Because I Miss Them







You can see more sweet faces here.

And know this: if you decide to sponsor a child, then yes, you will help to change that child’s life.

But here’s the kicker, The Big Surprise: that child will change your life, too. In all sorts of wonderful ways.

Funny how that works.

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  1. And, they miss you too- I just know it. No-one who meets you (even though it’s only through a blog, and not in person) can forget your bubbly personality. Love the pic of you holding the little girl!

    Hope you are felling better!

  2. They no doubt miss you – and of course they pray for you too! That is one of the biggest thrills of sponsorship – that our two little boys go before the throne of God in our behalf – WOO HOOOOO! Now that’s some intercession. Thank you for continuing to bring this to the hearts of so many people who are able just need to be willing to be used by the Lord for these beautiful people.

  3. So precious! I just love the attitude of the boy in the 2nd picture! Do you know how many kids got sponsored over the course of the week y’all were there? I would love to know. I think y’all had such an amazing impact!!!

  4. We sponsored a child while you were on your trip-thanks to Rocks in My Dryer and Boo Mama. We got our packet this week. Our new ‘little boy’ is on our fridge, prayed over at dinner and generally, worming his way into our hearts. My kids have already decided he needs new shoes. We’re working on that. Thanks for keeping it real.

  5. Beautiful pictures… AND faces!!!

  6. Those faces are gorgeous.

  7. I hate to sound impatient, but I was wondering when you thought you might have the Q & A about your trip?

    I’d like to know if there is a way to send items like clothing, toys, notebooks, etc. to the children in Uganda that you visited?

    I love all the pics and I look forward to many stories, memories and touching moments you, Shannon, Los and Shaun have to share.


  8. Beautiful faces!

    We received our packet of info yesterday about our sweet child. We are so excited!

  9. I too would love to know how many children were sponsored while you were there. And also the weeks after you returned. I sponsored two children yesterday b/c of your trip. Can’t wait to get our packets!

  10. Amen and amen.

  11. Oh Sophie…I can hardly look at those pix without a big ole lump coming into my throat….I can’t imagine how you feel.

    I’m so grateful for our little Sofia in Uganda that we now sponsor. But, sometimes I just want to cry for her. May God use us mightily. And, thank you for the awareness that y’all brought to Compassion.


  12. We sponsored a little girl named Esther. My four year old is so tenderhearted about it. He brought me all his change to give to her and he wants to mail her a phone so he can call her and tell her he loves her. :)
    I heart Compassion International!
    Thanks for going on the trip and sharing all your amazing stories!

  13. We chose our sponsored child just the other day (he’s from Uganda) and I can’t wait to get to know him. Thanks for the pictures….they are so beautiful.

  14. I miss them too. (through you)

    Are you making plans to return for a visit–with hubby and son in tow?

  15. We got our packet on our two this past week and I need to sit down and write letters. Can’t wait!!!

  16. Beautiful!

  17. I can completely understand that you miss them. Beautiful, happy faces.

  18. Our packet arrived today and we cannot wait to write her!

  19. I sponsored a little boy named Baraka in Tanzania after reading all of your blogs about Uganda. He’d been waiting more than 5 months for a sponsor. I just couldn’t NOT do it, you know? I realized that we probably buy 1 season of some TV show on DVD at least once a month. For that price, I could be changing someone’s life. And really, that’s more dramatic than any season of Ugly Betty. :)

    Thanks for helping open my eyes. I’m dreaming of the day when I can go on a trip like yours!

  20. You know, one of the first thoughts I had when I stepped off the plane from China was…”Wow! Everyone’s skin is so white! And their hair is so…so…red! And yellow! And Not Black!!

    It’s funny how accustomed you get to the culture you’re in.

  21. We are looking forward to receiving more details on the little girl we are sponsoring from Uganda called Fiona.

    Keep on sharing about Uganda and Compassions. Thanks.

  22. Beautiful! Oh I want to go to Africa. I have enjoyed your stories and pictures so much.

  23. I love the second one where the little one is pouting – hehe that made me laugh b/c it looked like s scowl my 8 yr old would give me :)
    They are darling and they have changed my life!

  24. They are indeed, beautiful faces. I am sure you do miss them. I know I would.

  25. What beautiful children you met, BooMama!

  26. So beautiful!

  27. You have so inspired me. I left a little link on my Ladies’ Bible Study (oh, yes…Beth Moore) blog for Compassion. I thought you would enjoy seeing how you are touching more lives than you even realize. Its like UNSTOPPABLE! Woohoo!!


  28. I have to admit that I haven’t taken the plunge to sponsor a child for that exact reason. I’m nervous about how it will change me.

    I’m surprised that I’ve maintained a blog for a year because I’m such an introvert. Reaching out and connecting with other people is outside my comfort zone.

    But I’m still praying about this. God will let me know what to do eventually.

  29. Our tribe is sponsoring a child. The kids are helping us to choose. It is so hard to do! How do you choose?

  30. My heart is hurting for your team…i cannot imagine how much you must miss those faces.

  31. I have been enjoying your website! I’m jealous of your trip though. I bet you’ll never be the same now that you’ve gone there and seen, learned now! I pray the Lord uses that to strengthen your ministry and keep you on fire for Him.

  32. so precious!

  33. “But here’s the kicker, The Big Surprise: that child will change your life, too. In all sorts of wonderful ways.”

    Amen !!!

    But if I may be so bold to add that it is (somehow) GOD who changes our lives through these precious children.

    The Lord broke my heart by these children and now, somehow, He is healing me through them as well. God is so very good.