Hey Oprah!

Okay, not really.

Because I certainly don’t think that the lovely Ms. Winfrey is, you know, reading my blog.

But I am in Chicago.

And look! Ice! ON THE WATER!



So far, I have two words to describe Chicago:


Anyway, I had a lovely flight. Read a magazine. Listened to music. Watched part of “Waiting For Guffman” and tried not to laugh too loudly lest I disturb the other passengers.

As we started the descent (it that the right word? is it even a word at all? yes. I believe it is.) into Chicago, I was listening to FryDaddy sing “Alive Forever Amen” on my iPod.

And you know, it was a mighty fine reminder of why I was even on that plane to begin with. And so I had me some church right there in seat 6A.

Finally, if you are very hungry when you reach an airport and think you would like some lunch, I cannot recommend any sort of stuffed burrito option. Because odds are, despite all efforts to the contrary, you’re going to end up with at least half of said burrito on the front of your shirt.

Which is why I’m about to go to the restroom and see if I can make myself presentable before I have to, you know, MEET PEOPLE.

As you were.

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  1. Praying for God to rock your world. May He bless you and use you in awesome ways, and protect and cover you and your family while you’re gone.

    And prevent you from spilling more burritos on your shirt.


  2. Praying that God will show you wonders everywhere…then you can share them with US!


  3. just read today’s scripture on your sidebar.

    Ain’t that the truth?


  4. It always works out that my dinner/lunch whatever falls on the “shelf” below my 2 chins. Sighhhh…

    Glad you are on your way!

  5. OH wow…Safe travels! And get yo’self all gussied up!
    Have fun!!
    Love ya!

  6. Very excited that you are on your way and even more excited that you remembered all the computer cords and do-hickeys you will need to keep in touch with us!

  7. Praying for you, friend. That God will show you amazing things about Himself in Africa and use you to reveal Himself to others along the way. You are a blessing. Praying for safety, truth and favor all the way! Be blessed!

    Love ya!

  8. Yeah! You are on your way. I can’t go anywhere or eat anything without dropping it on myself. My mother had hoped I would grow out of it . . .*sigh*. I feel you pain. ;-p

  9. Welcome to Chicago, hon. Hope your stay was wonderful. And yes, it is VERY cold here today. I’m glad you got through before tomorrow as I think if you hadn’t you may have ended up staying awhile in our fair city because the weather’s due to only get worse. Hope the rest of your flights go as smoothly and you are able to get the burrito goo off your shirt!

  10. That is so great you are on your way!! Praying for safe travels and clean shirts. :)

  11. Mind your manners and always wear clean underwear.

  12. 6A? Does that mean you’re flying FIRST CLASS???

    Keepin’ my fingers crossed for you. Because I’m just so spiritual that way.

  13. Welcome to the north Boomama, and yes ma’am it is coooo-oooold here. I don’t like it much!

    Praying for a safe and FUN flight to Africa.

  14. Oh BIG!
    I’m so happy and excited that you are on your way…I’ve been thinking of you. I am so eager to see what you blog about from Africa. I hope all of our lives can be changed THROUGH your experience. I’m praying God give you the words to express what is going on there.

    Have fun, enjoy it all.
    PS I was listening to FryDaddy’s songs yesterday on the treadmill.

  15. HEAVENS NO on the first class. :-) I was 6A because the plane had all of 12 rows. It was a little ‘un.

  16. Keep ’em coming! Sounds great. And little man is in good hands! God Bless!

  17. I’m so excited for you!!!

  18. I’m no Oprah, but I was down here waving my little arm off at ya!
    Travel safe!

  19. I’m not going to make any of the smart remarks chasing around in my head, about burritos and their tendency to mess up my clothes. I’d be booted off blogs and out of bars all over the known world.

    Have a blessed trip! Well, other than the part about being in Chicago.

  20. Bailey's Leaf says:

    I see that the fellow internets have welcomed you to our chunk o’ the states. As for us, I was awakened at 12:20 AM with thunder and a HUGE crack of lightning. I was waiting for the big rain until my husband pointed out that it was snowing big flakes. Today, we’ve got the huge winds and white outs. (AKA blinding snow.) Oh welcome my dear to the northern midwest. I would tell you to hang and in a few days it’ll probably be 60 or so (I don’t know, but that’s how it seems to go), but y’all are on your way to Africa.

    Speaking of, have a fantastic trip! Break out some lobster bibs to make your eating venture a little easier on the clothing. Don’t forget to have Shannon do some deep breathing exercises! Many prayers your way!

  21. What Stacy said. :)

  22. Welcome to The North. We pride ourselves here on the ability to grow new fingers and toes once the cold takes the ones God gave us at birth.

    Oy. SO COLD! I’m in Minneapolis, where our HIGH today is below zero.

    Grasp that one with me.

    (Jokes aside — I’m another one praying. You go and enjoy Africa, girl! Even though it will break your heart, God has great things for you.)

  23. I believe you are going to have a wonderful trip that will be life changing. I believe you will be the light these people need to see–that is the light of the world, Jesus. I’m praying for you.

  24. Keeping on praying for every ascent and descent of the plane…and for blessing to fall on you unlike you have ever known.

    PS Our Compassion friends here in CO are praying for your trip, too! :)

  25. Sorry we took away all the degrees here before you came; that wasn’t very hospitable of us Chicago people! Praying for your trip…

  26. keep those updates coming. love to hear what’s going on, every gory detail, including burrito casualties.

  27. Praying for you all day!!

  28. I prayed for you this morning before I went to church. I was cold just looking at the pictures! God is going to show up and show off for you this entire trip! How cool to listen to Frydaddy while flying. Frydaddy and his praise team are my favs! :o)

  29. Boomama.

    I told you to not come back without changing the WORLD, not changing your SHIRT.

    Get it right, sister.

  30. I too have spent some time in the restroom cleaning up.

  31. Hi, Boo!

    (I’ve been reading for months, but not commenting much. This likely will change while you’re gong, as evidenced by my responding to two posts in one day!)

  32. Welcome to the midwest! I live about 1 1/2 hours from Chicago and it is cold, cold, cold here. Hope the rest of your trip goes well.

  33. CHiago is where I learned the tape can freeze. And that I would never again volunteer to do a trade show there in January.

    Oh, and during a huge snowstorm with heavy winds? I learned the cute-patootie senior rep for our housewares line that I Was traveling with- wore a toupee’.

    Boy, can those things fly if they aren’t secured properly.


    Have a GREAT NEXT LEG !!!!

  34. It is really here!!! Wow! The time went by really fast for ME. :)

    You and the team will be in my prayers. I can’t wait to hear what you see, what you experience, what God plops on your heart. Much like burrito stuff plops on your shirt.

    So glad little man did ok. No tears from YOU, either??

    Lots of love and prayers flying to you!

  35. I’ve decided to just FedEx myself on over and meet y’all there. :)

  36. I’ll be waving as you fly over the UK. That is, if you fly over the UK. Oh heck. I will wave anyway!

  37. Praying for you!

  38. Hello, I hope you have a great lay over in the Windy City. It is a wonderful city to visit. Lots of things to do. Sorry about the mess on your shirt. Will be praying for you as you travel to Africa and for your stay. Have fun and know that God is with you always.

    Love and Hugs,

  39. Praying, praying, praying!!!!! Have so much fun!!!!!

  40. You did pick a bad day to be in my hometown of Chicago. I spent 20 minutes waiting for a bus; I am still cold to the core. Be glad you’re just making a pit stop.

    A friend gave me Tide-to-Go for my birthday. Horrifying that others recognize my propensity to spill, but a very practical gift. Never leave the house without it.

    Hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly.

  41. Cold. Ouch. Makes me hurt just thinking about it. Not thinking it will be cold at your final destination though…

    Signed, your fellow Bhamian who is enjoying the 60 degree weather today.

  42. I told you it was so cold it would make your snot freeze. This is going to be weird – normal weather for you then freezing cold then Africa hot.
    You are a trooper!

  43. Oh Boomama, I live smack dab across the lake from Chicago. Sigh. I have to admit I was freaking out that you would only be 3 hours away. Any yes it is very cold, even this Michigander is staying inside today.
    Glad to hear the first leg of the trip is going well. Praying for you and the rest of the team.

  44. i am sooo thankful i don’t live in a place where there is ice on the water!

    sounds like you’re having a good trip.

  45. Gina Maria says:

    Siunds as though your trip is going well. I thought New York was cold. Thats worst then Upstate New York. Stay warm babe!

  46. I’m SO excited for you! I’m with you in spirit, and praying for you all.

  47. I’m praying for you guys this week! I wish I could see the faces of those precious children. I can’t wait to read your posts during the visit. May God bless you!!

  48. I’m a new reader of your blog BooMama and I am going to go catch up on all your posts about Africa. Our magazine is going to publish a story about a girl who wanted to go to Zambia and I am interested in your story. I’ll be honest and tell you that I do NOT envy you being in Chicago, I dislike the cold weather very much. Yours truly, from sunny California, Sisterlisa

  49. Honey…I got me a precious Compassion child in Uganda just last night…..our sweet Lord has been on me about this and I did it!!! She is 5 yrs old and she is beautiful and she is Sophia!! I kinda thought of you as God laid her in front of me as I looked.

    Praying for you! Thank you for being a vessel for me before you ever even got there. God is with you my friend.


  50. Thanking Him for a safe trip to cold Chicago, and praying for safety the rest of the way.
    I haven’t eaten anything out in the last few years that I haven’t gotten on the front of my shirt. I think I’m regressing.

  51. Oh. . .how exciting. . .that you have already posted. Not that you are cold. And messy. I’m hoping you have another shirt in which to change, ’cause I can imagine that eau de Stuft Burrito would get old after a while.

  52. Have a blessed trip. Praying for you!

  53. As the granddaughter of my grandma, I seem to have inherited her genetic tendency to spill food down the fron of her shirt. Several of us grandkids can be identified by this common characteristic.

    Been praying for you all day!

  54. When you get to the African sun, i bet that Chicago ice will seem a world away!!!

    Praying for you!!!

  55. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if Oprah DID comment?!?!? She could do a show about Compassion!

    I’ve got a Compassion girl in Colombia. She’s the exact age as my oldest daughter. Beautiful!

    Good luck – praying for you and the team.

  56. Praying for you all! God Bless!

  57. Woke up praying for you. Prayed throughout the day and teared up a couple times just thinking about what God has planned for y’all.

    My sweet Libbyline prayed for you before she went to bed and now I’m about to lift you before the throne once again before I’m off to bed myself.

    Can’t wait to hear your first reaction to AFRICA and all the precious ones you’ll be meeting.

  58. Yup I have done that burrito thing in the airport. Not pretty!! lol I stick to salads now or a sandwich.

    Also, you have not felt cold till you have traveled to Minnesota. Chicago is nothing compared to actual temperatures of -14 for a high today. It has been -10 to -28 for 3 weeks now. And the same for next week. It is so time for winter to be over!! I won’t even go into wind chill factors being -40 to -50 lol. Nope I won’t.

    And all our lakes are frozen over. Two of my sons have fish houses (with beds) parked on the lakes and they drive their PICK-UPS on them too.

    Good luck, have fun and Godspeed to Africa!


  59. Okay, I am sorry, but I cannot read this blog anymore without a constant background of Toto music in my head.

    “Frightened by this thing that I’ve become….”

  60. I love it!!! I get stuff on my shirt every time I eat. I blame my mom – I think it is hereditary! Safe travels Sophie! We’ll be praying for you.

  61. Love the fact that you had to muffle your laughter at Waiting for Guffman. I too, must suppress laughter less I look a fool. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your trip. Next time I’m in Chicago I’ll tell Oprah you flew over and say Waz up.