I Heart Spring

I have a thing about trees. I can’t explain it, but I love them. I really, reallllly love them.

A lot.

In fact, when Jules was starting on my blog redesign and asked me about what colors I wanted to use, I immediately thought of trees. I’m crazy about leaves that are that fresh, spring green – especially when I see those leaves contrasted against a sky so blue that it’s almost turquoise. It just takes my breath away.

Take, for instance, yesterday.





“This is the day the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

Have a beautiful Sunday, everybody.

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  1. I agree girlfriend…. It is a beautiful thing. If all this could happen without the pollen it would truly be a joyous occasion!
    I hope that you and your have a wonderous Sunday yourselves : )


  2. I enjoy tree’s too!

    It’s funny, when we moved to NC a couple years ago I almost felt claustrophobic, since you couldn’t see anything but trees. I eventually got used to them and would wake up in the springtime, coffee in hand, just to enjoy there greenery.

    Now I live in the desert and tree’s are hard to come by! Thanks for sharing yours!

  3. I agree! I can’t wait until our trees look like that. We’re just starting to see a little green on the trees. Happy Sunday to you!

  4. I, wholeheartedly, agree! I’m blessed to live in NC where the trees? They are gorgeous. I traveled a lot to Toronto last year with my husband and didn’t see many. That’s one thing I missed the most!

  5. Oh, me too! I love trees and that bright, new spring green. Your pictures are gorgeous. :)

  6. Love the pictures and the new look of your blog! Beautiful!!!!


  7. You should see the trees in Oklahoma! They are breathtaking!! See:-)


  8. Spring is indeed beautiful, but pollen is downright evil. (spoken between sneezes)

  9. I know!!! It’s so wonderful of the Lord to give us fresh starts. New days, new weeks, new years; spring after winter; Easter after Good Friday. That list could go on and on.

  10. Beautiful. Having just gotten home from watching a soccer game in the sleet, your pictures look wonderful. Send the nice weather this way, please.

  11. I {heart} spring, too! Fall used to be my favorite season with all the changing leaves, but now I just associate that with the coming cold weather. Spring is now my favorite because of the beautiful colors and the promise of warmer weather.

  12. Beautiful pictures. I also love trees. They add so much beauty and to benefit from their shade on a blistering day is heaven sent. Spring is my favorite time of year. Now if only trees could come without yellow pollen. Oh another tree thing I love is the Tale of the Three Trees. It is my daughter’s favorite book and I just love reading it to her.

  13. I’m so with you! Love those pictures.

  14. I love living in Lubbock, but miss the trees ever so much. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  15. Gorgeous pictures! This year, the Princess has discovered dogwood trees. She LOVES them. So, we are on Dogwood Watch ’08. The pink ones are our favorite, of course.

  16. Here in the Poconos of PA, our trees still look just like winter. The only bulbs I have blooming are the crocuses. And the high tonight is going to be 32 degrees.

    Wish I were there instead…

  17. snapped 200 photos yesterday at Lake Barkley…even the pines are more beautiful suddenly…especially with a “red bud” (PURPLE!) right next to it! Mmmmmmmm. Glad I’m not the only crazy person taking pics of trees! (speaking of myself).

  18. Love the photos. I can’t wait for our trees to begin looking like this. It snowed yesterday and today and the trees are still bare. It feels like it will be winter forever!

  19. We spent the weekend driving thru Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia and I just kept hanging my head out the window, trying to take in all the beauty of spring – love it, love it!

  20. *Sniffle*

  21. I have so many photos just like these! Trees are wonderful. I am thankful I live where God placed abundant trees!! I love the south =)

  22. Amen Sistah!

    Just add the beach and 100%!!! LOL

  23. I love the colors this time of year brings. Although, I’m enjoying it from the comfort of my living room…our entire backyard is a yucky shade of pollen yellow right now….

  24. i thought i was wierd for having a thing for trees! i lay on my couch and just stare at the trees against the sky. love it! happy spring :)

  25. Oooh, I love you even more! Green and blue are my two fave colors. ESPECIALLY green trees against blue sky. Love the pics!

  26. I just popped over from nspiredbyfaith and must admit to being quite covetous of your trees! I didn’t look to see where you are . . . here in Wisconsin we had snow Thursday, Friday AND Saturday! Most had melted by last night, except on my porch. I had to salt it! It would have been quite unfortunate to slip on the snow and ice while I was grilling supper!

    I’ll stop by again some time!


  27. OH MY WORD, those are perty!
    I miss you and can remember your dramatic, I mean very excited voice, when you would see an amazing tree out on the plains of Africa! H

  28. I am so with you, girl! I was just telling DP yesterday, I think, that I just love the color of baby leaves in the spring. The color is gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing the pretty photos, Sophie. I’ve been meaning to take some myself. Now I’m inspired!

  29. This gives us Canadians hope that the trees will leaf out soon:-)

  30. Oh how I long for GREEN in Colorado!! soon…soon!

    Thanks for the lovely and inspiring pictures and verse, Sophie.

    I am praying over you this week, dear Sister!

  31. Well, I love trees too. I love big ones, flowered ones, climbing ones and shady ones. A good tree is worth more than a million dollars but it usually just comes with the land your buying – go figure.

  32. I LOVE trees. Can you help me figure out what kind of tree produces the flowers on my most recent blog post?


  33. I <3 trees as well.

  34. Oh, the tree’s….they are beautiful!

  35. I LOVE spring! Spring has finally sprung where I live (Georgia). I have never been so anxious for it to arrive. With last year’s drought, everything turned brown so early that I have been positively aching to see green. There are still several trees that are just barely budding, but it is so refreshing to see the ones that are full of lush, green leaves.

    Thanks for the gorgeous pics and lovely verse! Have a blessed week!

  36. Must say how I do enjoy your blog, stranger. You have a gift for making people experience joy – and a strong, real faith in Jesus that shines through even the “silly” stuff.

    As for those green things – we still have a month at least until we see those things you call “leaves”. And those white blossomy things you call flowers, well, we never get those.

    On a positive note, the ice on the lake behind my house receded at least 20 feet today! Miraculous! We Canadians have to find the miracle of nature where we can… I suppose that’s what gale-force winds will do in this land in the season they call “Spring”. ;)

  37. I’m sure eventually we’ll see those green leaves here too – – – SURELY we’ll see those green leaves here sometime soon!!! But yesterday we had sleet and snow mix.

  38. Oh, those pictures were beautiful. I’m still waiting in my neck of the woods. Although I did see a new flower pop up – thanks to the pack of bulbs I bought from the school fundraiser.

    By the way, you don’t know me but I found your blog via some other blog and have enjoyed reading your posts.

  39. I have a thing about trees too and you’d know this if you could see the “my pictures” folder on this here computer of mine. There are more pics of trees than normal people probably have but I don’t care, I’m not ashamed. They are one of the most beautiful of God’s creations.

    We are juuuuust in the beginning stages of buds here, no green yet, just that red color that tells you that pretty soon the green of the leaves will appear. I can’t wait! I already have some sweet pics of the little red buds :)

  40. Those pictures are beautiful. Unfortunately, here in Northern Michigan, we don’t even have buds yet. We had snow just a few days ago. But it has melted, and the weather is predicted to be wonderful in the coming days. Upper sixties on some days. I’ll take it!

  41. I know what you mean about colour schemes from nature.

    A few years ago I was standing on the beach at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, and I realized I had never seen rocks those colours. They were green and yellow and purple and of course the usual brown and grey. But together they make the most magnificent kaleidoscope!

    I took several pictures of the colours and I’m now trying to design a sweater to knit based on the colours. I’ll call it my Fundy sweater. But it was breathtaking.

    Have a great week!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  42. I’m having some serious tree envy. our little charlie brown tree is sad and lonely, not to mention snow-covered.

    reason #9234872938479 that i want to move back to the South!

  43. Ah, a kindred spirit. I’m that way about trees, too. I feel sort of weird sometimes when I try and explain it to someone. They usually get ‘that’ look on their face. I’m sure you’ve seen ‘that’ look.

    I’m the same way about birds, not the domestic kind in cages (though I have nothing against them), but birds in the wild. Birds and trees, some of God’s most awesome creations. Well, all his creations are awesome. :-)

  44. Beautiful! It looks a lot like your blog design, which is just perfect by the way. I heart spring too. The other day the sky was an intense shade of blue-grey, just before a storm. The trees and grass were such a brilliant green against them. It was incredible. God is quite the artist.

  45. I get it. Beautiful shots!

  46. Breathtaking!
    I love SPring as well!

  47. Beautiful trees. I love to take pictures of our trees (and post them) with season changes.

  48. Tiffany says:

    Trees are very beautiful to capture in a picture! They all have so many details in them. Spring is a fun season.

  49. I love trees too. Always have. Since remodeling and moving our master bedroom upstairs I love the feeling of looking out and feeling I am among the trees. I find it very peaceful to watch the limbs and leaves dance in the wind. It helps me get centered when life has become trying and stressful.

  50. So stinking GREEN! I want spring to come to MN…*whine*