This Makes Me Somewhat Uncomfortable

I just found this email in my inbox:

Hi, boomama.

eDiets (eDiets) is now following your updates on Twitter.

You may follow eDiets as well by clicking on the “follow” button.


What? As if I don’t have enough pressure?

And now I have somebody called eDiets “following” me?

I feel that this is horribly unfair.

And also: I guess I’d better put down the cream cheese.

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  1. I think if you just leave a bag of baby carrots and a glass of water next to the computer where they can see it, they’ll never know any different.

    Rock on with the cheese (cream, fried, or otherwise).

  2. I think weight watchers is stalking me… I like the carrot idea- maybe if I leave them in the mail box the offers will stop coming via USPS!

  3. Too funny.

  4. Gee…can’t a girl eat her cheesecake in peace! :)

  5. Bah on ediets :)

    And what is twitter? Will you bring me up to date?

  6. *snort*

  7. That reminds me of this:

    too funny. hope it’s not prophetic.

  8. Oh no they didn’t! I better check my email because they surely will be coming after me next. :)


    I paid for that program once. And for WW. And for Jenny. And for ….

    whatever! :0)

  10. Why don’t I get to follow you on twitter?? I just joined too!

  11. Give them my address.

  12. And they know what you’re wearing, too!

    (At least they didn’t mention any tools and the enlarging thereof. That’s my spam o’ the day lately.)

  13. Bailey's Leaf says:

    “Stalked By eDiets. Woman Fights Back with Bar of Cream Cheese.” More at 11.

    Just make sure that the cream cheese isn’t any of that fat free crude. Ugola. Tried it once. Made the worse cheesecake I’ve ever tried. YUCK!

  14. Oh, Boo. You’re all a-twitter for nothing. This is an E-diet, not a DIET diet. They’re only following you because your BLOG has gotten too big, not YOU.

    (Emily’s carrots/water idea is a good plan to have in place though, just to be safe.)

  15. and walk slowly away from the chocolate.

    I would be totally disturbed about them finding out that you twitter.

  16. Ugh. I’ve been getting tons of spam on my twitter. As if I don’t have enough spam in my life. Gosh forbid you tweet something about food or exercise or diet, and they stalk you like the grim reaper. Yikes.

  17. I was just twittering. That made me think of a song.
    I’m a twitter, she’s a twitter, wouldn’t you like to be a twitter too!
    I actually joined twitter a couple of days ago because several friends were a twitter. Then I decided that I really don’t find what I do too interesting, I am sure my friends don’t need updates either. So my twitter is on the low down.

  18. Scary diet police are after you. Run. Run away!

  19. I knew there was another reason I don’t want to be a twitterererer – don’t need the food police knowing when I stop for a bit of sustenance! BTW cream cheese is health food – builds strong bones.

  20. No no no, keep the cream cheese…shoot the twitter

  21. Cream cheese? Aren’t you allowed to have that on South Beach Diet? Take that e-diets!!!!!!!

  22. Big Brother is watching you!

  23. Maybe it’s all the Diet coke. Too much of that makes me twitter. But I can’t stop, I just can’t stop!!!!!

  24. Hahaha. This made me think of a memory about my youngest brother. He used to sneak up at night and eat cream cheese straight off the block. He was a real cream cheese junkie. Wonder if he still does this…I’ll have to ask. : )


  25. another reason why i just don’t think i wanna sign my life away to twitter.
    blogging already owns me…

  26. That’s almost as scary as Big Mama’s next fashion friday.

  27. Don’t worry, cream cheese is in the protein group.

  28. LOL!!
    That is too funny
    You need to respond by saying “no need to follow me I happen to like bacon grease – thank you!’
    That will make them leave you alone :)

  29. No no, Sophie. You pick that cream cheese back up and eat it with pride. They’re just trying to see how real women eat!

    (Pass the Cheez-its, would ya? I’ve got a hankering for something good!)

  30. theroost says:

    Thank the Lord they are not following me!

  31. Just don’t twitter about what you happen to be eating at the moment. What E-diets doesn’t know can’t hurt them. :)

  32. Evidently “Big Brother” is watching.

  33. Scary what people find on the internet. Hope they’re not watching too closely. That’s just creepy!

  34. how odd… I have somebody named “E-Alchohol Diet” following me…