Hello! How About Some Rambling?

I realized yesterday that I never finished telling y’all about the ASCAP Awards, mainly because I got a little sidetracked by an overwhelming desire to take lots of naps.

April has been a little bit tiring, y’all.

But there are two things (TWO!) that I want to make sure I tell you because they made such a huge impact on me, only wait, I think there were three (THREE!) things, and that is what is so nice about blogging, you can just switch your whole thesis LIKE THAT, and had that option been available to me in college I would have never finished a single paper, I would have merely written a series of evolving thesis statements, called it a day when I hit four pages’ worth, and then wondered why I was making straight D’s.

(I mean, I like to think that my professors would at least have given me a D for effort.)

(Unless it was that one professor who gave me an F in graduate school because I was, in his words, “unable to submit any papers for grading.”)

(That was such a nice way to say that, wasn’t it? Because he sort of gave me the courtesy of pretending like I’d actually written the papers and then opted not to turn them in.)

(It is somewhat unfortunate that he did not seem to appreciate all the Quality Doodling I did in my notebook while he lectured on Utopian Literature, because I’m telling you, some of those doodles revealed deep levels of artistic giftedness. You’ve never seen such detailed swirls and renditions of one’s name in various forms of cursive handwriting.)

(In fact, I bet if I’d submitted the doodles for grading I would have TOTALLY passed the class.)

(I have no idea what I’m supposed to be talking about, by the way.)

(This is really no different than any other day in that regard.)

(Okay. Three things. THREE THINGS!)

The first thing is that Mercy Me and Steven Curtis Chapman were part of the tribute to Brown Bannister at the ASCAP Awards, and it really was humbling to see how talented those guys are. It was also humbling to see how, well, humble they are. And normal. And approachable.

Even if I did not personally approach any of them because I have some issues as far as the approaching is concerned.

Which actually leads me to the second thing.


The second thing is that Louie Giglio and his wife Shelley were at the ASCAP Awards, and I really, really admire them. I love their heart for college kids, and I think Louie (Mr. Giglio? Mr. G.? LG? Help me.) is one of the best communicators I have ever heard.

Also: I think God is doing something huge through the Passion movement, and if I were about fifteen years younger, I’d probably drop everything and grab a backpack and volunteer on their World Tour.

So when the awards were over, I looked at Sister and said, “I would really like to talk to Shelley and Louie Giglio, but I don’t want to bug them.”

And she looked at me like I had a sword sticking out of the top of my head and said, “WELL GET OVER THERE.”

But I couldn’t do it. COULD NOT. Sister and her friend Carrie spent the next ten minutes trying to convince me that the Giglios wouldn’t care, that they might even remember me from one time when I cooked supper for them at my church, that they are totally down-to-earth and blah blah blahdee blahdadee blah.

But I couldn’t do it. I was so worried that I would bug them or that they were tired or that they were ready to go home and so I decided that the very best thing I could do would be to change into my jeans and load up my computers and hit the road.

Finally – FINALLY – Carrie convinced me to FOLLOW HER while she went over to their table, and I agreed on the condition that I could hide behind my camera and take pictures of her with the Giglios. And if you think I’m exaggerating about any of this, let me just assure you that no, I am most certainly am not, and by the way: WELCOME TO MY CRAZY.

So my Sister, because she is tricky, jumped ahead of us and walked up to the Giglios and whispered something to them and I think she even told them about my blog, WHICH DIDN’T MAKE ME WANT TO THROW UP OR ANYTHING, and to make a very long story short, we all ended up having a lovely conversation about their last trip to my church and my super smart pastor and whathaveyou.

And then I took their picture with Carrie.


Oh, I am very composed and completely at ease in social situations.

Last thing.

Jeremy Camp won ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year this year. And during his acceptance speech, he said something that just blew me away.

He was talking about how he’s almost constantly surrounded by music and activity, so he really values time when he can just be quiet with the Lord. He was able to do just that Monday morning, and he said (and this isn’t verbatim – I’m relying on my memory here), “I don’t want to be so caught up in trying to be a great man of God that I forget what’s more important: that I’m a man of a great God.”

And I pulled a full-on, full-out Emma Kate and said, “Mmmmmmph. MMMMMMMPH.” right there in the back of the ballroom.

Then Carrie looked at me and said, “Mmmmmmph. That was a good word.”

And you know what?

It was. Still is, in fact.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. SO enjoyed this rambling!

    I am the same way around “famous” people…I think it’s called awkward.

    Deep thoughts by Jeremy Camp…I gotta write that one down! Happy Weekend!

  2. I think I had the same professor for Greek. Besides some great doodles, I can sing the Greek alphabet,


    25 years (give or take) later.



    Thanks for the great insight on the ASCAP’s! You’re hysterical.

    And totally approachable.

    And we wouldn’t have you any other way.

  3. OH ::sigh:: how wonderful are Mr. Camp’s words?? Amen brother!

    and this…”totally down-to-earth and blah blah blahdee blahdadee blah.” made me laugh so hard my ten year old son came to see what the big deal was–I told him, “Mrs. Sophie is funny, son. So very funny!”

    I give you an “A” on your blog–not that that matters a whole hill o’ beans.

    BTW, Mr Giglio so blessed my heart when he, Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin went and worshipped with my friend’s husband when he was in the hospital. Kelley’s husband, Ed, has since gone to worship with Jesus. Anyway, I love worship leaders, who take their gift to people who are hurting. It still chokes me up to think of it!

  4. How true!

    And, I love your sister’s shirt/necklace combo!

  5. Wow- that is a powerful statement… I’m going to have to spend some time thinking on that one. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to write in my journal… (Don’t worry- I’ll totally give you (and Jeremy!) credit!)

  6. Oh, I have to write that down – what a great thing to say (Jeremy). And Louie? LOVE Louie!! I would have been completely tongue-tied myself.

  7. EXCELLENT quote. I’m putting that one in my quote book right now.

  8. Excellent thoughts from Mr. Camp!

    Also, I don’t know what you’ve done to the blawg, but suddenly I can see your entire entry (and pictures!) in Bloglines without having to open your site to read the whole post, and that kind of makes me love you a little bit on this balmy Friday evening.

  9. Louie was always one of my favorite speakers in college! I got to go to the first few Passion/One Day conferences, and I have to say that one of the worst parts of being a grown-up is missing out on wonderful experiences like that!

  10. I don’t think there is any Christian artist I appreciate or respect more than Jeremy Camp… and now that quote just about doubled it. Writing that one in my journal.

  11. Heather P says:

    I usually just lurk around the blogging world, but I had to ask if you’ve seen any on Louie’s videos?? My hubs bought 2 of them, and I haven’t let myself watch the 2nd because i cried too much with the first. He is an awesome speaker, and let me just say, I think he kind of loves Jesus. Go figure. You can check out this website http://www.268generation.com for the videos. Anyway, love your blog-read you most every day. Nice to see someone else who thinks in a circle kind of pattern (if you could call mine a pattern that is.) And I totally meant that as a compliment but i’m not sure it came out that way.

  12. I concur- some of the best rambling I’ve heard in a long time!

    And, all that paper writing stuff and the doodling? Totally got me my BA degree in English, too.

  13. I keep thinking of those places in Proverbs 30 where it says, “There are three things that are too amazing for me; four that I don’t understand.” I suppose it’s actually for literary or poetic emphasis, but after reading your post today, I got to imagining the writer just rambling…”There are three things that are too amazing for me…no, wait. Four. I thought there were just three, but I just remembered another one. So that’s four. Yes, that’s right. The eagle, snake, ship, and the man with the maiden. That’s four, right?”

    Anywho. I had a few brushes with relative fame at a writers’ conference/festival last weekend…nothing like yours, but fun nevertheless. My favorite was when I walked right up to the stage and asked Rob Bell if I could take a picture of him with a sign that said, “Hi, Monica!” (a fan of his who reads my blog) and he agreed to it so readily and with such a big smile, I thought, even though I don’t read any of his books, he’s sure endearing. How refreshing when famous people are open, friendly and real.

  14. oh ms. boomama, you were in rare form today.

    and i loved every minute of it.

    “man of a great God?” how do people come up with this pure genius? pure genius. that’s what that was.

    thanks for ending my friday night (at the computer, in my jammies) on such a fabulous note.

    get it? note? music awards?

    {going to bed now}

  15. I love Louie Giglio. And every year I SOOOO want to go to those Passion events and in my mind I could wear jeans and a fleece and no one would notice that I wasn’t a college student although I’m pretty sure if I went everyone would be looking at me and wondering who’s mom I was. But we have a Passion video from 2 years ago that we have watched over and over. I want to worship with the kind of abandon that those kids do there!

  16. Thank you for remembering that quote so you could tell us. It is a great quote, and so good to remember daily.

  17. OOOOOhhhh, speaking of the Passion World Tour- we are going!!!!! Since we work with university students we jumped on the chance to go hear me some Chris Tomlin in London!!! I could not be more excited! I’ve never heard Louie Giglio so I’m pumped! Not to mention David Crowder. It’s in June and I CAN NOT WAIT.

  18. Loved the recap. Thanks for making me feel like I was there in the Oh so awkward process of ascertaining time with Carrie. (I sooooo would have been the same way in not wanting to have bothered and or inconvenienced them. ) I’m glad your sister made you say HI. All the best blessings come with a little personal discomfort don’t they???

    Oh- and I saw something I know you TOTALLY have to have. (If not have= you have to follow the link and giggle over)


    Sure hope that pops up like a link. If not… copy and paste. You’ll be glad you did.

    Happy Weekend.

  19. Did you see the show a while back that was filmed by a guy with a camcorder who desperately wanted to meet and go out on ONE date with Drew Barrymore? When he finally found himself in the same room with her, after MUCH creative schmoozing, he was suddenly stricken painfully shy and could NOT approach her.

    That’s what your story made me think of.

    Totally unrelated to this post? Why,yes. Thank you.

  20. God Bless Sister – she is truly your facilitator isn’t she? Not like guys who would say she is your consigliere (think Godfather). You bring us to the word of God in the most wonderful very cursive and elaborate doodling – so neiner neiner to those requiring straight lines between thoughts. I like the rabbit trails – I’ll copy down the statement about a great God right now – because we do you know – have a great God. He made you just for this time and place – like Esther – Boomama as Esther.

  21. Louie is an incredible communicator. I had the extraordinary blessing of getting to listen to him EVERY WEEK when I was in college (and a couple of years afterward) when he led a Bible study in my college town! I still refer to the notes I took.

    We also own most of his talks on CD. When I have the rare opportunity of going somewhere alone, I like to listen to Louie (or Beth Moore or Andy Stanley) in the car. You can even buy the talks from Passion (which of course we have done).

    And if there’s ever a Passion event near you, you can volunteer to help! Jack had planned to volunteer at one this winter, but his parents both got sick, and he had to stay home.

  22. Louie and Shelley just bless my heart with their love for others. We’ve been taking college students to the Passion conferences for several years, and the ripple effect in our church has been amazing!

  23. I saw a clip of Louie Giglio’s of a sermon about Laminin. So amazing.

    On another note, Carrie’s shirt reminded me of a BigMama post about her grandmother and Neiman Marcus. It looks great, but I got a little tickled over it.

  24. I’ve met/spoken to SCC on several occasions and he is really such a genuine, caring, “people person” kind of guy. His manager is always trying to move him along (his job) and Steven is always wanting to talk longer with people. By the way, I’ll just feel better if I point out to you that it’s Steven with a “v” not a “ph.” Thanks for the link to his blog…that’s fun!

  25. To Emily:
    I laughed when I read your comment because Carrie’s grandmother gave her that sequined top!

  26. I got so excited when I saw you mention Louie and Shelley Giglio! He has to be my all-time favorite speaker! He was a camp director at a youth camp we attended at Baylor MANY years ago and we were so blessed to have him teach and speak with the adults for a little each day….what an amazing week. I have been able to hear him speak a few other times when he came to the Houston area and am always so wonderfully blessed!!! What a great time Charity is in for!! Wish I was going too!!

  27. Oh how I love reading your blog! Thanks for the laughs. : ) The stuff about your beautifully crafted papers that you elected not to turn in and the answers you gave in the other post about not being a morning person had me stifling my laughter so I don’t wake up my kids next door. (Not to mention all the parentheses!!!) And I love the Passion stuff too (the worship music, I’m talking about)… and now that I think about it, I also use parentheses a lot and doodled a LOT in college and am NOT a morning person! We could be twins… except that I speak Californian and I’m not as funny and a whole lot more people read your blog. But otherwise we’re exactly the same. Really. : )

  28. And by “my kids next door” I really meant in the rooms next door… not in the house next door. I just had to clarify b/c apparently I did not proof-read.

  29. Girlfriend, of course you should refer to them as “Louie” and “Shelley”. Afterall, don’t we call our BFFs by their first names??

  30. Did you know I heard Louie Giglio speak at Glorieta, New Mexico during the summer of 1990?

    Changed my life. I have very fond memories of this man and how God used him to get my rear in gear for Christ.

  31. Nice! I had someone change my world one time by asking me something very similar, and I share it every opportunity I have. “Do you want people to think you are a godly woman, or do you want to BE a godly woman?” Changed my whole perspective…

  32. “Mmmmmmph. That was a good word.” Amen and amen.

    (And Carrie is so very pretty!)

  33. Funny how what you call rambling is interesting and fun to read, but when I ramble, well… it’s just rambling. :)