It Promises To Be A Delightfully Caffeinated Weekend

When my husband walked in the door just a second ago, he handed me a bag from Publix.

Look what was inside!


ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR COMMENTS. He said that so many of you mentioned it that we just had to try it.

So now, if you wouldn’t mind, I think y’all should leave comments about All The Great Meals Your Husbands Have Cooked On Friday Nights. The power of suggestion, you know.

I’m just sayin’.

It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

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  1. Wonder why there are no comments yet!!!!!!!

    I begged my husband not cook for me. The clean up wasn’t worth the effort.

    That was perfectly fine with him!!!!

    I do love him!!!!

  2. You’re going to LOVE that coffee!!

    And you know what my husband recently made for us? The yummiest chicken pot pie you’ve ever had. He watched the episode on “America’s Test Kitchen” and really wanted to try it. So he did.


    (I didn’t even mind washing five gazillion pans afterwards, it was that good!)

  3. Sorry I can’t say much about Friday nights, but my husband usually takes over on Sunday nights. He specializes in breakfast dishes, but if he cooks I love Scrambled Eggs and Pancakes for dinner!

  4. In the Dees household, Hubsy will be cooking “Honey, could you please pick up a $5 pizza from Little Caesar’s on the way home?” tonight.

    (I always tell him that we don’t need the Crazy Bread breadsticks, but he always brings them home to me anyway because he knows I love them. Swoon!)

  5. Now that is ONE GOOD HUSBAND!!!!! :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I have one teeny, tiny recommendation with the Dunkin’ Donuts beans.
    When you brew at home, it may take a few tries to get it to taste like what you buy in a DD. Either way, it’s dang good.

  7. The only good meals my hubby makes are when he looks into my eyes and whispers those three little words
    “let’s eat out.”

  8. Hah! Let me know what works!

  9. My favorite DD is Hazelnut.

  10. sorry, can’t help you there. I’m not sure my dh even knows how to find his way to the kitchen unless he’s going to eat something I made! 20 yrs together and he’s NEVER cooked, not once. Oh well…
    Oh, and yes DD coffee IS good coffee. But I’m spoiled. Until 2 weeks ago, I only used Starbucks whole beans, ground daily in my Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker. But I brought back 25 lbs of green coffee beans from Honduras, now I roast my own every day, and then grind them. NOTHING BEATS FRESH ROASTED, FRESH GROUND BEANS. they were grown, and sun dried right in the village we stayed in on our missions trip. IT IS UNBELIEVABLY YUMMY!
    However, your DD coffee beats Maxwell house and Folgers by a mile.

  11. ha ha ha!!!! Hope it works!!! : )

  12. How exciting is that!? Now I wish I could tell you of the wonderfully delicious meals my husband has cooked on Friday nights (or any night for that matter.) So tell him not to read this post, as my hubby has never cooked a meal in his life.

  13. GET! OUT!

    A friend just gave me my first bag this very afternoon as a birthday gift.

    We shall compare notes tomorrow morning! :)

  14. I got the gigant-o bag of DD coffee at Costco. We’re planning our second honeymoon to Costco.

    p.s. I make brew DD a bit stronger than I normally would other coffee. Yum!

  15. You’ll love the DD coffee–I’ve been enjoying it for a few years now. Pizza on Friday nights for us.

  16. I’m re-programming the SatNav in the Prius even as we speak. Be there in a bit.

  17. I am single again and I don’t have a husband/fav meal comment but Dunkin Donuts coffee is so good. It’s one of our favorites. Last weekend I went to the World Market and bought Kona coffee. This tops Dunkin Donuts for me. I am getting ready to make a pot of coffee now. I will come back to read more comments from the married women. This should be interesting!

  18. My hubby is “cooking” tonight. So we’re having frozen pizza, ha.

  19. Al can cook anything on the Chili’s menu. He is also skilled at Chinese cuisine to the degree that he puts it all in those cute fold-up boxes for authenticity! He used to be a whiz at the short-order line up on the menu at Waffle House, too, but sadly, he lost those skills when we moved North. Funny thing, that. Hope your coffee is perfection in a cup tomorrow morning!

  20. My husband will cook anything he can find the recipe for. Except yeast breads. He can make a mean cookie.

  21. Texas Roadhouse

  22. Wow. It looks like I have a hubby that is in the minority. He loves to cook and I rarely have to cook on weekends. His specialties are slow-cooked tri-tip on the grill (Santa Maria style, if you want to google it) or rotisserie chicken.

    I’m now getting hungry. Too bad we already have plans with friends for pizza after baseball practice.

    Enjoy the coffee. Once you go to fresh ground yummy stuff, you’ll never go back!

  23. Hmm.. we had frozen pizza tonight, too. My hubby does Sat. morning breakfast. The boys call it “Pancake Day.” He even makes them from scratch. And adds chocolate chips. Yum! I don’t even have to get out of bed until breakfast is on the table!!! And clean up’s a breeze with pancakes.

  24. If my husband was in charge of the cooking, it would be peanut butter sandwiches all the time, every night. Although I have to say, he has just recently figured out how to spread cream cheese on a bagel. It only took 30 years.

  25. Sorry no help here.

    My man has many talents but cooking is not one of them. He knows how to make three things: Peanut butter on Saltine crackers, boil in the bag and rice, and hot water (to boil the rice). And that’s it.

    Actually he does make a turkey sandwich. The recipe is like this: Take two slices of bread and put turkey slices and eat it.

    But when before we got married I told him I hated cleaning toilets, so he said if I cooked he would clean toilets. And for the most part of our 13 years that’s been true. So it works.

    Plus, he’s nice to look at.

  26. How about the DIAMOND RING that my sweet husband gave me! We all love DIAMONDS! Sparkly, shiny DIAMONDS!!!


  27. My husband made hot dogs once. In the microwave. When I was in the hospital having baby #3 the kids survived off of goldfish crackers, poptarts, and McDonalds. Yeah, I do the cooking. And the cleaning. And… um. can your husband talk to my husband maybe just a little bit about how to “woo” a wife? :)

  28. That’s funny – we have a DD on every corner here in the North East and I much prefer other brands – Kona coffee, Gevalia, Starbucks. But, I have to say that given a choice I’d take DD over Folgers or anything like that – well, anytime!!!

    Thanks BooMama for your fun blog!

    The Techie Tutor

  29. Dunkin Donuts coffee is the only coffee I drink. Nothing else I’ve tried to brew myself has been nearly as good.

    Oh, and my husband cooks almost every meal in our house (we both like it better that way, haha). He uses the grill for meats until almost the first snow… and then as soon as the chill leaves… he starts up the grill again. In between… he is a stickler about just how you cook and marinade and turn meats… so it’s his job. So, the least your husband could do would be to cook on Friday, right?

  30. A husband who cooks well I never heard of such a thang!!! (had to put my southern slang on that there)

  31. I love your new look! So cute and springy :)

    And I love Dunkin Donuts coffee, but Pace won’t budge from Starbucks. Good thing we have two coffee canisters here!

  32. Jason cooked “Burger King” drive thru tonight. Tasty.

  33. My husband likes to cook and does so often. . . now. He used to be a terrible cook, until I was pregnant with our son and was put on bedrest. At that point he really didn’t even want to eat his own creations, so I taught him how to cook. He loves to make breakfast for dinner, and he makes the best omelets out there!!

  34. My dh cooked pork chops on the grill tonight…yumyum. He also makes coffee every single morning for me. And we need to try us some DD brand for sure!


  35. Oh, the grill is SUCH a fine place for the husbands to show their culinary prowess. And I’m sure grilling season is open down there. Honey, I milk grilling season for everything it’s worth here. And there are TOOLS for the men. Lots of tools.

  36. Just wanted to say WHAT A SWEET HUSBAND! My hubby reads my blog, but I think somewhere along the line he doesn’t make the connection that it is me — his wife — writing the thing. I could probably write about having my hair colored and he still wouldn’t notice when he walked in the door. How great that your husband went so far as to both pay attention to and take the suggestions of your commenters.

  37. Louis Rich Turkey Bacon (I know .. turkey bacon .. the horror o the horror)eggs and toast.

    My DH specializes in breakfast and grilled foods, but it almost seemed silly to light the grill tonite at 9:00pm. Ya think?

    I don’t drink coffee that much, but the commercials and now all the comments and I must go get some of that Dunkin Donuts coffee. Right now. This minute. Ok, bye!

    Have a great weekend!

  38. My husband has a signature dish, Steak and Spinach Pinwheels. He saw a picture of it in a cookbook and thought it looked fancy, but was easy to cook. He cooks it for me every Valentine’s Day.

    My husband also cooks breakfast most weekends. He makes pancakes and/or scrambled eggs with ham. I have no idea how to make either.

    Some things I don’t want him to cook. He LOVES spices, like crushed red pepper and curry. He adds too much then the kids won’t eat the meal.

    Although my dad can grill and make pancakes, when my mom was here helping me with the new baby and my dad and sister were left alone, they ate out EVERY NIGHT!

  39. My man cooks up a mean breakfast-for-dinner. Eggs, bacon, biscuits…the works. We love eating that at dinner time!

    Boo’s Man – Show our sister some Friday night dinner luvin’

  40. Denise J says:

    My sweetie can make an awesome spaghetti, order Chinese take-out like a pro, and add the appropriate amount of milk and or water to make the the most yummy Hamburger or Tuna Helper you’ve ever had! (And usually, he lets me pick the flavor! Awww shucks!)

  41. Don’t you just love it when husbands (*inserting subliminal vibes here*) want to whisk you away for a Romantic getaway to a resort in the Bahamas? ;)

    That’s really thoughtful of your man to bring home the DD coffee though. He’s doing more that just listening…he’s perceiving your desires before you even voice them.

  42. Meredith says:

    We love the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee! It is delicious and cheaper than Starbucks. I love the Hazelnut and the French Vanilla. My husband begged me the other day to “just by the regular kind” because the flavored kind make his car smell. That’s what happens when you leave your coffee mug in your car for a week!

  43. I not only cook meals for my wife but I also clean bathrooms and mop floors and take the kids for a whole day, by myself, once a week. A whole day my wife gets to sit and sip sweet tea and read magazines or just sleep. And – your husband should trust me on this because I know Greek and stuff – Jesus likes it when I do this.* In fact, I’m not sure you’re saved if you don’t cook for your wife and scrub her toilet and give her a day off every week. Well, maybe you can get into heaven but you have to spend eternity listening to Bill Gaither and Clay Aiken. And, really, who wants that?

    Grab a spatula, a mop and a toilet brush and make Jesus happy I say.

    *My fingers were crossed when I typed this so it’s not actual heresy.

  44. I’m forwarding Shaun Groves comments to my husband! Too funny.

    I love the Dunkin Donuts coffee! I have my morning pot brewing even as I type this. And if you REALLY love it, Costco’s sells it by the ton. I make a special trip there just to purchase it. And I wish I could help with the husband cooking dinner thing on Friday nights, but the last time my husband cooked for me was on our first date, that was 15 years ago. But, he will stop and pick me up dinner from time to time, so I’ll recommend Outback’s Aussie Cheese Fries! Yes, lots of Aussie Fries!

    Georgia Mom

  45. I’m a little late to the party — missed the “Everyday Favorites” post, but Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is the best!!! Once you start drinking it, you will not be able to drink any other brand. I just had my first cup and I’m getting up to pour myself a second! If you do end up loving it, you can usually buy it at a warehouse club (Sam’s and BJs in my area)for a lot less than at the grocery store. Enjoy!

  46. My husband “cooks” really great Outback Cheese Fries sometimes on Friday nights.

  47. My husband makes a great Piaz Chicken. Mmmmm.

  48. My husband makes the best french toast. . .and always makes it for breakfast on Christmas morning and by request!

  49. My husband is really good at picking up pizza on Friday nights.

    I hope that you are not disapointed with the Dunkin Donuts coffee. I’m a native New Englander, and I really don’t think it’s that good (and I’m not alone). I’m convinced that everyone has just been brain washed b/c it’s really the only choice. There’s a Dunkin Donuts just about every 300 yards on every major road and little else.

    If you want the entire experience, be sure to fill your mug half way with cream and add no less than four heaping tablespoons of sugar. I kid not.

  50. My hubby can’t cook for beans! He thinks he has to measure the water for mac & cheese. But he makes some great candy….eye candy that is!!!!

  51. We’re HUGE Dunkin Donuts coffee fans here. But I have to tell you I’ve done some pricing. It’s WAY cheaper to buy your DD bags of ground coffee from the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts. Wal Mart sells it for $6.68 for a 12 oz. bag. But, DD sells you TWO 16 oz. bags for $10.99 (for both).

    I emphasize the drive-thru so you’re not tempted to walk out the door with a dozen chocolate glazed donuts. Don’t even ask me how I know…….

  52. I hope you are enjoying the DD coffee… there is no better!

    I lived in Boston when I first began flying, and there was a DD on every corner. I was in heaven, and not for the donuts!

    And, you should see how fast pilots and flight attendants will get out of the empty plane while in a city with a DD in that terminal – pretty dern quick. Many times, when there wasn’t enough time to leave the plane between flights, it was common knowledge that one of our nice pilots would take orders and go by himself to get the DD coffee.

    Priorities, folks! Your plane may be delayed if the line was extra long, but you’d have alert and happy flight attendants and pilots!

  53. Enjoy the coffee. I’m drinking some right now.

    When my husband started doing all the cooking and cleaning, his golf game improved so much that he miraculously became a scratch player.

    Or, um, he started hunting better? Starting getting more deer, maybe?

    (Can’t remember what your husband likes to do.)

    I am not making this up.

  54. Seriously, my husband is the cook in our family. And he made a DELICIOUS baked chicken dish last night — Friday. :)

  55. For the record, my husband doesn’t clean-at all! I had to start by saying that so you wouldn’t hate me. My husband does all the evening cooking. He is a muscian/artist so cooking is letting out his creative juices in some way. He usually gets hungry for something and then either goes to the Pioneer Woman Cooks website or looks it up online elsewhere. His signature dishes are mostly Italian, but I was gaining so much weight with all the sauces, I made him stop.
    BTW-I’m going to make my man bring home some of that DD coffee, since I don’t grocery shop much either. Hee Hee.

  56. I just LOVE you! I am from C*rinth, Mississippi myself (now in Arkansas). You would have to be one of the best people on the planet to be friends with. I read you everyday.

  57. Love it when the husband brings home goodies!

    I think it’s wonderful when my husband picks up some *FRIED CHICKEN* on Friday nights on his way home from work. ;) …(that oughta work!)

  58. :) Does it count if I mention what great cooks both of my grown sons have become??? Brad specialized in bread and pastry — his apple pie is tops, bar none!! He cooks gormet meals at least Three times a week. And Rob does almost anything like a top notch Chef. For Easter he made the most delicious scalloped potatoes I’ve ever eaten. He cooks for his wife at LEAST three times a week!! (How’s that?)

  59. my hubby grilled a steak and seared scallops wrapped in bacon for dinner on valentine’s day. i can’t even remember what else he made with it – but he did make some kind of starch and veggie too. :) happy hinting!

  60. I agree with Jennie. While I love when my husband cooks for me, ( does that alot now that I work evenings) the clean up I have to indure afterwards really isn’t worth it.

    It boggles my mind that when we cook, we have to clean. When they cook, we have to clean.

  61. I don’t know if I can get my husband and teens to try the DD coffee. My favorite thing my husband does on Friday nights and every night is the dishes. When we had our 4th child I gave him the choice, bathe the kids or do dishes. Either way (I told him) your gonna get wet. He chose dishes (bad knees) and has been doing them ever since. Bless his heart….

  62. mm Lovin me some DD coffee.. Not a hubby pick, but a Jenn pick, Crystal Light, ENERGY, in strawberry!mmm makes some drab water mm mmm good!

  63. Queen of Blogdom BooMaMa – did you know you got a big shout out on Shaw-annn’s Shlog? Very impressive – you are cross blogged – going over barriers of gender and purpose and –whew I’m too excited by all the caffeine on this page – gotta get a nap.

  64. You’ll have to let us know how good it is. I wanted to try it but didn’t want to waste the money if I didn’t like it. So you see what you think first :o)

  65. ChristyB in AL says:

    Let us know if it is good!! I have looked at it in the stores but wasn’t sure…


  66. You should head to the Northeast and try a cup of hot, fresh Dunkin Donuts coffee. I don’t know if they advertise heavily where you are, but their tagline is: America runs on Dunkin.

  67. Goulash, soup, oyster stew, etc. You name it and my hubby can cook it. He is THE BEST!!!

  68. You gotta try what we did. We found a young, single guy in our church who doesn’t have family around and “adopted” him. Turns out he LOVES to cook. (I know!!) He just cooked us an amazing meal of fresh tuna, pasta veggie salad, sugar snap peas, fruit tarts and cheesecake!!! (I know!!) Man, this is working out GREAT! And to top it off he’s a really nice guy, funny, and serious about his faith. My husband has been discipling him for about a year. So, I’m just saying.

  69. Though I can’t promise that it was a Friday… My Mr. Right made Grilled Salmon, Italian Green Beans and Honey Carrots.

    Then some other night, he made Pork Chops with Sauted Onions, Broccoli and Baked Sweet Potatoes.

    Then there was the time when he made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, complete with sausage patties and coffee. Oh, and strawberries for dessert.

    On yet another night, he made a Baked Potato Bar, complete with real bacon. REAL BACON!

    And this was a Sunday night for sure (I know because it was last night), he made Macaroni and Cheese and baby peas. Though the M&C was from a box, it was heavenly.

    Hey, I’m not about to complain about a meal I didn’t have to cook. I know that I’ve got a gift worth more than all the gold in the world and I’m not about to mess with a really good thing…

  70. brother says:

    drink it at work all the time…

  71. So, I haven’t been here in a few days and missed out on the whole “morning favorites” thing (I know, bad, bad girl…) but I just want to say, that I love Publix. I live in the DFW area but vacationed in Florida a few years ago and that was our grocery store while we were there. They make the best spinach artichoke dip and I am still kicking myself for not bringing home 10 tubs of it. Okay, I got that off my chest. See you again soon!

  72. Oooo, I will have to keep checking back to see if I can find something to my husband that he can cook for dinner that doesn’t include the word fried.