email for two – lo, MAYBE EVEN THREE – hours and ohmysweetmercifulgoodness it’s going to be heaven.




Email and TV.

That’s all I could think of.

Apparently I must have missed the memo informing me that I AM NO LONGER FOURTEEN.

I mean, how can you even bear to be in the bloggy presence of such dignified sophistication?

Stick around long enough, and I may even change into a t-shirt that matches my flannel pajama bottoms.

However, I cannot make any promises.

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  1. I can never think of answers to stuff like that in the moment either. And getting away for some alone time? It SHOULD be the highlight of your week! I want some alone time….

  2. Umkay- I am sitting here in a t-shirt and flannel pajama bottoms. With little pink hearts.

  3. “Y’all. Email and TV. That’s all I could think of.”

    Priceless. You bless me.

  4. Here’s a very important comment for you to respond to when you are all by your lonesome: I finally went by Hamburger Heaven today. It wasn’t half bad, although that special sauce is nothing more than watery ketchup and mayo. Not complaining, I’m just saying. So what I’m wondering is, what is it that you order that you like so much? Because maybe I need to give it a fair shake, you know? And by shake, I mean chocolate. I need to try a chocolate shake…

  5. That is always a loaded question with my Mom. My first response is usually a very guarded “Why? Is there something special you have in mind?” When all I can think of is a new Grey’s Anatomy is coming on Thursday night. I hope she doesn’t have something she wants to do then…..
    Yeah – email & TV – sounds like a good plan to me!

  6. Oh – I almost forgot! Tuesday night – GO BIG BLUE!!
    Can you tell I’m a Wildcat fan????

  7. First of all, I am sooo jealous that you are going to the game! My poor CATS! They are really strugglin this year.

    Second…WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! American Idol! Love the new seasons!

  8. Good Heavens! Basketball and Idol in one night? There could be problems… Anyway, just chiming in to say that the flannels, they are a good thing. Especially with a sweatshirt for a late evening Target run. I give fashion advice…not!

  9. Goals are goals and I am proud of you my friend.

    And don’t think I won’t be cheering for the Bulldogs to make Billy Clyde Gillispie wish he’d never headed for the hills of Kentucky.

    Because I am forgiving like that.

  10. Yea, AI!

    And are you really sending 8-pc chicken dinners to China, because that’s STINKIN’ AWESOME! hahaha

  11. Is there anything besides TV and email?

  12. This blog is killin’ me. Love every minute of it.

  13. I am So GLAD someone finally decided to do something about sending those fried chicken dinners, especially with extra biscuits–it’s been a long time comin in the discussions on foreign policy. Any thoughts on sending a few to Iraq? I’m certain that would speed it all up and take care of everything.

    And, seriously?? AI starts this week? Where have I been?? You know, I’ve been contemplating getting cable while my husband’s gone this year (so I don’t die from lack of anything but toddler-speak), and was most looking forward to finally watching AI start-to-finish this year… but, alas, it seems I procrastinated too long. Sigh.

  14. Law, girl…I LOVE catching up on your posts when I’ve been away! Always, I smile, but more often, I giggle and guffaw.

    Thanks for the kind of laughter that comes from the gut~!

  15. Ha! TV is always the first thing that pops into my head when people ask me what I’ve been up to–even though I, like you, have a life full of all sorts of non-TV-related happenings. It’s just that Jim and Pam are on my mind. And Lana and Clark. And Mick and Beth.

    I’m such a sucker for that long, drawn out romantic angst.

  16. I’m hoping if I hang around here long enough that some of your dignified sophistication rubs off on me……..I can but dream……

  17. I’m so impressed with girls that like to watch sports! I don’t, but I think it’s awesome that there are lucky husbands out there with cool wives.

    It’s no wonder you were excited about those two little things! You’re going to need some time to veg after the week you’re having!

  18. Heads up about the typhoid vaccination – – – when I had mine before my Africa trip it made me pretty sick for about 24 hours. There was a several hour lag between the vaccine and the getting sick, the I was sick for about a day. Let’s hope it doesn’t do that to you – – – but be prepared for it JUST IN CASE. I wouldn’t want to be in a car driving when it hits, if it hits.

  19. People in China don’t mind the sides, nor do people in “parts of Russia,” I hear. They both enjoy biscuits.

  20. Ooh! By the way, people in China wouldn’t ask for “mild,” as it wouldn’t be an option. Russian food is generally mild, too.

  21. um…is there something wrong with email and tv? I sure hope not because if so, I just might end up in therapy. And truly, there’s nothin’ wrong with pajama bottoms as long as they aren’t flannel. or that faux flannel material. Cause they stick to my person. Ick.

    I also suspect that some people might be happy to send Billy Clyde Gillespie back to where he came from. Even if he did manage to beat Vandy.

  22. Yesterday I fought with my husband because I had a take-home test due in an hour and it wasn’t done yet. And because apparently I’m fourteen, too.

  23. I’m older than multiples of 14 and I keep thinking about what I’d like to do when I grow up – and we do not believe in reincarnation. I like carnations but not rein ’cause once is enough when you do it right. I love questions from your mama – I miss my mama and her leading questions like “what were you thinking you’d wear to (fillin blank)”? So I knew that whatever I was thinking – was NOT right.

  24. “Apparently I must have missed the memo informing me that I AM NO LONGER FOURTEEN”

    Laughed out loud! Are we not 14 any more?

  25. I WISH I was in my PJ bottoms right now! And hey, if you can do all of that stuff from your PJ’s, by goodness then that’s a good day!

  26. I looked down, and hey, I am wearing a t-shirt that matches my flannel pajama bottoms. Does that turn back the clock? :-)

  27. Ohiomom9977 says:

    Those sound like good goals to me – although I’ve added mastering the Wii to my list – we finally got one and we are all addicted!!!!!!!!!!

  28. As I sit here in my capri jammies and a t-shirt I laugh!! I am looking forward to AI. I think the only difference between me and a 14 year old are my hot flashes. LOL!! You are too funny!! Have fun catching up with your emails!!

  29. email and TV? A girl has to have her priorities! :-)

  30. “Ingesting some sort of live typhoid fever vaccine???” — I would be thinking of email, TV and Popeye’s chicken if I had that looming in my future, too. You NEED the comfort trifecta. Thank goodness you already have on your pajama bottoms, too.


  31. Fried chicken could solve a multitude of world ills…maybe you should run for president.

    It certainly would be innerestin’…;).

    Nevah a dull moment, Boo…nevah a dull moment :).

  32. Oh, I understand, my friend. I text message with the best of the other 14 year old girls.

  33. ooh!! idol!! i’m glad you reminded me!!

  34. Matching pjs? That’s no fun at all. Do like I do, buy the set and never wear them together (or toss the shirt completely b/c you really only wanted the elastic waist, comfy bottoms!) Have a GREAT week!

  35. You have the same schedule as my fourteen yr old daughter – but you need to throw in texting! You are cracking me up! Didn’t get the memo – we say that all the time!

  36. RECORDING A PODCAST!!!! That is all I heard.

  37. I’m so excited for your trip!!
    I will be praying for you girl!


  38. I alway say “nuthin'” b/c my on-the-spot-thinking ain’t what is used to be!

  39. Yeah! American Idol! Yeah!

    At least you said something, I usually say “oh, not much” – which is furthest from the truth!

  40. Isn’t it amazing how a simple conversation can bring you INSTANTLY back to being a child? My mom and I have a great relationship, but anytime we talk, I immediately sound more child-like.

    And btw – what’s better than the beginning of an American Idol season when the bad are so bad that you can’t turn away…

  41. Goals and ambition, these are a MUST in life! Feel like I fell off the freight train there for a while with the holidays and all, but right back on again after reading this hilarious post! So excited for your trip and will be praying for you every post along the way! This is going to be beyond any stretch of the imagination-and we know you’ve got one fine imagination!

    p.s. Thank you for the link to the Hands post by Antique Mommy. I sent the link to several friends and it blessed and warmed our hearts. Just like a fine box of chocolates and a good book!

  42. :D))) Southern conversation: “We must not sound overly lofty making the other person feel unambitious.”

  43. This is funny! Says your reading level for your blog is junior high. Go check it out!!

  44. I love your humor! thanks for making me laugh!

  45. The other fourteen year olds (ME) are most excited about Boomama’s recap of American Idol. Oh yes ma’am let the fun begin!

  46. I had to put jeans on because my boy missed the bus and I had to actually go outside today…but I am wearing a hoodie and a beanie…with my hair braided. Two braids. I’m 36, but nobody told my closet.

  47. Tomorrow afternoon sounds absolutely DIVINE.

    The link to the blog reading level is hilarious! I think that’s why I like coming here so much :-)

  48. Oh – The TiVo is set for American Idol. I cannot get the way that Ryan Seacrest says “THIS. ISAMERICANIDOL.” (while jerking his head to the side) out of my mind.

  49. Please don’t change into a T-shirt. I’ve never heard of a single T-shirt that can do all the things you have to do this week.

    That was how I read your sentence at first. I thought, this girl has such a lock on the humor thing that I really have to think about this. What play on words would make it funny for her to turn herself into a T-shirt?


    I know. Don’t say it.

  50. see, there is a reason that Sophistication, the word, starts out like your name……..your mamma knew what a doll you would be before you was even born! ;)

  51. In case it needs to be spelled out,
    SOPHIE-tication!!! ;)
    I hope i never have to go long without reading your blawg…you make my day!

  52. um, lest i become really annoying what I really meant to type was SOPHIES-tication…, sorry.

  53. It really says something about my life, that I CANNOT WAIT FOR AMERICAN IDOL TO START. Dang it, my 3 year olds’ TV show ended…there goes my email time! Have fun with yours!

  54. Two words…GO CATS!

  55. Sorry, you lost me after the THREE HOURS BY YOURSELF!!! Three hours in which one can read a whole blog post without being interrupted. Or write a whole blog post without having to stop and tend to someone eles’s needs. Sigh… sounds like heaven on earth.

  56. I’m still in pj’s and its noon. Oh well. Go Ky Wildcats……whoo hoo!

  57. GO BIG BLUE!!!

    and bring on the Fried Chicken!

  58. I always wear a tee shirt that matches my PJ bottoms. It’s part of my OCD. :D

    Just found your blog from 5 minutes for mom. Thanks for the grins. Come visit we are having a Weekly Blog Giveaway.

  59. OH! I forgot about American Idol! Thanks for the reminder!

  60. while chicken and biscuits are very important to world peace…American Idol…well…be still my heart…can hardly wait! and I’m a reversed 14…

  61. Yippee for AI!
    I made the brownies. I did. I am now popular. Thank you.

  62. Of course you aren’t 14. I don’t know if you knew this, but the teens? They don’t email. They text and IM. They only email old people. It is true. And sad. I love email, so be it.

  63. Priorities! Life is all about the little things.

  64. YESSSSS!!!! I thought I was the only middle-aged child who all but LIVED for American Idol each year! I couldn’t care less about television until it starts!

  65. I’m catching up on your blog and watching American Idol at the same time. I’m a multi-tasker like that.
    I looked down at my attire and I’m wearing pink plaid flannel bottoms and a grey 2000 Old Navy Flag $5 tee. Life is good!

  66. Yay for American Idol. Between that and a new season of Surivor getting ready to kick off, I’m in quality TV heaven.

  67. Just so you know I would so eat fried chicken with you in my pjs. All I can say is thank God we don’t have to post live and in person or you wouldn’t be hearing from me much.

    Btw, I’m waiting for you to post some major angst about the writers contract getting canceled and all shows in toilet. Arg.

  68. Just thought I’d give you a heads up about the typhoid vaccine – when I took it, on each day I took the pill, I felt like I had to flu. I was achy, feverish, and only wanted to sleep. Hopefully your experience won’t be this way, but just thought you might want to know.

  69. I mean really, is there anything that says elegance like flannel pajamas and a tshirt that doesn’t match. I’m glad it’s not just me wearing this glamorous uniform. I’d feel bad for all the other run-down mama’s who are losing out on such high fashion.