So Nice To Meet You, Billy Clyde

Tonight my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs hosted the Kentucky Wildcats at The Hump in an early-season SEC match-up.

Really, the pleasure was all ours.

MSU – 69
UK – 64

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that I stood in one corner of my kitchen for two hours and fifteen minutes because that’s where I was when the game started and clearly if I moved to another room there was no way we’d win.

I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t live with that kind of guilt. Sure, sitting down is convenient and comfortable, but is it really worth losing?

I think not.

At one point Sister called me from a hockey game to check in on the basketball game (what? don’t all sisters do that? what?), and while we were talking Kentucky started to cut the lead, so I said, “WE HAVE TO HANG UP. WE’RE RUINING EVERYTHING!”

Her response?


The crazy, it is genetic, you see.

What a tender heritage we share.

Go ‘Dogs.

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  1. What a touching and sensitive nature y’all have, Sophie. It brings a tear to mine eye, it does. ;-)

  2. I love it! Hubby and I are always texting each other a veritable play-by-play when one of us is away from a crucial game. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! haha

  3. go dawgs, indeed!

  4. I totally “get” it. Our daughter called and told me she was going to the Colts playoff game Sunday and I BIT MY TONGUE and did NOT say the thought that popped in my head which was “No, don’t go – – – all the Notre Dame Games you went to the Irish LOST – – – what if you going there makes the Colts lose.”

    Like I said I didn’t say it, she went, and the rest is history – – – –

    Just sayin’

  5. Congrats on the win. Speaking as a UK fan, I honestly don’t know what it was worth though because after all, we can’t even beat San Diego! (I think we might have beaten a couple of middle school teams this season or something like that.) sigh. And although we beat Vandy, I think that was more a matter of God taking pity on us. (He does that occasionally.)

  6. You should know that my lack of attention is the very reason that your bulldogs beat my Auburn Tigers in football last year. Everything was fine until I had to get up from my green chair and drive to Tuscaloosa for the Arkansas/Alabama game. Your world would’ve been very different if I had sat still. :)

  7. wha??

  8. oh my friend, i understand the mojo. i once had to continue to thumb through decorating magazines at a furious pace bc when i slowed down or stopped fsu made mistakes. i have witnessed an entire group of adults move and change positions, sit in original start-of-game places, WEAR RALLY CAPS, all in order to keep the mojo.

    mojo–it don’t mess around with college sports.

  9. GO DAWGS!!! Times like that are the only times I regret giving up my satellite TV. No ESPN. :( Oh well…I can live vicariously through your blog posts!

  10. My mojo is so screwed up, I am not sure how to handle the games any more. I root for the Razorbacks, I now live in Kentucky, my daughter has become a Georgia Peach, and my Feller is a Gator.


    I have almost resorted to just yelling for whichever team is ahead. But…..I can’t.
    Woo Pig Sooiiee!

  11. Sometimes when I read you I can immediately think of a pity comment. Other times, like this time, I just have to giggle to myself and roll my eyes. Silly girls!

  12. A pithy comment. Not a pity comment. (More eyerolling.)

  13. I have a place I have to sit on our couch when my Tarheels play-and I stay there-and also NEVER CHANNEL SURF during commercials during the game. I don’t move from the spot on the couch until the game is nearing the end and it’s a close score and they need “help.” Then I will jump off the couch and sit on my knees in front of the TV. I know exactly what you are going through and it is really my favorite time of the year. Especially March. My sister used to share this with me, but then she got brainwashed by NC State people and fell out of love with the Tarheels. I am working hard on my girls developing the same sickness as me and it is so much fun.

  14. Wait wait wait. You didn’t watch American Idol last night???

  15. I would never have pegged you as the superstitious type… huh…

  16. You totally missed the Star Wars girl on American Idol (among other mad, rejected Idol wannabe’s)But, I understand, the dawgs could not have done it without you!

    The Park Wife

  17. My parents live in starkville (aka starkpatch) and go to as many football, basketball and baseball games as possible. And even though they graduated from UT Knox – they are now Bulldog fans!

  18. Oh how I wish I could use the word “beloved” relating to any of our teams…..the “beloved” Timberwolves? the “beloved” Vikings? The “beloved” ….what IS the name of our hockey team???? Haven’t kept in touch with that since the Stars went to Dallas…and THAT was decades ago! We’re not havin’ a very good year in Minnesota for sports!

    But I understand the emotional investment we all feel when it really matters! I’m sure the team is happy to know you did your part!!!!


  19. So the link to this was in my work inbox when I arrived this morning with a subject line that read “You have more in common with BooMama than you could have ever imagined.” Indeed. Oklahoma State lost every football game the day after I wore O-State attire on casual Friday. Except for the Texas game. We lost that one because she came in the living room, looked at the TV, saw that we were up three touchdowns and said “you’re going to win.” Our losing streak to Texas continues.

  20. What? No AI post? How can you resist writing about actressing??

  21. OK I am with FriedOkra Megan here – I don’t have a pithy or pity comment on this – since way back when dirt was still hot – I haven’t been superstitious or fervent about a specific team but the way you and Sister talk (blog)about it – hey it’s all good! Glad it made you happy – happy is good.

  22. Even if they are having a down year (or several years) – it always feel good to beat KY.
    MS State and AR – the only undefeated teams in the SEC right now!!! Go us!!!!
    Until we play you and then I will feel the need to smack talk! (in love)

  23. I was on campus Saturday afternoon while they beat Georgia. Go State!

  24. haha….i pink puffy heart you more with every entry.

  25. Some sisters shop, some sisters scream for sports teams. It’s all good. God loves variety. And, apparently, your Bulldogs.

  26. All I’m saying is if Billy Clyde had stayed at A&M, they’d be working on a statue of him by now. Instead, those Wildcats are gonna start scratchin’.

  27. I’m right there with you on sports. I love me some Texas Longhorns…bein’ from Austin and all.

  28. How funny. I thought we were the only family that did stuff like that. Being huge Miami Dolphins’ football fans, we made sure we sat in the same seats, wore the same clothes, ate the same food (not really), when the team won their last game, so not to break the good karma. Good to know we are not alone!!

  29. You make me laugh….you go girl. Wonderful that you and your sister have such a neat bond…I envy you….Hubby is a graduate of State and then Ole Miss law school….so I completely get your feelings.

  30. We feel the same way about our Green Bay Packers! We have a Packer room in our house where we watch the games every week (the whole room is decorated with Packer gear), wear our jerseys for the game, we call and text every far-away family member when we score a touchdown, and last week I slept in my green underwear just to inspire Brett to throw lots of touchdowns! ;-) (Thanks Brett for the great game!)

  31. Hail dear ole State! I never follow basketball but glad to hear they won.

  32. HAIL STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. To Diane (Praying For A Prodigal):
    Your hockey team is the Wild. The Minnesota Wild. I know this because my beloved Predators won 4-1 last week. :) Plus, the former owner of the Preds just bought the Wild. I guess that makes us almost cousins.

    To Daph:

    To BooMama:
    A post totally devoted to sports mojo would be hysterical.

  34. I hear ya. I won’t let my husband sit next to me at LSU games. We were loosing one SEC championship game to GA when he left my side to sit and chat with my dad. The game turned in our favor and we won. The rest is history. He always has to sit next to someone else. And God love him, he humors me! I think it worked out pretty well this year, don’t you?

  35. Go MSU! Way to beat KY! As an AGGIE, I have to say billy clyde is dead to me and all this losing is what he DESERVES! While we, the AGGIES, remained ranked and doing well…see ya sucka! Sorry…I get carried away about that whole thing!

  36. As someone who was raised in Kentucky, it is just incomprehensible that Kentucky would ever lose a game. They may not win a game all season and we would still be SHOCKED if they didn’t win the next one. Go Cats!

  37. Whoa! I can’t believe Diane not knowing our Hockey team! Ahhh!!!
    We are the Wilds! Minnesota Wilds!
    Ok, but I don’t watch them. Or any sports. I find out the score, I want to know they won, but I don’t need to watch.

  38. I love your sports posts.

  39. As someone who went to a SEC school I understand this post totally . . . Roll Tide! However I married an ACC man – Maryland Terps. Our agreement is I get to be obnoxious and loud during football season and he gets basketball season.

  40. You switch that from b-ball to football and from Dogs to Vols, and that is me! And my sister too of course.

  41. One more year and things will be back to the way they’ve been for past 75 years with UK atop the SEC. But for now, congrats on the win… and Varnado is a freak

  42. ba, ba, ba, bah…Go State, Go State!

  43. The Gillispie Experiment isn’t going so well for the Cats so far. Congrats on the win!