Matt Maher! And Free Music!

Edited to add: all the CD’s have been claimed – thanks so much for your great response! And if you missed out on the freebie, you can still get a really good price ($8.97) on one here.


So there’s a worship leader named Matt Maher who has a new CD (random bit-o-trivia: Matt actually wrote “Your Grace Is Enough,” which was recorded by another guy named Chris Tomlin – I think I may have mentioned him once or forty-thrice times).

Well, Matt’s new CD is called Empty and Beautiful, and I cannot even tell you how much I ADORE IT. In fact, the first time I heard the whole CD from beginning to end, I knew it was going to be in what I like to call “the rotation” for a really long time.

I’ve blogged about the CD a good bit over the last couple of weeks, mainly because I can’t seem to stop listening. There’s a song called “Great Things” (which Randy actually told me about when we were in Africa) that I think a lot of us will be singing in our churches in the next year. And the lyrics to the title track are so beautiful that I get all teary-eyed when I hear them. I could go on and on.

And guess what, internets? I have some mighty fine news about a mighty fine CD: if you are a blogger who has at least 50 unique visitors a month, you can claim your FREE copy of Empty and Beautiful right here.

But you’d better hurry. Because there are only 100 free copies, and TIME’S A WASTIN’, MY FRIENDS.

Y’all are going to love it. So go!


(And if you get one, come back here and let me know. We can hug and squeal and stuff. It’ll be fun.)

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  1. I think I consider all of my visitors unique since they for some unknown reason come visit me, but I doubt I have 50 of my kind of unique or theirs.

    I will check it out though!

    PS Don’t twitter teast. Where are you?

  2. Thanks for the link, BooMama!

  3. I got it! Thanks so much for sharing this. My hubby and I LOVE his music.

  4. I got one! I got one! Hug-Hug-Squeal-Squeal!!!

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I can’t wait to try out some new music!

  6. Got one! THANKS, girl! You are the best.

  7. Woo-hoo! Mine’s on the way too. Can’t wait to hear it!

  8. I love new music! I think mine’s on the way too!! Thanks!!!

  9. *pout* Doesn’t being a reader of at least 50 unique blogs count for anything???



  10. Ooh! I got one, now I need to figure out the linkage thingy…anyway, yeah!

  11. I think I’m getting one…. group hug!

  12. Said mine was on the way too. ::hug/squeal::

  13. Woot! I got one.

    Thank you so much BooMama.

    That is great music!

  14. Thanks for the link!

  15. I’m in.

    I haven’t heard of Matt Maher before. So this should be fun.

  16. Got one! Squealing like a stuck pig now…

  17. hugging. squealing. lovin’ on my boomama. and her generosity. you’re SO in the know.

    and about to watch nemo with big h and the goo.

  18. What fun!!! I never get free stuff. I love his music (hadn’t purchased the CD yet), but didn’t think I got 50+ unique visitors a month. I usually only get 3, maybe 4 comments and don’t blog every day. But I checked my site meter and I had 25 unique visitors everyday for the last three days. When I checked the last month I did have 50+. Not only did I get a free CD, but now I know people out there are reading. Maybe that should actually concern me…hmmmm.

  19. not sure how many unique ones I get, but I’d say I get at least 200 per. And when I signed up it said the CD would be shipped out within 10 days…..that’s cool….I look forward to it.

  20. I got mine!

  21. Woot! I got one. :)

  22. I think I’m in! YAY!

  23. I’m in too, yay! Thanks!

  24. How do I know if I have 50 unique visitors per month?

  25. Thanks so much for the tip! They said mine was on the way too!

  26. Thanks! Can’t wait to get a copy!

  27. Thanks BooMama, I got it! Now I just have to engage my brain to put up the links and such. :)

  28. Well, I was sure I left a comment! I got one. I never get free stuff! And I really WANT this fee stuff!

    Cool, worhsipful, Christian music – hooray!

  29. YEA!!! I got one. :)


  30. Yay! I think I got one! Unless they decide not to ship to Canada in which case I will be sad. But there was nothing that said “sorry, you’re not american” so hopefully mine is on the way! I really
    like his voice!

    And that! was alot! of exclamation points!

  31. Squeal! Hug! I got one! Yay!

  32. Yay. I got one! I loved the last cd that was offered up (monk & neagle) I had never heard of them but now listen to that cd all the time. I’m hoping this one is as great.

    Thanks for all the great new music.

  33. Thanks for the heads up BooMama. It’s my first blog related freebie. I’ve been listening to snippets on iTunes ever since I signed up, and now I can’t wait to hear the whole CD. My kind of music……

  34. Woohoo!! YahhooJah!

    Thank you, Sophie :) Have a wonderful, sunshine-y day!

  35. Hey, Thanks so much. I got one!! I used your tid bit of random knowledge about ‘Your Grace is Enough’ on my post. Hope you don’t mind. :)
    You blessed me today…I can’t wait to get the CD!

  36. I LOVE me some matt maher. “come to the water” is one of my all-time faves…and “resurrection day” and all the rest, too.

    so glad he’s got some new goodness to listen to!

  37. I was too late, but I’ll buy the CD anyway. I love Matt Maher. And not that it is important in any way, but knowing that a Catholic musician is gaining notice in the world of P&W music is exciting. There are too few good ones out there, and I like seeing the ones there are get some love. So yea you BooMama for spreading the goodness.

  38. Well I am not sure if I am too late but if not I would love to check out his CD!

    Oh and the sewer deal is yuck!
    Good thing it was the city who had to clean it up this time.

  39. ‘Empty and Beautiful’, the song, is absolutely incredible. It brought me to tears.

  40. I don’t have a website, so I hopped over to iTunes and got it. You weren’t messing around with how good it is! “Unwavering” is absolutely beautiful. I’d never heard of Matt Maher before, so thanks for the recommendation! I even sent my Mama and sister over to buy it.

  41. Christine says:

    I don’t blog but I went ordered me one! I love your music tips!! They’re always right on. And as a worship team member at church I’m always on the lookout for new music to bring to bring to the band! We’re working on FryDaddy’s arrangement of In Christ Alone/On Christ the Solid Rock right now! I can’t wait!!

  42. [jumping up and down squealing like a little girl] I got one! Can’t wait to have a listen!
    Thanks for the info….