The Big Boo Cast, Episode Nine

Well, after a six week-ish hiatus, Big Mama and I return to the wonderful world of podcasting by covering a completely random array of topics for your listening pleasure.

And we use the word “hiatus,” by the way, to make it seem like our podcasting break was TOTALLY PLANNED, but the fact of the matter is that we just never got around to recording anything because we were too busy eating cake and watching TV.

We also did a good bit of sleeping.

This week we talk about Big Mama’s hair woes, our teenage fondness for writing notes in church, how chocolate chip cookie dough and Cheetos can completely derail parenthood, various blog-related Google searches that crack us up, our deeply academic appreciation for the Old Testament, and why you wouldn’t want either one of us to ever be in charge of starting some sort of fire.

In short, it’s the least entertaining entertainment that the interweb has to offer. Which makes us understandably proud.

And I’ll go ahead and warn you that I had some microphone ish-ahs on this podcast, so I apologize in advance for the technical difficulties. You can rest assured that I will work tirelessly to fix those ish-ahs just as soon as I can tear myself away from my Dairy Queen chicken tenders.

My, they are tasty.


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If you have any questions you’d like for us to answer in the next podcast, fire away, my friends.

And as always, we thank you for your patronage.

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  1. yay – I now have something valuable to do with my afternoon, listening to the pod cast. Am I really first to comment?

  2. Looking forward to listening! My girls and I really enjoy your podcasts. We always get a good laugh. :)

  3. Can’t wait–I have to get a few things done before I can reward myself with this though!

  4. I hate to show my ignernce, but its obviously a little late in the game for that. Still, how do you pronounce HEB? H. E. B. or “Heb”? (For all of us without HEB’s or Steinmart(s) in the area.) And is it a grocery store chain or like a Wal-Mart type store?

  5. I can’t wait to listen! I will come back soon, but I had to tell you something about folks, who ended up at my blog by accident. One tried “ludicrous.” Boy were they disappointed to not find a rapper :) Maybe they’ll come back and find Jesus! I have a host more, but it has been fun to see how people stumbled on my blog. Just today, someone entered “baby girl handbags with a crown in the middle” and stayed for over 7 minutes :) Hee hee!

    Thanks for your prayers, my Sister! And the laughter that you give to me…it has been good medicine!

  6. Just the descriptions of your podcast fabulosity make me want to listen. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the abundance of hair tips and chocolate chip cookie dough-related wisdom you have to impart? These are things that real moms, like me, care about. Also, listening gives me another reason to procrastinate folding my laundry.

  7. I am crying with laughter as I listen to ya’ll talk. I am so jealous that I’m not there dishing it up with you two lovely, hysterical women! I think that we need to do away with every anti-depressant drug out there (and I’m only saying this because I have been ON them) and have you two just do a TV/radio show..oh the laughter that would ensue! Of course I would just have to explain to everyone why I’m so happy. Can you imagine the reason? Oh, no reason…just listening to my pretend BFF blog friends on their podcast! Can you say…rubber room???

  8. I CANNOT wait to listen. I am pretty new to blogging but I am so addicted! I always find you and Big Mama entertaining. I have been waiting for a podcast so I can hear you in action!

  9. The weather part and the Veggie Tales are killing me right now!!!! Just somethin else…’re killing me!!!! :)

  10. I am listening to ya now. You gals just crack me up.

  11. I have been howling with laughter at the fire starting bit…… And I have to say that yes, I can make fires! But then, I am a lot older than you are, and I have had more years to perfect the art. Necessity!

  12. Hey Ya’ll,
    Love hearing the sound of your voices. Now when I read your blog, I will hear your voice! I do that now when I read Beth Moore Studies too.
    Excited to hear you all are going to Africa. I keep sayin’ ya’ll and I live in CA. Weird. I blame it on the podcast. hehe

  13. Hey there BooMama, first time commenter here. I can’t listen to your podcast because of this neanderthal pc. but new one is on the way. Anywho, I read your blog everyday and as soon as possible, I will listen to the casts! The post about the graphics was hysterical! My Hubby and I grew up in AL. In Oxford to be exact. You hit it on the money girlfriend! It was too too funny! My hubby and I were screaming! Love your blog! Keep on blogging……

  14. That totally made my day! Can’t wait to hear about Beth Moore’s mad fire building skills!
    Thank you for all you do! You are a writer!

  15. I have but one small concern about this post:

    When you say that your fondness for writing notes in church happened during your teenage years, exactly how many years would you say that consisted of?

    You see, I have this… friend. She’s 23 and still occasionally writes notes in church…… would you say that my friend has a problem? I mean, in my opinion, people should just GET OFF HER BACK THERE ARE SLOW MOMENTS IN CHURCH SOMETIMES YOU KNOW.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  16. Very funny!

  17. Oh, you guys just crack me up! As I told Big, your accents are just the cutest. “Bah” and “Gah” for buy and guy. Reminds me of my pal Stephanie from Alabama. Can you tell I’m sheltered? Sheesh! Feel free to make fun of my “oots” and “aboots.” I got it comin’ to me.

  18. I was clapping and laughing at the “can’t stop eating!” Then I thought I’d be a punk and google it and come by from there. Did you remove the words? I got all the way to page 17 and couldn’t find you :)

    BTW, Chris loves listening to y’all, too! I think y’all just sound like home to him :) a coupla girls at the beauty shop and he’s eavesdropping!

    You both are so much fun! You should call your sister on one of your podcasts, Sophie. I think her arm comment for Melanie’s hair was very witty.

  19. My sister told me the podcast was up, and lo, the excitement didst build in me. But I had plans for the evening, alas! Can’t wait to listen tomorrow!

  20. oh, mamas, i LOVED it!

    and i nearly squealed in the library when i heard you answering my question! thx for sharing those rather deep insights with us.

    and i loved that a grand chunk of y’alls answer had more to do with Beth Moore fashion predicaments than actual Bible Study tips!
    as always, you never let us down with those oh-so-important fashion perspectives!

    many blessings.

  21. Was so delighted at Lisa T’s big announcement yesterday on her OH MY STARS post that you are coming to her June conference. That so made me want to go. In fact, I’m thinking about it for that very reason as I don’t know much about her ministry or writing conferences but it intrigued me. I’d so sign up for your workshop! You have been such a taste of good medicine of laughter and love for me this year. Your words are greatly appreciated!

  22. Redheadcsm says:

    Holy Cow that was funny!! So thoroughly enjoyed it! I was sipping soup when Big Mama mentioned she gets Google searches for Big Mama pantyhose. Several paper towles later and I can use my computer again! Too funny y’all!!

  23. Oh BooMama! Beware the brownie mix! I am soo addicted. I just put a few heaping :) spoonfuls in a bowl and add some water to make a brownie mix mush mess of deliciousness. And you don’t have to worry about the raw eggs! I shouldn’t have told you that. Don’t ever try it. You’ll be cursing brownie mix forever.

  24. I was thrilled to hear the brief mention of 1980’s SNL. I have shared with you before my uncanny ability to quote SNL from 1986 yet forget information that was given to me today.

    Remember, your soul “is worth eternal youth or a really nice car”.

  25. Well, thanks. Now I have to have brownies. :-)

  26. Loved every minute of this one, but especially wanted to say “thank you” for proclaiming the virtues of the brownie batter. I wouldn’t walk 5 paces for a bite of cookie dough, but my brownies always look suspiciously thin due to the amount of batter I leave for myself in the bowl.

  27. I FINALLY got a few moments to listen…well to try while I’m correcting children…I had so many laughs! I love how you all call them “CHEE-Toes” as opposed to how we northerns say “cheedos”. :-)