She Speaks ’08


In a decision she’s sure to question a thousand times over once she realizes THE FULL EXTENT OF OUR CRAZY, sweet Lysa TerKeurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries has graciously asked Shannon, Melanie and me to lead a couple of sessions on blogging at this summer’s She Speaks conference in Concord, North Carolina.

(And can I just tell you? Lysa has to be the most encouraging person I’ve ever met in my life. Because every single time I hang up the phone after talking to her, I am ready to climb a mountain or compete in some sort of race.)

(That is saying something, my friends.)

Anyway, Big, Rocks and I don’t have everything set in stone just yet, but I believe that one of our sessions is going to be called Shannon Makes Many Good Points While The Other Two Talk Incessantly About Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hair.

The second session is probably going to be Shannon Shares Valuable Information And Insight While The Other Two Hide Under The Table And Whimper.

It’s going to be fabulous!

And seriously, we actually do have something resembling a plan, a plan that requires all three of us to PAR-TIC-I-PATE and talk out loud and stuff. You can read all about what we have up our sleeves – as well as all the other sessions that are being led by people who actually write books and speak in front of large groups and things – right here.

I’ve never been to a conference like this one, but it sounds phenomenal. I know there are a lot of you out there who have ideas for books because YOU ARE LEGITIMATE WRITERS, UNLIKE YOURS TRULY, and She Speaks provides an opportunity for you to receive valuable feedback from peer critiques, sit down with publishers (FACE TO FACE AND EVERYTHING) and get great advice from published writers.

And in addition to the writing track, there’s a speaking track, a women’s ministry track, and a next generation track. You can get info about each of those tracks here (look in the left sidebar for specifics).

There’s also an opportunity for you to earn a scholarship to attend the conference if you (like me) are not exactly in a season of life where you have big piles of cash money for things like conferences and traveling hither and yon across these continental United States. In fact, there’s a scholarship contest going on right now at Lysa’s blog.


I really do hope that some of you internets will join us at She Speaks. Just think – we could drink diet Coke IN PERSON! Not that that’s necessarily an incentive for you to travel across the country, of course, but Mel, Shannon and I would absolutely love to have some bloggy buddies there with us.

Crazy loves company, you know.

Oh yes ma’am it does.

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  1. I am so excited for you guys. What a great opportunity to impact those who have been reading and enjoying your blogs.

    Ya’ll Rock!

  2. Hey! SheSpeaks is in my neck of the woods. I won’t be able to attend, but I hope you enjoy Concord while you’re there.

  3. I live only 45 minutes from Concord!!!! You will have to visit the largest outlet mall there! We women can’t pass up shopping! Hmmm maybe I need to enter into the scholorship contest!!!

  4. I am so happy for you, what a wonderful opportunity. Have fun and make the most of this wonderful blessing!
    The Park Wife

  5. This morning after just getting to the office and still sipping my first cup of coffee–I opened my Outlook only to find an e-mail from my sister back in NC. The subject line was the URL of the conference and the body read, “Boomama is going to be in Charlotte…I MUST go!”

    Before consuming caffeine I am not human, so shespeaksconference looked an awful like shakespeareconference… I replied to my sister, “Why on earth is Boomama going to be at a Shakespeare Conference?”

    Living in DC makes me appreciate your blog so much! I love the daily reminders of the sweet, sweet South!

  6. So, so happy for you all! I REALLY want to be there, especially since God has given me a book to write about my baby’s healing last year (Hallelujah!)and I need some major tips and some elbows to rub, but the timing is not going to work out for me. Will be thinking of you all. Is a podcast in order? I think so …

  7. Oh my I wish I could be there! I would totally drink a diet coke with you and discuss food, fashion and football. :-)

  8. I would LOVE to go, just to hear the three of you but I will still be in school at that time. Have a wonderful time!

  9. Man, oh, man — I’m going to seriously have to look into this!

  10. will they have anything for songwriters??

  11. You will be fabulous! I am so bummed- I had hoped to go, but it is the day we return to the states from a mission trip. :( Drink some Diet Coke for me. Maybe you can podcast it for us!!

  12. whew! I would definitely be needing some scholarship to attend.

    sounds like all sorts of fun though.


  13. I would love to drink Diet Coke with you in person especially since I read your blog and Rocks in My Dryer every day…but I won’t be able to make the conference. Hopefully, they will have CDs available because I would like to hear and learn from your session.

  14. I so wish I could go this year. Please have fun for me, and do a good job so they’ll ask you back next year so maybe I could see you then? Kidding-I KNOW you’ll do great!!

  15. Yes! Me too! I hope we will have an opportunity to hear y’all’s session or read a transcript, at least. I’d love nothing more than to be down in North Cackalacky this summer (only one state from home!) but you know, I’ll be busy being heavily knocked up by then. Sweatin’, swearin’ and swollen. Woohoooo! Y’all have an extra Diet Coke and an extra belly laugh for me, okay?

  16. This is so exciting. I am so thrilled for all 3 of you and the ladies that will hear you. What a great door of opportunity the Lord has opened for you. Blessings.

  17. Oh man. I really wanna go. It sounds fabulous.

  18. Gloom and despair! The conference is in the SOUTHEAST and I am in the NORTHWEST. Would love to see y’all crouched under the table, though.

  19. I am hoping to earn enough money to go to the conference. While I would love to sit around with y’all and drink Coke (make mine full strength please!), I doubt I’d be able to drink anything for laughing so much!

    I love all 3 of you and follow your blogs every day — although a lot of the fashion advice is totally lost on me, I know I would learn a lot from you blogging goddesses :)

    Lisa B.

  20. Thrilled for you. You’ll be great.~~Dee

  21. I only live about an hour from this conference. I’d love to go but $398.00 (w/o the hotel cost) is just a bit pricey. We live on a pastor’s salary. Who has that kind of money for a two night conference? 8(

    I’d love to meet you too, BooMama. Love this blog!!


  22. First: Don’t sell yourself short, girl. You are a legitimate writer. Say it with me. “I, Boo Mama, am a legitimate writer.”

    There. That’s better now, isn’t it?

    Or have I just forced you into the arms of a Diet Coke with a side of fried pickles?

    (You’ll be FABULOUS! Both at the conference and in Africa. Know how I know? Because God is your strength. Jars of clay, right?)

  23. I’m a regular here, I visit often b/c I love your blog. :) I got tagged to do a meme on my blog, and since I’m new to the blogging world and don’t “know” very many other bloggers, I thought I’d tag you. I hope you’ll play along, and that you don’t hate me for doing this! :)

  24. How exciting for you! I sincerely doubt you’ll be whimpering under a table, girl.

    I nearly attended the She Speaks conference last year, Boo. However, my shoulder surgery wouldn’t let me.

    Guess I’d better start praying about attending the conference this time around. If nothing else, I’ll do some bloggin’ cheerleading for ya. *wink*

    Julie @ A Joyful Life

  25. I wonder if they’ll let us make up a big mess of fried stuff to eat during the conference? In our pajamas?

  26. Lisa spoke at our church a few years back, absolutely the most real speaker we’ve ever had. And that’s saying something!

  27. Hey Boo.. Congrats on the conference, you’ll be great…I can understand the fear of leaving your little man for your trip to Uganda… but I balk at the writer’s block thing.. you are a fierce writer and you won’t have a thing to worry about! You can go from serious to funny in no time.. so fun.. and I enjoy reading you..I say you because your blog IS you… By the way, I hope you take lots of pictures when you go on your trip… A NOTE TO SISTER… Thank you so much for stopping by.. I am in bed for the 5th day but it is not flu.. I have bronchitis.. I feel a little better today but not ready to go anywhere ..went to doctor yesterday and got antibiotics and cough syrup and x-rays say no pneumonia.. thank goodness! I appreciate you thinking of me! Hugs to you and BooMama

  28. I can’t go. HAVE to be at a wedding. The groom was our best man and is my hubs’ best friend. I will have to read about it. :>(

  29. The conference sounds like an amazing opportunity that I MUST check out!! And, I am praying that the details of getting ready over the next couple of weeks will fall into place beautifully and for sweet sleep and flowing words during the trip. I know your way with words will be used mightily in this environment.

  30. Are they really prepared for the influx of bloggers and friends who will sign up and attend this conference JUST FOR THE OPPORTUNITY to sip Diet Coke with you, Big, and Rocks….ok, that just cracked me up when you said that. I’ll have to go check this out….would that not be the mostest fun ever????

  31. I’m planning to go, if I can get Hubs to approve the price of admission. ;-) Meanwhile I’m holding out hope with that scholarship. And if I get there, I do hope we get to at least say HELLO!!

  32. I’d go just to revel in your accent, darling!

  33. Ack!! This is the first I’ve heard of this…Off to click the links–CONCORD IS NEAR MY HOMETOWN AND WHAT AN AMAZING EXCUSE TO GO BACK FOR A VISIT!!!

    Good googlie-mooglie…this sounds fabuloso!! :)

  34. Kelly in Carrollton, GA says:

    Oh my goodness, I would so love to go to this!! Praying! K

  35. I’m fairly certain I will be there. I would like a Diet Coke :)

  36. How much fun!! ‘Wish I could come, Sophie.

    Praying for you!

    PS Chris has a job fair tomorrow–pray!

  37. Oh, and I just told Chris that you were going to be at a “Shespeaks” conference. His response was “Well, duh. What else would she do?” :)

  38. Ohhhhh, you will be in my neck of the woods! Lysa Terkhurst (sp?) is great! I may need to investigate this one!

  39. ohhh it would be wonderful to meet all of you! I’m going to join the carnival – hoping and praying I’d win the scholarship!

  40. I love hearing Lysa TerKeurst snippets on Klove. This sounds like so much fun and you all will do a great job! What a year God has planned for you, Sophie! Stretching you in ways you would have never imagined! Isn’t He a blast?!!

  41. I seriously have to meet you someday. : )

  42. Wow…this sounds amazing. Do I have to be a wee bit older to be able to participate, attend, or look at the ministry opportunities? I’m 25…doest that count?

    And never underestimate the critical analysis of Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair do :)

  43. I’m so glad you posted this! I actually entered today! I hope I win so I can meet you and you can say, “Oh ya, you’re the crazy girl who informed Oprah that I was a MUST HAVE on her show.” =)

  44. I am so excited to go to this conference and to possibly meet you and Melanie in person. I just started reading Shannon, but it sounds like she is a totally amazing girl. I have been praying for an opportunity to learn more about publishing the things I’ve secretly written, and this sounds perfect. Scary, but perfect. You are always so stinkin’ funny(in a good way)so I know the breakout with you girls is going to be a hoot!

  45. I’ll see you there! I design most of their ministry and speaker blogs, and I’ve been invited to participate, too!

  46. Ooooh, I am FROM Concord, NC! Maybe I could talk Hubby into a trip back home at the EXACT same time as She Speaks… It would be well worth it!

  47. Hey BooMama… I just wanted to tell you how FUNNY you are. I really ejoy your posts. Even as you write of this conference… I can’t stop laughing. Your description of the two established sessions regarding Shannon sharing and the other two discussing SJP’s hair… hilarious.

    I’m sure you will be an assett at that conference. Not solely for your blogging abilities….

    Take Care BooMama!